Subject: Texas Football Bros Usual warnings apply. Feel free to email any feedback! Enjoy. Having two-a-days in Texas summer heat can be hell, especially when your second season as a college football player is looming. It was August and I was sweating my ass off running around the field with my teammates. First practice warm-ups were at 6am and by ten o’clock the sun was unbearable. I was ready though, I’d been training for this since I was a kid and me and my teammates were in it together. Anyway, I’m Chase and I’m entering my sophomore year at college this fall as a UT Longhorns cornerback. I’ve got short brown hair buzzed on the sides and I’m 6’2″ and moderately hairy, straight and motivated to be the best in sports of any kind, mostly football. So Friday afternoon me and the boys meet at our teammate Duncan’s house to unwind from the week of practice and throw back some beers. Classes were starting next week, our roommates hadn’t arrived yet and this weekend was our time to kick back and relax. After playing some beer pong and taking some shots it got later and later in the evening. By 1am it was only Duncan, my sorry drunk ass and Jeffrey left. Duncan and Jeff are like me, both big Southern athletes with red-blooded American features, short brown hair and the ability to drink each other under the table. Also we’re kinda best buddies. At this point we were playing some cards and sitting on the back porch of Duncan’s house in our gym shorts. It was a muggy and hot summer night and we were still passing around a bottle of sickly sweet SoCo. “Im bored as shit” Jeffrey said, and we all chuckled. “Where the girls at?” “They never came cause we only invited the team, dumbass” Duncan teased, throwing his stack of cards down. There was a silence for a minute as we cracked a couple beers from the cooler. “Dude Duncan I dare you to snap a dick pic to Marissa right now” I half-slurred, realizing I was drunk as shit. “Fuck that, she’s fucking crazy.” He said, “I’ll snap Kaley though if you snap Julie first”. We were drunk enough at this point for anything. “Deal”. Being the cocky guy that I am I stood up and dropped my shorts and took a pic of my only semi-hard cock and sent a 3 sec snap chat of it to Julie. Jeff and Duncan were roaring with laughter as was I, as Duncan followed suit and dropped his trunks too. We high-fived each other, pulling our shorts back up chugging down some more beer. “Dude Jeff you didn’t have to do shit! Pussy” I exclaimed, “I bet you wouldn’t streak down to the corner and back.” “Fuck yeah I would” He said. We let out some oooos and whistled as he turned around and pulled his shorts down over his hairy ass, two round globes that wobbled as he ran down the block. We laughed our asses off. You can guess that we got drunker, and it neared 3am when our dares had started escalating. We were having pull up competitions and started shooting some hoops. Jeff bet me that I couldn’t make a shot from the other end of the court. “Fuck you dude, I totally can.” “Oh yeah?” he shot back, “if you can’t then I get to sit on your face for thirty seconds” He said, his grin widening. Duncan interjected “butt ass naked too”. I was feeling confident, but mostly drunk, and walked over to the end of the court and stood there staring at the net. Jeff was shaking his ass tauntingly from the other end, both of them cracking up. I tossed it into the air and it came down just short. I fucking missed. “OHHHH!” Duncan yelled with his hand over his mouth. I laughed, I the last thing I wanted was Jeff’s sweaty ass in my face but a bet is a bet, and I was drunk and seen every inch my teammates over the years and was comfortable with it. We were athletes after all, contact was nothing strange to us and we spent so much time shooting the shit in the locker room that these kinds of dares and bets were fairly normal by this time. So, there in Duncan’s backyard I laid down on the grass and looked at the stars laughing, taking a shot beforehand. “Alright Chase, you ready?” Jeff taunted, pulling off his shorts and standing above me butt ass naked. Duncan stood nearby cracking up. “You just wait, both of you. I’m gonna make the next bet so much worse you’ll wish all you had to do was sit here” I warned them, and it was true. I had some ideas. Jeff put his legs on either side of my head and squatted down, his balls falling on my chin as his semi-hairy asscrack came down right on my face. “Dude get your balls off my chin” I exclaimed into his ass as they both laughed. He pulled up his balls and then relaxed his legs, his ass covering my face. It stank like sweat and ass, but wasn’t as bad as I thought. He rubbed his butt around a little, spreading his cheeks and moving back and forth over my nose and mouth. As I laughed he pushed his butt down, his asshole went right on my mouth. “Wow there Chase, that felt kinda good” Jeff said, teasing me. “No homo.” He rubbed my butt on my face more, each time I took a breath his ass hair went in my mouth. “Alright alright, thirty seconds is up” I exclaimed, pushing him off of me. True to my word, the next bet was even worse. I bet Jeff that he couldn’t pin me down in a wrestling match. “And what if I can’t? Not that that’s likely” He said, with a cocky smile. “Then you gotta stick a cucumber up your ass for two entire minutes.” Duncan cracked up. Jeff rolled his eyes. “Okay bro, we’ll see. If I win though, you have to do it.” He shot back. We were all cocky, arrogant, nineteen year old athletes so none of us felt any doubt. We went into the match, wrestling on the carpet inside Duncan’s living room. Sure enough, this time I didn’t lose and pinned Jeff down after a short struggle, our sweaty bodies panting afterwards. “Dude, fuck…” Jeff said, burying his face in his hands. “A bet’s a bet” I said, smiling. Duncan went into the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber from the fridge. “I’ll need some lotion or something bro” Jeff said, shaking his head. He got some lube from the bathroom and came back. I was just glad it wasn’t me, but I knew going in to the match that I could beat him. Duncan handed Jeff the cucumber and Jeff lubed it up. “I get to stick it in you bro!” I said, grabbing it back from him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” I said, flashing him a grin. He smiled back, this was just harmless fun after all. So he dropped his shorts and got on all fours, Duncan taking a seat on the couch with his beer. I lifted up the cucumber, ready to get revenge for his ass being in my face. “Stick your butt out dude” I said, and he arched his back. I put some lube on my palm and rubbed it on the cucumber some more. “This is gonna fucking hurt Chase, put some on my butt too” Jeff urged. I put some more lube in my palm and spread it on his ass. He spread his legs some more until his butt was wide open. “This is fucking hilarious” Duncan chimed in, grinning and sipping his beer. I sat behind him on my knees and started sliding the