Thai High Club


I decided that my husband David needed to spend the night in the spare bedroom. I locked the bedroom door and when he tried to open it, he got the message. I took off my bikini and lay on my bed slowly caressing my body, dreaming of Randy’s dark skin, his tattoos, those muscles of his, and that magnificent dick of his. I wanted it in me and more so I wanted David in me as he rammed that beast in his ass. My hand moved slowly to the promised land with each and every thought. I rubbed my pussy slowly at first, gently teasing my labia, rubbing my clit which made me moan with each soft touch. My high pitched moans and squeaks (yes I squeak during sex) echoed through the room. My touching brought me over the edge with an intense orgasm.

I decided that I needed someone other than David right now. I got on the phone and called Tirana. She was an intern at my firm. She was a pretty Thai girl going to the University of Hawaii. She was cute as a bug and had a smoking hot little body. She was as tall as me, had boobs about my size and tight abs. When I looked at her I always got wet. She always wore skirts and conservative blouses which made her look that much more attractive. We carried on an ongoing flirtation but never went more than that because it would be unprofessional plus like an idiot I wanted to be faithful to Lt. Asshole. Well no more, I know she wanted me as much as I wanted her, so I decided to do something about it.

She picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Ti, it’s Ginger.”

“Hey Ginger, what’s up?”

“Hey do you have any acıbadem escort plans this afternoon? I was hoping you and I can hang out at the beach? I know someone who can loan me his beach house.”

“Sure that sounds great, meet you in an hour?”

She gave me her address and I said, “I’ll be there.”

I put on a pink thong crocheted bikini that revealed the right things and a sarong and sandals. I filed my bag with stuff for an overnight stay and left my bedroom. David was on the couch looking at me and I gave him a disgusted look and said, “I really don’t want to talk to you right now, you bastard. I don’t care why you did it but I am going out.”

He asked pathetically, “Where are you going?”

I was so disgusted at him so I growled, “None of your fucking business. Maybe I will talk to you when I get back. Unless you have your duty on post, you better be here if you know what’s good for you.” I stormed out of the house and smiled as I walked to my Jeep and said to myself, “Damn, that felt good.”

I drove off and called the owner of the beach house, who was someone I worked with at the firm, if I could use it for the day and night. He agreed and told me where the key was. I went to the grocery store and got enough food for a nice dinner and some wine. I don’t normally drink a lot but thought this would be a great occasion. I pulled up in front of Tirana’s dorm and saw her waiting. She was dressed in khaki shorts and a tube top which showed her tight abs and pushed up her boobs. I sighed akbatı escort at this little oriental beauty and remembered that it was a long time since I ate Asian. She hopped in and to my surprise gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Just that small touch almost made me melt.

We drove off to the beach house, making small talk. She commented on how nice I looked and how she liked the jeep. I said that I liked how she looked as well. When we got to the beach house we took the groceries and our bags in. It was a small one bedroom hut with a kitchen and dining area. It was totally open to the outside world, and the view of the ocean was spectacular. After we got settled in, I opened a bottle of wine and called for her to meet me at the deck. I took the bottle out and sat on the love seat placed on the deck. I took in the amazing view and sat on the comfortable seat. I took off my top so my breasts could feel the soft tropical air. This enabled me to get David out of my mind. Just then the door opened and I witnessed a breathtaking sight. There was Tirana wearing a tiny green bikini and a silver collar on her neck. She sat next to me and poured herself a glass of wine and asked, “So what happened between you and Mr Wonderful.” I told her about the whole affair at the pool. I noticed her touching herself as I told the story. When I saw her do that I wanted to take her right then.

She lay her head on my lap and took my hand and kissed it and said, “Well then Miss Ginger, this one is at your service. Let this one be aksaray escort your servant for the weekend.” I remembered during one time at the bar after work that she told me she was submissive but I never expected this.

My hand started to caress her hair and belly and she moaned softly. I whispered to her, “Please strip and get on your knees.” She stood up and quietly untied her top and let it fall to the floor and then kicked it away. Her deep tanned oriental skin and dark nipples and areola turned me on immediately and I started rubbing my kitty. She then pulled down her bikini bottom and showed her perfect pussy with the straight pussy hair that orientals have. I sighed deeply as she got on her knees and bent her head down awaiting my next command.

I caught her eye and wordlessly looked down at between my legs and she got the message. She reached over and took off my bikini bottom so she could see my trimmed pussy. She smiled wantonly and then got close and blew on my clit softly. OMG! I orgasmed almost immediately. I decided that the game had to stop so in response I grabbed her head and pulled her to between my legs and I put my legs on her shoulders and forced her to lick my pussy. This little oriental beauty was a consummate pussy licker as she licked my labia and clit voraciously. I was moaning loudly under her ministrations. She would lick several times bring me to the brink then would stop. After the 5th time the little slut did this, I was screaming for mercy and begging and swearing at her. The last time she did this she put her middle finger in my tight little anus, which brought me to a mind blowing climax and I drenched her with my juices. I let her go and collapsed on the love seat, thoroughly sated. All thoughts of David were gone. I kissed her passionately tugging her collar and I knew that this was the start of a fantastic time with this Thai beauty.

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