The After Party

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It was the night of my sorority semi formal. I was in my room getting ready, and you text me, asking if I had shoes Meg could borrow. Of course I said yes, and the two of you came over. I took one look at you and had to remind myself to keep breathing. God even in Nike shorts and a tee you were the most beautiful woman on the planet. We went back to my room and Meg tried on shoes while I tried really hard not to stare at you. I showed you my dress I was wearing, and was mentally hitting myself for not putting it on before you came over so you could see me in it. I loved this dress on me. You nodded your approval and after some idle chit chat you and Meg headed off so I could finish getting ready.

As soon as I was finished getting ready, I sent you a pic of myself, as I always do when I’m dressed for special occasions and you don’t see me. I wished with all my heart you could come to this one though, but I knew it was impossible. So I was going with my friend Stephen. A good friend, who I’m pretty sure is gay, with no pressure at all. Just somebody I could have a good time with. We went to the hotel and had dinner, and the dance followed in the same room. I’m a pretty good dancer, and even Meg commented on my awesome moves. But my mind was far from what I was doing on that dance floor. The whole time I was texting you how much I wanted to kiss you, hold you, cuddle with you, be with you. I snuck to the bathroom several times to rub my pussy because of our texts. It had been so long since I had kissed you, too long. As luck would have it, your apartment was your own that night. canlı bahis The evil roomies were not in town. Plans were made for me to come over after my formal ended.

I got back to my apartment and didn’t even change clothes before jumping in my car and heading to your place. I couldn’t wait to see you. I just hoped you were still awake. I didn’t want to wake you if you were already sleeping, but I totally would if it meant getting to see you. When I got to your apartment two friends were sitting on the stairs smoking before heading home. I couldn’t help but laugh a little about how this looked. Me, arriving at your apartment after midnight, in a semiformal dress, after you had already went to bed. I’m sure they knew what I was there for. But they would be somewhat wrong. I came to see you. If all I got to do was look at you and watch you sleep I would have been happy. These days I saw every opportunity to see you a blessing.

When I got to your room, you were facing the wall and didn’t hear me come in. I sat down on your bed and started rubbing your back until you stirred. You looked over at me and told me to go shut the door. Why I didn’t do that when I walked in I have no idea. I got back and you asked if I was really there. I proceeded to put my stuff down on your dresser, knocking things over in the process, and kissing you at the same time. I asked if that was real enough and you just smiled and kissed me again. Then I just lay down next to you with your head on my chest, your arms wrapped around me tightly. I was in my heaven. I could lay like that forever.

A bahis siteleri few minutes later you asked for a backrub which I was happy to provide you with. I started in your shoulders and worked my way down your sides, then back up. Then I used my thumbs to run tight circles up and down your spine. I could almost feel you relaxing underneath me. When I got back to the top of your spine, I started on your shoulders again. Your bare neck was there and I just couldn’t resist, I leaned down and kissed it. I could actually feel you take a sharp breath in when I did it. I did it again and you moaned your approval. I kept up my assault on the entire back of your neck, then down your back as far as I could while your shirt was still on. I evidently hit a spot just right because you reached around with your arm and help me down, then turned around under me and we kissed passionately. God how I missed your lips.

We kissed for a few minutes but stopped so we could just cuddle for a while. You started gliding your fingers over my skin, very lightly on my arm. It tickled but I liked it. You kept doing it, then your fingers moved to my back. Then they moved from my back down to my dress covered ass. You slowly started to pull my dress up so that my ass was exposed to your wandering fingers. You glided your fingers over my bare ass, and you knew that this drove me crazy. I was biting my lip to keep from making a whole lot of noise. You told me you liked my panties, and I made you moan a little when I informed you that it was not just a thong, but a black lace thing, something I knew you bahis şirketleri would appreciate. It was pitch black in that room, but I could feel you smiling at that knowledge. You started tracing your fingers over my ass, very slowly. Occasionally you would take my ass in your hand and squeeze it. This was driving me insane and I’m sure you could tell by my breathing. You kept tracing your fingers lower and lower, just barely grazing my pussy before going back to my ass, causing me to moan.

Finally you brought your hand around to my front and dragged your hand over my pussy, rubbing on my clit over my thong. A few seconds of that and your hand was under my panties, flicking my clit with one finger. I was on top of you, straddling you, kissing you. I knew if I took my lips off of yours I would make far too much noise and wake up your entire apartment complex and we couldn’t have that. It felt so good. I begged you to get inside me and you did. You fingered my pussy and I couldn’t help but moan it felt so amazing. You kissed me harder to keep me quiet. You went back to rubbing my clit and I started cumming on your hand, never taking my lips off of yours.

I collapsed on top of you and slid to the side so we were cuddling again. We both dozed off and when your alarm woke us at 6:30 the next morning, neither of us wanted to get up yet, so we didn’t. We laid there for about 30 more minutes, but then I finally left so you could get up and get going for your day. On the walk to my car, I realized that I was technically making my first ‘walk of shame’ but I wasn’t ashamed at all. I loved every second that I was with you, even if I was getting home at 7 in the morning wearing the same dress I wore to my semiformal the night before. My after party was significantly better than anybody elses.

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