cucumber in. “This is the size of a big black dick Jeff” I said, taunting him. His ass was tight, and I knew to go easy from fucking so many girls. “It has to got all the way in too” I said, “For two entire minutes.” I kept sliding, Jeff breathing loudly and grabbing the carpet with his hands. “Damn bro, that’s a big fucking cucumber.” Jeff said, looking back at me. I grinned and pushed it in more, his ass hairs wet around his hole. It was about halfway in by now and Jeff looked back at me again and asked to change positions. He got up and I pulled it out, looking at me drunkenly. “I wanna sit on it.” I held it on the carpet in front of me pointing up. He squatted down on it, facing me. His dick had gotten semi-hard in the process. “You liking this bro?” I asked him, teasing him with a smile. “Nah dude”. He said, denying it. I was still holding it in place as he squatted down, and it slid in easier this time. His dick and balls grazed my wrist where i was holding the cucumber. “All the way bro!” Duncan chanted, and Jeff smiled and went all the way down on it to the point that my hand was under his butt. His dick started hardening. “This actually feels kinda good guys” Jeff blurted out, “for real this ain’t that bad. Ya’ll gotta try it.” I was skeptical, but we were drunk and I hadn’t had any action in a while. Duncan seemed down for it, and went to the kitchen and came back with two more. He handed one to me. I took a shot of whiskey first and lubed it up. I stuck the cucumber under my ass as Duncan did too, we were all squatting next to each other and chuckling. I lubed up my ass crack and started feeling the cucumber enter my ass. It felt tight at first, but the more my cock hardened the easier it went in. “Holy shit dude, you weren’t kidding” Duncan exclaimed. I nodded in agreement. Pretty soon we were all bobbing our butts up and down on these cucumbers, now all three of us were getting harder. Jeff started stroking his cock. “Dude no wonder gay dudes like this” I said, the cucumber all the way up my butt at this point. Precum leaked from my cock and I started stroking too. Duncan joined in, and we were now all whacking off together in the living room with big fat cucumbers up our butts. “I gotta cum” Jeff blurted out suddenly, shooting large ropes of cum all over me and himself. I immediately started cumming everywhere too, and Duncan blew his load at the same moment until we were all cumming on each other. “Whoa baby” Jeff hollered out, smiling. We all were sweaty and panting, out of breath. Jeff stood up and pulled the cucumber out of his ass. “That was some crazy shit.” We all busted out laughing and standing up, drying off. “Bro I’m covered in your man juice” I said to Jeff. “We’re all covered in all of our jizz dude” Duncan said, and we all laughed and shook our heads at our drunkenness. We tossed the cucumbers and dried off. “Let’s make a pizza and pass the fuck out.” I exclaimed, and we did just that. The next morning I woke up hungover as shit. Jeff and I made our way into the kitchen around noon, where Jeff had already cracked open a beer. “Better keep going” he said, laughing. “Best hangover cure is more booze. Plus my butt aches.” He said, shooting a comical look in my direction. “No shit, mine too.” I said, picking up a beer too. Duncan entered the room. “Bro, my ass is like wide open. Look” He said, pulling his butt cheeks apart. Sure enough it was. We all cracked up, opening beers. I headed out, hitting the gym. The next best cure for a hangover is a good workout. I only had shorts in my car so I went commando. I lifted for awhile, ran on the treadmill. I started doing some squats and could feel my asshole rubbing against my shorts in my ass crack. It actually started turning me on a little. I’d really enjoyed my butt being stuffed, which made me feel kinda gay but I didn’t really care. I was a football player, I banged more girls than I could count. Sweaty as shit, I headed into the locker room. I stripped down butt ass naked and headed to the showers. The gym was kinda crowded and the showers were in a big tiled room with shower heads full of dudes at this point. The water was surprisingly warm though, and I soaped up and stood under the water, feeling the warm water on my neck and shoulders where my hangover was aching the most. I shot the shit with some guys in the shower, soaping up my butt crack when one of my fingers kinda went in to my ass for a second. My cock noticed, and jolted awake a little. I started getting that feeling going down my abs and into my cock when you start getting hard. Not wanting to sport a boner in front of a room full of dudes, I turned towards to wall and tried to get my mind off anything sexual. It wasn’t working too well, but I was staying about half hard so it could’ve been worse. I kept thinking about that cucumber in my butt and how unbelievable it felt. I glanced over at one of the guys in the shower next to me, I chatted with him sometimes at the gym but didn’t know his name or anything. I looked down though and noticed this dude was packing some serious meat. Damn. I’d showered with hundreds up dudes in my life in my years in sports but never really looked at a guy’s junk on purpose. I mean, last night two of my best buds and shot jizz on each other and I didn’t even blink. I’m comfortable with myself. So I glanced again at this guy next to me’s package, he was soaping up and tugged on it for a second. I looked up at made brief eye contact. Shit. Oh well, I flashed him a grin and started making some shit up about something I saw on ESPN and he didn’t seem to notice. Practice week started again and by the end of it I was beat. Duncan, Jeff and I ended up at the bar though the next Friday, taking shots and slamming beers. We played pool and talked to some chicks, Jeff sang Roadhouse Blues on karaoke drunk as shit. Later, nearing 3am, we ended up back at Duncan’s just us three all over again. It was a hot night and we were sitting around his back deck shirtless and in our gym shorts. We’d been passing the bottle of whiskey around, shotgunning beers and shooting the shit. “I gotta piss” Duncan said, getting up and taking like two steps before pulling his shorts down below his butt and pissing off the deck. Jeff and I both went whoooo and ahhhhh at him and he shook his butt a little. He had a fine cover of hair over his big butt cheeks, his ass crack was much hairier though. “Dude remember last weekend when we stuffed our asses with cucumbers?” Duncan said, as if we’d forgotten. We all cracked up. “That shit felt good though, for real.” Jeff said, sipping his Fireball. We all kinda nodded. “You got anymore in the fridge dude?” I asked, feeling bold in my drunkenness. Honestly I’d been wanting to try it again all week long, normally I wouldn’t admit that in front of my bros though. “I’ll look” he said, going inside. “I’m kinda getting eaten up my these mosquitoes out here anyway, lets go in dude.” Jeff suggested. I