The Apartment

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“Well, this is our last stop.” said Mya, putting a small key into the keyhole and turning. “You’ll like it, I’m so sure.” She swings open the white door and walks in, spreading her arms. “What do you think?”

I look around the large white apartment suite with the exceptional high ceiling. The kitchen is seen through a decorative hole from the living room. It’s partially furnished, with a green couch and a television sitting on a rug in the living room. A large bay window looks out onto a nearby pier and train station. I look at Mya with adoring eyes. “It’s beautiful. Can’t believe you didn’t show me before.” She smiles coyly.

“It just went on the market. I know this because I live four doors down.” She said. I had walked over to the window. “So, are you going to make an offer?” She asked, walking over to stand beside me.

“Whatever it takes. I have to have this.” She smiled.

“Well that’s great. You’ll be happy here. And if you ever need company, you know where I am” I smiled at her. “I was so sure you’d like it,” she walked into the kitchen and open the fridge. “That I bought champagne to celebrate”

“You are truly amazing.” I said. “Now lets sit and watch whatever’s on TV while we get happy off this stuff” I pulled her onto the green sofa with me. We poured out the champagne and made a toast. We sat in silence for a short while so I decided to turn on the television.

“Oh my!” She gasped. I looked back to the TV and saw canlı bahis a couple going at it hard. Oh my was right. I quickly clicked the channel button, but it wouldn’t move, it was stuck.

I ran over to the TV and clicked the channel button, but again, nothing. “Stuck” I said.

“Oh well” she said. “Better than silence.”

I sat back on the couch in disbelief. I was watching porn with my attractive Real Estate Saleswoman. I was getting so turned on, so I did the simplest thing there was. I leaned over and kissed her. I felt her arm clasp by back and she gave a quiet moan. The champagne glasses went onto the table and we were trapped in a full embrace. My hand crept down her beautiful body slowly and massaged her clit through her navy blue skirt. She moaned again, thrusting her hips into my hand asI kept moving it up and down vigorously. She was breathing faster and moaning more now, bringing me nearly to the edge. I began to kiss her neck lovingly, she moaned even louder, almost screaming as I still worked her cliterous, quickening the pace. “Oh God!” she moaned. I reached up her skirt and into her panties to slip my finger in her. She screamed and gripped my back hard. I stopped and looked into her eyes, her eyes were begging for more.

I quickly undid her shirt and gracefully took it off, admiring her wonderful breasts sitting in the bra before me. I slowly removed her bra and began to suck on one of her breasts. She wrapped her left leg bahis siteleri around my body and lay back, quietly moaning to herself. The bulge in my pants rubbed against her around clit and made her even more turned on. She lifted my face her kissed me passionately.

“Stop” she said. I looked puzzled. “Please, just get in me. I can’t take it anymore.” I smiled and did as she said, I took of her skirt and panties and took a moment to admire her beautiful trimmed pussy. She was rubbing it now, trying to satisfy herself. I took her hand from it and licked it, tasting her sweet juices. She smiled at me and kissed me before I thrusted my pelvis forward into her. She moaned with ecstasy and just kissed me deeply again. I realized this wouldn’t work on the couch so I pulled her onto the rug just before I began to put myself in her again.

Starting slowly I slid my shaft into her, then out of her and back in, but as we kept watching the porn on television, the two of us got more and more turned on. She climbed on top of me and began to quickly pound herself onto my penis repeatedly. I held her by the hips, keeping my steady heavy breathing as she began to moan louder and louder. I could feel my cum just waiting to explode into her sweet pussy, but I held back. Mya was sweating and panting now as she moaned and screamed loudly. I could tell she wanted me to cum into her, but I still held on. I put her back onto her back and started to ram her harder and bahis şirketleri faster than should would have done. She was now screaming at repeated intervals. “Oh my God!” She kept screaming. I sucked on her breasts again and kept ramming her, trying to draw it out as long as I could, wanting to hear her scream for me. “Oh God!” she screamed again. “Fuck me. GOD. PLEASE, do it, do IT!” She was gripping the rug tightly now and she bordered on cumming. I put her back on top of me and a few seconds later, I blew my load inside her juicy cunt. The cum dripped out of her pussy as she slowed down her pounding on me. She was panting so loudly that she was moaning again. She got off of my and alay beside me on the living room floor.

I turned on my side and reached to her crotch to spread her sweating legs. As she lay there, still catching her breath, I began to finger her vigorously again. She squirmed with pleasure as I watched her tanned breasts move about with her. The sun was setting through the large bay window now. She started to breath heavily again. I knew she was done, but I just had to do this. I fingered her faster and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She groaned over and over. I wasn’t sure if she would cum, or if she even had any left, but sure enough, I had her moaning loudly again as her juices came dripping out on the rug.

I stood up and picked up my pants. I looked down at her naked motionless body. “Four doors down, eh?” I said, giving her uniform to her. She stayed on the floor, putting it back on. “Well, here’s a cheque for the offer.” I handed her a cheque. “And when I get the keys, make a copy for yourself.” I winked at her and left the apartment.

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