The Affair Continues

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Author’s note: This story was so long, I have decided to break it up into two parts being submitted separately. Look for part two soon. Also, although this story picks up right after the initial encounter of the affair between Clark and Teri, her age has changed from the first story. As I was writing this, I decided that her age didn’t work for them to have been college sweethearts and for them to have been married for so long. So Teri is slightly older in this story.

It starts out slow as she deals with the thought of having just committed adultery, but then it builds from there.

Those that were upset *last time by Teri’s affair and betrayal to her husband should be pleased this time.

*See “The Affair” for the first part of this story.

After 17 years of faithful marriage to her college sweet heart, she had cheated on him. Teri knew as she drove to pick up her boys from her sister’s that life would never be the same again. She kept playing the month’s events over and over in her mind trying to figure things out. She had loved her husband. He was after all her soul mate, or so she had been telling herself. Bill had been a good husband to her and a good father to the boys. He had given her two wonderful and handsome boys, provided them with a comfortable home (some would have called it large), and nice cars. They had a good life together. But for the last few years, she had felt if something had been missing from their marriage. It wasn’t the same as it used to be when they had first gotten married. There was a roughness in his tone when he talked to her of late. He began spending less time at home and more time at the station, and at the local billiard where all the guys from his precinct hung out, or out with Dean, his best friend. She was beginning to feel more like the mother of his children than his loving wife. She could count on one hand the times they had made love in the past year. She had often wondered if he was having an affair, but she quickly dismissed it from her thoughts. She knew he loved her and she trusted him.

Then there was Clark. He was like a knight in shining armor there to save her from all of her boredom and loneliness. He had paid attention to her when Bill hadn’t, when she had so desperately craved it from him. He had made her feel special, something she hadn’t felt from Bill in a long time. With Clark she felt needed, wanted and alive.

Another sudden thought crossed her mind and she smiled at the thought of being on the pill. She and Bill had talked about having another child after their youngest son was born. She knew she was getting up there in years as far as childbearing went, but she also knew that it wouldn’t be preposterous for a woman of her age to have a child. Their youngest was 5. That would give them a good spread in ages, but talk of them having another child hadn’t come up lately. Not for several years.

She thought of Clark and how tender he was with her. She thought of his sapphire blue eyes and wanted to melt right there. She thought of the way her made her feel, how he had awakened her senses and stirred something inside of her she hadn’t felt in a long time. She thought about how dangerous it was to make love in the park like that. She smiled remembering his touch. Just thinking about the orgasm she had while making love to him made her hot and wet.

She didn’t know when she’d see him again, but she hoped it would be soon.

She picked the boys up from her sister’s house and told her she would call her later to talk. She really didn’t want to talk about it with the boys around.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. She did some laundry, the boys got into a fight over the computer, and Bill called to say that he was putting in some over time and then the guys wanted to go out after work. She wondered why he had even bothered to call and ask. She couldn’t tell him no. He was a grown man and could make up his own mind about those things. He told her not to hold dinner for him. She took the boys out for pizza. She couldn’t believe in a few weeks they would be married for 18 years.

Teri spent the rest of the week in a confused state. She still loved Bill. That feeling had never changed. She felt guilty. She felt she had betrayed him. However, she also couldn’t stop thinking about canlı bahis şirketleri Clark, those deep blue eyes, that sexy deep voice, his strong hands, his kiss and his gentle touch. The very thought of him made her weak in the knees.

Talking it over with her sister hadn’t helped. It did give her a release in a sense that she could talk about her secret with someone else other than Clark. But it also didn’t make her feel any less confused. Her sister had known for sometime how she had felt about things with Bill lately. She knew Teri was lonely and dissatisfied in her marriage. She did not approve of her affair with Clark, although she could appreciate the way he made her feel. She thought she should try and work things out with Bill. He tried to convince Teri that all they needed was a vacation alone together to rekindle the flame they once had for each other. But Teri knew it would take more than a vacation alone together.

She tried to dismiss her adulterous thoughts as she looked forward to her upcoming anniversary. The fact that she had not heard from Clark in the last week made it a little easier. At least he wasn’t there every time she opened her e-mail.

But did she feel like celebrating their marriage?!

Time passed quickly and before she knew it, it was the weekend of their anniversary. She wondered what Bill had up his sleeve for her. She wondered if this was going to be just another day; another sexless day in her life.

The phone rang. It was Sharon telling her that Bill had arranged for them to watch the boys so they could go out for their anniversary. Well maybe he does care after all. She suggested that the boys come over and spend the night to give them some time together.