agreed and we bursa escort went in just in time to see Duncan in the kitchen. “Bros, I only got one left.” He said, grinning a wide grin. We all looked at each other and without saying anything we all dropped our drawers to the floor. Duncan’s cock was already semi-hard , and mine was growing quick. My butt was kind of tingling in anticipation. “So who goes first?” Jeff asked. “Whoever wins this beer chug contest” I said, and grabbed some beers from the fridge. We stabbed our cans with a knife and chugged and chugged. I slammed mine down on the living room tile first and put my arms in the air. I fucking won. It was close though, as they both slammed their cans down moments later. “Me first losers” I said, grinning. Duncan grabbed some lube from the bathroom and I bent over on the couch, sticking my butt into the air and spreading my legs out. My cock was now rock hard. “I’ll do the honors. We’re almost out of lube though.” Duncan said, Jeff taking a seat next to me on the couch. We grinned at each other and I noticed his cock was hard too. Duncan squirted the end of the lube into his hand and started spreading it onto my ass crack, rubbing it around my asshole. I looked back and noticed he was sporting a boner as well and was lubing up the cucumber. “Here it goes” he said and started sliding it in. I groaned. It felt nice, but kinda tight. “Dunc, mind putting a finger or two in first to loosen me up?” I asked, and we all kinda chuckled. “Sure thing bro” he responded, and put his index finger into my ass. He put it up to the knuckle, then added a second one and went back and forth with them. “Alright dude, stick it in me” I said, shaking my butt tauntingly. He started sliding it in, slowly, until it was more than half way in. I moaned. It felt awesome. He let it sit, sipping his beer with one hand and holding it my ass with with the other. He started going in and out with it, and my cock was dripping with precum. I was moaning and groaning and digging my face into the couch cushion. “Dude, it’s definitely my turn next” Duncan said, plowing me with the cucumber. “Or we could share it, huh Chase?” he asked. “Hell yeah bro, take the other half” I said. “I’ll help you guys” Jeff offered. Duncan and me both got on all fours with our asses facing each other as Jeff put the cucumber in between our buttholes. We both started backing into it. Duncan groaned as it slid into his ass. “Uh, return the favor bro?” he asked me. I knew what he meant, and turned around. I licked my finger and slid it into his ass, going all the way to the knuckle. Without thinking at all, I pulled it out and licked it again, to get it more wet, and instantly tasted my buddy Duncan’s ass. “Whoa bro, I just tasted your butt” I said, and we all started cracking up. “Not bad bro, not bad” I said, not even realizing how drunk I was. I put two fingers in this time, rubbing them around in his ass and even slipped a third one in, sucking my fingers every time I pulled them out. “Keep going bro, it feels good” Duncan said, grinning back at me. Jeff looked intrigued. I pulled three fingers out and saw his butt was getting looser. Jeff took a swig of whiskey and without me even realizing leaned over and put all three of my fingers into his mouth. “Now I’ve tasted Duncan’s butt too” Jeff said, grinning. Duncan backed his ass up into me, wanting more. I put four in this time, his ass was lubed and loose and sweaty now and all my fingers except my thumb were up his butt. I used my thumb to grab the outside of his butt, pushing him forward and back with my hand in him. “Ready for that cucumber?” I asked, and he nodded. I bent back over and Jeff put it in our asses until we had a grip on it, then we started rocking back and forth. Soon we were riding it, our butt cheeks slamming into each other as the long cucumber slammed our prostates, my cock begging for relief and dripping with precum. My ass crack and back were sweaty as fuck, my forehead dripped with sweat too as we rode it hard and rougher by the minute. Me both moaned, deep and low, letting ourselves go. “Alright bros, it’s definitely my turn now” Jeff said, he’d been kneeling next to us with a boner this whole time. “I could use a break” I said, realizing that I’d shoot my load everywhere if I kept going. I was having fun with my buddies though and didn’t want it to end, if I jizzed everywhere I worried the night would wind down. “And uh, Chase, since you got Duncan’s butt all ready mind giving me a go?” Jeff asked, flashing me a smile. “Sure thing man” I said, looking for the lube. “Oh shit dude, we’re fresh outta that.” I said. I looked over at Jeff, grinning on his knees with his butt spread wide open and over at Duncan, sweaty and panting from sharing a makeshift dildo with me. “Eh, fuck it.” I said, realizing it didn’t matter. We’d crossed so many lines I didn’t care anymore. I took a swig of whiskey and looked down at Jeff’s butt crack. It was pretty hairy, his ass hole was puckering with anticipation. I put both my hands on each of his butt cheeks and spread them wide open. I leaned down and opened my mouth and started licking his ass crack. “Whoaaaa broooo” Jeff moaned. Duncan watched, his boner in his hand. I started licking and sucking and pretty much making out with his ass, sticking my tongue in and out of his hole. Jeff moaned. Here I was, bent over on my knees sucking my buddy’s ass crack. “Dude you taste pretty good” I said, going back in for more. As I dug my face deeper and deeper into Jeff’s crack, I felt a warm feeling on my ass. I looked back at Duncan, grinning and putting his face into my butt. I moaned. It felt as good to receive it as it did to suck on Jeff’s ass. We went to town. I was digging my face in, making out with his ass and rubbing my face into it deeper. Jeff was pushing his ass back on my face, wanting more. I was doing the same to Duncan, who was going wild for my ass. His light facial hair was rubbing into my butt and it felt amazing. My cock couldn’t take anymore, I was so hard I thought I’d jizz any second. I knew what I needed to do. I got up from Jeff’s ass and scooted closer to him. I started lining my rock hard dick up to his butt. He looked back and me and gave me a grin and a thumb’s up. We were on the same page. I started sliding the tip in, slowly getting more and more in. But as I started to go further I felt Duncan breathing on to my neck, his hand on my shoulder. I felt his hard cock against my butt cheek. “Do it bro” I whispered, using my hands to pull my butt cheeks apart as Duncan slid his meat into me. It felt big and hard, going right up into me. I’d been loosened up by the cucumber, but it still felt bigger and harder in me. We all started moaning louder and louder. We all started pumping each other’s asses, sweating all over each other. I was sandwiched in between, feeling Duncan’s pubes on my butt cheeks as he pounded me and feeling my cock being enveloped by Jeff’s bubble butt, the hair from his ass