That’s What Friends Are For Ch. 02

Balls Caress

I spent the first few days of the week following my introduction to sex with Leah having mixed emotions. I had no regrets at all about hooking up with her, other than being acutely aware of the time that had been wasted all those years. A little more flexibility on my part would likely have resulted in us getting together a lot sooner. On the other hand, maybe the delay was going to work out for the best. Both of us were a lot more mature than we were when our paths first crossed.

Most of my thinking time was devoted to Barbara and my agreement with Kyle, her husband, Marine Gunnery Sergeant, and lifelong best friend. Within the next few days, I expected a call from her invoking the provisions of that agreement. Bizarre as it might sound, Kyle had asked that I take care of Barbara whenever she craved sex while he was deployed to Japan for nine months. He told me that she has an uncontrollable need for sex about once each month and had for years resorted to rolling the dice in bars to find a partner for an hour or so.

It started with Kyle’s first deployment to the Middle East long ago and she confessed her transgressions when he came home. It turned out that Kyle’s behavior was no better, having screwed his share of nurses, female ambulance drivers, and anyone else who was available while in Iraq. With everything out in the open, they reached an accommodation; their behavior would be allowed to continue whenever Kyle was deployed with no regrets on either side. None, at least, until Barbara’s encounter with a stranger who wanted more from her and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Leah, Barbara’s best friend and occasional lover, was complicit in each occurrence. Her job was to help screen the candidates. Barbara provided the same service for Leah so, more often than not, they both got laid on the same nights. Their track record was perfect until that night when Leah failed to pick up any bad vibes from the asshole who began to stalk Barbara. Leah still felt guilty about it two years later. Fortunately, Kyle returned from deployment in time to discuss the matter with the guy, who spent two days in the hospital and then disappeared.

Kyle was stationed stateside for the next two years so their extramarital activities were put on hold. When Kyle’s assignment was ending and he received orders to Japan, he took me aside to explain everything. Needless to say, I was stunned. I was best man at their wedding years before and had detected no hint of what had been going on right under my nose whenever Kyle was gone. Each time Kyle deployed I stayed in close contact with Barbara to make sure she was okay in his absence. And I was clueless.

During the conversation with Kyle that day, I was told that my own stubbornness was the reason I was not included in the inner circle; a circle that included occasional sexual three-ways with Kyle, Barbara, and Leah. I didn’t like Leah very much back in those days, so I had consistently deflected every attempt by Barbara to hook me up with her, so I was left in the dark.

Only Kyle’s upcoming deployment, and his concern for Barbara’s safety, caused him to pull me into the fold and con me into fucking his wife whenever she needed sex. I objected strenuously, but arguing with him proved futile. Barbara, I was informed, had readily agreed with the idea. In the end, I had little choice even though the agreement made me very uncomfortable.

Unbeknownst to me, Leah had also been told about the new arrangement and decided to push the envelope a little. Insisting that I take her out for drinks and dinner shortly after Kyle’s departure, we ended up spending the weekend at her apartment fucking ourselves into a coma.

Sex with Leah was a revelation. I had never been with a woman as responsive or as sexually aggressive. The sex was so good for both of us that we agreed to an exclusive, heterosexually speaking, relationship with the understanding that it would only be about fucking, not romance. Leah would be free to continue having sex with Barbara, and I would be expected to honor my commitment to Kyle. With the exception of those two caveats, Leah and I would only be having sex with each other for the foreseeable future.

Leah reported, apparently in some detail, to Barbara about our sexual activities over that weekend, giving me a B-minus grade for my efforts on her behalf. Good naturedly I objected, thinking I had performed admirably for the most part. Leah’s reasoning was that Barbara would be pleasantly surprised when I was eventually called upon to keep my part of the bargain.

All of that explains my anxiety while waiting for Barbara’s inevitable call. In one respect, I didn’t want her to call at all. In another, I was anxious for her to do so because Leah had informed me that she and I would not have sex again until after I had serviced Barbara for the first time.

While I waited, I kept reviewing my relationship with Barbara over the years. I had never seen her wear anything other than sixties era hippie-like outfits. Not even at the beach. Other çekmeköy escort than her face, neck, hands, and ankles, I had never seen her skin and her long, voluminous dresses hid whatever figure might be hiding beneath.

