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I had recently updated our upstairs shower with fresh grout, a new faucet with a handheld shower massager and a “spray strip” that my wife had found at some specialty store. As well as new exhaust fan, medicine cabinet and fresh paint job.

I, of course had naughty plans for the handheld massager so when she produced the strip I was intrigued ” Hmm, this could prove INTERESTING!” I had quipped.

“I knew you’d say something like that.” she’d replied. “I got it for your back. I thought it might help since you said the massager doesn’t reach your lower back that well.”

“Well thank you baby.” I replied sincerely, taking her in my arms from behind. I kiss her neck lightly as I tell her “I should have known you’d get something like this for its medicinal value. You’re always looking out for others.” I nibble her earlobe.

“And I should have known YOU would first think of the naughty application, ’cause you’re so damn BAD!”

Her voice raises a bit as she says this because by now she’s starting to get aroused as I continue to kiss and nibble her neck. My hands move down her body. I gently but firmly grasp her pelvis and pull her into me. Bending my knees I wiggle my hips to rub my growing erection against her ass. “Quit! I have to go!” She tells me, fighting the arousal that is evident in her voice.

I suck her earlobe gently before reminding her in my most logical voice “But honeybaby, you know as well as I do that no matter how hard we try we never get done with our to-do list. So if we take some time out for ourselves…..” I let that thought hanging for her to finish in her mind. But I try to direct the thought process by running my hand down across her pubic bone and slipping my middle finger firmly into the crotch of her pants.

She gasps happily and rubs against me briefly before telling me “No! You know what all I have to do today. Do you want your mom to go without her prescription? Or the poor dog to go without food? Or…”

“Ok!” I relent, knowing we’ve had this conversation many times and she occasionally agrees with me. But when she’s right, she’s right. “But when I get this all done, you and I are gonna shower together and break this shower in right!” I announce into her neck while still rubbing her through her pants.

“We will!” she promises “But you have to let me go so I can get my running done.” She tries to squirm away from my probing fingers. Fighting the urge to just give in. Her squirming away from my fingers only manages to push her ass harder against my now full hard-on, causing me to moan into her ear and her to gasp.

“Promise?”I ask. Knowing I have to let her go but trying to drag this out.

“Yes, you know I do!” she squeals, her excitement evident in her voice and her heavy breathing.

“Alright then, get out of here, I’ve got work to do.” I relent, letting go and giving her ass a playful slap.

She turns and kisses me. Still breathing heavy, rubbing her body against mine she tells me, “We both have stuff to do. Let’s get them done so we can do stuff together later.”

“You got a deal, babe.” I tell her as I cop one last feel before she scurries out of the bathroom to make good her escape.

When she reaches the safety of the hallway she turns and asks “You won’t be done with that tonight anyway, will you?”

“No” I reply “The grout won’t be dry until tomorrow, and then I can finish the plumbing install, once I figure out where this crazy thing goes.” I tell her waving the spray stick at her.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure out where it goes!” She replied with heavy sarcasm, “I’ll see you later.”

“You know we’ll both be too tired later.” I yell after her.

“And our shower won’t be ready until tomorrow anyway!” She states in her own defense. “I LOVE YOU HONEY!” She yells back as she starts down the steps.


As predicted, that night we were both drained. A common problem for the ‘tweener generation. We spend all our energy doing things for others that we have none left for ourselves. When we hit the sack we fell into our usual routine, me reading a book and her working on her computer, listening to Nights with Alice Cooper. Occasionally we comment on our day or something Alice said, or a song he played. Eventually our eyes start to droop and I put my book away and she logs off. She leans over and kisses me, a little longer than I expected, a little more tongue. Just when I was thinking this may be more than good night and my cock starts to respond, she breaks it off and rolls over. We curl up into the classic spoon position. I kiss her between the shoulder blades and nestle my cock against her ass. As we both sleep naked it’s hard not to become more aroused and I run my hand down her side and over her hip to feel up the back of her thigh. “I can’t wait to try out the shower tomorrow.” She murmurs.