crack rubbing along my bare cock as it slid in and out. Duncan was resting his face on my shoulder, his hands around my waist. He was moaning and whispering into my ear. I knew I wouldn’t last any longer. “I’m gonna.. CUM” I yelped, feeling my cock starting to release. “Me too..” Duncan moaned into my ear. Jeff was whacking off up front and within seconds I was blowing the biggest load of my life deep into his butthole. Duncan dug his fingers into my waist and abs, grabbing on as he filled my ass with cum. Jeff was moaning loudly and shooting ropes of cum onto the couch and floor. We were all covered in sweat, panting loudly and still moaning. “Shit” I said, looking at my bros. “Fuck yeah dudes” Duncan said and we all grinned at each other. I pulled them both in and we had a little group hug, covered in each other’s man juices. We were all still outta breath. “Damn Chase, you filled my ass up.” Jeff said. “Look at this bro”. He bent over and made jizz drip out of his ass. “More where that came from” I said, bending over next to Jeff. I farted some cum from my ass too, Duncan behind us laughing. I looked at Jeff and smiled. He threw his arm around me and we knelt there together with our asses dripping in jizz. I looked behind me and saw Duncan on all fours, his face near my ass. He started licking up with cum from my gooch and balls and up to my ass hole, licking and sucking up all the semen from my butt. It felt amazing after the pounding to feel his soft lips and tongue. After me, Duncan started on Jeff too, digging his face into his ass. We cracked open some victory beers and sat in a row on the couch, closer than ever, me in the middle with our legs draped over each other and my arms around both of my buddies. We drank beers until sunrise, watching it through the living room window as we chatted about our usual shit, but now we were bonded as brothers. We passed out shortly after, all three in Duncan’s bed. The next morning I awoke to another massive hangover, Duncan had already gotten up and Jeff still passed out on his stomach next to me, his butt in the air. I gave him a good spank, “wake up bro!” I yelled, smacking his butt again. “I’m up, I’m up” he groaned, rolling over on his back with his morning wood sticking straight up. I swatted at it, making his boner wave around a little. He grinned. “Beers?” Duncan asked, wandering into the room with three cans of Schlitz. “Hell yes” I responded, cracking one open. “So boys, last night was awesome.” Jeff said, nursing his beer. He continued, “And I think we should pound a couple more brewskis and go for round two. Whaddya say?” “Game” I said, my cock and butt tingling. “Down” Duncan said. We all got up and got some more beer. I took a piss and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, with my short buzzed hair, toned, football body. Duncan’s Longhorns practice jersey hung behind me. I stank too, smelled like sweat and ass. I thought about the last week, and mainly the night before. This is college, I thought. Deep down though, I knew I had enjoyed the night more than anything I’d experienced. It was a rush like none other, the ultimately forbidden act in my Texas jock life. I knew Dunc and Jeff were in the same boat though, we all had practice together in the morning and all had obviously enjoyed each other. It was different than with girls, we were brothers. We had been through hell together and back last season. But this was bonding like any other. And it was more comfortable too, like I knew what they wanted and what felt good and where to touch them cause our bodies were the same. I didn’t feel embarrassed or pressured to perform in front of them, it was more relaxed than any sex I’d had. I could lose myself in the moment with these guys. I looked into the mirror and got real close to it, looked at my still-drunk face and into my eyes. I like these dudes. And I don’t give a fuck. I thought, smiling at myself and cracking open another beer, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Dunc and Jeff were sprawled on the bed. I stood over them finishing my beer. “Ready bro?” Jeff asked, grabbing at my cock, tugging it a little and looking up at me. He gave me a mischievous grin. I crushed my now empty can of beer and threw it the ground. Jeff had started playing my cock and it was now rock hard. He tugged at my balls too, knowing just how to do it. I was still standing over the bed in front of him and Duncan, who was currently finishing his brewski and rubbing on Jeff’s abs and back. I looked at Jeff in the eye for a solid minute as he played with my cock, both of us knowing that the other was thinking. We’d gone this far already, let’s dive on in. I put my hand on Jeff’s head and rubbed his hair around a little bit and his face got closer. He grabbed my cock and put it into his mouth, opening wide and enveloping half of it immediately. He tugged on my balls as he bobbed up and down, I threw my head back in total pleasure and moaned as his warm mouth swallowed me whole. Duncan took the hint and started whacking Jeff’s cock. He started by licking the base and up to the tip, Jeff moaned. I watched as Duncan took Jeff’s cock into his mouth and started blowing him hard, going to town on him. It started getting intense, Jeff blowing me hard and deep and long, sucking every inch of cock. “I got an idea” I said, pulling Jeff off me and laying next to them on the bed. We laid in a triangle pattern, me taking Duncan’s hard cock in my mouth. I’d never tasted a dick before, but I’d sucked on a dude’s asshole last night so this wasn’t that surprising. It tasted warm and veiny, salty and sweaty. I tasted the precum on my tongue and my nose nuzzled into his pubes when I took his cock all the way into my throat. I gagged a couple times a little bit at first, before getting the hang of it. So here we were, me blowing Duncan, Duncan blowing Jeff and Jeff blowing me. I looked around and took the whole scene in, smiling to myself. This was fucking awesome. I started grabbing Duncan’s ass as I sucked his cock, he spread his legs open more and allowed my hand to rub his ass crack. It felt warm and kinda sweaty, I smelled my fingers and inhaled the musky scent. I couldn’t resist, and took his dick out of my mouth and scooted in between his legs and nuzzled my face into his ass. I took a deep breath, taking in the smell, and started licking and sucking his ass. Duncan moaned with pleasure. Within seconds I could feel Jeff’s face in my butt crack, sucking on my ass and spreading my cheeks open wide. I looked over at Duncan, whose face was in Jeff’s ass crack too, all rimming each other feverishly. We kept going ferociously, three dudes reeking of sweat, ass and precum all going at each other. “Your ass is so tasty” Jeff said, looking up at me as he moaned into my crack. I moaned in response as his facial hair rubbed on my hole. Jeff got up and guided bursa escort bayan me onto my knees. I could feel his cock pressing on my