Subject: The Ahn Boys XIII The entire group tromped from my property through an old gate that was almost invisible the dense hedge that surrounded it. The boys led us down a potholed street past a dozen houses that I couldn’t believe someone actually resided it. From what I could see the entire block should have been razed. We entered, reluctantly I must say, to where the boys had been living since long before I’d known them. The house stunk of garbage, spices I’d never smelled, old cooked food and stale cigarette smoke. The furniture was beyond ratty, the kitchen I can’t even describe. There were 2 bedroom both had mattresses on the floor. The boys’ room was absolutely filthy, what clothes they owned were in ripped and torn boxes and why they weren’t infested with lice or rats was beyond me. I asked them to show me where the boxes were hid. They weren’t really hidden, just stacked in a closet which is where the boys had discovered the false floor. Jamon got on his hands and knees and felt around on the floor behind the wall where the closet door opened against. I heard a bit of a groan and then the floor moved as he pulled it up. I shined my flashlight into the dark abyss and saw a ladder attached to what appeared to be a wall. On my stomach I shined the light down inside the hole and saw what appeared to be a bricked walled room. Undoubtedly it was inhabited by spiders and other creepy crawlies but not likely any rats or even mice. “I’ll go down first if you want Lucian,” Willie offered. I thanked the boy but headed down myself, having him hold the light until I got to the bottom. One I had the flashlight back I scanned the room then smiled to myself. Auntie Ahn was one sharp cracker. I found a couple of lanterns and managed to get one lit then invited the others to come down. What we were in had mostly likely been a part of the underground railway that smuggled blacks up north from the southern states over 50 years before. Philly was a large city and I was very aware that quite a few souls made it through here on their way to Canada and other environs. The house sat on 3 large lots less than 100 yards from where an old rail line had run. The area had once been forest land that had abutted Edgar’s family estate. The cellar that we were in was made up of multiple rooms, the square footage was half again as large the house above it. The outer walls were all brick and mortar, the inner walls wood, the ceiling heavy thick Oak beams with similar beams set throughout for support There were a variety of remnants from days gone by. An old table, a couple of wooden chairs long since rendered unusable, buttons, a piece of fabric or two. Just typical stuff that had lost its value or usability. We wandered through the rooms and at the far back found a steel door set into the wall, a safe door to be specific. It was framed by steel as well and had a large combination dial set into it. “I don’t suppose you have the combination on you Gerald,” I asked. “In my head,” he answered and stepped up to the door. “Assuming that this is the missing safe.” It took a minute or so but eventually Gerald stepped back, pulling the door open with him. He and AJ and I stepped through first. What we initially saw was that we were in a welded steel room, about the size of a large closet, with shelves almost to the ceiling. On the shelves were stacked metal containers about the size of a typical lunch box, in fact many of them appeared to be lunch boxes; mostly older and beat up looking. Chinese characters were hand written on them and while they appeared to be separated into groups based on those characters I couldn’t be certain. “Look at this will you,” Gerald said and pointed out a half dozen money belts resting on one shelf. I opened a container as did Gerald and AJ but in different areas of the room. “God in heaven,” I said upon looking inside. I heard AJ gasp but Gerard only chuckled. We compared notes. The boxes contained neatly stacked bundles of bank notes, each box devoted to a specific denomination. Said bundles were the typical denominations of 5 through 100 of course but also contained 500; 1,000; 5,000; and 10,000 denominations. “This must be the hidden stash,” Gerald said. “The metal boxes protect the currency but she could also carry one of them in public and nobody would give it a second thought. She could also use one of the money belts. In either case she appeared to be an old rag woman for the past 20 years or more so no one would give her a second glance in any case. She must have had this room constructed a piece at a time, probably using Chinamen to do the work or someone she imported from another city. It’s protected from all of the elements as well as vermin.” Gerard just shook his head. “That cagey old chink,” he sighed. A couple of the money belts drew my attention, which I pointed out to both Gerard and AJ and a moment later we found the boxes that contained the gold and the silver; in ounce bars as well as high denomination coins, all of which would fit into the pouches on a money belt designed specifically for each one. The old woman could have walked out