“Mmm, me too, Babe.” I respond, realizing it’s her way of asking me to wait. And of course she’s right. Tonight would be a well illegal bahis intentioned quickee. There would be passion and we would each ensure our partners satisfaction. And show our love for one another. But we would have to be quiet with a teen daughter in the next room. And it wouldn’t have the erotic edge of playing with new shower attachments, not to mention the energy levels! “It’s been awhile since we’ve done it in the shower.”

“I know, that’ll be nice.”

“I’m gonna make you come really hard!” I state as I grind my dick between her sweet ass cheeks. She groaned and wiggled against me. We both drifted off with erotic thoughts of soap suds and pulsing water.


The next morning we were refreshed and flirty. I couldn’t help but feel her up every chance I got as we set about getting our day started. She reminded me of how bad a boy I was, and generally played lil’ miss chastity, except for the twinkle in her eyes.

She had her morning routine and I had mine and we both tried to stay focused but there was an undercurrent of sexual tension that neither of us could ignore. She recited her schedule for the day off by heart and amazed me yet again at how she manages to keep it all together. I told her I would seal the grout in the shower before finishing the faucet handles, etc. then I had to build a new access panel for the plumbing and I would get a coat of paint on it to match the new color scheme in the bathroom.

After she left I told myself it was time to put the dirty thoughts out of my mind and get to work so the shower would be ready for us later. Well, that was a lot easier said than done. I managed to keep productive but all I could think of was what I wanted to do to my lover in this very shower. And what I hoped she would do to me. I was in a state of partial arousal all day. Distracted? You could say that. At least that’s my excuse for putting the faucet handles on backwards the first time.

Other than that everything went pretty smoothly and I was glad I had found the new quick dry grout sealer, because I couldn’t wait another day to use this baby,with my Baby! Plus today our daughter is gone for the day, and tomorrow we might not be so lucky.

So I finally got done with all I could for the day, except the access panel which needed a second coat of paint tomorrow. I looked at the clock and figured I had about 2 hours till my wife got home. I thought about waiting till I saw her pull up out front and then running upstairs to greet her in the shower, but knew I’d go crazy waiting that long.

I thought about the fact that I hadn’t had a shower myself that day because I was working on it. I had just thrown on the clothes I’d worn the day before to finish up. I really did feel pretty grungy, and as the installer I’m responsible for quality control! As I’m thinking this my clothes are coming off. Shirt, pants, socks and finally underwear all land in a pile. As I turn on the water I justify this further by thinking how much my woman loves to go down on me and I want to be clean for her in case she jumps me before we make it up here.

Just the thought of her mouth on me gets me hard and I haven’t even touched it yet. The water temperature now adjusted I step through the stiff new curtain and think that I’d better be careful not to wash it to vigorously or I’ll be wasting my by now substantial load down the drain.

As I adjust the shower head with my right hand my left automatically goes to my now engorged cock and I give it a squeeze. “Ohhh!” Oh shit, I did that out loud! Oh, but wait nobody else is home. O.k., let’s try these shower settings. There’s a course/pulsing one, “That’ll be great on her clit when I take her from behind” I think to myself. But wait, as worked up as I am I’ll come way too fast! Maybe I should bring myself off now? My cock votes yes to that, it’s throbbing, begging for attention. The little fuckers really do have a mid of their own, I think as I stroke it slowly. I mean I’m going to make her come first anyway. I always go down on her before we fuck. And sometimes I pull out of her and go back down while we fuck. I love making her come that way. I love giving her oral at least as much as she loves giving it to me. She loves when I take her head lovingly in my hands and fuck her mouth. Sometimes I’ll pull it out and just rub it all over her face. Sometimes I just relax and enjoy, completely.

“Oh, fuck!” I shout aloud. I grasp my throbbing cock tightly at the base and squeeze to stop the cum that was about to shoot out of me. Wow, almost got carried away there. I hadn’t even realized I was stroking it that much. Fuck I haven’t even used the soap or shampoo yet. I haven’t even tried all the massage settings, (though I’d better be careful with those too!) Ooh, and then there’s the strip!