An evening alone together might be nice, she thought.

When Bill came home that evening, he presented Teri with tickets to the opera. She had been bugging him for some years now to go. Most of her friends from work had been and had told her all about the performances they had seen. She knew it wasn’t Bill’s thing, but why shouldn’t they do something she wanted to do for a change. Bill thought this would make Teri happy and stop her nagging for a while.

The next morning, the morning of their anniversary, Bill drove the boys over to Dean and Sharon’s. Dean had planned the kids’ day together out. It was his son’s birthday and they would be having a birthday party.

While Bill was visiting with Dean and the kids, Teri decided to go shopping for a new dress. She had phoned her sister and asked her to join her. She was very excited about their evening together. Maybe she should get some knew lingerie, too, she thought.

She found a little black lacy teddy that would be just perfect for this evening. She went in to try it on. Perfect fit, she thought. She spent a few minutes looking at herself in the mirror. She was 37 soon to be 38 and still had a body of a woman in her 20’s. She had taken care of herself. Going to the gym and working out after each of her sons were born helped her tummy stay flat. Her breasts were bigger than when she had gotten married 18 years ago. But they were just the way Bill liked them; full and round 36-C’s. The top was cut a little lower revealing just the right amount of cleavage. It was laced up down the middle in the front with black ribbon. Excellent. Bill would like that. She turned around to check and see how her arse looked in the teddy. She thought it was a little too big, but Bill liked it just the way it was. He liked grabbing hold of it while they made love. She thought about the way he played with her arse and blushed. She could feel the passion inside her building just remembering how he made her feel.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her sister on the other side of the door asking if she was ready, or if she needed another size. She reminded her that she still needed to find a dress. Well, at least she had the important part taken care of, she thought. She changed quickly and returned to her shopping.

After finding a simple black dress (sort of Audrey Hepburn-ish) and a pair of shoes, she was ready to go.

She couldn’t wait to have some time alone with Bill. She had been waiting a long time for this.

As she showered she fantasized about their evening together. She thought of Bill, saw his canlı kaçak iddaa eyes. Those steel blue eyes she had fallen in love with. Saw his lips, she could almost taste them and feel them kissing her body. She thought he had very sexy lips for a man. She lathered up her hands and ran them over her breasts pinching her nipples. She could almost feel him touching her, his big hands cupping each breast. She ran her hands down her belly and to the point between her legs sending shivers up her spine. She found her clit, which had grown large just fantasizing about her lover’s touch. She rubbed it a little, teasing it. Then she dipped a finger a little lower between her lips. She liked the way his fingers felt inside her. He always knew the right places and the way she liked to be touched. Even when she was mad at him, he could always coax her into sex by his touch to her womanhood. When he touched her there it would bring her to the edge of desire, she could not deny him pleasure. She was almost on the brink of an orgasm now just thinking about it.

Snapping back to reality, she realized that she needed to finish getting ready to go. She knew that Bill would be home any time and would expect her to be ready, or close to being ready to go. They still had a drive in town to go and had to fight the traffic downtown to find parking. He had sprung for the opera, but she knew that he would never spring for valet parking. Besides he didn’t like anyone else driving his car. He had seen too many minor fender-benders in his years on the force and had written too many reports to let someone else, especially a stranger park his car.

Stepping out of the shower, she was greeted by Bill bringing her a towel. He had just arrived home and was hoping to still catch her in the shower. But at least he could have the pleasure of drying Teri off. He loved his wife. He loved her body. Her petite medium frame seemed to be a perfect fit for his large frame. He swept the hair off of her neck as he kissed it. He smelled her wet hair. He liked the smell of the shampoo she used. He loved her long hair. He had told her that she could do whatever made her happy with it, but he really liked it long. He hated it when she’d get it cut short. He kissed her shoulder as she wrapped the towel around her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He had missed this. It had been a while since he had been this close to his wife.

Teri leaned back into him and crossed her arms so they rested on top of his. She felt his strength. She felt his warmth. She felt his need growing behind her.

Bill turned Teri around to face him and kissed her gently on the lips. He held her close and kissed her again. This time it was deeper, more passionate. His hands opened her towel and began to search her body. He found her full breasts, found a nipple and began to roll it between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched it lightly. Teri moaned softly at his touch. It had been a long time since he touched her. Touched her with any passion, that is. Usually he would fondle her breasts and grab and ask her what was wrong, why she shied away from his touch. He kissed her neck as he continued his manipulations to her breast.