there carrying a million dollars and no one would have been the wiser. In fact she undoubtedly had. “The next thing, is what do we do with it,” I said. “Of course we could leave it there, it wasn’t going anywhere. However, how many people would notice the lack of activity at the house, despite the fact that it was fairly well sequestered from view due to a variety of things. The house would be ransacked quickly and while the false floor had been very well hidden there was always a chance someone else could find it. To, what would happen if the place burned down” Everything inside the steel room was probably safe but it would likely leave it open to view through the rubble. “What the hell am I going to do with the gold,” I said aloud. “I can get it out of the country for you Lucian; that’s not a problem,” AJ said. Possession of gold had been made illegal the year before and citizens had been required to turn it all over to the government, paid for course. The boys were all still crowed around outside the vault. I made a quick decision. “Look, let’s get it back to my house. I would prefer to not risk something happening especially since we’re planning on leaving for Newport. “How about if we each carry 3 or four of them,” Willie suggested from outside the little room. “How about you guys start getting them hauled upstairs and I’ll go get a car,” I suggested and Gerald suggested he go get his Pierce since it was older and not quite the quality of the Duesey. I agreed and the process began. We first got all of the boxes out to the ladder; 63 of them. I took a quick glance around the room, saw that we left nothing then closed the safe door and spun the dial. The easiest way to get the boxes topside was for AJ to pass each box up to Jesse who was toward the top of the ladder with a leg hooked in a rung. Edward and Jamon passed the boxes to AJ who would hand them up to Willie, who was laying on his belly, to take them. He set them on the floor next to him where Frankie, Gideon. Mathias and I carted them to the back door where Gerald would park the car. The process went pretty quickly and 20 minutes later we were done. “Is there anything at all in this house that you boys want?” I waited patiently and finally they all shook their heads. I asked everyone to hold hands and said a little prayer for Auntie Ahn and thanked her for all she had done for so many boys and I promised to do my best toward the 4 she left in my care. That said, we piled in the Pierce and went back to my house; home. “How much do you think Gerald,” I asked. We had unpacked it all and put it in the walk-in safe in the library. “Not counting the metals a rough, and I mean very rough, guess would be 15-20 million.” I shook my head. How in the fuck anyone other than a bank could amass that kind of cash was amazing to me, let alone keep it in a regular house, safe or no safe. Yet, there it was in my safe. “Gerard, we’re heading up to Newport tomorrow, in fact I’ll be taking AJ and Edward to the aero field shortly, but I’m wondering if you’ll start figuring all this out. I’ll want to sell off most of the businesses, collect any outstanding debts on loans, and then we’ll start organizing the properties. I’m guessing that at some point we’ll need to take a trip to the west coast. Can I assume that you’re able to handle all of this?” “Sure, no problem Lucian, I’ve been doing virtually all of it for years in any case. I can pretty much give you a rundown right this minute but I understand that’s not necessary. We’ll tackle it when you get back but you’re correct, we should take a trip out west. And just as a matter of interest you’ve inherited Li Wing’s private varnish which, believe it or not, is rather opulent. She picked it up in lieu of and unpaid debt. We took a couple of trips to San Francisco.” “She had her bursa escort own rail car?” He nodded his head and AJ whistled. “That I want to see.” That made 2 of us. I just shook my head. On that note Gerard rose and to leave. We helped him get the boxes of paperwork into his car then the rest of us piled in the Duesenberg and took AJ and Willie to the aero field. After hugs and kissed and promises to meet in the next day we watched as they taxied and took flight. Mathias and Frankie both had tears in their eyes while Edward was subdued. Before going home I stopped at Macey’s downtown and we went shopping. It had the effect of brightening the spirit of the 2 youngest considerably. It was both time and appropriate for them to dump their rags so I outfitted them all, except for Jesse, from head to toe. We started with 10 days of under clothing then got a half dozen pair of knickers and a couple pair of long pants including belts, shirts and other clothing for playing and daily wear, some sweaters, caps and extra shoes. We finished it off with light jackets for summer. I also picked out some suitcases specifically for the trip. Jesse did inform me that he still had plenty of clothing at Newport that he’d outgrown and the boys were welcome to have. We finally finished then stopped by a Walgreen’s for toothbrushes, toothpaste and other hygiene items that