O.k. so I’m gonna try out the other settings and this new spray strip. Anything to take my mind, (and hands) off this throbbing cock! There is a very fine illegal bahis siteleri mist setting that I decide I don’t like at all. There is a couple of direct jet type settings that are pretty intense. I guess I should be testing them for their erotic stimulation as well. After all, isn’t that part of the purpose of this test run? I take the wand out of the holder and begin to hose down my raging cock. I gasp and shudder or sigh as I try the different settings. The mist is no more invigorating on my cock than it was on my body. However on my balls it feels pretty good!

Occasionally I stroke myself. Alternating between that and pulling my foreskin back as far as it will go and hitting my swollen head with the spray. Or working the jets up under my balls to spray my asshole. Now, there’s not a gay bone in my body but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I like anal stimulation. Especially when my woman does it to me. With that thought my hand takes on a mind of its own, or else it is under the spell of my cock. I start to stroke myself again, slowly while spraying my ass with the pulsing jets and imagining my lover’s fingers and mouth working me into a frenzy.

GOD! I have to quit this! I almost went over the edge again. I want so bad to bring myself off. But I also want to save it up, to unload it into my lovers hungry mouth! Or shoot it into her pussy as she claws my back and her eyes go wide at the feeling of how much hot cum I’m pumping into her!

I need to take my mind off her. I realize I haven’t tried the spray strip yet. When I first turned the water back on and checked my connections it seemed pretty intense. It’s simply a two foot chrome bar with approximately twenty small rubber nozzles, that each produce a powerful jet, all in a straight line. It also detaches from the wall for handheld use.

When I first turned it on I almost screamed at the sensation and immediately realized that the water that had sat in the supply hose was at least 20 degrees colder than my shower water! WOW, I’ll have to remember that!

What I now had was a perfect line of powerful water jets running down my body, from just below my chin to my pubes. Of course with my cock being as hard as it was, was getting the full brunt of it. Like a dog with its head out the car window it was standing straight up into the streams, It was very intense and my hand of course went straight to it. Moving it around, pushing my swollen head down to catch the streams ‘head on’.

It was almost painful and I began to realize it had an almost numbing effect if you stayed in one place too long. I started to think about its sexual potential again and realized first it was set too high for my lover’s sweet pussy. Also that I wanted her stimulated, not numb!

I had installed valves for both the shower head and this stick so they could be used independently of each other or together. I’d turned off the shower head to try this stick alone, so now I reached down and turned the head valve back to the on position. “Ooh, that’s better!” I thought. I lost half the pressure to the stick and it was now more stimulating than numbing. The massage action was also half as intense but I figured it was a fair tradeoff.

Thinking about my baby’s height I also adjusted the stick lower so the bottom few jets were shooting just below my balls. I wanted it to hit her just right and didn’t want to waste time playing with these devices when I finally got her in here. I had other things in mind I wanted to play with!

Thinking this I decided I had one more test I needed to run. Turning around I spread my feet and bent over slightly.”AHHH!” I exclaimed when those hot jets squirted into my ass! I felt my cock twitch and my sphincter clench at the same time. Right away I knew how intense this would be on my honey’s aroused clit! I also thought of how well the hot streams could be used to relax her sphincter, because after the initial shock it just became warmly erotic.

I took a deep breath and reached for the massager. “Fuck it!” I thought, “As worked up as I am right now I’ll be cumming on her as soon as I touch her! At least if I get off now I’ll last a while later on.”

As my hand closed around the massager handle I already felt relief that my debate was over. I would shoot my load and end this inner turmoil and start over later.

And that’s when the door opened! “Well, just couldn’t wait for me, huh?”

“Babydoll?!” I exclaimed “What are you doing home?!” I was shocked. I was very happy to see her yet ashamed for being caught playing in here without her. I wanted to molest her yet I felt guilty for seeking pleasure for myself while she was busy doing productive things for others. Frustrated because I’d finally decided to allow myself relief, yet grateful that she was finally here to join me.

All these feelings swept over me in an instant and before I could process them she said, “I thought we were gonna try that out together?!” She had said this in a very accusatory canlı bahis siteleri tone and thinking she was pissed I started to explain that I was just taking it for a test run.

