Tez’s Rain

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The soft tempo of the light spring rain splashing against the window set the mood for Tez. She was awakening from a gentle sleep, a by-product of the love making the night before with Tom. She was wearing the delightfully naughty, spaghetti string black nightie that she referred to as her “hot slut” outfit. When she wore it, she could let go of her inhibitions and really give in to her more visceral desires. It is a mood that always pleased herself, and to a large extent, Tom too.

Tez rolled over the bed and onto her side, her breasts gently flowing with her, and pressed upon the pillow beside her. She could hear Tom across the room, the water running from the shower stall. At the thought of her man, naked, with soap cascading down his body came to her mind, she could feel the nipples of her breasts begin to firm. A slight tingle in her loins began to stir. “Wow!” she thought to herself. “Just the thought of joining Tom in the shower gets me going”.

She imagined the surprise Tom would experience if she gathered herself up, moved to the bathroom to slowly pull the curtain of the shower aside and reveal Tom to her.

Tez envisioned how the expression on his face would change as she would slide into the stream of warm water with him. As she thought about this, Tez sub-consciously moved her hand to her left breast and pulled it free of the restraint of her outfit. Slowly she began to tease the hardening flesh of her excited nipple with fingers.

Tez thought of Tom in the shower, washing his body, the full length of his manhood swaying slighty with the movements of his body. She imagined reaching for him, his manhood growing slightly at the combination of warm water, the slipperiness of the soap, and her gentle touch upon him. “Oooh…” Tez moaned to herself.

She reached down between her thighs and began to slowly massage her womanhood through the thin material of her gown. Gently, she rubbed and pressed at the stimulated flesh of her sex. She closed her eyes and began to lose herself in the sensations of her body and her thoughts of making love to Tom.

Tom was standing in the shower, facing away from the steady stream of water. He thought to himself, “What a lucky man I am.” Just the night before, he had re-affirmed his love and commitment to Tez. She had met him with enthusiasm and vigor. Tez was a wonderful lover. A escort ataşehir woman who gave her all to please her man, and last night was no exception.

Tom remembered the sensation he felt as Tez had steadily swept her warm breath across his member before taking him into her mouth. He thought of how quickly his body always responded to her touch. He loved the look in Tez’s eyes as she looked at him, his member growing in her mouth in response to her.

He reached down between his legs and touched himself. He was surprised that his member was beginning to fill with desire for Tez. He stroked himself, his hands gliding back and forth along his length. Tom closed his eyes, believing it was Tez who was bringing him this pleasure.

Tom’s member was grew ever firmer in his hands as he thought about making love to Tez. He loved the way she responded to him. Every sensation was heightened for him as Tez spoke gently to him about her desire. This was especially appreciated by Tom. He wanted nothing less than to please her. And he found that the more he pleased her, the more receptive she became.

Tez felt the yearning grow within her. She reached for the night table and pulled out the toy Tom had bought for them. It was soft yet firm, and they had slowly introduced it into their lovemaking. She pressed it against her femininity, feeling the parting of the lips of her womanhood with the pressure she gave it.

Her arousal was becoming more evident, and the movements of her hands increased the contact with her most intimate area. Slowly, Tez pressed the head of the toy into herself, feeling fill her.

At first she pressed just the first few inches into herself, the way Tom would as they made love.

With one hand, Tez kept a smooth, steady rhythm, as her other hand began a soft caress across the rest of her body. She felt her skin come alive under her own touch, and she envisioned it was Tom who was administering the pleasure to her.

Tez increased the tempo, letting more and more of the toy enter her body. She raised her hips slightly to allow a deeper penetration, a more fulfilling sensation to her flesh. She could feel her arousal heighten. Cupping her breast, she raised it to her lips so that she could play her tongue across her nipple, feeling the warmth of her touch reach deeply into her.

Tom kadıköy escort stepped out of the shower, leaving the water running. He headed to the bedroom so that he could surprise Tez. His manhood was still firm from his self-arousal. He quickly dried himself, and wrapped the towel aroung his waist.