they might need. As long as we were there I treated them to a fountain treat. By the time we got home they were back to their bubbly selves. Almost. Back home the boys got their clothing marked and then stowed away in their rooms. As I said, Mathias and Frankie elected to share a bedroom which left Edward to have his own bedroom since Jesse wanted his own room as well. It was Edward that came back downstairs first. “Can I talk with you Lucian,” he asked. “You can always talk with me Edward, no matter what.” He nodded his head. “I was wondering, and I mean just me, not any of the other boys, well, is there any real reason why Jamon and Gideon can’t live here with us? Jamon hasn’t said anything about it but I can tell that he’s gotten to like all of us and well, they don’t have any friends in New York and I know I’m not the smartest boy in the world but they aren’t going to find many friend living where they live and how many white people are going to let their boys hang around with black boys anyhow. It would be better for them to be here with us and I’m pretty sure that Matty and Frankie feel the same way and since we’re rich now we could pay for everything for them so you wouldn’t have to.” It was clear that the topic was stressful for Edward and it was also clear that he had given it some thought. I, on the other hand, had not thought about it at all. But it made sense. The only question was whether the blackbirds wanted to stay here and even then it wasn’t a question really. “Let me give that some Edward and thank you for bringing it to my attention.” The boy gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the mouth then left the library. Going through the conversation reminded me that I had yet to inform Giselle that boys would no longer be simply guests. I found her in the kitchen. I brought her up to speed on all counts; the boys living here, Willie moving to Boston, and the possibility of Jamon and Gideon moving here from New York. I also let her know we’d be leaving for n the next day and had no idea how long we’d be gone. Giselle had some thoughts of her own. “I’ve found the new appliances that you said to look for. Perhaps while you’re away would be the best time to have things installed. Also, you need to get someone in here to do so cleaning. Perhaps while you’re gone we can have a professional crew come in and give it a thorough going through and from that point on it would be maintenance but even at that you need to have at least one steady staff person, two would be better.” I agreed with her on all points. I didn’t need to see the appliances that she had picked out, I trusted her completely. As for the cleaning crew it was a great idea as was having 1 or 2 staff but the problem with the latter was a matter of trust. Giselle was more than familiar with my taste for boys; we might not be as fortunate to find other help that would be both accepting and able to turn a blind eye. She agreed that could be an issue but we both said we’d give it some thought. And then it struck me. Gerald might well be to help fix that problem. The topic then went to the boys helping out. There was no reason to stop rotating boys through the kitchen to help Giselle. Further, she suggested, we might well want to do the same thing regarding housecleaning. If you hire 1 or 2 others as steady help there is no reason why the boys can’t be assigned to help out there as well. Another good point. That said, dinner would be in 30 minutes. I called Gerald and as I suspected he could find me trustworthy people. The boys finally trooped downstairs and found me in the library. “So, Jamon, I was wondering if you had a choice would you and Gideon prefer to live here with us or live in New York City?” “Are you serious Lucian, we could live here with you guys?” I nodded my head. The boy nearly knocked me over along with the chair I was sitting. “Oh yes Lucian, yes, yes, yes. Gideon and I would love to live here with you.” When he backed away the boy had tears rolling down his cheeks. The rest of the boys were whooping and hollering except for Gideon who, once again didn’t know what was going on. Jamon explained it to his little brother. “Live here?” Yes Gideon. “Wit deez guys,” he asked pointing fingers. “Yes Giddy with these guys.” The adorable little boy looked from face to face then his own face split into a grin. “Okay.” Everybody laughed at that. “Dinner was baked pork chops with applesauce, baked potatoes, salad and apple cobbler for desert. Jamon and Frankie helped clean up and we all met back in the library. We would be flying to Providence about noon or a little later the following day. The boys needed to pack clothing but I decided to have them pack light. We could buy all new clothes in providence and just leave them at the Newport house for when we visited. The boys went about their business and I went through paperwork. I headed upstairs around 9, found the boys engaged in Jesse’s room and in Edwards, kissed them all goodnight and went to bed. “Lucian.” It was a soft voice that I heard calling my name and thought I was dreaming. “Lucian, wake up, please wake