Subject: The Thse Ahns Boys 21 The sexual energy from before had been bled off due to the dramatic events of the past half hour. Kwiana and the boys had gotten their gear unpacked and a camp set up alongside the river. The teen sought me out where I was sitting talking with Gregory in the Parlor car. Gus had moved it to a siding so as not to block the tracks but of course it would sit at idle in order to keep the air conditioning as well as other systems running. Fortunately we were shaded by magnificently huge leafy trees which helped deflect some of the heat from the sun. “This is rather comfortable Lucian,” he said, “Although I prefer being under the sky.” I agreed with the boy in part. Despite having asked him the question not 30 minutes before I said, “So, is there any threat that Tucker and his gang will come back Kwiana?” The boy shook his head. “There is always a chance but I believe to be very slim. He knows that I meant what I said about what I’d do if I caught any of his men. He and his men also know that they don’t stand a chance against me in the dark. Plus, they have no idea how many of us there are. He knows that it isn’t a large force or things wouldn’t have gone as far as they did but still he isn’t likely to take a chance. More importantly his men wouldn’t follow any order to try and double back in the dark. Add to that the fact that 2 of them are suffering from serious arrow wounds, one from dog bites and 1 may have a fractured jaw thanks to your man’s kick. No, I would stake my life on the fact that our lives are quite safe.” “Okay then, I’ll leave it at that,” I said. “So what’s the next step?” The boy chuckled. “Well, Little Grouse is very determined in his quest to have you mount him. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a go at it myself. It seems that your boys are as easily excited as mine so I would guess that they all have plans to engage in debauchery for as long as we’ll let them. I see no reason to interfere with their plans. That’s the boys; what about the men?” I explained the situation to Kwiana, including AJ’s place in it all as well as Gregory’s and my cook staff. I further explained the two adult engineers were aware of our behaviors and were most likely playing hide the weenie with the boy crew and I had no problem with that. I assumed that the boy crew was more than interested in playing with my boys and in fact Cain had told me that he wanted to be with me. That said, I didn’t know how many if any of the boys would be willing to engage with Gus or Max so that posed a slight problem as I didn’t want or need any hurt feelings. “Yes, I see where that could pose a problem.” He paused then took a left turn. “I was planning on hunting for this evenings’ meal but it’s too late in the day for that so I’ll leave before first light in the morning. How do you feel about salmon for supper,” he asked. “How do you feel about us feeding you lunch and providing side dishes for salmon,” I asked putting it back on him. Kwiana said that sounded fine to him. I called Darius on the intercom, told him the plan and he informed me that he planned lunch for the entire crowd and it would be ready in 20 minutes. Kwiana had gotten up to leave and I followed just as Gus came through the parlor door. “Ah; Lucian,” he said, the train is secured so with your permission Max and I would like to bathe.” I told my engineer what the plans were and that lunch would be ready soon and got a head nod. Kwiana and I left the car while Gus went into the crew car both to get Max and to let the crew boys off duty. Kwiana stepped off the train to be greeting by one of the dogs. The teen spoke to him softy and the dog offered a little yip. “His name is Juniper because I found him abandon under a Juniper tree when he was quite young. I nursed him to life and he’s been at my side ever since. We headed down to the river where all the boys were gathered around the Indian’s small encampment. As both Kwiana and I had requested they were fully clothed and not sexually engaged with each other. It turned out that all of the boys spoke English well enough to get by but not with the same fluidity that their young leader did. It was typical for the people of their tribe to not speak English when around whites in order to claim ignorance in many Indian white interactions. “Hey Lucian,” Jamon said by way of greeting. “Nacoma says he’ll teach us how to shoot a bow.” The boy in question was the next one down in age from Kwiana. “Gregory said he’d show them how to shoot rifles,” Jessie said. Gregory was off one side and a head nod indicated that he had indeed made the offer. “Darius will have lunch ready in a very short bit so how about if discuss it afterwards.” Max and Gus came bursa escort down