The Andersons: Home from Work

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All characters over the age of 18.

All characters belong to WithFurvor.


Andrew Anderson had a rough day at work. It was bad enough he had to live his life working in a dead end office job, but throw in an angry boss, incomplete reports, plus an extra two hours in the office and that was enough to leave the late 30’s lapine male feeling just about as terrible as he possibly could. The fact that his wife probably wouldn’t be there when he got home didn’t help his mood. She had been going out lately, he wasn’t sure to where. Their marriage had become close to farcicle lately, and he didn’t like to think about it.

As he got in to his car and began to drive home Andrew thought about the main reason he and his wife were still together. Jacob and Julia, the twins. They were 18 now, and he wasn’t sure how much longer his marriage would survive if they left home. Still, as long as he got to see his little angel, Julia. He had called her “Juju” since she was a child. He loved his son too, of course, but he didn’t quite understand the boy. No, Jacob tended to spend most of the day in his room or gone, whereas Julia was often hanging around her father. Her bubbly attitude always brightened his day. At least he had that to look forward to when he got home.

Julia rushed around the house making sure everything was perfect for tonight. Her father had called in to let her mother know that he’d be working late tonight, and she’d left soon after. That left only her, and her brother who she was able to convince to spend the night at a friends house. Julia knew it was unlikely her mother would return home until morning, she’d been doing that lately. With the house all to herself, she set her plan in to motion.

She checked the oven and fretted for a few moments over whether the steak she was cooking was done enough. Julia didn’t normally cook, but tonight was a special occassion. Deciding to let the meat cook a little longer she rushed to the kitchen mirror to look herself over, still hoping she didn’t look too silly. She was wearing a french maid outfit, her halloween costume from a party last year. It complimented her young figure excellently, hugging up to her chest and pushing her B cup breasts up to make them look bigger. She wished for a moment that she had inhereted her mother’s gifted bust size, but she felt confident enough in her appearance. The stockings made her long legs and thick, toned thighs look even more appealing than they already did, hinting up towards white cotton panties that Julia very much hoped she’d be showing to her father tonight.

Suddenly Julia heard the sound of a car door shutting and ran in to the living room to dim the lights, then back in to the kitchen to grab a small glass and a bottle of her father’s favorite whiskey.

Andrew closed the door to his car with a sigh. His shoulders ached and he just wanted to get inside and enjoy a drink in front of the television. He noticed both his wife and his son’s car were gone. At least it’d be a quiet night. He opened the door to his house and the smell of steak was the first thing that threw him off. His wife hadn’t cooked for him in a while. The second thing he noticed was how dim the lights were.

“Juju, sweetie?” He called out, closing the door behind himself.

“I’m in the kitchen Daddy!” Her musical voice rang back to him. “Sit down, I’ve got a surprise for you!”

Andrew smiled. He had such a good daughter.

“Is it that wonderful steak I’m smelling?” He asked as he sat down in his favorite chair.

“That’s part of it.” He heard her say from the kitchen.

“Oh? What’s the other p-,” Turning his head as he spoke, Andrew was stopped mid sentance as he saw his daughter standing next to him in a skimpy maid outfit, holding a glass of whiskey outstretched towards him. One of her ears was tilted forward, hanging in front of her face in a cute girlish way. At first all he could do was stare. Her legs, her body, her face waiting for his approval.

“What’s all this now, sweetie?” He said, slowly taking the drink from her paw. Julia fidgeted for a moment, looking away and blushing. He was mad at himself that he had to fight not to oogle her.

“Well,” Julia started, folding her hand together infront of her and looking back to her illegal bahis father. “I-I thought this would be cute. I was thinking that, maybe, I could make you dinner and take care of you after work daddy. I’ve noticed how things are with mom and I thought you could use a good meal and a drink.”

“Oh.” Andrew was baffled.

“And.” The younger lapine blushed, continuing. “I-I thought that m-maybe you could use the company of a girl who’s nice to you for once.”

Andrew stared, not sure what to do. Part of him knew he should feel wrong about something here, but that part of him was overshadowed by the part of him that felt neglected and welcomed the comfort even if it was coming from his daughter. He took a long sip from his glass.

“That’s… That’s very sweet of you, Juju.” He smiled up at his little girl, and as soon as she did she perked up with confidence.

“Cool!” She smiled back, bouncing with joy at her father’s approval. “Are you hungry? I’ve been cooking for you, daddy!”

“I am, Juju, and it smells wonderful.” He took another sip from his glass. “I’d love to watch some T.V. if you’ll bring me the remote, too.”

Julia nodded eagerly and looked around the living room.

“Oh!” Her eyes landed on the coffee table between her father and the T.V. “There it is.”