ass. Duncan bent over in front of me and I continued rimming him as Jeff’s cock slid in to my butt. I wanted it bad, backing into it until I could feel his pubes on my butt cheeks. His entire cock filled my ass, probing my prostate and making my dick swell with excitement. Soon Jeff was riding my ass like no tomorrow, I moaned and groaned into Duncan’s ass, my hands on each of his butt cheeks spreading them open wide. “Wanna give me a piece of the action?” Duncan asked, grinning at me. He got on to his back pulled his legs up into the air. I guided my cock toward his ass, feeling the tight hole wrap around the head. He threw his head back in pleasure, moaning as I pushed my dick all the way in, Jeff slowly fucking me at the same time, his hands rubbing my chest and abs. Duncan looked at me with a dazed expression, reaching up to my waist. Both guys all over me, my ass filled and my cock deep into Duncan’s warm ass. I was in heaven. We got a nice groove going, pumping each other and moaning. I started rubbing Duncan’s balls and hard cock as I filled his ass with my meat. He looked like he was ready to blow any second. In the heat of the moment, watching Duncan smile and take my cock, I leaned down to him, our chests pressing against each other. I put my hands on either side of his face and drew my mouth to his. We kissed, gentle at first, then started making out, roughly, licking each other’s faces and necks, kissing everywhere we could reach. I felt Jeff kissing my neck, pumping my butt and kissing my ear. “I’m gonna.. cum..” Jeff blurted out suddenly, pounding my ass with his cock, faster and faster, until he blew his load deep into me. He let out a low, deep moan. I could hear him panting loudly, pulling his cock from my ass. Meanwhile, I continued to pound on Duncan, getting a rhythm going, feeling like I might blow at any moment. Jeff laid down next to Duncan, they started kissing and rubbing each other as I pumped my dick in him. Then Jeff leaned over, watching my cock go in and out. “I got an idea” Jeff said, grinning at me. He bent over and took my dick, straight out of Duncan’s butt, and sucked on it. I put it back in Duncan’s ass and moaned as my cock went back and forth from Duncan’s ass to Jeff’s mouth. I knew I was gonna blow, as did Duncan who had been jerking his cock. “Here.. I.. go..” I moaned, my cock shooting it’s load into Duncan’s butt. As I came I could feel Duncan’s ass loosening up as he shot his load all over me and himself. After catching my breath a little I pulled my cock out of his ass and collapsed on top of both them. We all kinda chuckled and spread out on the bed, lying next to each other. “This is crazy bro, we’ve had an all night, all morning orgy” Duncan said, and we laughed. “I’ve now tasted every inch of both of you” I added. “And been in both your asses” We all kinda shook our heads in disbelief, grinning at each other. “No regrets man, no regrets” Jeff said. “Beer anyone?” Duncan asked, jumping up from the bed. We both nodded and he went to fetch some cold ones. I looked over at Jeff, my dear buddy Jeff, and pulled him closer to me. We kissed, long and deep. “Love you bro” he said, almost whispering. “Love you bro” I said, grinning. “Love both you bros” Duncan added, walking back in the room with three beers. We all cracked up and started refreshing ourselves with beers after the workout we’d just done. Practice came the next morning like a sledgehammer to my brain. I was fried from the weekend but powered through, running mile after mile on the field under the August Texas sun. After practice we hit the showers, Duncan, Jeff and I going about our usual business like nothing had happened. The only difference was how much closer I felt to them, like we were more than friends, like we were brothers. We joked about our usual shit and talked about girls and football like we normally would but deep down we had a stronger bond. We all felt it. In the showers I’d started checking out my teammates more, seeing their soapy asses and long cocks. It was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I especially looked at Duncan and Jeff, seeing their butts and knowing I’d pounded them. Their cocks had been in my ass.. That was enough to give me a raging boner, so here I am with a hard on in the shower. It’s not terribly unusual in the locker room, especially with my teammates. These weren’t strangers at the gym, these were my guys. After the last couple weeks I also felt a lot more liberated my body. I wasn’t exactly shy before, but now I sported my boner in the shower with no shame. I just soaped up and felt the warm water cover me, without a care in the world. When I opened my eyes I looked over and caught Jeff and Duncan’s eyes looking my way, and we gave each other a small, knowing grin. Classes and the season started and my workload just piled up. On the field and after games I hung with the boys, but Jeff and Duncan and I couldn’t seem to find the time to be alone. We all had roommates now, Duncan’s house no longer free for our using. In the absence of our ability to release ourselves, I notice myself starting to give them more hugs and back pats, or spanking them in the locker room. We all knew what we really wanted, but given the circumstances we made do. The three of us still ate lunch every day and quietly discussed the next time we’d get some time alone. We all had roommates and practice, games and midterms. I walked home from a party with Duncan one night and we found ourselves alone in a dark, off campus neighborhood. I hadn’t even realized until I looked around and noticed we were alone. He must’ve thought the same thing, and we both looked at each other and grinned. We put our arms around each other, I pulled him close and tight. “Bro, I gotta have you..” I said as we came upon a wooded area near a golf course. “i know..” he said, almost whispering. We walked into the woods and immediately began kissing harder and rougher than I’d ever experienced. More than a month had gone by since we’d fucked and we were all over each other. I grabbed at his ass and bulge, my hand down the back of his jeans. We undid our pants and pulled them to our ankles, the cool Texas evening all around us. I ditched my shirt and got to my knees, Duncan bending over and leaning against a tree. I spread his butt cheeks open wide and went to town on his musky ass. It was sweaty and stank, and my cock was rock hard as a result. I missed this part more than any other, my face digging deeply into his butt. Duncan moaned quietly, pushing his butt back in to my face. We kissed more, our boners rubbing against the other’s. We tugged at each others dicks as we made out feverishly. “Put it up my ass bro” Duncan whispered to me. I nodded and grinned. “Only if you do me after” I said. We both smiled. Duncan got down on all fours on the forest floors and stuck out his ass at me. I spit on my cock and started sliding it in. He was tighter than ever, his warm ass