Thank you retail (a cuckold story)


Thank you retail (a cuckold story)It was a night that I could never forget but it started like any other. Another long day at work dealing with the public. I work at a small retail location and rarely have customers, so I get to spend some of my day surfing the internet and I always seem to end up on porn sites looking to talk to random guys. This day was no different. I was able to chat with a few different guys and they proceeded to tell me how much they liked my pictures and how much they wanted to fuck me. This always made me a little wet while at work. This day I chatted with a guy named Adam. Adam was different then the other guys on these sites. He was direct but kind. This got my attention. He would tell me things like, “I am going to show up while you are locking up and push you against the wall and take your wet pussy from you. I am going to rip your shirt off to reveal your amazing breasts. I am going to fuck you until your pussy throbs with pleasure and pains for more.” He would continue with his story of why he wanted to do to me for 3 hours. Adam was very much into me and I loved every second of it. When it was getting close to closing time I could not help but recall the story he had told me. I was lost in a reenactment in my mind. I could not stop thinking of him taking me right here, right now. I finally came out of my sex daze to discover it was 9:05pm. I was 5 minutes late for closing. I stood up from my stool and began to walk to lock the door. As I took my first step I could m,y pussy dripping down my inner thigh. I checked myself and could not believe how wet he had made me. My pussy needed to be fucked. It usually took me an hour to clean and close the store so my needs would have to wait till I could jump on my husband when I got home.It took me forever to clean the store that night as I could not concentrate. I considered taking matters in my own hands before I left but decided why tease myself. I want cock. My fingers would just not do right now. I called my at 9:45pm to let him know that I was horny and that he needed to be ready to fuck my brains out when I get home. He did not pick up though. I left him a voice mail then sent him a text. No response from him the entire night. That bastard probably is a sleep already, I thought to myself. I was now pissed that I might not even get fucked tonight. I would have to settle on my fairly large dildo to get me off tonight. I eventually got the store locked up and got into my car. I sat in my drivers seat and noticed that my grey thong was wet. Very wet. The entire string was a dark grey color and glistened with my juices as the light from the cars interior light reflected of of it. I slid my thong of and threw it to the back of the car. I pulled out my phone and tried to call my husband again but still no answer. I was almost home and was getting more upset with each passing mile closer to my home. My sexual prison. I arrived to my house and discovered it was dark no lights inside, not even a porch light sincan escort left on for me. What a fucking bastard! I sat in the drive way just thinking of what I was going to do. I thought of how much I hated him at the moment because he would not be fucking me tonight. My thoughts quickly turned from anger to thoughts of fucking and to the thoughts of the stranger I met earlier. I started thinking of where he was and what he was doing and how big his dick was. I wondered how it would feel inside me? How much would he stretch me? Would he use me? I kept thinking of his cock. I noticed that at some point I had started to rub my clit while sitting there. I was about to orgasm already. I quickly stopped myself. I wanted it to be better than this. I did not want some cheap orgasm in the car. I want my pussy blown out.I grabbed my purse out of the car and walked to the front door. I struggled to find my keys in the dark but eventually dug them out and inserted them in the door. The door itself was not shut all the way. I slowly pushed the door open and saw a slight glow coming from the couch. The room was to dark to see anything else. I set my purse down on the table and turned to flip the light switch on. ” Don’t touch that” my husband voice said from the living room. “Take off your dress and have a seat in the chair” he said in a very strong and unusual tone for him. I stripped off my dress over my head and had a seat. I could still not see much in the dark room but I could now see him sitting across the room from me looking at our iPad. He looks up and says calmly “I see you have been talking so some other guy today. It looks like you may have made a new friend. I could tell from the conversation you really want to be fucked today. And if I’m mistaken its not me you want to be fucked by. I am correct? Yes or no? ” Yes” I respond. “Good girl” he said.I could see the iPad getting closer to me. He told me to hold out my arms and he put the iPad in it. He told me to start from the beginning and to read him the conversation aloud. He then took his middle finger and slid in along my wet lit. He could now feel the pool of cum that had devolved over the last few hours. He was careful not to insert his finger nor touch my clit. It was purely a tease. I continued to read to him and he circled my chair. I finished reading and looked up. He was no longer there. I stood up and turned around to see where he could have gone. I tried to use the iPad as a light but it was no use. I could hear the hard wood floor creak behind and I stopped in my tracks. I turned toward the sound but heard my husband call for from the opposite direction. ” I’m over here” he said. “Turn and face me” I did reluctantly. I stood there naked in the middle of my living room, clueless to what was going about to happen to me. My husband walked out and stood directly in front of me. He grabbed my hands and pulled then together in front of him. He reached into his pocket and out came a small purple rope. mamak escort He began to tie my hands together without saying a word. I stood there getting turned on