THAT TOURIST GIRLMan, I do love the beach! So much female-ass just hangin’ out for all to see… I fucking love it! Girls go there half-naked just to flaunt their bodies, and flash as much of their pussies, asses and tits to us guys as they can, and good times are had by all.Once I was lying on this beach I like, checking out the crowds of smoking-hot tourist-ladies, all half-naked, many of whom were indubitably cruising for some big hard vacation-cock for the night to satisfy their horny, vacationing pussies. Some were less overtly horny, some may have been a bit lonely, and many were just having a good time. But ultimately, beyond all of society’s hang-ups and inhibitions, I believe all pussies want hard cock.A gorgeous, breathtaking tourist girl walked by me like she was on a fashion runway. Her perfect round ass swayed hypnotically from side to side in time with her steps on the hot sand. A long, lush bleached stunningly bright yellow mane played about her slender shoulders as she strode. Her bum was basically naked, precariously slung in a skimpy bit of neon-pink floss, which was a bikini bottom only symbolically. It accentuated the tanned skin of her ass. Her firm, petite boobs jutted out startlingly from chest. Her nipples pushed out from beneath a second skimpy, tight bit of neon-pink floss; a bikini top also just in theory. She had on mirror-silver sunglasses, and bright glossy-pink lipstick on her sexy, full, pouting lips. She wasn’t carrying a bag, or a towel, or anything. She glanced down at me as she passed me there, a slight sexy smile playing at the edges of her mouth.I watched her go, and she slid her fingers underneath the floss which was her bikini bottom on either side of her waist and pulled it out from her ass, presumably to un-stick it from being wedged up her ass-crack. Her smooth outer pussy-lips and asshole were momentarily flashed in my direction. I suspected that she’d done it for my benefit. A quick cheeky-smiling glance from her back at me seemed to confirm my suspicion. I smiled, my dick expanding quickly in my shorts, and hoped rather helplessly that I’d be seeing her again soon.Later that afternoon I was strolling along the beach when I saw her again. She was swimming by herself- topless. Her tits glistened wet in the afternoon sunlight. She saw me and waved, smiling, unashamed of her glorious half-nudity. I waved back and lingered to watch the bathing Goddess. But she turned away and I was compelled to keep walking. What a fucking smoking-hot babe! I, and every other guy within a million miles with a pulse, was thinking. I imagined being in a secluded place with her and massaging a big load of my cum into those tits…I kept walking down the beach, far past all the resorts, until I came to this beautiful deserted area I go to regularly. It was at the base of a high cliff, full of lush palm trees and warm sand.I decided to lay down in some shade for a while. bursa escort All around was silent, except for the sound of the waves gently crashing upon the shore. A gentle, wonderfully fragrant breeze caressed the whole scene. I peacefully gazed out at this little place paradise of mine, and dreamed of sucking that babe’s fine tits as I slid my hard black cock up her hot, wet cunt. I closed my eyes and rested on my back, and dreamt of fucking the gorgeous girl I’d just waved at, and whose tits I’d just seen. My hand involuntarily went to my crotch and I rubbed my growing dick through my shorts as I thought of her. I pulled my hardening nine-inches of meat out of my shorts and into the open air to jerk it slowly. I knew nobody would follow me this far away from all the crowds, and I was horny as hell as I thought of her smoking body. I wished I had some lube as my cock reached full raging-hardness, pointing straight up to the clouds in my hand.”Is that for me?” It was a sexy girl’s voice with a British accent close by, and nearly scared the living shit outta me. I looked up at once, and I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to hear who was standing there, but the babe in the neon-pink floss from before that I’d just been dreaming about fucking!Ruffled and taken off guard, I didn’t know quite what to say at first. But then I saw that she was rubbing her pussy through and around the floss, starring at my hard dick and biting her lower lip.She was fucking gorgeous! She reminded me of all the hottest porn stars I’d ever seen rolled into one. …She couldn’t have been any hotter without bursting into fucking flames.I lay there staring at her, and smiled. She slowly walked towards me, swaying her ass in an exaggerated, sexy figure-eight, and got down onto her knees in front of me.”Let me help you with that. I’m Candy.””Steve,” I managed, in slight shock, as I watched the stranger lower her beautiful mouth onto my hard dick. “Oh, yeah,” I said quietly as she enveloped my fuck-stick with her throat. Her full, soft lips slid up and down the length of my cock as she sucked me hard. I reached down and sampled her tiny tits in my hands as she sucked me off, the picturesque scene twinkling in the sun all around us. I lay back and relaxed, watching the smoking-hot stacked beach-babe blow me. Her hot, wet mouth felt so amazing wrapped around my hard cock, sucking my nine inches as hard as hell, her head bobbing up and down in the sun.After some time, I told her I wanted to be inside her pussy. Looking smugly pleased, she casually walked to the base of the cliff a few meters away and stood with her back against it, her feet in the sand, and beckoned for me to follow her. I stood up, my hard dick bouncing and pointing straight ahead. She bit her lower lip and reached back down to caress her pussy, staring at my cock.I stripped off my shorts, and stood naked slowly jerking my dick, looking at her from head to toe. She escort bursa slowly yanked on the floss-bow of her ‘bikini bottom,’ which promptly fall to the sand at her