Subject: The Alumni Association – Chapter 1 GENERAL DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual situations between adult males. It is mostly fantasy. If you find material of this nature offensive then you should not read any further. All characters in this story are over the age of 21. If you are under 18 years old in the US or under 16 in the UK you are not legally allowed to read this story. This is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to any events that may have occurred, are purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the websites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author. Nifty does not exist without donations. If you enjoy these stories, please donate here: fty/donate.html CONTACT/FEEDBACK: This is my very first story. If you have any feedback (or any other ideas) I would really appreciate it. I will try to incorporate as many suggestions about the story and characters into subsequent chapters whenever possible. Feel free to email me at mreeves5819 (at) ail ============================== I had never been invited to one of the reunions before. You needed a special recommendation from one of the alumni to even get an invitation. I had been asked by Erik Peterson if I wanted to attend this year. It was very exclusive and I jumped at the chance. Erik and I were on the same swim team while in college, though he was a senior when I was a freshman. I was surprised to hear from him but knew that the connections made at the reunions were coveted. I walked into the giant mansion on the outskirts of campus wearing a suit and tie, it was a formal event after all. I rang the doorbell and a giant of a man answered the door. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting shorts, his giant quads stretching them to their limits.His barrel chest made the lettering on the polo shirt he was wearing stretch all the way across. “Hello, I’m James. Your invitation?” he asked. “Yes, here it is,” I said as I pulled out the slip of paper. The invitation was minimal, just the date and address followed by a numeric code. James entered it on his phone and smiled. “Welcome Tom, we’re happy you could join us,” he said. “Follow me.” I followed James through a series of hallways. The house was immaculate. I heard it was owned by the athletic alumni association. It made sense, all the members were ex-athletes that went on to lead very successful business lives. We arrived at a small room. “You’ll be required to sign these non-disclosure agreements. It’s standard practice for anyone attending the reunion. Will that be an issue?” He asked. “No, not at all,” I said. I thought it was odd but maybe that it made sense since it was an invitation only event. “Excellent. And if you feel uncomfortable at any time, just let someone know. We’ll escort you out.” I signed the papers and James put them in an envelope and dropped it in a slot near the door. “Now, you came dressed for the occasion and we appreciate that, but you’re really over dressed. There is a selection of outfits for you in the closets. Remember, if you feel like you want to leave anytime, just let someone know. You’ll be escorted out, no questions asked. Once you’re changed, you can head through those doors right there,” he said while pointing across the room. “I have to get back to the lobby.” He smiled and exited the way we came in. I was slightly confused by his repetition of my feelings of being comfortable. I figured that it was because it was my first time. I went to the closet and opened it up. Inside the closet was not what I was expecting. The clothing was very casual, more casual than what James was wearing. Khaki shorts of varying lengths, shirts and tank tops. I also noticed that there were a variety of underwear choices as well. And not just underwear, but jockstraps and speedos. I was thinking that maybe there might be a workout bursa escort involved? I grabbed a pair of shorts, a v-neck shirt and a black bike jockstrap. I usually wear a jockstrap when I workout, it keeps things in place. I changed into the new outfit and put my clothes in a locker with my name on it and went through the door. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. It was a medium sized room with tables set up along the perimeter. There were at least a dozen men standing around, all dressed similarly. Erik immediately saw me as I entered and he came over. “Tom! I’m so glad you came! You are looking great! I see you’re keeping in shape. Good!” he said. He gave me a hug and then handed me one of the drinks he had in his hands. “Thanks Erik. I came in a suit and tie, I figured it was a formal event, this is kind of more casual than I thought,” I said. “Oh don’t worry, I came dressed to impress the first time too. This reunion isn’t like the others, it’s way more laid back. We’re just here to hang out, make some connections and figure things out,” he said. “Cool. I was surprised by your invite, I’ve heard about the reunions and know how hard it is to get an invite.” “Well, I have a selfish reason for inviting you tonight Tom.” “And that would be?” “I wanted to see you again.” My face blushed involuntarily. Erik was a good looking guy, a classic swimmer’s build. Broad shoulders, tapered waist with a tight v line cut into his abdominals. He