Quietly, he headed across the hall toward where Tez lay. He pushed the door open, and it was Tom who was surprised with the sight of Tez bringing pleasure to herself.

Her hands and hips were in motion, the exposed flesh of her body raised with bumps of excitement. Tom’s slight firmness changes quickly to complete arousal, watching the scene being played out before him.

Quietly, Tom approached the bed. He leaned across Tez’s body, noticing the glean of perspiration on Tez as she was fulfilling her desire. Silently, Tom lowered his head down to Tez’s womanhood, placing his tongue upon her aroused flesh.

The resulting sensation to Tez was incredible. At that very moment, she was thinking of her lover applying his mouth to her. A startled gasp escaped Tez. She realized that what she was feeling was Tom’s tongue playing upon her, exploring, licking, pleasuring her with his tongue.

“Tell me what you want,” Tom said to her. His tongue continueing it’s probing of her. His tongue moved in rhythm with the pace of the toy as Tez continued to slide it in and out of her body.

Tom reached out and took control of the toy from Tez, begining his own exploration of her body.

A gasp escaped Tez’s mouth, relenquishing control of her body to Tom. He was applying a circular motion to her when he said again, “Tell me what you want Tez.”

A sound escapes her lips, but Tez does not believe it is her voice directing Tom as to what she wants. “Fill me.” is what she hears. “Tell me again,” Toms says. “Fill me.” She hears herself reply, only this time there is more urgency in her voice.

“Where do you want to be filled?” comes’ a voice that she knows is Tom’s, but it sounds somehow different. She hears her own voice reply, “My mouth, fill my mouth with your cock”.

Tom continues stimulating Tez with the toy. She is rising to match the rhythm Tom has set for them. “That’s my girl.” he says to her.

“Here,” Tom says, as Tez rolls to her side. Tom unwraps the towel from his waist, releasing his blood engorged maltepe escort bayan member. “Now, open your mouth” she hears him say.

Tez parts her lips slightly, feeling the heat emanating from Tom’s now rigidly firm erection. The head of Tom’s cock begins to explore the entrance of Tez’s mouth, and she reaches for the base of it with her hand. She wraps her lips around him, slowly stroking his length.

“I love the feeling of his cock in my mouth” Tez says to herself. ”I love the pleasure it brings to him.”

“Tez?” she hears. “Does this feel good?” Their bodies rotate slightly, and she is now no top of him. His manhood still in her mouth, as Tom explores more of her openeing with his tongue.

Tom begins rubbing her now ultra-sensitive clitoris with a combination of his tongue and their toy.

Tez responds by taking more of Tom in her mouth. She starts caressing the underside of his cock, lubricating it event further.

Tez feels her climax building within her. The combination of being filled from both end of her body becomes all consuming. “This is what I wanted.” She thinks to herself.

“A man who knows just what I want, but has me say it,to make me live it, to make it real so that my mind is in tune with every fiber of my body.”

Tez takes more of Tom into her mouth as the vibrations of her climax makes her pussy squeeze tightly around the toy, all the while, bathing Tom’s face with her juices. The feeling is intense, and she hears Toms’ voice call to her, “That’s right, baby, come for me.”

“Come for me.” She hears him say again. “Tell me this is what you wanted.” Tez feels wave upon wave of pleasure crashing through her body. She takes the complete length of Tom into her throat, filling her completely.

Tez lifts her head for a moment, and says to Tom with a lustful growl, “Give it to me.” “Fill my mouth.” Tez lowers her mouth and again and completely consumes Tom’s cock. “He is close.” she thinks to herself. Tez maintains a steady movement as she feels his cock swell slightly, his hips pushing forward to release himself into her.

For a moment, all sounds leave the room as she accepts Toms’ release into her. Tez lifts her head and says, “Come on baby, come for me,” as she continues alternately stroking and then sucking him. “I want you to come for me.”

Tez rolls on top of Tom, sliding up to him at the foot of the bed. Tez presses her lips to him as he flirts with her lips with his tongue. They clasp onto each other, both realizing that this is the way that two lovers should be.

Together, they hear the rain outside still pattering on the window.

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