Tennis Camp Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Becky

I made it back to the house first. Will had the music going, and he was settled in the recliner drinking a beer. When Jeannie and the girls came in I noticed how they looked at me: Jeannie smiled, Becky looked at me wide-eyed then looked away, and Elle avoided looking in my direction at all.

Becky, the dynamo, was the first to speak up, “Will, dance with me.” Good ole Will got out of his comfortable drinking chair to dance a fast dance with Becky. Tom happened to walk into the room about that time, and Jeannie faced him smiling. He smiled too, but it was more of a leer because he was looking right at her braless tits, and she seemed to enjoy the attention. Elle walked up to Tom, and he tore his eyes away from Jeannie to dance with his girlfriend. Jeannie looked over at me and shrugged, so I approached her and we danced.

These pairings were pretty consistent for the next hour, with beer and snack breaks and occasional joking around. Jeannie was drinking a little more than usual, and she could be a little aggressive when she drank too much. But that didn’t keep me from planning on the possibility of Jeannie and I getting together after the party to finish what we had started. Then Jeannie had to comment to me that she thought Tom looked hot tonight, and I had to comment that he was a shit lately. We were slow dancing, and Jeannie leaned back from me saying, “Do I sense a little jealousy?” I knew I was in trouble, because Jeannie liked to torture you if she saw that you were vulnerable.

Jeannie slowly pulled away from me, went over to where Tom and Elle were slow dancing, and asked to break in. The two didn’t know what else to do, so they said OK. Jeannie began dancing with Tom, smiling at me over his shoulder. That girl could be a real joker, but sometimes she got to me. Elle and I just stood on the living room carpet, watching Jeannie and Tom dance. The ever alert Becky whispered to Will, and he hurried over to Elle asking her to dance. Meanwhile Becky came over to dance with me. I interrupted my focus on Jeannie and commented to Becky that it was sweet of her to smooth over that little awkward situation.

Another slow dance followed, and I continued dancing with Becky while I was keenly aware that Jeannie and Tom were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Elle didn’t look any happier than I was. Then I began to notice that Becky felt real good up next to me. Her bosom was against my chest the entire time, and occasionally our thighs would brush together. On top of that, she was a good dancer, and seemed to be relaxed and comfortable in my arms. I said, “Where did a little girl like you learn to dance so well?” She kind of hesitated over the little girl comment, but just said thanks for the complement.

Elle had had enough. She stopped at the end of the dance and sat on the couch, while shooting a dirty look over at the deserving Tom. Tom responded by excusing himself with Jeannie, and sitting on the couch next to Elle. Jeannie went to the kitchen for beer without even glancing toward me.

When Jeannie came back into the room, she went over to the couch and sat on the other side of Tom from Elle. When Tom and Elle turned to look at her in surprise, Jeannie gave Tom one of the beers. Then Jeannie finally looked over at me and gave me an exaggerated insincere smile.

Damn, what did I do to piss her off? Even Will looked shocked at Jeannie’s behavior with Tom. Everyone in the room was standing open-mouthed looking at Jeannie, and she just had that defiant shit eating grin on her face.

After what seemed like a long period of tension in the room, I could see Becky moving toward me. It was clear to me that she was going to try to smooth out the situation as usual. Everyone turned to Becky as she said to me, “Would you come into the next room with me? I want to ask you a few questions about tennis at the college level.”

Is that her idea of calming down a tense situation? There were no next rooms except for bedrooms. Now everyone was looking at Becky, and she didn’t wait for me to reply. Becky just grabbed my hand and started leading me into the room that was normally my bedroom. On the way, I turned my head toward Jeannie and gave her my most confused look. I could tell she was just as surprised as I was. She just smiled, shrugged her shoulders, and said something to Tom. The last thing I saw before Becky closed the door behind us was Jeannie placing her leg over Tom’s while they sat on the couch, with Elle looking on in total shock.

I turned to Becky, “I don’t think I’m drunk enough to understand what’s going on out there.”