up.” This time the voice sounded distressed and I snapped awake. “Wha… what. What is it?” “It’s me Tobias.” My eyes shot open and I quickly turned on the bedside lamp. Sure enough Tobias was standing alongside my bed. He didn’t look in real good shape. I tossed my covers back and sat up and of course his eyes went to my naked crotch and half hard cock. I reached out to him and the boy was in my arms quickly, crying and shaking. I just let him go on until he finally stopped and stood back from me. “I went to auntie Ahn’s Lucian and nobody’s there. The place is empty. “Yes, I know Tobias, the boys are here.” “Can we stay here Lucian, we’ve no place to go.” “Of course you can.” I stopped. “We?” Tobias nodded and waved his arm and another boy stepped out of the darkness. Asian, I would learn later Japanese, the boy looked to be Edward’s or even Jamon’s age. Pitch black hair and of course stick straight, was cut almost like a helmet to his head. Not quite covering his eyebrows it dropped down from just behind his temple and covered his ears. His eyes were large and dark, his smooth face slightly rounded and pale. He was a very cute boy, not in any better shape than Tobias, and like most boys when they first see it, all but stared at my cock. “This is Kenjiro Lucian. We ran away.” Tobias explained that he’d met a very nice gentleman, had spent some time with him and the man convinced Tobias to live with him in another city, got the boy to promise not to say a word to anyone else. Turns out he handed him over to a sweat shop where they worked 18 hours a day under horrid conditions. Kenjiro had been there for some time, so Tobias was turned over to the Asian boy to be taught the ropes and the boys became friends right off the bat. Kenjiro was probably 5’4 and if he weighed 110 pounds I would have been surprised. Tobias introduced us. Kenjiro’s handshake was soft and his voice, while still high pitched was faintly effeminate. I told him I was pleased to meet him and he said that Tobias had told him all about me. I wondered exactly what that might entail. “How long has it been since you boys showered,” I asked Tobias. Both boys looked pretty much worse for the wear and had a bit of an odor to them. They looked at each other. “We been on the run for 4 days so at least that long.” I swung my legs out of bed and as I got up said that they both needed to clean up first and foremost. The clothes had to go downstairs but meanwhile we would find something bursa escort bayan for them. Kenjiro seemed to be fascinated with my cock. I led them to my bathroom and had them strip while I got the water ready. When I turned back around they were both naked. I have had the pleasure to have a few Asian boys share my bed. Kenjiro exceeded them all. His cock, still flaccid, hung easily 6 inches and was moderately fat. His plumb balls were likewise larger than most Asian boys I’d seen and were completely hairless and low hanging. He had a decent little patch of pitch black curls as the base of his uncut boyhood pride and joy. His belly was flat, sloping down into a beautifully sharp creased V from which his delicious boy parts grew. “Do I look okay sir,” he asked me, a bit coquettish too might add. “Gorgeous,” I replied. He smiled and said that he was glad that he pleased me. I got them into the shower, admiring Kenjiro’s very small butt. I took their clothing and pushed it into the laundry chute then then found a couple of towels for them to use when they were done then parked my butt on the toilet and waited for them to finish. I wished that I’d had a glass door on the shower so that I could have watched them. When they got out their respective parts were at full hang which caused Kenjiro to be all that more appealing. “Will you dry my back,” the boy asked after getting most of his front. I did so joyfully, loving the feel of his delicious little ass beneath the towel. He stepped out wide so I took that as an invitation and slipped up between the glorious orbs to softly dry his hole. Kenjiro sighed as I rubbed him, the towel gently hitting against the underside of his boy balls. Finished, we returned to the bedroom proper. “Are you guy’s hungry?” I got a pair of rapid head nods. I suggested we go downstairs. “What boys are here Lucian,” Tobias asked as we walked. I told him and also explained that we had 2 other guests and that Willie would probably be moving to Boston. “Look Tobias, there is no other way to tell you this but Auntie Ahn died a few days ago. You boys are all living here with me now. The other two boys are brothers that we found in New York earlier this week and they will also be living here. Tobias seemed a little down and I assumed that it was due to Auntie Ahn’s passing. It wasn’t. “That’s a lot of boys Lucian,” Tobias said. “I was hoping, well Kenjiro was hoping too, that he might be able to stay here. At least for a little while. He has no family and no place to go.” “Well of course he can stay here.” At that the boy practically leapt into my arms. I had to stop walking in order to hug him. I held him tightly, felt his body shudder and then the dampness of