swallowing my dick whole. He moaned in pleasure and I reached around to feel like rock hard dick. I started going back and forth until we got a rhythm going, sweating and panting and plowing his ass. Under the full moon we took turns pounding each other, eventually cumming in each others butts and losing ourselves in forbidden pleasure. One Monday after class, with fall break a week away, I felt a buzz in my pocket. It was my older brother, Drew. He was 22 and had graduated from UT last year. Like me, he’d played football his whole life and I always sort of followed in his footsteps. He was engaged now to his college sweetheart, a blond chick from Dallas named Amanda. He’d started his business career and was usually neck deep in paperwork when I’d called him. “Drew, my man! Hows it hangin?” I asked. “It’s hanging low and down the left side” he responded, and we both cracked up. My older brother had the same sense of humor as me. “How’s the season going?” “It’s going great dude, how’s the suit and tie going?” I asked “Not bad little bro, not bad. Look, I noticed it’s your bye week and your fall break this week, whaddya got planned?” Drew inquired. “Not shit bro, probably just drinking beers with my bros and whatnot” I said. “Well, I was thinking you could take a little weekend off the bender and we could maybe head out to the lake and do some duck huntin. Pitch a tent, bring a cooler. I need some fresh air and Amanda is driving me up the wall.” He said. “Fuck yeah, bro that’s perfect!” I replied, grinning. I had been looking to get away from campus, and catching up with my older brother out by the lake sounded awesome. “Sounds good buddy, look I gotta meeting starting in a minute but whaddya say I pick you up on Friday evening, around 6?” “Sounds good to me” I replied. Friday came around and I packed up my duffel bag with jeans and layers and duck boots, putting my red baseball cap on and packing the food bag. We’d arranged that I’d supply the grub and he’d load his pickup with beers and rifles. I packed in some cold cuts, hot dogs, brats and burgers. Around dusk he pulled up and got out of the truck grinning. He gave me a big bear hug and we did some small talk, loading up his truck and hitting the road. On the way we cracked open a beer and clanked them together. “Cheers to a boys weekend” He said and we drank to the freedom of a weekend away from the world. We got to the lake around nine, pitching a tent and building a fire. We’d done this every other weekend growing up and shot the shit a little as we got situated. We roasted some brats and caught up a little on what we’d been doing. Drew told me about his job a little, his house he’d bought with Amanda. I talked about the season, how our team was doing. “I miss those days man” He said, looking off into the night. “Those were the glory days. Playing ball with my buddies, hearing the crowd roar.. Enjoy it while you can.” He said. “You’re right bro, I shouldn’t let the stress distract me. Things are going pretty well.” I replied, sipping on my beer. The fire was warm and the night was cool, a perfect cloudless autumn night to be camping. We passed out pretty early to wake up by sunrise. In the AM we brewed some coffee on the fire and took our metal mugs of black Folger’s into the dawn woods, armed with our rifles. It was a beautiful morning. Drew shot three ducks that morning, I managed two. We strung them up in his truck bed by lunchtime and had already cracked open our second beers. The day had turned pretty hot, the sun was beating down on us. We took some beers and ventured down the embankment to the creek that flowed into the lake. It was pretty deep in this part. “I’m taking a dip” Drew said, pulling off his t-shirt. “I’ve been looking forward to this part” he said, and starting kicking off his boots. I followed suit, stripping down to my boxers. I looked over at my older bro and realized I could be comfortable around him. I chucked off my boxers and jogged butt naked into the water. “Wood Hooo!” Drew hollered after me jokingly. I dove in and felt the cool water all around me. It was cold. “Whoa baby that’s chilly!” I said, coming up for air. I looked over at Drew, also butt naked, jumping into the air and doing a cannonball right next to me. We laughed at how freezing it was. “Dude my balls are frozen solid” I said, getting out of the creek. “Dude look at your dick, he’s all shriveled up!” Drew said, laughing and pointing at my cock. “So is yours dude!” I replied, pointing at him as he got out of the water. We had a good chuckle about that and sat down on the embankment, ass naked in the sun. I opened another beer and we laid there for awhile, letting the sun dry our bodies. After awhile, Drew sat up. “Whoa buddy, he’s not so small anymore is he?” He joked, pointing to my dick. I looked down and realized my dick had definitely expanded. I was getting semi-hard, mostly from the open air blowing across my nude body. “Hah, what can I say? I like the feeling of the breeze” I said, shrugging. “Me too bro, I love the feeling. It feels so free..” he said, standing up. I stood up too and stretched a little. A late afternoon breeze blew through the trees and I felt it on my balls and ass. “Woo-ee, felt that one” I said, grinning at Drew. “I felt that in my butt crack.” I realized I was getting a buzz on and was saying things I wouldn’t normally, but I didn’t really care. It was Drew, after all. “I did too!” He said, giving me a playful slap to the arm. “Check this out” He added, and spread his feet apart a little bit. He leaned over slightly and spread his butt cheeks with his hands. “Now, that feels good!” He said, grinning at me. I finished my beer and followed suit, spreading my ass cheeks apart and feeling the wind. Drew didn’t know that I’d felt much more on my ass in recent months, but I played along. We headed back to the campsite and cooked dinner, the night was warm and muggy. We still built a fire, sitting around it shirtless and in our shorts, passing a bottle of whiskey back and forth. As I got drunker and drunker, our conversation went from football to sex pretty rapidly. “Getting all the chicks you want?” Drew asked, sipping the bottle. “I remember my college days, it was pussy heaven.” He added, grinning. “Oh yeah man, you know I’d make you proud!” I replied, giving him a fist bump. Feeling bold, and wanting to talk to Drew about my recent transgressions with my teammates, I pushed the conversation a little. “Whats the craziest thing you’ve done in bed with a chick?” I asked, passing him the bottle. He looked into the distance and thought about it for a second. “Hmm.. the craziest thing.. Well, I once had a threesome with twins from this sorority on Halloween and they were dressed like the twins from The Shining. It was kinda weird escort bursa at first but I powered through it.” He said, and we both erupted in laughter. Only my older brother Drew would have a story like that. We swapped some more tales and