Over time, we had become very fond of each other, often meeting for lunch when Kyle was overseas, and very much enjoying each other’s company. She was witty, intelligent, and fun to be around. When Kyle was home, the three of us frequently hung out together.

She and Leah were much alike in their manner of dress. Both were artists who did graphic work for a couple of firms in San Diego. I spent years avoiding Leah only to be astonished when we went out to dinner and I found her personality to be much like Barbara’s. I was also surprised when I picked Leah up for our date and found that she had abandoned her hippie costume in favor of a tasteful outfit that complimented her red hair and exposed a surprisingly good figure with great legs. Later that night I would discover just how beautiful the rest of her was.

My exposure to Leah’s body inevitably caused me to wonder anew what might be hidden under Barbara’s flowing garments, which then caused me more discomfort for even thinking such a thing. But I needed to think. Leah had told me I was in for a treat when it was time to have sex with Kyle’s wife, so I assumed she would be sexy and responsive to my touch. Or maybe not. Barbara and I had a long history. A long asexual history. Leah and I did not.

By Wednesday I was a wreck. Serious doubts about our upcoming liaison began to weigh me down. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to get an erection. Maybe Barbara would be completely turned off by me for some reason. The only physical contact we had ever shared were the casual hugs typical of friends. Maybe the sex would be so unsatisfying for her that she would be compelled to return to her previous method of finding a partner.

Maybe I should just go ahead and hang myself, I thought at the time.


Before I could find a suitable rope, it was Friday and my cell phone began its version of ‘Wild Thing,” my chosen ringtone. Barbara’s number was revealed on the screen. Ok fuck!

“Hey Barb,” I answered, hoping she wouldn’t detect the strain in my voice.

“Hey yourself,” came the response. “Can you come over tomorrow about noon? I’ll fix us a light lunch, we can have some wine, and then talk for a bit.”

“Sure,” I responded with an overwhelming feeling of relief. All she wanted to do was talk. “I’ll bring the wine.”

“No need,” she countered. I have a dozen bottles of red in the rack and several bottles of white in the fridge. Just bring yourself.”

“Noon it is then,” I said. “Call me if you change your mind and I can bring something.”

“Will do. See tomorrow afternoon,” Barbara said and ended the call.

“Thank God!” I yelled at my ceiling. Apparently I was off the hook. Clearly, Barbara had decided to suppress her sexual needs until Kyle’s return. My reprieve couldn’t have come at a better time. Leah and I hadn’t had sex in nearly a week. With my obligation to Barbara released, perhaps Leah and I could spend the night together. So I called her cell.

“No way.” was Leah’s immediate response when I told her of my conversation with Barbara and my hopes for the evening.

“Why not?”

“Because you completely misunderstood what she was saying.”

“How could I misunderstand? The conversation was clear as a bell.”

“Barb and Kyle were right, you are naïve. What did you expect her to say? Hey Jake, why don’t you come over and fuck me tomorrow afternoon?”

“Well…I…uh… I guess not,” I stammered.

“Listen up. Here’s what’s going to happen. When you arrive she will be dressed much differently than what you’re accustomed to seeing. I don’t know what she’ll choose, but you’ll find it sexy. She wants to talk to you because she knows you’re apprehensive. When the conversation is over, she’s going to fuck your brains out. Get some rest. You’re gonna need it.”

Before I could respond, Leah terminated the call.

“Goddammit,” I exclaimed and redialed her number. She didn’t answer. Nor did she answer my second, third, or fourth tries.

“Fuck!” I yelled.


Morning sun streamed through my bedroom window to awaken me far too early. I had intended to sleep as late as possible but had forgotten to close my blinds. I had five hours to kill before heading over to the house Barbara shared with her husband. That guy, my best friend, the guy who seemed only too happy to have me fuck his wife while he was gone, the guy who had probably already screwed his Japanese mistress. After all, he’d been gone for two whole weeks.

Why the fuck was I the only person on the planet who was uncomfortable with what was about to happen? And then suddenly it dawned on me. Maybe I was being a self-absorbed twit.