tears against my shoulder. “Thank you Lucian,” he said after backing away. “I’ll be the best boy ever; I promise.” He sniffled then wiped the back of his hand across his nose. “I’m sure you will Kenjiro.” Downstairs I rummaged around and found things to make the boys sandwiches, added a glass of milk to it and a small amount of cobbler. “Well it’s been pretty interesting since you disappeared on us Tobias.” He apologized and I waved it away. “As you know Jesse and I went to Boston and stayed at Jesse’s home. You had disappeared by the time we got back. I ended up taking all the boys to New York and stayed in a town house that his family owns. That’s where we found Jamon and Gideon. They were planning on staying there but we’re all headed up to Newport Rhode Island tomorrow to stay in Jesse’s family home there.” I was going to go on but Tobias interrupted. “Jesse’s family owns a bunch of houses,” he asked, not believing that anyone would own more than one. I nodded my head. “Wow they much be rich,” he said. I smiled and nodded my head. “About as rich as you and the rest of the boys. You see when we got back and found out that Auntie Ahn had died we also found out that she was very rich and she left everything to you boys.” He wanted to know how rich and told him. Then he wanted to know where Newport was, how long it would take to get there and how we were going to manage it with all these boys. “We’re flying up in an aero plane.” The money discussion stopped him; the flying floored him. “What the fuck.” “Language Tobias,” I said kindly. I went on to explain the situation. I glanced at the small clock on the kitchen sideboard which read a little after midnight. “Well, it’s too late to get you into a spare room and the rest of the boys should be asleep so I guess you two will bunk with me so let’s call it a night.” Tobias had no problem with that and Kenjiro actually seemed excited. At the top of the stairs I checked in on the boys, saw that all were sound asleep and while most of them were double or trebled Edward was sleeping alone. “I’m gonna snuggle in with Edward. Is that okay Lucian?” I nodded my head. “Do you mind Kenjiro?” The Japanese boy shook his head and smiled. That said we parted. In my bed Kenjiro snuggled up to me face to face. “I hope it is okay that Tobias told me about you Lucian and that you like boys and are good to boys and how your lover died and how sad you were and how the boys all decided to stay to help you feel better. He told me all of this before we decided to run away and I wished then that I could have met you. When we decided to run we didn’t know where were or where we would go. It was me that suggested we try to come here. Tobias was afraid to. He was afraid that you would be very angry with him for being stupid and trusting that Mr. Johnson. I told him I didn’t think you would be angry at him. I can see that you aren’t.” He stopped talking so I just held him, rubbed his back and his head. “I haven’t felt this safe or this good in 2 years Lucian. Thank you for letting me stay, at least for a little while.” I felt my heart go out to the boy and wanted to help him and protect him. “How old are you Kenjiro?” “I will be 14 in 3 weeks Lucian.” “Well then, we’ll have to make sure that your birthday is very special.” We were both quiet then he said, “There’s something else Lucian.” Of course I asked the question. “I know that I am a gey cat. I want to be with men or boys but not girls and mostly men. I just wanted you to know.” “I do know. No get some sleep sweet boy,” I said then kissed his forehead. And we did. I crawled out of bed to go to the bathroom, my fully hardened cock sticking out a mile. Kenjiro woke right up from the movement. “Gosh what an enormous cock you have. I’m not nearly that big.” With that the boy tossed the covers back and lay there for me to admire. He was of course morning boy hard. His cock stretched out a good 7 fat inches, his foreskin retracted about half way. His balls, like the night before, were at full hang, resting against his body. He was quite frankly extremely desirable. The boy stretched out like a cat then relaxed and just let me look. I elected to go sit on the edge of the bed next to him. “You are very well put together Kenjiro.” He smiled and thanked me. “Does that mean that you would be with me?” “Very much so if you wanted me to.” “I have never been with anyone before Lucian. I would be very honored if you would be my first.” I’d had some opportunities to be with a boy for his first time on and I always treated it with the utmost respect. At that moment all of the boys came crowding into my room and climbed on the bed all excited that their long lost brother had returned. They didn’t even see Kenjiro at first but introductions were finally made and they greeted him warmly, welcoming the boy to our home. I finally shooed them out with the order to get showered and to find some clothes for both boys. I asked Kenjiro if would shower with me and he said he needed to use the bathroom first. Well I was a morning person as well. Fifteen minutes later we were back in my bed locked into an