drank more and more booze. The whiskey bottle was nearly empty. Finally I decided to tell him a half-truth to gage his response: “So dude, a couple weeks ago I banged this chick and when she was blowing me she stuck a finger up my butt.. I came more than I ever have. It was crazy.” I said, swigging a beer. “Really bro? I’ve never tried that before. I guess I’ve always kinda wondered what it would feel like.” Drew said. “Well, I’ve done it a couple times since then to myself when I’m, ya know, whacking off and it’s crazy how good it feels” I said, feeling relieved that I’d sort of admitted it to my older bro. “I’ll have to try that dude.. Me and Amanda barely fuck anymore, it’s been like a week..” He said, trailing off. He looked around a little bit, then back at me. We started grinning at each other. “Why not right now?” He said, shrugging. We were alone in the woods in the middle of the night after all, it was warm and we were drunk off whiskey and beers. “Hell yeah bro!” I said, standing up and dropping my shorts. My cock was already hardening. Our camping chairs were already pretty close to each other, and here we were butt naked and stroking our meat. I was feeling horny as fuck, days had gone by since I’d gotten my rocks off. “You gotta nice size dick there bro” I said, feeling bold. He smiled. “Looks like we have that in common” he said, nodding at mine. We stroked for awhile, warming up. “So do I just ram my finger up there?” He asked, laughing. “I’ll show ya” I said. I scooted down in my chair and put my legs up in the air, my ass sticking straight out. I licked my finger and started rubbing it on my ass. Drew followed my lead and did the same. I put my index finger in first, all the way to the knuckle. Drew licked his finger and did the same, shooting me a surprised look. “Bro, this does feel good” he said, grinning. “Just wait” I replied, giving him a sly smile. He watched me closely as I pull my finger out and sucked on it then inserted it back into my ass. Drew’s face was priceless. He pulled his finger out and stuck it in his mouth, inserting it back in. “Right?” I said. “Taste’s pretty good” I said. We laughed. He nodded in agreement. Gradually we got up to three fingers, full on jacking off at this point. I was realizing that I was pretty drunk, the nearly empty whiskey bottle next to us. Otherwise I never would’ve said what I said to Drew next: “Think our butts would taste different, since we’re, ya know, brothers?” I asked, shooting Drew a mischievous grin. He gave me a shrug, looking me in eye with a dazed, stoic expression. He smiled, “let’s find out”. I scooted my chair to the point that we were directly facing each other with our butts still sticking out, our legs in the air. Looking directly at each other, I stuck my index finger into my mouth and reached across to Drew’s butt and slid it in, nice and warm. He closed his eyes and moaned, stroking his cock as I slid my finger to the knuckle. He opened his eyes and watched me pull his finger out and bring it to me mouth. I sucked on it, tasting my brother’s ass. “Tastes like mine bro” I said, we chuckled. “Let me be the judge of that” he said, sticking two of his fingers into his mouth and reaching down to my butt hole. He bit his bottom lip and raised his eyebrows at me, taunting me almost, as he slid two of his fingers in. He went all the way in, my cock leaking precum, and left them there for a minute, feeling the warmth in my ass. I couldn’t believe my brother and I were fingering each other’s asses. It was unreal. He pulled them out slowly and without hesitation stuck them in his mouth and sucked on them dry. “Tastes like fuckin chicken” he said, and we both cracked up. I reached down and swigged some whiskey, handing it off to Drew. “Kill it” I said and he chugged the last of it. “There’s still some beers too” Drew mentioned, pointing to his truck. “And we could both use one”. He smiled and patted my shoulder as he waked his naked ass to the truck. I watched his lightly hairy bubble butt as he walked. We had similar bodies but he was definitely more buff than I. This dude was fucking built. We cracked some beers open and got to talking about the next day. Our dicks were still semi-hard and we sat across from each other, our knees touching. Drew casually tugged at his cock and balls while we talked, finishing off his beer. The fire died down a little and we sat around in the buff chatting. I swatted at a mosquito. “Kinda getting eaten up out here bro” I said. “For real dude, let’s take this party into the tent” He said, spanking my ass as I stood up. He’d done that to me our whole lives. “Plus we gotta finishing jackin off or I’ll have blue balls like no other” He continued. I smiled to myself. We crawled into the tent and sat next to each other, spreading our sleeping bag out below us. “I gotta piss first” I said, getting up to unzip the door. “I’ll join ya bro”. We stood right outside the tent next to each other pissing. Our shoulders were touching as our stream flowed. Feeling drunk and silly I leaned over and grabbed his cock and made his piss go all over his stomach and leg. “You motherfucker!” he replied, laughing. He pointed his dick my way and continued to piss all over me, hitting my back and butt as I ran away laughing. “I’ll get you back, just wait” Drew said, giving me a warning look and a sly grin. I knew my bro, and knew this to be true. We crawled back into the tent still laughing at our shenanigans. Being brothers and getting rowdier in our drunkenness, we started playfully pushing at each other. Soon we were full on wrestling in the tent, getting sweatier as our butt naked bodies rubbed together. Finally he pinned me down, sitting on my chest with both of my arms under his legs. “And here’s your payback” He said, giving me an evil smile. He took his giant cock in his hand and started slapping my face with it. “Ahh ahh broo..” I replied, pushing him back. He kept me pinned though, and kept slapping back and forth, his cock getting harder. I laughed and protested. He then scooted up over my face and rubbed his sweaty, hairy balls on my face. My chin was under his balls near his gooch. As I yelped out in protest he dropped his balls into my mouth briefly. I spit em out, Drew roaring with laughter above. “Told ya little bro, told ya I’d get you back” he taunted. He moved his body over my face until he now sat on my face, his hairy ass crack spread out over my nose and mouth. It occurred to me then that this was precisely how this whole thing got started. Losing that bet with Jeff a couple months ago, Jeff sitting his naked ass on my face. Which led to the cucumber bet, which let to all the butt sex and cock sucking and ass licking. It started just like this, a playful contest of masculinity. I freed one of my arms and pull him down off me, we wrestled for awhile more until we mutually conceded, out of breath and sweating balls in the hot tent. We laid next to each other panting. Without