at where he was taking this. He was not saying a word, and I loved every minute of it. He finished tying my hands and told me. ” I read your whole conversation and it got me thinking. Adam sure seemed like he wanted to fuck you. So…At that moment 2 hands reached around my back and lightly grabbed my 44H breasts. I was in utter shock. Who’s hands were these? What was going on? Who the fuck is behind me? But at the same time I was excited. I am not sure why but I never turned around. I just stood there and let him fondle me from behind. My husband stood there, inches from me watching this person touching his wife. The hands were soft and gentle. They caressed my every curve, feeling my every inch. Each pass of his hand circling closer to my pussy. Finally his hands could feel my shaved pussy. I could now feel his naked, wet penis starting to grow along my naked back. He slid his fingers along my clit to test the waters. I quickly moved my hands down holding his arm along my stomach and holding it against my clit. He knew what to do. He slowly rubbed circles on my clit and brought me to a standing orgasm. My legs buckled, and my body shook. The stranger was now completely holding me up after this orgasm. My husband still standing there, now with a giant smile on his face, although it was not nearly as large as mine. I recovered my leg and stood up again. I stood there panting and trying to capture my breath. My husband broke the silence “Honey, I would like to introduce you to Adam. He will be fucking you tonight.”Flashback to earlier in the night….My husband had the night off and was sitting at home feeling bored. He too visited the same sites I need to talk to random girls. He has access to my accounts as I stay logged in on our various mobile devices around our home. He had picked up a iPad and saw our conversation. He sat there watching us exchange our messages back and forth. God only knows what he was doing during this time. Probably rubbing his hard cock. It was not until I had told Adam that I had to go that my husband James stepped in. James introduced himself to Adam and explained how he had liked the conversation and wondered if he was seriously interested in fucking my wife. He responded with “yes, but It was just horny talk. You understand don’t you?” He said “of course I do, but I am asking you if you want to fuck my wife? I noticed that you don’t live more than 30 minutes from here. My wife seemed very interested in fucking you. She usually does not have that detailed of a conversation with other guys. Here’s the deal. My wife will be home in just over an hour. She really wants to fuck another guy. That gives you 60 minutes decide how much you really want to fuck my wife. Here’s our address. See you soon.”I was speechless when my husband told me. I thought, Was this really Adam? How kızılay escort could this be? I wonder how large his cock is? Will he fill me up? Will he stretch me? “Adam will you use me?” I caught myself saying aloud. Adam had apparently heard me as well and I was spun around without a word and quickly had a large cock in my mouth. I still had not seen it but I could feel its girth inside me. I sucked his cock like a pro but I wanted his thick cock inside my pussy. I wanted him to cum in me. I want to taste his cum. I took him out of my mouth and held him in my hand. I sat there admiring him. Licking the underside of his head. My finger running along his balls and down to his asshole. I could feel his body tense and relax with each touch of his body. I had him he was now mine. I deep throated his cock slowly until he could not take it any longer. He pulled our and grabbed me by my bounded hands he pushed my head into the couch as i stood bent over. I wasted no time in sticking his large cock inside me. I have a tight pussy but I was so wet that night he slid in with no effort. He teased me with his head. In and out but no more than his head. It brought me to a quick orgasm and that seemed to the green light for him. Once I came, he began to fuck me. He immediately went balls deep and held it there. It pulled out only an inch then pushed back in. He repeated over and over with each thrust somehow getting harder and deeper. I can not help but moan in but ecstasy and pain. He was deeper than any one has ever been in my pussy. I was going numb between my legs but still wanted more. I could not get enough of his cock though. I loved it. I loved him using my little pussy like no one ever has. I started yelling at him “Fuck me like a little girl. Fuck my like a whore. I want more of your cock. Don’t stop fucking me.” I could feel my pussy start to gush. ” stick your finger in my ass” I moaned to him.” I want you to feel your cock with finger through my ass. Give it to your dirty whore. Make me squirt all over you”He did just that. I could feel his finger press against my asshole as he fucked my. It was an overpowering orgasm. I squirted all over him. Spraying him with my juices as I collapsed on the couch. My orgasm sent me into waves of shock. Adam was ready to deliver his load. Without warning he pulled his cock out shoved it in my asshole. He parted my tight virgin asshole with the head of his cock. He pushed it in just in time for me to feel him squirt. I mean I could feel him squirt inside me. This was a unique feeling I have never had before or since for that matter. I could feel his warm cum squirting like a fountain hitting my insides. The sensation made me cum again. This time the orgasm was too much for me. I lay there on the couch and close my eyes.I open them to find an empty room and I am still naked, partially laying on the couch. What had happened? Was this a dream? I attempt to get up only to find my hands still bound together and my ass still dripping with cum. I survey the room only to find no sign of Adam nor my husband. I recall the night in my head and smile thinking he never even said a word. This was definitely a night to remember. Thank you my wonderful husband for making this night come true. Who’s next?

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