The Anal Olympics – used at a sex party Part 2

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The Anal Olympics – used at a sex party Part 2This is part 2 of a story (check out my page for the other parts, and some pic/vids to help your imagination along ;D)I’d had threesomes before, with two girls, and a guy and a girl, and two dudes, but I’d never been in a gangbang before. An unintentional whimper escaped my lips.My Mistress laughed.‘Hear that, everyone? Sounds like you’ve frightened him!’At this everyone laughed and I felt myself blush. Immediately my mistress was kneeling besides me.‘Go to the centre of the room and present yourself properly,’ she spoke in such a manner that I didn’t dare disobey. My master released my collar and I crawled out on hands and knees. I could feel them all looking at me but I forced myself to focus on the middle of the room. As I drew close I realised that the floor at the centre of the room was raised in a circle, and as I crawled onto it moved, just slightly. Pushing my curiosity aside I put my face down on the ground and raised my tight little ass as height as I could, then I reached back and spread my ass cheeks. People started murmuring amongst themselves and from my prone position I saw a woman licking her lips, the look in her eyes was positively hungry.The man of the house had followed me and now he rested a booted foot besides me and kicked off. In surprised I felt the raised platform spinning slowly around like a roundabout bursa escort and in one swift movement my horse-tail-plugged anus was exposed to the whole room.‘Who would like first taste?’ asked my mistress of the room, ‘perhaps you, Lady Sandra?’ This had been directed at the hungry woman. Was she really a Lady? I wondered, but no, how foolish – this was a secret society – these names were chosen by the individuals. Still, to all extents and purposes she might as well have been.She strode across the room without a moment’s hesitation. Kicked the turntable until my ass was in front of her and then slowly, but firmly, pulled out my tail. They say you don’t miss things until they’re gone – this is very true of butt-plugs. I’d felt bare before, but now I felt utterly wide open.I know what’s expected of a real slave though – I concentrated and didn’t let my hole close. She murmured something, perhaps praise, and then spat into my ass.It didn’t touch the sides, instead hitting me somewhere deep inside. My body shuddered involuntarily and for a moment everything tingled. Before I knew what was happening her tongue was inside me. It was so small compared to the butt-plug, but as it darted and lapped at my wet ring I could hardly contain myself. Eventually she gave up all pretence of delicateness and her mouth closed over my anus, her lips and tongue kissing it with more passion bursa escort bayan than any other part of me had ever been kissed. She kept pulling back to spit until I was certain that my ass must be overflowing with it. Sure enough I felt some of her saliva slowly trickle down the inside of my leg.Locked as I was in pleasure I had not noticed the others gathering around, but as Lady Sandra pulled back my sense returned and suddenly I became aware of the crowd. The turn table spun again and I lost her, instead now a middle aged man was behind me, already his suit had been stripped back, revealing a toned and suntanned body, without a word he plunged two fingers into my ass.He was far less delicate, but I enjoyed the roughness, delighting as his strong digits moved inside me. He tugged at me, stretching me ever so slightly, and then I heard his belt unbuckle. I looked over my shoulder and watched his expression: I knew that he could see inside me.Embarrassment threatened to overwhelm me but excitement took its place. His dick was big. I felt it press against my tight little hole and for a moment it seemed as though it might not go in, but then he gave a small thrust and suddenly I was impaled on the shaft. Tears sprung to my eyes. No matter how many times I fucked my ass at home I never really got used to a real dick in me. I was lucky that he held it in there for escort bursa a few moments, allowing me to adjust. Then he started moving back and forth, ever-so-slightly. I groaned in pleasure, and for this my Mistress brought down the crop against my ass cheeks.I mumbled an apology but clearly it wasn’t enough.‘Lord Banford,’ she said, her voice loud and clear, ‘stop taking pity on the little slut and show him what it is to be fucked!’At this the supposed Lord threw back his head and laughed.‘Yes, My Lady,’ he replied, his voice thick and Italian, much like his cock.Digging his hands into my slender sides he pulled back. Only now did I realise that he’d only used half his length. His dick rose up inside me deeper than anything else ever had and I had to bite down on my tongue to keep myself quiet. It wasn’t long before he’d begun a steady rhythm going. I could feel every part of his shaft as my ass tried to cope with it. More than once he pulled all the way out and then drove back in, laughing as he held my body in place.Then I did something to him! The next time he thrust in I clenched down my ass muscles. Clamping down on his thick cock. For a moment he faltered, then I felt him reach forwards and grab at my leash. He roughly pulled it back and my head was lifted from the ground. Soon I was back up on all fours. In front of me was another man, this one older, his dick long and veiny, already leaking precum.I licked my lips and opened my mouth, it was all the invitation he needed….(This is the end of the second part. The next part will be twice as long and the real party will start ;D )

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