had long strong powerful legs. At least that’s what I remember from our year swimming together. “I wished that we swam together for more than just that one year,” he continued. “I enjoyed watching you get faster…And I enjoyed watching you.” I hadn’t admitted it to myself, but I had enjoyed watching Erik too. After practice, everyone hit the showers. Speedos were taken off and we showered away the hard practices. We went to our private locker room and changed. I secretly loved those times I could be around my teammates naked. Speedos don’t leave much to the imagination, but seeing them completely naked was a completely different experience. I remembered one of the first times. It was before our season started my freshman year. We played volleyball on the sand courts across campus from the pool. The freshman teamed up with upperclassmen. We wore nothing but our suits. Afterwards, we ran to the pool to cool off. The pool was closed, but the locker room and showers were open. We all crowded into the showers and began to rinse the sand off. We were sweaty so the sand was everywhere. All the diving into the sand also got sand in our suits too. A few guys stripped their suits off and began rinsing themselves off. Eventually more and more of the guys got naked. I was hesitant, I didn’t know these people. I didn’t want to be the only guy still in his suit. I also felt a sense of brotherhood with them. My suit eventually came off too. It was a new sensation to be around a bunch of guys completely naked. I was immediately worried that I was going to pop wood. In high school, we kept our suits on. I noticed a few of the guys got a little plump, but no one said anything. It was just natural. It was then when I knew that I was turned on by the nude male form. “Really?” I said to Erik. “I didn’t know…” “Oh com’on Tom. You can relax here. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I remember how you lingered just a little longer than the rest of the guys when we were in the shower… or changing,” he said, moving a little closer. “I was looking too. And I did a little more than look,” he said with a wink. “Well, I mean…” I said. “Remember Jack Stepple? You have to remember Jack. He was a junior that year.” “I remember him.” “How can you not? He was hung like a horse! I’m surprised he didn’t need a suit with an extra big pouch in front!” Erik said. My erection was straining against the jockstrap material. I stole a glance down and pulled my shirt over to hid it. “You don’t have bursa escort bayan to do that,” Erik said, grabbing my hand and brushing it away. “We’re all like minded men here. Ex-athletes who appreciate the male form…” I continued to blush. I realized that the rest of the guys in the room had gravitated toward the two of us. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Do you feel uncomfortable?” Erik asked. “No. Just confused.” I caught one of the bigger guys, he looked like a football player, turn to another guy, smile and nod. He was rubbing his clearly visible erection through his shorts. “We’re hoping that you’ll join our athletic alumni association. We only let in a few new members each year, and we have to make sure that they are the right fit. Do you think that you’re the right fit Tom?” he asked. “I think so,” I said while the circle of men grew closer. Their hands were openly rubbing their erections through their shorts. Some had their hands down each other’s shorts. There were a few guys that Tom recognized, baseball players, football players, rugby, soccer, lacrosse and water polo players too. “Good. Your comfort is paramount. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. I can tell you’re a bit nervous, so we’ll start slow,” Erik said. The other guys took the hint and backed off a little. “I’ll get him started, then we’ll go from there,” Erik said to the wider group. He took Tom by the shoulder and led him into a smaller room off to the side. “Do you want some help with that?” Erik asked once they were alone. He motioned to the bulge protruding from Tom’s shorts. “Erik, I’ve never done anything like this before,” I said. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t sure how it would be either. But trust me, this group is very trustworthy. Women don’t know what works, they don’t have the intimate knowledge like other guys do. We know what feels good.” “No, it’s not that Erik. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m nervous.” “It’s okay Tom. It’s just us guys and that’s why I’m here. I’m your mentor. I brought you in. I’ll show you the ropes. I had never done anything either before Jack brought me in. I have a wife, kids and a whole other life outside of the association. These are our special weekends. What happens here, stays here.” He took off his shirt and helped me with mine. He shed his shorts and stood in front of me wearing a small yellow and red checkered speedo. His enormous manhood filled the front and threatened to spilled out the top, exposing a nice bush of pubic hair, the strings used to tie the suit tight dangled down. I took off my shorts. “A jock,” Erik commented. I stood there, the pouch of the Bike jockstrap strained against itself. “Yeah, I didn’t understand the clothing, I thought maybe there was a workout involved?” Erik laughed. “You look good, you’ve