feet like magic, revealing her perfectly waxed-smooth, tanned snatch. My dick raged to be inside of her, to fuck her and cum in her…She bent her knees and spread her thighs slightly, gingerly pulling her slightly plump pussy lips wide apart with the fingers of both her hands, totally exposing the wet, pink fuck-hole I was certainly about to fuck.”Come here and fuck this tight pussy, Steve,” she said, her breathing becoming hard.She held her cunt open like that as I approached her and braced myself with my right hand on the wall of the cliff just over her left shoulder. I guided the fat head of my cock onto her cunt with my left hand.”Push it into my pussy!” Candy urged breathily.I slowly fed my cock up her wet cunt to its base. I stared down at the horny spectacle as I slowly began sliding my dick in and out of her tight, wet hole as she held her pussy-lips wide open for me with her fingers. Her pussy was tight, smooth, wet and hot as hell upon my slowly thrusting, rock-hard meat-shaft. She only got wetter with my every insertion into her depths. Continuous waves of pleasure rushed over me from my crotch as I fucked this stranger.She continued to hold her cunt open as I fucked her faster and faster. I leaned forward and hard nipples pressed into my chest as I pushed deeply in and out of her hot, wet love-hole with my cock.”Turn around, Babe!” I urged her after what must have been many minutes of fucking, though it’s easy to lose track of time in such a situation. Sweat stood out of both of us from the exertion and the sun.Candy complied, thrusting gorgeous ass for my viewing pleasure and subsequent fucking.”Spread your ass open!” I commanded lustfully, feeling like some perverted Pirate of Love out of an imagined porn flick which I was actually living.The blonde babe reached around, grabbed her ass-cheeks on both sides and spread them wide apart just as I’d asked her to. Her completely waxed-smooth asshole and pussy were on full-display. I greedily shoved my dick up her wet pussy from the back as she held her ass open for me like that. “Fuck me!” she cried simply as I pounded her cunt, her words and moans echoing dully off the rock walls of the cliff, and lost behind us in the gentle sounds of the lake washing up on the sandy shore. “Don’t stop!” she urged, and it seemed like she was already nearing a climax.I fucked her snatch with much vigor, nearly shoving her into the wall of the cliff more than once. But she held firm, pressing her ass back up against me as I pounded her pink-hole.Finally, her moans reaching a climax, she wailed, “Ahh- I’m cumming! Ooh! Ooh!” Her ass shook, her knees nearly buckling, her gushing cunt spasming around my fucking cock.”I wanna fuck your sweet ass, Baby!” I told her, praying to the Lord above bursa escort bayan that she’d be game, and suspecting cheekily that the slut would indeed.”Do it; fuck me hard up the ass right now!” she moaned still cumming, not much to my surprise, but none the less to my absolute joy.She renewed her grip on her ass-cheeks and pulled them apart wider, totally exposing her asshole for me to fuck.I thanked my lucky stars as I positioned the head of my dick onto her tight hole. I let some spit drop onto her shit-hole from my mouth to help lube it up before slowly sliding my cock in.”Ooh!” she moaned emphatically, as her brown ring took several inches of my cock-shaft. I pushed in deeper, deeper into her ass, until I was balls-deep up her firm bum, which she still held spread wide apart.”Oh, God,” I whispered feeling faint with sheer bliss, taking a moment to appreciate the hot, tight quality of the depths of this girl’s sweet willing asshole.”Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me! Fuck my asshole deep and hard right now!” she cried urgently when I’d paused.I reached around and grabbed her tits as I began plunging in and out of her gorgeous, tight, super-tanned shit-box with my hard cock.”Oh yes!” she shuddered, bucking back up against me.She milked me with her anal ring, squeezing my dick so tight as I was pulling out, it was unbelievable that my fucking cock didn’t snap in two.”Oooh!” she wailed, “I’m gonna cum again!!”I fucked her asshole like a goddamned Jackhammer of Love, bringing her over the edge, and sure enough, she came once more, hard, her cunt gushing all over the side of the cliff.”Aaah!” she cried, shaking and cumming for the second time as she gushed.”I wanna cum up your ass, girl!” I cried as I fucked her.”Do it! Cum in my ass, you Cock! Fuck me hard ’till you blast your hot load right up my fucking bum!”My cock slammed up into her shitter repeatedly, deeper, harder, and faster than I’d ever fucked any girl up the ass before.Until finally, “Aaah!” I cried, jerking the base of my cock, its business end still half-planted up her tight shit-hole, blasting my load up her bum, shooting blast after heavenly blast of jizz up into her arse. Still cumming, I let go of my rod, thrust deeper than ever up inside her beautiful pooper, and continued pumping cum, deep up her hot, tight ass, now dripping with sweat from all the fucking and sun.After I’d finished cumming up her ass, we stood for a moment like that, my dick still up her bum. Finally, I pulled out.We stood together naked; the sun was getting low in the sky.”It’s nice to meet you, Candy,” I said half-jokingly, catching my breath.”You, too, Steve,” she replied smiling, catching my vibe right away and not hiding the playful tinge of irony from her voice. We both knew we weren’t trying to fool each other here- we’d never really get to be good friends: this shit was about the FUCKING. And it was very cool.We chatted together, went skinny-dipping, then fucked again some more on the sand in the sunset. We got dressed and I escorted her back to her hotel in the moonlight. We fucked for 2 more days, then Candy had to leave.It was on that day that I met Hui Ling…

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