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Subject: The Almost Twins – part 24 THE ALMOST TWINS PART 24 This story contains consensual sex between Males. If you are not 18 – DO NOT READ THIS STORY. If this type of story is not acceptable where you live, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. Please send a contribution to Nifty to keep this site open and free! The Following Friday, the Coach called Ben and Brandon into the office. They sat in the chairs in front of the Coach’s desk. He said: “Today is feedback day. The Club has had feedback from John Ransom. He volunteered the following information. He told us it was the best sex he had ever had! He said that you were both knowledgeable, attractive and personable. He then said that we should put him on the listing for a repeat encounter. He said that he had never paid fo sex before, but he never thought of that when he was with you two. That is what he said, now tell me your own reactions.” Ben started talking: “We talked about the encounter on the drive home, and there are several things we have to discuss. Firstly, we invented round 3!” He was interrupted by the Coach: “What do you mean “Round 3?” You may have invented your own terms for…happenings. What do you mean by “Round 3?” Ben answered: “The way we think of it is: Round 1 is the Oral – Around the world. Round 2 is the multi fuck. izmit escort Round 3 is something IF the client wants to do it. Round 3 is the client blows us both. We also added something to Round 1.” The Coach asked: “What did you change in…Round one?” Ben answered: “The change is when we get to the client’s cock. The follower gently pulls the client’s feet back to his ass, and tips his hips forward and up. The follower sucked one ball, then moved to the client’s asshole, licks the asshole, then sucks the other ball. Then he repeats! In later stages, the follower thrusts his tongue into the client’s asshole. The client seems to like it.” The Coach smiled and said: “That sounds like fun, and sounds like it is very stimulating for both the Client and the follower. It’s good – keep it!” Ben continued talking: “There is another area that needs to be discussed. We have a suggestion as to how to solve this problem and hope other people have additional ideas. John mentioned it. There is a hurdle that has to be overcome. We solved it with John, but anticipate the same problem in all future liaisons. That is the question of paying for sex. We have no problem with it! Club member have sex with each other as protection from disease. Because they can get as much free sex as they want, within the club; yahya kaptan escort they are reluctant to pay for sex. The fact that the “Donation” goes to the Club helps moderate the subject, but it is still there. We are open to suggestions as to how to solve this problem. Although we are not marketing experts, we have come up with one idea. The Coach asked: “And what is that?” Ben continued: “We think that the Client should take us out to dinner rather than appear at a hotel room. That way, we could relax the client with nonsense talking. He would be relaxed, and not think of the commercial aspects of the…encounter…that follows. “There is one other thing that we have no control over. When the Club begins processing for our…services, they must, from the initial contact, treat the act of being with us as something special. From day one, everything about us should be special. It is a privilege to be with us. Instead of the questions about the “Donation,” the contact should push the idea the “You haven’t Lived until you are with the Almost twins.” We hope there will be other ideas on this subject. There is a belief in the general public that paying for sex is “Dirty and Disgusting.” This idea must be lessened!” “The Coach remarked: “You seemed to have gebze escort thought this through.” Ben said: “Brandon did most of the thinking. I recognize that he has more brains than me. We might look and act alike, but not in the brain department! That is why I submit to him.That is why I pretend to be the leader of our group, when I know that he is.” Ben’s face turned red when he realized what he had said. There was silence in the room. They all realized that Ben had said more than he intended, a genuine “Freudian Slip.” Inadvertently, he bared his soul and brought out something that had been unspoken. Brandon’s jaw dropped open. He said to Ben: “You knew, all this time?” Ben looked at Brandon and said: “Yes I knew; and it was acceptable to me.” Brandon came back with: “You know that I love you. No matter what!” Ben answered: “I know, and see no reason to change our relationship. I love you, no matter what” The Coach was embarrassed. He was witness to something very personal between Ben and Brandon. He realized that they had to talk this through in private, So he ended the meeting as soon as possible. He said: “OK guys. I will let you know your next liaison. In the meantime, I will inform “the powers that be” of your suggestion. There will be a couple more “college interviews”, then we will figure out another reason for your absences. If your parents say they have never seen you filling out college applications, tell them that the Coach is helping you fill them out, at school.” Ben and Brandon got up and left the athletic office.

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