kept in shape,” he said. “I knew you did from the way you carried yourself, but damn.” I stood there, in front of Erik wearing just a black jockstrap with a raging erection threatening to pop out. Another guy had never seen my erection before. “Do what feels natural,” Erik said. I looked at him. He was about 33, a bit thicker than he was in college, but still defined. He had a full head of hair and a trimmed beard that covered his face. While in college, most of the guys didn’t have much body hair, it didn’t tend to grow since we were in the chlorine so often and we shaved it off every year. Erik now had a smattering of hair on his chest and it formed into a trail down his torso to his bush. My eyes followed it down and took a step closer. My fingers found the strings and I expertly undid them. I hesitated. “Go ahead,” Erik whispered. My right hand dipped into the void between his taut stomach and the strained suit. I took hold of his manhood. It felt warm. I had never held another man’s cock before. It felt familiar. I used my left hand and slipped the suit down. It got caught on his thick thighs. He leaned in escort bursa and kissed me when I bent over and he slipped out of the suit. He cupped my still pouched cock and gently rubbed it through the fabric. He continued to kiss me while he slipped his fingers through the waistband and tugged it down. He continued down until he was on his knees. My thick cock stood straight out in front of his face. He looked at it and looked at me. I guess he could sense my nervousness. He stood back up and took my cock in his hands and started tugging. I did the same. I thought of myself as average. What guy hasn’t got out a ruler and measured his own dick? Mine was about 6.5 inches, base to tip. I had compared my cock to other men before, but never hard. Erik’s cock was at least 7.5 inches and it took both of my hands around it easily. It felt amazing to feel a guy jerking me off. I have had plenty of sex in my life before with women, plenty of blow jobs and hand jobs. But this was something else. It was like my best masturbation session ever but better, since I wasn’t doing it. I shuddered. “Does it feel good” Erik asked. “Sooo good,” I replied. “Do you mind if I try something?” “Go for it,” I said in a soft voice, losing myself in the pleasure. Erik got down on his knees and engulfed my cock in his mouth in a quick motion. For what felt like forever, he worked over my cock in his mouth. He put all the other blowjobs I had in my life to shame. Erik knew exactly what spot to hit to send me over the edge. I pulled back from him, not wanting to cum yet. My cock slid out of his mouth, precum dripped from his lips. “Something wrong?” Erik asked. “No, I don’t want this to end quite yet,” I said. “Good,” he replied and stood up. He walked over toward the bed in the corner of the room. His giant cock mesmerized me. I needed to return the favor, but had no idea how to proceed. He saw me staring at his cock. “You want to give it a try?” Erik said. “I’ve never done it before,” I said. “Do what feels natural. You’ll know what feels good,” Erik said. Erik laid down on the bed and I crawled between his legs. His massive 7.5inch cock stood straight up pointing toward the ceiling. I grabbed it around the base and opened my mouth. There was a salty taste to it. It wasn’t unpleasant. It reminded me of the smell of the weight room after the football team had finished with it. Manly musk and sweat. It felt soft in my mouth, I was careful not to let my teeth catch. I sucked on it and swirled my tongue around the base of his head. Erik moaned. “You’re a natural,” he commented. My left hand was playing with his balls as I moved my head up and down on his long shaft. “I think I was right to invite you,” he said. I nodded a response as I continued to suck his cock. My right hand explored his torso and teasing his nipples. “Woah, hold on a second,” Erik said, pulling me off of him. I gasped as I came up for air. I looked up at him from in between his legs. “We have the whole weekend in front of us,” he said. I nodded and went back to work on his cock. Suddenly, I could feel his whole body stiffen. His balls tightened and he let loose a torrent of cum into my mouth. I tried to swallow it but I came up coughing. “Pretty good for your first time,” he said. I wiped the cum from my chin and climbed up his body. I began to kiss him while I ground my cock into his now softening one, still slick with his own cum. A few thrusts and I shuddered with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I sprayed cum from his belly button up to his beard. I had never been interested in cum before, the thought of it in my mouth was never a turn on. But I licked it all up, right up to his beard, sucking it out of it. I swallowed and collapsed against him. “Well, I think you’re going to fit in fine,” Erik said. “Yeah, that was great,” I said. I laid there for a moment, taking in the first sexual experience I had with a guy. “Let’s relax in here for a bit. I want you rested before we meet the rest of the guys. Do you want to meet the rest of them?” he asked. “I do,” I replied. “Good, we’ll give you a proper introduction to the Alumni Association.” ======= End of Chapter 1 =====

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