embrace and engaged in a deep throated kiss, rock hard cocks pressed between our bellies. The shower had been predictable, washing each other, no holds barred, hard cocks from the word go, a quick suck because he had always wanted to try it. As I held him one hand strayed down onto the globes of his butt, nicely round orbs that begged to be kneaded. Kenjiro’s hand had sought out my cock and was slowly stroking, soft moans coming from his throat. He finally broke the kiss. “Can I suck on you Lucian?” I could hardly refuse the boy now could I. Kenjiro slid down the bed and draped his body across mine. He took hold and began nursing right away. I let my hand continue to run down his back and onto his butt. “You like my butt don’t you Lucian?” I said that I did, very much. His skin coloring was slightly dark, like the beginning of a good tan. I let my fingers trail up and down his crack, wondering when I would be able to taste him there and when I could introduce my swollen cock head to it. Kenjiro didn’t stay long. I was a mouthful and he got sore. Come let me suckle you,” I suggested escort bursa and as he turned I told him to straddle my chest and in a flash I was face to face with all that made him boy. The kid was delicious, no doubt about it, although in all honestly all boys were delicious. His fat cock throbbed with each beat of his heart. His swollen cock head was peeking out from under its fleshy hat, the skin red from engorgement. His balls, plumb in their hairless sac fell away from the underside of his man sized cock and swayed slightly as he moved. The tip of his cock head was shiny from precum and it was there that I started. I took hold of him, skinned his foreskin back and began licking all over the perfectly shaped head earning a sigh from him. Once cleaned I took him into my mouth. I was able to take half of him without a problem and did so. I kept a hands on his tight little ass and the other holding his honey jars, fondling and tugging on the medium to large sized eggs. Kenjiro began to follow Mother Nature’s call and move his narrow hips to gently fuck my mouth. I got a solid minute of sucking in before he warned me that would cum. I had the boy move back beside me and went back to sucking him, stroking him as I did, pulling his foreskin into a nipple before pulling it back down again. “Gosh Lucian I’m gonna squirt my sperms out really soon.” I kept it up for a moment than backed away and began jacking him off. The boys’ breathing became faster and his moans a little louder and then he was there. I kept his foreskin back and was rewarded with a long stream of sperm that hit the base of his neck leaving a slash of white that ended between his tiny nipples. The squirt was accompanied by a very loud moan and some unintelligible words. After that were a couple of smaller streams that hit his belly button or thereabouts, followed by oozing. A fair amount of juice for a boy his age. I leaned down and took the spermy head into my mouth and cleaned it off for him, stopping before it got too sensitive. I cleaned a little more off of his throbbing cock then lay next to him. Kenjiro lay there panting, his eyes closed. Like many boy after they cum a hand snuck down to gently play with his balls or poke at his deflating cock. He finally opened his eyed and rolled toward me for a long kiss which I gave him. “Are you gonna squirt now Lucian?” I asked if he needed me to and got a vigorous head nod. Typically it would take a while so I suggested something to help and a moment later he was straddling my chest with his deliciously puckered hole waiting to be washed and wash it I did. Kenjiro sucked my cock head while I peeled his cheeks open even further and rimmed him. I licked all over the wrinkled flesh, down his perineum to the underside of his fat balls and back up again. I could hear the little Asian boy moan as I worked his hole for the first time in his young life. I could feel him pushing back into my face as if to get my tongue up inside the tight muscle. I was looking forward to fucking the boy, that’s for sure. I felt licking on my balls and since Kenjiro was still sucking my cock I figured we had a visitor although no words had passed. It didn’t take long before I told him to move or to swallow. The boy elected to move. He rolled off of me and I took hold of my raging cock and began stroking with a fury and saw that it had been Edward licking my nuts. A moment later my sperm splashed down all over my chest and stomach. It was one of those cums that had some stream to it but a lot of little drops that fell away from the main grouping to drop like rain on my torso. There were 2 good squirts before it slowed down into copious oozing. “That’s a lot of stuff,” Kenjiro said and Edward offered that he had seen me make more. A moment later the rest of the boys came into my room, all naked and some half way hard. “Is that pre or post sperming boys,” I asked and was told post. I had Edward hand me a bath towel so Kenjiro and I could clean up. The boys brought some underwear shirt and pants that our Asian guest could wear until I got him some new