The Adventures of Little Debbie

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This story is the first of a possible series written for a sexy lady who is the star. The ideas are her fantasies and ideas or experiences. As this is a fictional world safesex is not always mentioned.

As Debbie sat at her workstation she tapped at the keys calling up the account details on the screen in front of her.

“According to the system Marc the order is leaving our depot this afternoon so you should have it with you tomorrow at the start of business.” She advised the caller as she saw her boss making his way through the office.

Her client thanked her for her assistance and as she terminated the call she realised her boss was heading for her so she logged her phone as off and started to remove her headset.

“Debbie, can I have a moment of your time please?” He said in a surprisingly cool manner towards her. He did not wait for her reply as he turned indicating the question was not as open as at first it had seemed.

“Sure!” She replied quizzically as she rolled her chair back and got up before moving away from the desk. It was somewhat surprising he was walking away without waiting for her. He approached his office and moved the sign to busy as he opened the door. Holding the door open he motioned Debbie to enter without saying a word.

She walked into the office unsure whether to take a seat and sensing her hesitancy he spoke. “Please take a seat as I have something to discuss with you.”

Debbie sat down facing the desk as he moved round and sat facing her.

“I was at an event last night with a few of our suppliers and clients. To be honest I spoke specifically to one of your major clients. My discussion with Marc Williams focused on you after a while.”

Debbie shifted in her seat and maintained eye contact with her manager. “Marc and I get on really well and that relationship has allowed me to secure this company a very lucrative illegal bahis contract.”

“Well he did discuss the last contract negotiation Debbie…..” He left the comment hanging in the air and Debbie’s flushed face was a telltale sign of what was to come.

“I will be honest Debbie, Marc had drunk a lot of beer and as we talked I told him how valued you are and he winked at me and said he was sure you were my favourite employee. I was totally lost and asked what he meant. In short he told me you sealed the deal by giving him the best blowjob he had ever received.”

“I am sorry..” Debbie tried to say. “You were so keen for me to clinch the deal..”

“Clinch the deal!” He reacted angrily. “I would not condone this sort of behaviour. You are one of my best sales representatives but how can I see the company presented like this?”


“I don’t want your apology now Debbie. I really need to think this through. By rights you are out of the door tonight for ever. However, you have done such great work and I understand your motives.” He cupped his face in his hands and massaged his temples.

“Ok Debbie. I want to think about this carefully. I suggest you let me give this some time and check some paperwork. At five o’clock instead of going home I would like you to come here so I can have another meeting with you to try and sort this out.”

“Ok.” Was all Debbie could say as she stood up and left the office. She returned to her workstation and had a quiet and miserable afternoon as she awaited her fate.


The afternoon dragged for Debbie as she worried about what was going to happen to her. When she had spoken to Marc he had sounded different and she now knew he realised what he had done and the position he had left her in. She got on so well with him so she had had no problem in sealing the deal in the way she had and anyway illegal bahis siteleri she had enjoyed sucking Marc.

Once all of her colleagues had left the office Debbie logged out of the system and pensively made her way to the office of her boss. Nervously she approached the door and noted the busy sign was already showing and the blinds were drawn. She approached the door and could hear no voices so assumed she was awaited and she tapped the door.

“Yes.” Came the reply.

She opened the door and started to enter.

“If you can drop the lock Debbie. I don’t think either of us want anyone to interrupt and hear what we need to discuss do we?”

Debbie nodded and locked the door as she closed it. She approached the desk and sat facing her boss.

“I will be honest with Debbie, I am gobsmacked at what I have learnt. You see I am not a prude but one of my staff giving a male client oral sex places me in a tricky position. If this got out this could really bring the company’s good name into question.”

“I understand that but all I can say is Marc and I get on really well and he kind of joked and I ended up joking back and it kind of spiralled out of control. We promised we would not mention it.”

“I understand that and I trust you and you are one of my best sales agents….”

“Please I am sorry. I don’t want to lose this job and I certainly don’t want my partner to know or find out about it!”

“Ok. I accept the apology.” He looked at Debbie. “If you stay on I need to see you really bring your talents to the surface here?”

“Oh I will I promise. You will see me post excellent sales figures.”

“Sorry, you misunderstand Debbie. I know you can sell…. but Marc says you give the best oral sex he has ever had.” With this her boss rolled his chair back slowly to show his trousers were lowered and his fully erect penis popped into canlı bahis siteleri view.

“Time to show me just how good your skills are Debbie!” He instructed.

Debbie moved out of her seat and her eyes focused on the swaying erection. She knelt n front of her boss and she wrapped both her hands around the shaft of his penis. She rubbed her hands up and down so they were bought up to the head of his circumcised penis. She leant forward and placed her mouth on the tip of his head and licked all around. She allowed her saliva to drop onto her hands as she twisted her hands around as she bought her hands up and down. She could sense him shifting in his seat.

Debbie pulled her head back and released his penis from her grip. She pulled her t-shirt off revealing her 34DD titties within the back bra. Reaching round she swiftly unclipped the clasp and uncovered her firm round breasts. She squeezed them together and brought them up so she could sandwich his penis within her cleavage. She used her tit flesh to rub the shaft as she looked up into her boss’s eyes.

“So, do you agree with Marc?” She asked and did not wait for a reply as she let her tits fall free and she dived forward taking the hard cock in her mouth. She grasped the shaft and started to give him a handjob. Her mouth enveloped around the head of his penis and licked and sucked on him as her damp palms rubbed up and down as well as twisting on his shaft. She speed up and got quicker and quicker until her was writhing around in his seat and the leather was squeaking under his weight.

Debbie knew form experience men cannot last too long when she does this and she felt him thrust forward and a small puff of air in her mouth. His penis darted forward and a huge load of semen pulsed into her warm and accommodating mouth. Without stopping she drained his sperm down her throat and then licked his penis fully clean as it wilted in her mouth.

“It was incredible.” He said.

Debbie stood up topless and stood before him. “So can I stay on?” She asked.

“Oh yes, but I think this is the start of a very close working relationship.” He replied.

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