She walked over to the table slowly, aware that her father’s eyes were on her. That’s exactly the way she wanted it. With her legs straight she bent all the way forward to grab the remote, exposing her pantied rear to the older lapine. She had bought a pair of black high heels special for this night, and the effect showed as her fluffly little tail twitched in the air. Andrew’s eyes popped when he saw his daughters ass displayed in front of him. She had a nice, thick rear despite her light frame. With his burning gaze he could make out the gentle outline detailin the puff of his daughters vaginal lips against her white panties. Andrew wanted to avert his eyes, stop his shameless rubbernecking, but he couldn’t. Thankfully Julia rose back up with the remote in her paw and ended the moment before her father’s pants became too tight.

She dropped the remote in his lap with a devilish smile, walking back in to the kitchen.

“I’ll be back with your food, Daddy.”

Julia padded in to the kitchen with a bounce in her step. Everything was going just the way she planned for it to, now that she had this alone time with daddy. Using an oven mit, the young lapine carefully removed the pan from the oven and plated the steak for her father alongside a knife and a fork. Perky and bubbling with delight she bounced back in to the living room, where her father was watching television.

“Here you go, Daddy.”

Julia held the plate out to her father with both hands, a proud smile on her face. The steak smelled wonderful, and Andrew could help but think of how precious his little girl looked holding it out to him.

“It looks amazing, Juju.” He took the plate from her and sat it in his lap. Draining the last of the whiskey from his glass, he held it out to her. “Can you get Daddy a little more whiskey, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Julia giggled and retreated back to the kitchen with her father’s glass.

Andrew looked at the steak in his lap and smiled, it looked amazing. He cut a piece of it and took a bite, relaxing as he enjoyed the flavor. It may have been just a touch overdone, but It was so nice to come home to a hot meal and a little affection.

“Here you go, Daddy.” Julia came back and handed her father his drink. He smiled up at her.

“Thank you so much, Juju.” He said between bites of steak. “I really needed this.”

“Anything for you, Daddy.” Julia replied happily.

Julia watched her father eat for a moment and then leaned in towards him to expose her cleavage, resting one paw on the head of his chair behind him and the other gently on his lap.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Daddy?” She spoke softly, looking him in the eyes.

Andrew blushed, obviously noticing his daughters breasts pushed together by the costume she was wearing. Her paw on his leg didn’t help things. Still, his shoulders did hurt…

“Can you rub Daddy’s shoulder, Juju?” He said, taking a sip of his whiskey. “It’s been a long day.”

“I illegal bahis siteleri can do that for you, Daddy.”

Julia walked around behind her father’s chair, and gently placed her paws on his shoulders. As soon as she did, Julia heard her father sigh with relaxation. She began kneading in to his shoulders, hoping she was doing well. She had never given anyone a back rub before, but she seemed to be doing okay. Meanwhile, Andrew was in heaven. Somewhere between the steak, the drink, and the shoulder rub he had achieved nirvana. His little girl was a perfect little care giver. By the time he was done with his steak, all the worries of the day had been worked out of Andrew. Julia took the plate from him and put it in the sink, returning to replace her paws at his shoulders. She leaned forward to hug him from behind, and he could feel her breasts at his back and the warmth of her breath at his ear.

“Can’t I do anything else for you, Daddy?” She whispered coyly.

“I-I don’t know, sweetie. I don’t thin-,” Andrew was interrupted when his little girl started nibbling gently on his earlobe. He felt her paws span out over his shirt, gliding gently down his chest. Slowly, she unbuttoned his shirt, starting at the top and working her fingers downward. Andrew’s breath was shallow. He was a man, he knew what his little girl wanted. In his mind, with every button undone, his sense of what was right and what felt good blurred together a little more. He couldn’t stop her, and by the time the last button was undone the no longer wanted to. He turned his head to look at his little girl, she blushed back at him for a moment before she pressed forward and finally broke through the wall of taboo that stood between them.

As their lips met, a shiver ran down Andrew’s spine. Feeling his little girl’s hands on his chest, running through the fur and getting closer to his belt line by the moment, excited him like nothing had in a long time. It had been so long since his wife had made him feel this way. Meanwhile Julia stroked her tongue gently against her father’s, feeling fire shoot through her body every time their lips parted and met again. She had longed to have his breath this close to hers for a long time now. Finally having it turned her on more than she could stand. She could feel her loins burning as they started to wet her panties. Her father, picking up on her needs, slid his paw under the skirt of her costume. His fingers found her hips first, and glided up and down through the fur there for a moment before finding her panty line. Andrew followed it between her legs until he could feel the warmth of Julia’s cunny above his fingers. As they kissed, he pressed his fingers firmly there, rubbing them in small circles through the cotton covering his daughter’s clitoris.