Teri could feel the heat rising up in her and felt the pangs of love stirring in her womanhood. She knew they needed to get going but she had longed for his touch. She didn’t want this moment to end.

Bill bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. He lightly sucked it as he flicked his tongue over it. This caused another moan to escape Teri’s lips. He reached down and felt her mound. Teri nearly jumped at his touch. It had been so long. It had seemed like an eternity and yet in her body’s memory, it seemed like yesterday.

Teri reached out to take hold of his pants, to find his growing desire. But Bill found her spot and prevented any further action from Teri. She was lost to his touch. She melted at his manipulations. She had turned to putty in his hands. Bill felt her growing wetness. Her womanhood, already wet from the shower, was growing even wetter with every touch.

He kissed her on the lips again. His tongue probed her mouth as his fingers explored her vagina. Teri was lost in a sea of desire. She had never wanted her husband more.

Bill scooped Teri up into his arms and carried canlı kaçak bahis her to the bed. He laid her down gently on her back as he continued kissing her mouth. She reached up and caressed him and ran her fingers through his hair. His hair was thick and wavy; she liked the way it felt.

Bill knelt down on the bed over her and began kissing her body. He loved the way she tasted after a shower. He smelled the fresh scent of the soap. Her skin felt soft with the moisture from the shower still on it. He reached and found her breasts with his hands and began caressing them as his kissed his way down her neck and shoulders. When he came to her breasts, he kissed one, then the other. He went back and forth between her breasts. Her nipples were growing hard with his care. He took one and suckled it as he rolled the other between his thumb and finger. Then he took it in his mouth and rolled the freshly suckled one in his fingers. He kept going back and forth between them in this manner for several minutes.

Teri felt as if she was on fire. She wanted him. She needed him. She was helpless to his touch. She just lay there and fingered through his hair, moaning softly.

Bill began to move further down her body as he kept his fingers busy with her nipples. Her nipples were over an inch long from his manipulations. He kissed her breasts, then her stomach. He liked her stomach. It was flat and tight. She kept in shape, although she didn’t go to the gym as much anymore, by doing sit ups nightly before bed.

He reached the V between her legs and he took in her scent. He smelled the soap and he smelled her wanton juices. He moved himself down between her legs. He kissed her thighs. He kissed her mound. Teri moaned with anticipation. Parting her lips with his hands, he licked in between the folds. He lapped at her vagina. He found her clit and he kissed it and teased it for a minute. He inserted a finger into her, pulled it out and tasted her juices. It was just as sweet as he remembered. He put his finger back in and set to work to bring her to the edge of desire. He knew what she liked, how she liked to be touch and where. He was very good at orally pleasing her.

Teri began to writhe as he lapped at her juices. He penetrated her deep with his finger. He tugged at her clit. He stuck his tongue into her. He took long licks up and down her folds. She ground herself into his face. She was moaning loudly now and he knew it wouldn’t be long. He fingered her vagina hole. His finger was covered in her juices. Then he plunged his finger in and pulled it out slowly hooking back to find her G spot. He was going in for the kill. He wanted to hear her scream with passion and desire. He wanted to pleasure her. He sucked her protruding clit and fingered her spot. She was really bucking and moaning. She felt the wave building inside her.

Then her knees buckled, she tensed up and screamed at the release of her orgasm. Bill lapped up all of her juices. He wouldn’t let her come down off of the orgasm, though. He kept manipulating her spot. Teri couldn’t help herself. Wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body. She was riding a rollercoaster of pleasure, never quite coming down from one as another overtook her. She was screaming and clenching the bedspread underneath her. Bill lapped up every last drop of her till she was dry and had no more.

Finally coming down from multiple orgasms from his fingering, Teri laid there trying to catch her breath. She wanted him more than ever inside of her. She reached up to him. He reached his body up to her and kissed her. Then looked into her brown eyes and whispered that they would continue this later. He said that they had better get going if they were going to make it on time. He asked if that would hold her until he could finish later. Then he left her to take a shower.

She stretched and touched her breasts and belly with a smile. She lay there thinking of what it was going to be like later. She heard the shower go off and the curtain part. She rolled over and cuddled the pillows underneath her as she watched Bill dry off. She looked at the broad shoulders and large chest. She watched the hands that just pleasured her. She watched them glide over his body and wished it were hers. She wanted to touch him. She looked at his loins and thought about feeling it inside her. It had been such a long time since she had really felt him inside of her. She couldn’t wait until later, but knew she had to if they were ever going to get to the opera in time.

To be continued in part 2…

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