onto the beach and immediately stripped naked and went into the river to bathe “Nice body for a grey hair.” One of the boy commended and he was correct. For a guy his age Gus had a very tight body. Nice cock too which didn’t go unnoticed by either Matty or Frankie. Max wasn’t any slouch either. At 35 in he was probably in the best shape of his life, slender and wiry muscled. His cock would go about 6 to 6� when filled with blood. The boy who had commented was called Rider. I couldn’t pronounce his name in Comanche but a close translation would be Wind Rider. He was one of the mid-range Indian boys that just about a year or into puberty, a small patch of pitch black hair at the base of his cock. We talked a little more before Jenkins came down to the end of the trail to let us know that lunch was ready. We all got up and headed back up to the train but by that time Gus and Jim were starting out of the water and Gus stopped me. “I have a question Lucian, if you don’t mind.” I stopped and waited. “Well it seems pretty clear that the boys all have a desire to play together, as it were. In fact Cain has mentioned casually that he would like to share your bed. So the big question is where do Max and I fit into the scheme of things?” “I understand your concern Gus. The fact is that neither AJ nor I instigate encounters with the boys. Well, except for Willy and AJ. I’m sure it’s clear that they are lovers so yes, AJ does initiate with his lover but aside from that we don’t. It’s all up to the boys. They choose who they want to partner with at any given time. That said, I’ll tell you that one of the Indian boys commented on you and Max when you were getting undressed and a couple of my boys did as well. I suspect that neither you nor Max will be left out.” “Thank you Lucian, I appreciate your listening to me.” I headed up the trail and as I cleared the trail head I saw all the boys along with AJ and Gregory gathered loosely around the dining car. As I approached Jenkins came down the steps with a huge tray stacked with sandwiches cut in half. Right behind him came Darius carrying two gallon Dewar Flasks which I assumed to be filled with lemonade. We had taken to using the insulated flasks at most meals because of their size but also because it kept the liquid inside hot or cold depending on what it was. “Who is saying grace,” I asked as I approached the group. “I would be honored Lucian,” Kwiana said. Everyone circled and held hands and I got my first experience with Native prayer. Kwiana first paid homage to all 2 legged, 4 legged, winged and finned creatures before thanking creator for all of their good fortune, their luck in meeting such honorable hosts, for the food that was provided and asked for creator to continue to watch and guide us all throughout the day and into the next one. All in all it was about a 30 second speech. My boys waited until our guests had taken a half sandwich, having a choice of p b pain, pleasure. When I stopped moving he opened his eyes and gave me a lopsided grin; no different than any other boy that I’d fucked. “How are you,” I asked the boy. “I full now,” he said and patted his lower belly. “We ride now. You fuck me.” Fuck the youngling I certainly did. I began the process like I always do, pulling out about a third to half way then sliding back inside of him. Little Grouse rested his hands on my forearms to begin with but eventually moved them to my side and back. The young boy began moaning as I fucked him up the ladder of hotness. I was managing to pull three quarters of the way out of his tight little asshole before plunging back in. He started whimper or grunt each time I bottomed out inside of him and his eyes were all but rolled to the back of his head. “Ride harder, ride harder,” Little Grouse called out and while the words were different than I’d heard before the meaning was still clear. I began hammering the boy, slamming my cock into him with enough forced that the sound of my balls smacking against his ass echoed in the smaller confines of the bedroom. “Aaiiieeee,” he finally cried out. I felt his asshole grip my cock even tighter and begin to spasm as he experienced his dry cum. It only took a moment longer before I started filling his bowels with man sperm. I ground my ass in circles while deep inside of him then went back to fucking him hard but like all good orgasms it was over before either of us wanted it to be. I continued to move in and out of the boy albeit slowly until I finally stopped. Little Grouse lay below me breathing heavily, his eyes closed but the lids fluttering gently. He finally opened them and looked at me although they bursa escort bayan were still half lidded. A huge grin split his brown face. “Good ride, good ride sir,” he said