The Apartment

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The ApartmentIt’s a cool, breezy Friday night in a very plain 4plex in NE Minneapolis. The building is old, the walls thin, and Chris and Shea are just returning home, after hitting the town in proper style, and find themselves more than a little ‘in the mood…’(2A – Chris & Shea)‘Who shall I be tonight’ asks Chris, ‘a Fireman, cop, rockstar?’‘How about you just get over here and fuck me’ whispers Shea, head cocked, biting her lip.‘As you wish’ Chris replied. Shea smiling at a quote from her favorite film, stood up, approached him and swiftly removed his shirt, kissing him firmly, lightly biting his lips, sucking them, before making her way down his neck to his perfectly chiseled, rock-hard chest, licking his pecks and gently biting his nipples. His sighs of approval growing louder as she makes her way down, past the six-pack abs, past the precise manscaping to she’s been craving all night…7 inches of hard, throbbing cock…but, they have been ‘out on the town’ so it’ll take a minute or two of work but he soon responds and an erection is forthcoming.(1A – Sally)Sally had begun her Friday night routine earlier in the evening upon returning from work. She was a legal assistant for a large downtown law firm, a thankless job, but it paid well and she never had to work weekends, which suited her, hence the Friday night routine. It started when she walked in the door, letting down her hair and stripping away the business attire and replacing it with holey sweats and a well-worn t-shirt. She fixes herself a drink (vodka gimlet) and settles on the sofa to catch up on Netflix or Hulu and pondered dinner. A couple hours and 1-2 more gimlets later she decides (usually opting for a frozen pizza or take-out) and she grabs her laptop to check email and Facebook. By around 9:30 she begins to feel ‘the tingle’ and her favorite part of the night begins! Time to self-satisfy! She grabs her headphones and her trusty vibrator, removing her bra from under her shirt, she logs onto her PornHub account and begins the search. ‘What will it be tonight?’ she wonders to herself as she scans the categories and keywords ‘Anal, BBW, Blowjob, JOI, Masturbation, Step-Mom, Tit-Fuck? So much good porn! She says in a husky whisper ‘Maybe some strap-on or she-male…’(2B – Andy)Andy develops phone apps, creates content for YouTube and never leaves his apartment. Like, never, well only to go downstairs to get the mail, but that’s it! In this modern age, he has no need to, he can telecommute for work, get all his entertainment online, and for everything else there is Amazon Prime. That being said, he is lonely, shy around other people and not good at starting conversations, especially with the opposite sex. Despite this, he has developed quite the crush on Sally, for whom he has coordinated when he gets his mail to match her retrieval, shyly smiling as he gazes upon her, and on a good day she notices and smiles back. Evan with this routine, he doesn’t know how to approach her or break the ice (if only he knew of their mutual love of television….and porn) as Andy is in his nightly routine, which, as you would guess, begins on PornHub, though he is not as particular as Sally, he’ll just start with the first video that pops up and goes through them until he cums. Simple. Basic.(2A – Shea & Chris)Shea loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, tickling illegal bahis the back of her throat, tasting his pre-cum. Chris loved this too, but he loved other things as well, so he pulled away. ‘Aww, I was just getting into that’ protested Shea, ‘But it’s your turn’ Replied Chris, ‘OK fine’ She sighed, ‘Now, get your fucking clothes off’ He teased. She stood up, took a pace back from the bed, and smiled sinfully. She began with her blouse, reveling her own, perfect 6-pack, like Chris she was athletic and trim. She removed her bra to show her small but firm breasts, next skirt, tights, panties and the appearance of her smooth, hairless pussy and taught ass. Following her lead, he started with her lips, kissing and biting them gently before working down her neck, licking & kissing his way down, collarbone, then moving his hands up to gently squeeze her breasts, tonging her nipples, sucking and biting them, Shea moaning, running her fingers through, then pulling his hair in approval. Licking his way down, her abs, her belly button, spinning her around and pushing her down on the bed, starting again with her feet, giving her toes a quick suck before his ascent up her muscled calves, her firm thighs and then, the honeypot, her pussy, glistening, almost dripping in anticipation of the tongue-lashing that was forthcoming. (1A – Sally)‘Oh fuck’ Sally moaned quietly, her 2nd orgasm of the night flooding over her, ‘BBW masturbates while watching porn 3’, one of her favorite clips, did it again. She pulls herself off