The Ache of Anticipation

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Bent Over

I can hardly wait until we get together. I am so horny just thinking about it. Let me tell you what I am going to do to you…

As I approach you, I have a lustful look in my eyes. I kiss you passionately, pressing myself against you, feeling our two bodies so close, touching through our clothes. I take your hands and let you caress my breasts, feeling the nipples perk to attention at your touch.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. I face you and begin taking off your clothes, enjoying the sight of your naked body. I kiss you and hold you close. I rub my hands over your shoulders and down your chest, teasing you a little. I finally reach your cock, and gently take it in my hands and begin to stroke it, feeling it become hard. I reach up to kiss you again, feeling the excitement of you being naked and me still clothed as we press together, standing there. I feel your cock pressing against me, wanting to get past my clothes.

I tell you to lay down on the bed and watch while I take my clothes off for you. I do a little striptease, taking off one item at a time, slowly. Dancing and wiggling in front of you, I am getting so turned on and my pussy is getting so wet. I take my top off, revealing my breasts encased in a lacy satin bra, erect nipples poking through the sheer cups. I play with them, sucking on them for you. Then I reach around my back and unsnap my bra, taking it off slowly, revealing my breasts. I reach down and undo my jeans, slowly wiggling them down past my hips, my thighs, and then to the floor. I am standing before you wearing only a black satin thong – it feels so soft. I caress it, then slip my finger under it, and massage my illegal bahis clit. I start dancing for you again, swaying my hips. I can see you are getting extremely turned on. You’ve got a look of sexual hunger in your eyes and you are stroking your hard cock that tells me you are enjoying it.

I take your hand and let you feel me. You caress my pubic area through my thong, and can feel my clit growing bigger through it. My pussy is aching for you to touch it, to put a finger in it, but not yet. I back away and kiss you again, a full-blown passionate kiss. I moan with pleasure. I slide down, kissing your nipples, sucking on each one. I move on down your stomach, kissing it the whole way. As I get close to your cock, I take it in my hands and gently hold it. My tongue starts licking your shaft up and down the sides, getting it all wet, then playfully flick my tongue over the tip before I take you in my mouth.

As I suck your cock, up and down, I moan…mmmmm…letting you feel the vibrations from my throat. I gently fondle your balls while I suck your cock. Mmmmm, does that feel good? I can taste the pre-cum on the tip of your cock, and it tastes so good. I probe the hole at the tip with my tongue. I suck harder and faster, knowing I’m giving you such pleasure with each motion of my head. I stop and slide back up your chest, kissing the whole way, and then kiss you passionately again.

I ask if you want to suck my pussy (I wonder what you will say?) I lie on my back, kissing you the whole time. You fondle my breasts, and kiss my nipples, sucking on them. Mmmm, the fire I feel between my legs! You kiss my stomach, and make your way down to my mound – smoothly shaven. illegal bahis siteleri I want you to kiss my aching clit so bad! You softly lick up and down my pussy lips, sending shivers through my body. Taking your finger, you gently spread my pussy lips, allowing you full view of my wet pussy. You take a few seconds to enjoy the “scenery” before starting to lick at my juices. Do I taste good? Mmmmm, it feels so good!

Your tongue flicks at my clit, while you bring your finger to my pussy. You rub it gently on the outside and then slowly insert your fingers and wiggle it -just a little – and then pull them out again. They are coated with my juices and you raise them to your lips, looking at me, a wicked grin of your face. Then you start licking them and the eagerness I see on your face tells me you love the way I taste. You do this several times, driving me wild. Finally you insert your fingers all the way, feeling the soft, warm wet walls of my pussy enclosing around them Oohh, that feels so good to me! You begin finger fucking me while you flick my clit with your tongue. The sparks are flying in my body, I’m tingling all over. I can hear the sucking noises you make and the sounds of your finger fucking my pussy. It feels so fine.

I finally make you stop, just before I come. I’m in charge, remember? I turn you over on your back and climb up on top of you. I kiss you passionately again, feeling our hot naked bodies pressing together, both wanting the same thing – release. I take your cock in my hand and slide it against my pussy lips, rubbing at my opening. I feel your cock throbbing in anticipation; see the look of hunger in your eyes. I slide your cock against canlı bahis siteleri my opening and let it enter my pussy. Ohhh, that feels so GOOD! I sit on it, taking it in all the way. Doesn’t that feel good? Mmmm, this is what I was wanting for so long, feeling your cock inside my pussy, I am almost ready to come! But I hold off, wanting more enjoyment. I start pumping up and down, sliding your cock in and out of my pussy, your hands holding my tits, squeezing a little, helping me ride you with wild abandon.

I can feel your cock in me, rubbing me in just the right spot. I start pumping faster, knowing I’m about to come. The electricity spreads from my pussy through my legs, my stomach, my chest, my arms, even my head. I can hear myself screaming, but the feelings are so great I don’t care! Fuck me hard, fuck me fast! I scream as you fuck me, squeezing my breasts. And them I explode, my whole body shuddering, sparks flying in my head! It feels like it lasts forever. As it subsides, I fall against your chest, breathing hard, kissing you passionately.

Now its your turn.

I let you straddle me doggy style. You take your cock and slide it in my wet, swollen pussy. You hold onto my hips as you thrust your cock in me, ramming me hard, shaking the whole bed. I bend over more, so you can ram me harder. Fuck me, I beg you. Ram it in me, I want you to come in me! You are pumping faster, fucking me hard. I can feel you getting ready to come, and I hear you moan as you squirt your juices deep in my pussy. I know you felt the great release that I had experienced moments before. what a pleasure!

Afterwards, we cuddle and kiss, enjoying the great afterglow sensations sweeping over our bodies. I am lying beside you, with my back to your chest. You have your arms around me, holding me so sweetly and tenderly, running your fingers through my soft hair. We kiss so gently. Mmm, it feels so nice, doesn’t it?

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