then moved his arms up around my neck. I lowered my head and we kissed and this time the boy pushed his tongue into my mouth. “Put your legs around me,” I said and mimed what I wanted him to do, which he did. “Hold on,” said and started to move. Little Grouse tightened his grip with both sets of appendages and his eyes got wide as I started to lift him up off the bed and then he giggled. I moved to my knees then sat back on my haunches with the preteen native boy impaled by my cock. Once we settle into that position he kissed me again, this time longer and noticeably deeper and all the while moaning softly. I ran my hands up and down his back and onto his tender tiny butt to knead the fleshy but firm cheeks. I allowed my fingers to move in underneath to feel my balls to explore the rim of his hole where my cock disappeared inside his young body. That seemed to cause more moaning. “This nice,” Little Grouse said after breaking the kiss, our faces still only inches apart. “Oh, you like,” I asked with a soft smile. He nodded his head. “Very like; first time do,” he said. Well then, nothing like teaching a native boy new tricks to try out later with his friends. Little Grouse reached behind and underneath to explore where my fingers had already been. When he brought his hands back forward he leaned into me then took a moment to adjust his legs so that they were under him and not sticking out in front him and behind me. That done Little Grouse gently pushed me onto my back with a big smile on is brown face. “Now I ride you sir,” he with a lascivious grin. The boy leaned his hands on my chest and began to move. He started by raising his tender little but then dropping it back into place. That segued to grinding his ass against my body, my cock. I watched his face change as intense feeling began roaring through his body as he fucked himself up into a fog of hotness. For my part I simply lay there in the beginning allowing the boy to have his way with me as it were. But eventually his magic began to work on me and he led me up the ladder of hotness right along with him. I finally rested my hands on his hips or even the globes of his butt and began moving my hips against him, meeting his thrusts with my own and thus creating even more feeling for the both of us. I felt his compact body shudder more than once as his body became awash in feeling. Oohhh, Oohhh,” he whimpered, along with words that I didn’t understand. About 5 minutes into the new position little Grouse began crying out as his young body shook and vibrated. I reached down and took hold of his bobbing boner and stroked him, jacking him off as he fucked me and adding yet another layer of feeling to the young boys’ experience. I felt my body begin to change and knew that my orgasm wasn’t far off. I thrust my hips hard, ramming my cock up into the boy and causing him to grunt with each thrust and then I was there right along with him. “Oh fuck Little Grouse I said in a long low moan as my body began firing globs of sperm up into his tight little asshole. The boy was practically crying by that time but it didn’t stop him from doing his best to meet my thrusts and add to the pounding. Little Grouse finally stopped and he stayed upright for a short bit. He continue to move his little butt but not much. Finally he leaned forward and kissed me then lay his body prone against mine. I held onto him, rubbed his back and down onto his butt then back up again and finally letting my arms settle for gently holding him. We lay there breathing heavy but not moving for a good minute or more. “You take me to you,” he finally whispered, “I go with you.” It had been that good for the boy apparently, enough to make him willing to leave his people. I didn’t really think he was serious but without seeing his face I couldn’t be totally sure of that. We cold both feel my cock beginning to shrink, both knew what was coming and both moaned at the loss when it finally squished out of butt. Little Grouse giggled like a girl then kissed me on the mouth and returned his head to my shoulder. He finally moved, pointing to his butt so I grabbed a small hand towel and put it between his legs to catch the sperm leaking out of his freshly fucked asshole. We lay there in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep. I woke some time later with Little Grouse’s mouth wrapped around my cock head. He must have been at it for some time because I was fully hardened. The suckled me deeply while his free hand cupped and fondled my heavy balls and all the while I could hear him escort bursa moaning softly to himself. I elected to take over on my cock, wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and began to jack off. Little Grouse took his hand away and went to