Perhaps Barbara was uncomfortable too. Her previous extramarital liaisons were with strangers, guys she’d never cevizli escort see again. Our encounter would be different. We’d known each other for years and we’d have to look each other in the eye when it was over. Those thoughts gave me pause. I had been thinking only about myself, my own discomfort, with no thought about the emotional turmoil she might be suffering. Shame on me.

I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to think about everything through the lens of my newfound perspective. Everything I knew about Barbara told me she would try to put me at ease and I realized I owed her the same courtesy. All in all, I was happy that she apparently just wanted to talk and avoid the sex, in spite of what Leah seemed to think.

Pleased that I had a better handle on what was likely to happen that afternoon, I felt energized to clean my apartment, wash some clothes, and pay a few bills before time to take a shower and get dressed for the short trip to Barbara’s.


The day was hot, so I had worn shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and topsiders without socks. Arriving at the house, I pressed the doorbell.

“It’s open Jake. Come on in.”

Barbara was seated at a small table in an alcove off the kitchen, a glass of red wine at hand. Her normally unruly blonde hair, usually held together with a variety of bands, pins, scarves, or combs, had been brushed out so that long flowing curls cascaded down her back and across her shoulders.

I stopped in her entryway and stared in open-mouthed astonishment. Not only was her hair a surprise, but she was wearing a San Diego Chargers jersey that stopped well above mid-thigh to reveal elegantly crossed legs. Apparently, Leah’s prediction had been correct; Barbara intended for us to have sex.

“Come sit down,” she ordered with a smile, ignoring my expression. “I’ll get you a glass of wine.” As she rose to her feet, motion under the jersey high on her chest testified to the lack of a bra.

Finally I recovered enough to put my body into motion. Crossing the room, I took the other seat at the small table. As Barbara returned with my wine, more subtle activity under the jersey confirmed my conclusion that high, firm breasts were unconstrained.

Leah was right about something else too. The jersey was sexy as hell, even though I wasn’t a Chargers fan.

Barbara set my glass in front of me, took her seat, and reached over to take my hand.

“Your hand is cold.”

“I’m nervous,” I responded and withdrew my hand.

“I’m a bit nervous too. Just try to relax, enjoy your wine, and allow me to talk for a bit.”

“Okay,” I croaked.

“I’ve been in this sort of situation many times, but not with someone I know, someone who is a good friend. I’m so glad it’s going to be you from now on.”

“Every time I felt compelled to seek a sex partner in some bar I was frightened. I knew my behavior was risky. Leah was a big help, but when the chips were down, each of us went our separate ways and ended up alone with a complete stranger. She was at risk too.”

“The sex was never great, rarely good, and usually just mediocre,” she continued. “Most of the time it was just enough to take the edge off and it always made me feel hollow inside when it was over. And yet I felt compelled to keep doing it. Kyle, bless his heart, understood from the beginning and has supported me, just as I have supported his sexual activity overseas. His only concern is for my safety. Both of us are extremely careful to avoid disease, but only I have been potentially in danger every time.”

I opened my mouth to comment, but Barbara waved me off.

“I’m not finished,” she informed me.

“After my last fiasco a couple of years ago, when that guy refused to take no for an answer, Kyle and I both knew something had to change. We have talked about this many times over the past couple of years but, as his departure for Japan drew near, we knew that something had to be done soon. He suggested that we get you involved and I immediately agreed. If you were willing, all our issues would be resolved; I would get what I need, when I needed it, my safety would be assured with you, and Kyle could rest easy.”

“I know this makes you uncomfortable,” Barbara continued. “That’s because you are an honorable man and a good friend to both of us. The nervousness I feel is based only on my belief that you have some misgivings. I will have no trouble enjoying sex with you. In fact I’m excited about it based on Leah’s account of last weekend,” she added with a smile.

“Kyle knows you are here today. He wants you to relax and enjoy what is about to happen. He is with someone right now. There is a sixteen hour time difference so it is early Sunday morning in Japan. I imagine they are now sleeping peacefully after having sex and I’m happy for him; her too, for that matter.”

As Barbara talked, I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples had begun to push out against the jersey, making their presence known. Trying erenköy escort not to stare, I did my best to maintain eye contact with her, but got caught anyway.