She moaned out in to the kiss, her knees going weak at her father’s touch. But she needed more. Grinding in to her father’s fingers, Julia’s paw found his belt and undid it, opening up his jeans until she felt his semi-erect penis in her paw. She gripped it softly and begin stroking it needily, wanting to feel the full length of her father in her fingers, and then inside of her. The very thought made her kiss Andrew even harder, but then he broke the kiss. He looked at his daughter in the eyes for a moment, and she blushed. Then, as they stared at each other Andrew slid the crotch of Julia’s panties aside and slowly inched two fingers in to his little girl. At first her eyes went out of focus and her grip on her father’s member slackened for a moment. It felt so good, she couldn’t help but ease down against his fingers everytime they pressed up to penetrate her deeper.

She looked so sexy, Andrew thought. Watching her face as his fingers slid in and out of the younger lapine. Her lips and inner walls were silky and smooth, coated with the wetness that came with her arousal. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, taking pleasure in each slight movement on her face. Every wince, every shudder, every bite to her bottom lip. After a moment she seemed to get her bearings and her grip tightened again on his shaft. She began stroking him, faster than before, getting an aroused murr from her father. She leaned against him, her breasts resting against his head. He reached around and squeezed her soft, supple rear with his canlı bahis siteleri free hand, nuzzling against his daughter’s breasts.

“D-daddy?” She squeaked out, whining as her father fingered her.

“What is it, Juju?” He said, breathing heavily.

“I want to use my mouth,” She blushed, looking down at his memeber in her paws. “On you. Is that okay, Daddy?”

Andrew grinned, pulling his fingers out of Julia and licking them slowly. She tasted lovely.

“Daddy would like that very much, sweetie.” He said. “But first, why don’t you make daddy one more drink?”

With a giggle and a nod, Julia made for the kitchen again. Andrew smacked her on the rear as she passed by him, and she hopped out of the room with her tail twitching happily behind her. She returned in record time and passed the glass of whiskey to her father. After a singular, quiet moment between the two, Julia dropped to her knees in front of the older lapine. Andrew’s cock was the size of his daughter’s face, easily, and for a moment she just stared up at him. Then, slowly, Julia grabbed his shaft again and positioned it towards her mouth. Andrew took a satisfied drink from his glass as he felt the warmth of his little girl’s mouth on the head of his dick. He let out a relaxed sigh and reached down with his free hand, stroking her hair lovingly.

“Good girl.” He murred.

Julia closed her eyes and started to take more of her father’s length in to her maw. It was thick, and difficult at first for her to slide her mouth down on. When she pulled her head back, however, she found the shaft easier to bob her head on once it was coated with saliva. Closing her eyes and placing one paw on her dad’s leg, and the other on his sensitive balls. She caressed his sack gently and moaned around his cock, sending pleasant gentle vibrations down his member. Andrew watched his daughter build a rhythm on his cock, taking another drink of his whiskey. This was more like it, the hell with his horrible wife and her attitude. He could come home to this every day, as far as he was concerned.

Julia pulled her mouth from her father’s member, moving her paw from his balls to his shaft. She began to stroke him quickly as she lowered her head and head and gave his sac a long, slow lick up the middle. Andrew gasped when he felt her tongue on his balls, biting his bottom lip. Noticing the reaction she got from her father, Julia took one of his testicles in her mouth and sucked on it gently with her soft lips. She tongued at the testicle in her mouth as she suckled on it, stroking the older lapine’s cock making him pant and groan. She squeaked as she felt her father grab her roughly by the hair, his ball audibly popping out of her mouth, and then push his shaft back in to her mouth. He was being a lot more aggressive, Julia noticed, but she liked it. She closed her eyes and did her best to open up her throat for her father, bobbing her head in time with his thrusting hips.

Andrew was breathing heavily, holding his little girl by the back of the head as he worked her throat with his throbbing member. With his other paw he downed the last of his whiskey and then that paw, too, was on the back of his daughter’s head. He was already close, considering how attentive Julia had been, but when he looked down at his little girl with his cock in her mouth, make up smeared slightly under her eyes and all dolled up in that sexy little costume it finally sent him over the edge.

“Juju!” He gasped, pushing the back of her head down until he hilted her mouth. “I’m coming!”

Julia gagged as her father hilted her lips, but did her best to stay there as she felt his warm cum shoot out in to her throat. She blushed, her face against her father’s stomach and hips, and moaned as she felt him twitch and jerk while cumming in her warm, wet throat. He pulled out and slammed his hips forward again with a groan, another jet of cum shooting down her throat. Julia whimpered as she felt his cock slam back in to his throat, and yet she loved the aggressive way her father was acting.

“Swallow it!” He muttered. “All of it.”

How could she not? It was all going straight down her throat, but even still she clamped her lips down around his cock to make sure nothing could escape. Slowly, Andrew settled down, leaning back in his chair. Julia finally removed her mouth from his penis and licked her lips, looking up at him.

“Daddy?” Julia said, resting her head on her father’s leg. “Did I do good?”

“Yes, Juju.” Andrew laughed. “You did very good.”


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