work on his own raging young boner while continuing to suckle me. There being plenty of light in the room I could see everything. His young face was a mask of concentration as the boy worked on the top quarter of my thick swollen cock. He became so invested in what he was doing that he let his own cock go. That wouldn’t do as far as I was concerned. I reached out to him and with some pantomiming had him move to his knees perpendicular to me. I then reached between his dark hairless thighs, found his stone hard young boner and began to jack him off. I didn’t get a chance to jack boys off very often, my crew always having something else on their minds and in their hearts. I did enjoy it as well as missed it so was glad for the opportunity to perform that function for the young Indian boy. Little Grouse seemed more than satisfied with the turn of events. I was using and underhand motion on the boy and reveled in the feelings of his cock in my hand. He began to undulate his narrow hips and thus began fucking my fist. I tightened and relaxed my grip on him causing the boy to moan even louder. As I worked my own cock, and again, I didn’t get the chance to jack off very often, I felt the familiar tingling in my balls, at the base of my cock and in my belly. Aside from the joint exercise in the river barely 4 hours before, it had been a long time since I’d had the pleasure of self-love. It was an exercise that I missed, true enough, and as I stroked myself closer and closer to orgasm it brought back more than a few memories of similar excursion in my youth. I hear Little Grouse begin to moan louder and two things became certain to me. One was that the young boy was nearing his own orgasm and the second was that he appeared to be dedicated to having me shoot my sperm into his mouth. I had no qualms about doing so and in fact the idea seemed to spur me onward. A moment later Little Grouse groaned loudly, I felt his cock thicken against my fingers and a moment later his body began shaking and me moaned louder. He took his mouth from my swollen cock head and literally growled as his body convulsed. That was all it took to push my body over the edge. I felt the intense tingling start at the base of my cock, felt my cock thicken against my grip and as Little Grouse turned his attention back to my cock a torrent of sperm erupted from the tip and splattered the youngling in the face. I swear to god he moaned even louder. As he lowered his head he got splattered again but managed to get his mouth over the spurting appendage before the 3rd jet of gooey reproductive juices. “Oohhh fuck,” I groaned as the warmth of his mouth returned to my cock head. Of course I’d kept my foreskin retracted so as not to obstruct my ejaculation so the boy was working on the very head, his lips sliding back and forth over the sensitive ridge of my glans. I felt the boys’ body shiver and shake again and wondered if he’d experienced the elusive second orgasm but didn’t wonder long. I kept right on jacking him off, he continue to fuck my first, and I continued to shot globs of cum into his mouth, easily 7 squirts of the stuff if I wasn’t mistaken. It was quite a bit and I could see my sperm leaking out of his mouth to run down the shaft of my cock. Good sweet Jesus it was a hot thing to watch. It finally ended. I continued to play with his smooth balls but left his sensitive cock alone. I let go of my own cock but Little Grouse took over again and continued to stroke for a minute then took his head away. He lowered his head some then proceeded to rub the head and shaft against his smooth face, all the while cooing softly to himself. He finally let go and turned to face me. My sperm was mostly done running but still, globs of the stuff was splattered all over his face. “Is good sir,” he said in a still husky voice, “Is so good your milk.” He went back to sucking me a little bit finally stopped and moved on to his haunches. I handed him the towel to clean up, which he did, then lay back in my arms. We didn’t stay there long. “Need to make water sir and..” he pointed to his tender little butt. The boy needed to go to the bathroom. I was prepared to have him use my facilities but he bounded out of bed and began to dress. I supposed that he was more comfortable in the outdoors which I had no problem with. Being in an enclosed environment with limited resources I preferred to use the bathrooms as little as possible. As it was the boys peed from the moving train, shooting their stream downward as much as possible to avoid it splattering the sides of the rail cars. I got up and dressed quickly then left with Little Grouse to find out just what the rest of our crew, and his, was up to.

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