The Airplane Bathroom


12 students in the senior class were chosen to go on a trip to ireland. Daniel and Danielle have been a couple for only a week or so. They were both great students. It so happened that they were chosen to go to Ireland. This would be a great chance for them to explore eachother, because they’ve only kissed. Nothing exciting. All 12 students were able to go, and they were allowed to choose their seating arrangments.

Daniel and Danielle wanted to sit next to eachother, and since they had 2 isles of 2 seats, it was pretty good. Not too many people. During the long flight, they talked, and slept a bit, then talked again. Occasionally they would play around, and kiss. He started getting really horny for her, and she was getting pretty horny for him. He was feeling her up, and got a big hard on. They both wanted to just fuck eachother right there, but they didnt want to say anything to eachother, in fear that the other would react in a harsh way. Daniel couldnt take much more, so he grabbed her hand, and stopped the kiss.

He stood up, and signaled for her to stay there for a minute. Then, he went right around the corner to the bathroom, and he looked at her, and signaled for her to come with him. None of the flight attendents were back there. He led her into the bathroom, and she sat on top of the toilet seat. He walked in, and shut the door behind him. It was so cramped, there was barely enough room to even move in. He leaned over her, and started kissing her.

He was straddled on her lap, and supported most of his weight on his knees, on either side of her. He had his hands against the wall behind her, and she started rubbing his already hard cock. She rubbed the bulge in his pants, and he pulled his face away, and looked at her, shocked. She grinned at him, and unzipped his pants in one quick motion. She was so innocent kozyatağı escort looking. He never thought she would do this. His cock popped out of his pants, and she giggled. She grinned again, seductivly, and started rubbing up and down. He started thrusting toward her. Trying to feel more.

He got completely stood up, and rubbed his cock over her face. She opened her mouth, and reached her tongue toward his cock. She moaned with her mouth open, and leaned in to suck his cock. Before she knew it, he thrust his cock into her mouth. He started fucking her mouth, making sure he didnt gag her. She grabbed his cock, and deepthroated it. He gasped. He didnt think she could do that. She bobbed her head back and forth while he stood there, hovering over her, cringing with pleasure. He started banging on the walls, trying to keep quiet. She started sucking while deepthroating his cock.

Then, she started humming really loud, making chills go up and down his back. His cock was feeling so pleasurable, he was close to having a huge orgasm. She pulled back, and started licking the hole on his cock, and sucking at the same time. She then took her right hand, and enveloped her whole hand around, and rubbed fast up and down. With her left hand, she teased right under his balls. He couldnt take it, and exploded in her mouth. She still had her tongue on the hole in his cock when he exploded. She sucked hard, and kept licking, making his orgasm real long.

He banged against the wall, and his knees slightly buckled as he stood there. As he came, he thrust into her mouth to make the sensation even more pleasurable. Finally, when he finished, they heard a knocking on the door. “Are you ok sir?” a flight attendant asked. “, im ok. Thank you ma’m” Danielle tried hard not to küçükyalı escort laugh, because she could have been heard. He got down from on top of her, and they waited for a minute, making sure no one was there. whent they thought the coast was clear, she got off the seat, and laid her back on the floor. he sat on the toilet seat, and she had already taken her pants off. She laid there, and spread her legs, and he looked down at her, and smiled.

He started playing with her clit, lightly flicking it. He then leaned over, and combed his teeth down her clit. He licked his tongue around and around her pussy hole. Just the outside. She moaned slightly, ant bit her lip. She started getting wetter than she was, so thrust 2 fingers into her pussy. He swished them in and out, listening carefully at the noise his fingers rubbing against her wet pussy walls sounded like. He got even harder, and started going faster. He loved the feel of her tight pussy. He could smell her sweet pussy juices, and closed his eyes, enjoying ever second of it. He has never felt such a wonderful pussy.

To him, it was perfect. She put her hands in fists, and started banging the floor, biting her lip, trying not to be loud. She finally couldnt take it, and she came all over his fingers. It trickled off his hand, down her ass, onto the floor. She bit her lip so hard so she wouldnt yell, it was almost bleeding. She got up, and grabbed his cock with her hand. She guided it into her, and slid down onto it. He leaned back against the wall, and she pushed herself up and down on his cock, pushing it all the way into her. Everytime it hit her spot, she’d moan softly, close her eyes, and tilt her head back. He sat up, and she used his shoulders to push herself up and down on him.

He held her by the mutlukent escort hips, guiding her up and down. She started coming closer to orgasm, so she began to ride him faster. He leaned his head back, and so did she. She moaned out softly, but bit her lip, and went even faster. She finally went as fast as she could. She suddenly whipped her head foreward, grabbed a hold of his back with her fingernails, leaned into him, and came all over the place. It trickled all down his balls, and onto his legs. He could feel it coming out of her pussy, down his cock, and she kept clenching as she came, making him thrust into her hard. She scraped her fingernails up his back, and this turned him on so much, he was going to cum. He told her, so she got off, and laid on her back on the floor.

He started rubbing his cock up and down, precum dripping down his cock. He kept rubbing it, and she started rubbing her pussy. She pulled off her shirt and bra, and he rubbed her boobs with one hand while rubbing himself with his other hand. She took her leg, and began to rub against his balls. Finally, he started moaning, and she knew he was going to cum. He rubbed faster, and she opened her mouth. He aimed for her mouth, and his hot cum shot out. She moaned as the cum shot all over her face, some in her mouth. He grunted and moaned, as she tried to catch his shooting cum into her mouth. His cum started to slow down, so it got all down her stomach. He finally finished, and they both got up. they were both naked, and she kissed him, and she wiped the cum off her face. She rubbed against him, his cum in between them, rubbing into eachother. They were both sweaty, and sticky.

They wiped themselves off, washed off a bit with the sink, and kissed until they cooled off. She fixe her hair so it didnt look suspicious. They put their clothes on, and quietly opened the door and peeked out. One of the younger flight attendents was sitting on the floor next to the door, in the corner, fingering herself. She was all sweaty, and Danielle was shocked. Daniel tried hard not to laugh, but couldnt help it, and they ran back to their seats. They fell asleep almost instantly. Guess what happens on the rest of the trip….?

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