Becky was angry with Jeannie, “Oh, you understand. Jeannie’s feeling guilty about her boyfriend and she’s taking it out on you. But it’s OK for her to jack you around. She has a boyfriend and you have no claim to her. What I have a problem with is that it’s wrong for her to throw herself at Elle’s boyfriend. Elle and I have admired and loved her, and ankara escort now she’s hurting Elle’s feelings on purpose.”

It took me a minute to digest those concepts. Then I asked Becky, “And how did the two of us going in here help that situation?”

“Because she likes you, even if she does have a boyfriend. I figured she deserves to see what if feels like. The bitch!”

OK, that sort of made sense. At least it made more sense than what Jeannie was up to. “So now what do we do?”

“Well, I really do want you to talk with me about college tennis. And of course we have to be able to at least say we kissed, if we’re going to make her jealous.”

I recalled overhearing her innocent question earlier, asking what it was like to kiss me. Obviously Becky had some sort of innocent little crush on me! I should have realized it when I yelled at her one time for not trying harder to get a drop shot. I probably was a little harsh, but she looked up at me wide-eyed and burst into tears. She just stood there with her dog-ear hair style and tears pouring off her cheeks like water. I felt like an idiot trying to console her while eight tennis courts stopped play to see what kind of an animal I was.

So now I was faced with a little bit of a dilemma. I needed to handle this teenage crush thing properly, and not insult her or hurt her feelings. I looked at her in her tight fitting shorts and top, and my penis gave me a little twitch. She did look pretty good for a kid, so maybe I could even give her a kiss to remember, and get a little thrill for myself at the same time.

I said, “I see what you mean. And we need to have a kiss anyway, as a kind of goodbye kiss for the summer and your hard work at the camp. Let’s dance a little bit to get past this tension in the room, do our kiss, and then we can talk about tennis.” Becky seemed happy with that plan.

The music was loud enough to come through the door, so we awkwardly got together for a slow dance. This time, I was more focused on Becky than when we had danced earlier. She was a good height for me, and our bodies fit together well. And when I say our bodies fit together, I mean we danced a lot closer than we had when everyone was around. Our thighs rubbed together, and our hips touched. And those breasts of hers felt like firm foam rubber, except a lot better. I leaned over her to bury my face on her neck at her hairline, and then I took a nice long breath. She made subtle movements that made our bodies mesh even closer.

My hands were at her hips, and I was amazed at how thin she was through the mid-section. I found myself exploring her midriff and the small of her back with my hands. She commented, “That feels good.” Slowly, I was getting the beginnings of an erection, not enough for her to notice, but enough for me to almost ignore that she was a kid. With some degree of guilt, I let my hands go lower from the small of her back to the top of her buttocks. She followed my lead with her hands on the top of my butt.

The song ended and I figured the moment was right. I would do my best to make this a romantic moment for her. I raised my hands to her upper back while I moved my face around to hers. She was waiting for me, and I lowered my lips to hers. Wow! This was no first kiss for this girl! She tilted her head backward with eyes closed, and her lips were relaxed and slightly open. She had apparently licked her lips just before we kissed, and the unexpected moist sensation made my head spin. I had not intended to do anything more than a smack of the lips, but I automatically extended my tongue slightly to feel her lips, and she met my tongue with hers.

We both were hugging tighter that we had while dancing. Now our hips were pressed into each other, and now she almost certainly could tell I was getting an erection. Her hands were still at the top of my butt, and she pulled me tight to her. My arms were under hers, with my hands on her upper back. I moved them under her arms until I could just feel the swell of her breasts.

We stayed locked together like this for another full minute. Finally I broke off the kiss, and met foreheads with her. We looked into each others eyes as I said, “That’s one hell of a kiss for a little girl.”

She kept eye contact while she slowly pulled away from me, and then viciously punched me right in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of me! I stood there with my mouth open, trying to breathe. She tossed her head making her dog-ear haircut bounce as she gritted her teeth, “I’m sick of people telling me I’m a little girl. I am NOT a little girl! Does this look like a little girl to you?” She said this as she pointed to her tight top containing her sizable bosom. I would have liked to say that she had a good point, but I was still waiting for the return of my breathing first.