That’s when I realized what she was doing. She was pulling her clothes off! Not a slow seductive striptease but tearing them off like they were on fire! She was also smiling in a devilish way and staring at my left hand still wrapped around my raging hard-on.

I hadn’t even realized I was still holding myself, but she sure did. We stood staring at each other through the clear plastic shower curtain. The only obstructions to our view of each other being the water running steadily down and the mesh pockets for shampoo, soap etc. It was then that I realized I had never brought any shampoo or anything in here with me. Oh well!

At that instant I also realized I wasn’t in trouble because not only was she staring hungrily at my hand on my cock but she was smiling and tentatively touching herself. “So? Are you gonna show me what you were doing?” she asked me softly, her voice filled with her arousal.

“I’d much rather have you in here with me so I could show you what I was thinking about, while I was doing it.” I replied in the same soft, playful tone.

“You could tell me what you were thinking, while you show me what you were doing.” She suggested. “So were you thinking about this?” she asked, leaning back against the wall and spreading her pussy open with both hands.

“Yes!” I hissed, seeing the wet inner lips that I want to lick so badly. She dipped her finger in briefly to gather some of her sweet natural lube and started to wipe it on her already aroused clitoris. “Bring that in here” I pleaded

“Not till you show me what you were doing….and tell me what you were thinking.” She stated gently but firmly. I knew she wouldn’t join me until I did what she asked. I also knew that she enjoyed seeing me stroke myself. Which was ok, because I love to show her, and it’s even better when she does it too!

There was only one problem “Oh honey, I almost came a couple times already and stopped. If you make me do this I might lose it.”

“You better not!” she ordered. “I want to see, and I want you to explain.” I knew then that I had to do as she said, I just had to be careful.

“Well, I was trying out the different settings on this massager.” I said taking it out of its holder, and spraying my dick. “I like this setting the best.” I told her as casually as I could, while setting it to pulse.

“Why do you like that one?” She asked weakly.

“Because I think it would feel best on us both while I took you from behind.”

At this point I swear she let out a whimper, but I couldn’t be sure over the sound of the water. I stroked my hand up and down my length slowly, while directing the spray from below. I wanted to give her the show she wanted but didn’t want to go too far. I also knew she wanted a narration. That while she couldn’t bring herself to talk dirty to me, she got very excited when I did it.

“I was imagining you holding this and pointing the hot jets at your pussy and my balls while I fucked you hard from behind, maybe even while I fucked your tight, sweet ass! Or maybe, you, using it on yourself while I fuck your mouth!”

She now used one hand to pull her hood back from her aroused clit while two fingers on her other hand strummed steadily. Her eyes, her body language, her labored breathing all tell me she’s getting very excited. And that means she’s getting very wet! And I can’t wait anymore!!

I replace the massager in its holder, shutoff the strip and pull aside the showercurtain. “What are you doing?” she asks weakly.

“I just need to taste you.” I tell her as I gently take her wrist and pull her hand away from her treasure. We gaze into each other’s eyes as I draw her wet fingers into my mouth. I suck and lick them clean before saying “Mmmm, Baby I’ve been waiting for that. Can I have more please?” With that I guide her hand back for more. Her breath catches as I guide our fingers over her sweet lips. Her left hand and my right hand work together to collect her sweet nectar. Our eyes still locked, her right hand closes around my cock as I use my left hand to help her step into the shower.

Once in the shower she pulls the curtain closed behind her, sealing out the rest of the world. Here there are no kids, parents, chores or worries. Just us, naked and hungry for each other. We embrace and kiss tenderly, our lips and tongue teasing each other, hands gently caressing. As our passion grows our kisses deepen and our caresses turn to near painful gropes. We each have one hand stroking me and one hand each stroking and fingering her.

Knowing how far along I am I know I must do something to change the pace. “You have to leave that be for now, Babe.” I tell her as I take her hand away from me. Pulling both of her hands around my neck I squat slightly and guide my cock between her legs, not inside her as she expects but along her slit, nestled between her enflamed lips. I turn her so her back is under the hot pulsing water. When I stand back up to my full height the base of my erection drags up along her clit while my shaft draws along between her lips.

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