“It’s okay to look at my breasts,” she said with a little smile. “I am becoming aroused talking about this with you and thinking about what we’ll soon be doing.” I didn’t know what to say to that so I just smiled back at her and took a sip of my wine.

“Are you hungry,” she inquired.


“Good. Me neither. There is one more thing I want you to know. When I was with those strangers, I wouldn’t allow them to kiss me. Kissing is too personal. All I was interested in was using their bodies to satisfy an urgent need. I don’t want it to be that way with you.”

“What…what do you want me to do?” I stammered, nearly choking on my own words.

“I want you to take your time with me. Kiss me. Touch me everywhere. The fear element is gone, so I can relax and enjoy what is happening. With those other men, I wanted to cum as quickly as possible and be on my way. We have lots of time, so let’s use it well,” she declared as she set her unfinished wine aside, rose to her feet, and took my hand once more. “Come with me.”


Barbara had clearly prepared her bedroom with something unusual in mind. Room darkening window shades were closed but the room was brightly lit by its ceiling fixture. A bedside table held a small lamp that provided softer illumination. All the bedclothes had been removed except for a fitted sheet and one pillow.

An upholstered chair occupied one corner of the room. A small table alongside held her satellite phone in its charger and a Tiffany-style lamp that added a localized colorful glow. Other furnishings in the room included a triple dresser with two mirrors and Kyle’s taller five-drawer dresser. I had been in the room on a few occasions in the past, helping Kyle with one project or another, but my presence there with Barbara in a state of near nakedness was surreal.

When we arrived at the foot of her bed, Barbara turned to me.

“Help me with my jersey, please.”

As I grasped the hem of the garment, she raised her arms in the air to make my task easier. When she was freed, she dropped her hands to her sides. I was now close enough to detect her scent. I had hugged the women a hundred times over the years and was familiar with her choice of perfume. What had once been routinely familiar was suddenly exotic and intoxicating. I was desperate to take her in my arms.

“Please toss that aside and have a seat in the chair,” she told me with a little smile. Somewhat puzzled, and a little disappointed, I complied. When I was seated, Barbara turned toward me.

“In all the years we’ve known each other, you have never seen more than a small percentage of my body while I have seen nearly all of yours,” she stated, referring to her normal attire and the times we all spent on the beach. Barbara took great care to protect her body from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. “I would like you to look carefully at me and describe what you see.”

Slightly taken aback, I settled into the chair and considered her request. I had no idea what was on her mind, but decided to do precisely what she asked.

“I see a remarkably beautiful woman,” I began.

“Be more specific, please,” she responded and I paused briefly, trying to decide how to formulate my reply. As the seconds passed, Barbara stood in the center of the room with an expectant look on her face.

“Knowing of your distaste for exposure to the sun, I knew you would have no tan lines. What I did not expect to see was pure, flawless alabaster skin. You are also more delicate in stature than I expected. I know you are five-foot-four and I’d now guess you weigh no more than a hundred ten pounds or so.”

“One-oh five,” she interjected with a smile. “Please continue.”

“I see high, firm, perfectly proportioned breasts with prominent nipples. I see a small waist, a flat stomach, and slender hips. I am glad so see a full thatch of nicely trimmed pubic hair rather than the little landing strip most women now seem to favor. That little inverted triangle pointing down between your thighs is symbolic.”

“Of what?” Barbara asked with another smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Of pleasures yet to come for both of us. Soon, I hope,” I replied with a smile of my own, all nervousness in full retreat.

“Go on,” she urged.

“Your legs are perfect,” I continued while Barbara remained motionless, still smiling, “tapering into elegant ankles and small feet with beautifully manicured nails.”

“I’ve always known you to have sparkling blue eyes,” I continued, “a small straight nose, and full sensuous lips, but those features appear much differently to me right now.”

Studying her, and talking openly about her perfect body, had given me a painful erection, clearly revealed by the bulge in my shorts. If Barbara noticed, she gave no sign.

“Please turn around,” I requested.

“Pull your hair forward over your shoulders,” I said and then watched as she reached back to gracefully gather the long, loose tresses with slender fingers.

“I see soft, round shoulders and the pretty nape of your neck. Your back is unblemished, tapering perfectly down to your narrow waist, beautiful round little ass, and those wonderful legs again. You can turn back around now,” I added.

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