even thinking about what I was doing I reached over and grabbed Drew’s cock, putting his semi-hard meat in my hand and giving it a light squeeze. “It’s like holding my own!” I said, elbowing him and grinning. He reached over and took mine into his hand too. “You’re right man, our butts taste the same and our cocks feel the same. We must be brothers” He said, and we laughed. “Well, we gotta finish this up though, right?” I asked. He nodded. We started jacking each other off, slowly at first, getting more and more intense as we got harder and harder. “I, uh, liked feeling something up my butt earlier bro..” Drew almost whispered to me, his voice husky and low. “Wanna do that again?” he asked, looking over at me. “Of course man” I replied I got up and got on my knees in front of Drew, who was on his back and had pulled his legs up in the air. The tent was hot with all our heavy breathing, his ass crack sweaty. I licked my fingers and slid two of them right into his ass. His cock became rock hard but he didn’t touch it, just moaned and put his head back. I worked three fingers in, sliding in and out and licking them each time I pulled them out, both of us looking each other in the eye. Without breaking eye contact I bent over and put my tongue on his ass. I licked slowly at first, then became rougher and starting sucking and licking his ass. He moaned. I pushed his legs back more, spreading his ass wide open as I went to town. I licked up his gooch, taking his balls in my mouth before licking my way up the shaft of his cock. Drew was panting. I took his cock in my mouth, tasting the sweat and precum, and sucked it down. He put his hands on my head, rubbing my hair as I inhaled his dick. “Oh bro… Fuck…” He whispered, moaning deeply. As I sucked on his cock I returned my fingers to his ass, fitting four of my fingers in his ass easily. He moaned louder, wanting more. I slipped my thumb in too, sweat and saliva had lubed his ass to the point my hand was up his ass. It was warm and slick as I went all the way to the knuckles. Pulling my hand out, I took his cock out of my mouth and spit on my cock. Drew looked at me, in almost disbelief, as I lined it up with his ass. His bit his bottom lip and nodded reassuringly at me as I slid it in. He moaned. His ass was tight and warm. I kept pushing until I hit his prostate, Drew letting out deep moans. His cock dripped precum, sticking straight up as I started sliding my dick in and out. Drew put his hands on my waist and pulled me in closer, our sweaty foreheads and noses touching, our eyes locked, as I pounded my bro in the ass. I leaned in and we kissed, our lips locking and our mouths opening as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Our hairy, sweaty chests were rubbing on each other as we made out, my cock sliding in and out, my balls banging against his butt. We changed positions after a while, Drew on his knees sticking his butt out. He pushed back on my cock as I pounded him, wanting more. Seeing his nice, firm bubble butt getting pounded was pushing me over the edge. “I’m..gonna..cumm” I finally moaned. “Me too bro..” Drew said, low and husky. I felt his ass get looser as my cock unleashed ropes of jizz deep inside him. Meanwhile Drew blew his load everywhere, shooting like a gun over our sleeping bags and pillows. Out of breath, we collapsed on top of each other. “Damn bro, you’re the best lay I’ve had” Drew said, grinning. “Your ass is the tightest ass I’ve had for sure” I replied. We laid there together and slowly passed out, butt naked, under the stars. The next morning I woke up in a daze, looking around and noticing Drew wasn’t in the tent. I peered out the front screen and saw him cooking up some breakfast in front of the fire in his boxers. “Morning bro” he said, grinning at me. “Want some breakfast?” “Hell yeah” We brewed some coffee and ate, it was a beautiful day. We got our clothes on after awhile and went for a hike, throwing clay pigeons around and chatting. I felt closer to Drew, even though we were best buds in the first place, it felt like we had a special connection beyond brotherhood. It was the same feeling I recalled after Duncan and Jeff and I had our wild nights. In the evening we packed up the campsite, hitting the road back. As the sun went down and we drove along in the cab of Drew’s pickup, he reached over and put his arm on my shoulder, smiling at me. “Love you bro. Had a blast this weekend. We gotta do this again” He said, looking over at me. “Oh we will.. Winter break?” “Can’t hardly wait.” He replied, and leaned over to me. We kissed, a soft and long kiss, as he kept one eye on the road and we chuckled a little. Then we just drove along watching the sun disappear behind the trees. Our team won two games consecutively in the following weeks, but fell short of the playoffs that year. We ended the season before Christmas, a little disappointed but nowhere near defeated. There was always next year. Jeff, Duncan and I trudged through the snow one afternoon towards the tail end of finals, I was done for the semester and they each had a couple left. “So guys I got a text from my roommate a half hour ago. He’s done with school for the year and he’s driving back up home this afternoon. So I’ll have the place to myself. Boys wanna come over for some beers later?” He grinned. We all looked at each other and nodded, shooting each other a sly, knowing smile. I cracked open another brewski, shootin the shit with the boys in the kitchen. We’d had some whiskey, were casually talking about Christmas and winter break and everything. “Aren’t you and your older bro gonna go huntin next week?” Duncan asked. “Yeah, think so. Last time we went was a blast” I replied, although I’d never told them what had happened. I took another shot of whiskey and started thinking about telling them. It had been sort of eating me up inside, knowing that me and my brother had fucked and we’d both liked it. It was so taboo though, the very idea of it. I wasn’t sure what my friends would say. But we’d been through a lot together and never judged each other so I sipped some whiskey and went for it. “So uh, when we were out there huntin we were sitting by the fire kinda playing around and I told him how good it felt to finger your ass when your jackin off and so we jacked off together with our fingers up our butts” I said, waiting to gage their responses. “No shit bro, that’s awesome. I wish I could do shit like that with my older bro, ya know bonding. He’s a tool though” Jeff said, giving me a reassuring smile and squeezing my shoulder. “Yeah bro, no shame there” Duncan added, following Jeff’s lead and squeezing my shoulder. “Well, I also fucked him in the ass” I added, grinning. They both erupted, whistling and congratulating me. “You showed your dominance, good job” Duncan teased. I knew had nothing to worry about, my boys had my back no matter what. PART 2 COMING SOON

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