“Awww. Is the big shot tennis player all out of breath because a little girl punched him in the stomach? Well you deserved it. In fact you deserve ankara escort bayan it again.” She was winding up to hit me again, so I kind of reached out and grabbed her. I turned her around so she couldn’t hit me, and found my self with my crotch grinding against her nice round bottom.

We struggled a little as my breathing returned. I was able to manage a whisper, “I take it back. You’re not a little girl.” I proved that I meant it by shoving my new boner against her backside. She hesitated and then giggled, “I believe you mean it.”

Jeannie had said that I didn’t think very well when I had a boner. Well I guess she was right, because this girl was starting to seem very appealing to me. I was still holding her from behind, and I slowly released her while brushing my hands over the front of her thighs. She just stayed in place without objecting, so I ran my hands up her sides until I could feel the beginning swell of her breasts again. I turned her around and kissed her, with my hands on her hips. I pulled her to me and ground myself against her, while she ran her fingers into my hair and pulled my face to hers.

We French kissed as I caressed her slim midriff. I hadn’t really done anything too bad yet with this girl, but I just had to get my hands on that tight ass. I reached around and cupped her bottom, pulling her up to my aching hardon, saying, “I really do mean it. You’re not a little girl.”

We both laughed and kissed some more. I reached over to the wall switch and turned out the lights, then guided her in the dark over to the bed. We sat on the bed and laid back, then I rolled over on top of her, between her legs. I could tell this shocked her a little bit, but we still had our clothes on, so it couldn’t be too bad. I kissed her some more, as I got my hands under her bottom. I just had to continue feeling those two round firm buttocks. Gripping her butt, I pulled her against me, and pressed my crotch directly against hers.

I lowered one hand to her bare thigh just above her knee, and encountered incredibly smooth skin. I asked, “Am I scaring you?” She said, “No… Well maybe a little bit.” I backed off, and said, “Anything you and I do together should be fun for both of us. I am enjoying this time with you no matter what we do, so please let me know if I start to scare you.” I felt safe making this statement, since I planned to stop before things got too serious. That way she would have a memorable event with me, and I wouldn’t have to feel too guilty about sexual activity with a little girl….I mean young woman.

I rolled her over on top of me so that she might feel more control over the situation. As we rolled, I spread my legs and she came between them on top of me. One advantage of this position was that I could continue to stroke her very nice, very round buttocks. I couldn’t believe I had never noticed her rear before, however, it was understandable because she always wore oversized tennis outfits for comfort and performance.

I managed to pull her up to the point that my penis was wedged between her thighs, and pushing slightly up against her vagina. Except for the kissing, she had not said or done anything that might communicate she liked what was going on. But then I felt a very slight bearing down of her pelvis against my penis. That little action brought me to a full boner.

I ran my hands under her top to glory in her middle section some more. I continued with my hands by moving them across her hipbones to her front, and then down to her shorts covered thighs. I continued this circular motion for a while: back of her thighs, up over her buttocks, bare skin of her back, around to her firm bare stomach, and down to her thighs. The only response I got was another push of her vagina onto the tip of my penis through our shorts. Of course I liked that response.

Then Becky did something, she placed her legs outside of mine. She obviously liked the feel of penis against pussy. She pushed down onto the head of my penis again, and I finally got the message that this girl wants to grind our genitals together through our clothes, the classic “dry hump”. Well I could always use a good dry hump, so I slowly gripped her buttocks and pushed into her.

I could tell she liked this, because she responded in time to my movements. My shorts were a thin polyester, and my underwear was lost under the couch, so I could feel things pretty well with my penis. Her tennis shorts were thicker, but after a little work, I could sense where her pelvic bone was and where that glorious vagina was. I just pushed away and hoped it would begin to feel even better. Meanwhile she was pushing back, and occasionally rearing up off of me so that we were just connected by our groins.