clothes. “You still got a boner,” Mathias said, “You want me to suck you and make you cum?” Kenjiro shook his head and said thank you but no. I wondered then if I was going to be his sole lover and if so how would the rest of my crew feel about that. “Are you guys all showered?” I got head nods. “Packed?” I got more head nods. “Horny?” I got head nods along with vigorous and loud affirmations. “Too bad; get dressed and let’s have breakfast. We have a long day ahead of us.” The all scampered out of the room except of course Kenjiro who had an odd expression on his smooth face. I asked if there was a problem and he shook his head. “They’re all so nice to me, lending me clothes and stuff. Nobody has been this nice to me in a long time.” “Well, I said hugging him, “better used to it.” When breakfast was finished I directed Edward to get the boys playing games or something. Giselle and I talked about what the kitchen might look like when it was done. I listened to her suggestions, made a few of them myself then called the builder that had done other work for me and asked him to come over. I had no sooner hung up with him than AJ called. We agreed on 1pm at the aero field. I called Newport to relay that information and Jenkins said he would contact Gregory with the information and they would both see us at the aero field in Providence. I then contacted a taxi service to get us all to the aero field. I’d be damned if I was leaving the Duesy out there for an undetermined amount of time. I racked my brain trying to figure out if I’d forgotten anything. It was by that time a little after 9am. I decided to take Kenjiro and Edward out clothes shopping. I found the boys in the game room but the only game they were playing was hide the weenie. Jamon had Edward bent over a table and was fucking the boy for all he was worth. Both were still fully clothed but had pants and underwear down around their ankles. Frankie was underneath sucking on Edwards cock, his own pants down, stroking his hairless preteen boner. Tobias was in the mix, standing alongside and gently facing fucking Tobias. Mathias was kneeling in an armchair with Jesse fucking his tight little asshole in much the same manner, fully clothed but pants and boxers down far enough for the various body parts to connect. Gideon was standing in the chair in front of Mathias who was, as they say, blowing Gideon’s trumpet. Kenjiro was just standing there watching. I supposed that he’d been invited to join them, I can’t imagine him not, but had declined for reasons known only to him. All in all it was a very sexy scene and had I not been on a mission I would have locked the door, stripped, and joined in the fun. I went to Edward, whom I essentially relied on as my second in command so to speak. “A little homecoming Tobias,” I asked and rubbed the boys’ back. He nodded his head without taking his mouth off Edward’s cock. “Edward I’m going to take Kenjiro and Tobias out for clothes, we’ll be back in a couple of hours. We’ll leave for the aero field about noon.” “Okay Lucian I’ll make sure everything is in order.” Tobias backed away from Mathias and I kissed Jamon, Gideon, and then Jesse and took Kenjiro by the hand and the 3 of us left. “You didn’t join in,” I said to him after I closed the door to the game room. He shook his head. “They invited me but I said no.” I asked why. “Because I don’t want to do anything with them until you fuck me Lucian. I hope that’s okay.” I stopped him, put my mouth to his and kissed him. “Whatever makes you comfortable Kenjiro.” “You are going to love having Lucian fuck you Kenjiro,” Tobias said. “He is a terrific lover.” I thank the boy and a moment later I found Giselle and told her we were leaving and when we’d be back. That said we hopped into the Auburn and went shopping. As we were driving Kenjiro asked if the boys were always like that, so sexual to which Tobias said yes. “Yes, they are,” I explained. I think that boys are often like that but because of constraints they can’t be. At our home there aren’t many constraints, they’re free to engage however they want as long as it’s private. They know they don’t have to ask, they know they won’t get into trouble so they’re free to express themselves to whatever degree they choose as long as they aren’t supposed to be involved in some other endeavor such as school or chores.” Tobias said that was pretty much all true, that all of the boys felt that way. Shopping for clothes was fairly straightforward and uneventful, except for his trying on underwear of course. Seeing Kenjiro naked was fun. I was looking forward to gorging myself on his young body. “I like having you look at my body Lucian,” he said after peeling the underwear off and standing before me clad only in a shirt. “Well I assure you Kenjiro that I like looking.” He smiled, came into my arms and we kissed. “Gosh I start to get hard whenever you kiss me.” Indeed his lovely cock was on the rise. Tobias got a kiss and agreed with the Asian boy. We finished our chore and headed back home just in time for me to chat with the builder.

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