I started looking for more skin to touch, so I ran my hands further up the back of her snug but stretchy top. That slim back and ribcage felt wonderful. I stroked up her bare back, and over her bra strap, then around to escort ankara feel the beginning swell of her breasts. At the same time, we continued a steady pace of humping against each other through our shorts.

This was a little further along than I had originally planned for Becky. I meant to do just enough with her that she would have a nice romantic memory of the older guy at camp that she had a crush on. This may have gotten past romantic, and on to passionate. I rationalized it by thinking that we had clothes on, and that in a way, I was probably just teaching her a few useful things.

While my intellect was busy coming up with excuses, another part of my brain was greedy for the feel of more skin. I reached between our bodies and pulled both of our shirts up, so that we could feel each others’ stomachs. This slowed Becky down, and I could tell she was a little worried about what I was up to. I was careful not to touch her breasts, but in the dark, I did pull her top up above her bra.

When she laid back down on me, bare stomach against bare stomach, I think she understood why I did that. Because man, I know I understood. Her skin was very warm and very smooth, and it made my breathing accelerate. And with her top raised up high, I could feel her bosom on my chest, even though it was through a bra.

We got back into our rhythm on the dry humping, and it felt even better with the addition of more skin. Every now and then, I imagined that I could feel the opening of her vagina through her shorts. She would still rear her torso up occasionally, but now she would kind of pull up her pelvis too, so that my penis would lift up off of my stomach still centered in her groin.

We were both constantly lifting our shirts back up each time they would fall down, until one time I got a little impatient with my shirt, and used both arms to pull it over my head. In the darkness, I did not see that she did the same thing with her top. When she came back down on top of me alarm bells went off in my head. This felt an awful lot like being naked, with a little girl wearing dog-ear pony tails. The alarms were also going off in the other part of my brain that said this felt like being naked, and that was a good thing. The first part of my brain worked hard to justify this: we were still in clothes, no important body parts were exposed, OK so far. The second part of my brain said, ‘That works for me.’

We resumed the position with enthusiasm. Becky had now worked her hands around to my butt to get even better leverage to push against me. My poor penis was getting a real workout. I was stroking her back and butt with abandon, and when I placed my hands under her arms to just barely feel the beginnings of her breasts, sometimes I would feel a little more than just the swell, and she didn’t seem to mind.

At one point we slowed down a little to catch our breaths, and Becky said, “I’ve never done this dry hump thing before. Thanks for showing me, this is fantastic.” I told her that if this was her first experience with this, she was a natural talent. Then without thinking I said, “It would be even more fun if your shorts were made of thinner material.”

She hesitated, and then rolled off of me. In the darkness, I could not tell what she was up to. When she got back on me again, and spread her legs either side of me, the world had changed. Becky had taken off her tennis shorts, and she was only wearing her bra and panties. When my hands fell back on her, they made contact with her buttocks, and there was only a thin pair of panties over her skin. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, as they immediately went under the waistband of her panties and cupped her naked buttocks. Becky stopped all motion, and I just kneaded her bare bottom until someone told me to stop. But no one told me to stop.

After a while, Becky slowly resumed our game of dry humping, but this game had entered a new level. Her panties were very thin and so were my shorts. I could definitely detect with my penis the opening of her vagina, and I could even feel dampness. I was as hot as a firecracker.

Becky was a little hesitant at first with all of the new sensations, but she definitely knew how to dry hump now, and it didn’t take her long to get the movements going again, but with more urgency now from both of us. I was out of control and I knew it. My hands were freely massaging her buttocks as she enthusiastically rode me. And I gradually began to move my hands lower. I could tell she was aware that I was making a move, but she seemed to be waiting to see what it was. I got my fingers down past the crack of her ass and encountered wisps of hair and her wet vagina.

Becky seriously flinched at this and stopped all movement. I realized I had gotten greedy and said, “This is getting a little hot, let’s rest a minute”, and she quickly agreed. We just laid there with her on top of me, and my hands off of her. My mind re-created the feeling of the quick touching of her vagina. What impressed me was the texture of the moisture. It was like water, not particularly juicy or slick, but like water. It reminded me of when I saw her cry, and her tears were like water.

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