the sofa to get a glass of water and pee. After, she caught a glance of herself in the bathroom mirror, her soft, though slightly sweaty, auburn hair framing her flushed, chubby little face, her t-shirt, dampened by sweat, clung to her pendulous breasts, her nipples erect and showing through. ‘Damn girl’ she thought to herself, running her hand along the side of her breast, grasping the nipple, giving a tug ‘you’re looking good, sexy’ she smiled, biting her lip, her other hand joining in the fun. Gently lifting both tits up, by the nipple, throwing her head back with a loan moan and sigh of satisfaction, ‘Ok’ she thought ‘let’s kick this up a notch’. Giggling to herself, she grabbed her laptop and retired to the bedroom. There she pulled a box from the closet and started to remove the contents, placing each item on the bed. A couple of dildos, vibrators, collars, chains, rope, handcuffs, leather restraints, ball gags, nipple clamps, butt plugs, blindfolds, floggers, paddles, candles…(2B – Andy)Andy, also 2 orgasms in, gets up for some water and a pee. He’s through about 2 dozen videos and going strong. Like Sally, he’s kicking it up a notch, grabbing the only ‘accessary’ he owns, a pair of nipple clamps on a chain. He returns to the computer, clamps up, lubes up, and goes for round 3.(2A – Shea and Chris)‘Oh FUCK, God DAMN you eat that pussy GOOD!! ‘shouted Shea ‘yes, Yes, YES!!!!’ cumming hard. Chris lifted his head, dripping with her juices from his nose to his chin ‘OK, that was fun, but I need to be inside of you’ he growled, standing up, pulling her to the edge of the bed, sliding his hard cock up and down her juicy slit, teasing her, ‘ok, fuck Me NOW!’ pleaded Shea, ‘as you wish’ replied Chris, impaling her pussy with 7 inches of rock hard cock. ‘OH, fuck yea’ growled Shea ‘that’s what I’ve illegal bahis siteleri been craving all night.’ They get a good rhythm going, his balls slapping her ass, they’re breathing, moaning, in synch. (1A – Sally)‘OK’ thought Sally, ‘let’s do this’. Giggling in anticipation, she started with the breast-binding. To do this she had to remove her clothes, of course, starting with the sweat-dampened t-shirt, pulling it over her head, revealing her large breasts, shiny with sweat. Then the holey sweat pants, the crotch soaked with sweat and pussy juice, the soft patch of pubic hair also glistening with sweat and pussy juice. She pauses to admire herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door, ‘fuck yea, you are a SEXY bitch’ another giggle, then to work. She grabs a length of rope from the box and unfurls it. Beginning with tying it around her ribcage, just under her breasts, up between them, up around the back of her neck, then back down and begins to wrap each one, tight, but not too tight, just enough to tighten the skin, not to turn them purple, at least no tonight. Satisfied, she secures the ends and moves on, next the collar, a nice, wide studded one, and again tight, but not too tight. Then a couple of finishing touches, a vibrating butt plug and nipple clamps. Grabbing her rabbit vide and a ball-ag for later, she returns to her laptop, starting the search again, ‘tit-torture? self-bondage? cuckold?…’(2A – Shea and Chris)‘fuck me, fuck Me, Fuck ME, FUCK ME!!!!’ moans Shea, almost screaming and she’s impaled by Chris’s hard cock. The room is hot, sweat is pouring off of their perfectly toned bodies, as another orgasm overtakes Shea, she starts shaking and flailing uncontrollably ‘Jesus FUCKING CHRIST, God DAMNNN’ almost soaking the bed with her juices as Chris kept pounding away. ‘Turn around’ growled Chris ‘I wanna fuck you from behind’, this being Shea’s favorite position, she was more than happy to oblige. ‘come and get it, big boy’ teased Shea and she assumed the position, reaching back to spread herself open, showing her pussy that is BEYOND wet, BEYOND dripping, Chris, impressed, takes a moment to soak in the sight of it. ‘wow’ he whispers to himself in a moment of reflection, ‘ok’ he snaps back ‘back to work’ as he gets in position behind her, and once again enters her velvety soft, soaking wet, yet still tight, snatch.(2B – Andy)After orgasms 3 and 4, Andy takes another pee/water break. Upon returning to his computer, he overhears the familiar sound of Shea and Chris getting it on. ‘God, I love those two’ he thinks to himself ‘Every weekend, the same thing, lots of loud, uncontrolled, passionate fucking, it’s awesome!’. He had heard, and enjoyed the ravenous lovemaking in the past from safely inside his apartment, but tonight…tonight he was feeling bold and snuck into the hallway to get a better listen.(1A – Sally)Before heading into the ‘home stretch’ Sally take one more pee/water break, and, like Andy, she overhears the all too familiar sound of Shea and Chris going at it. But tonight, she decides it’s too good not to try to capture and prepares to venture into the hallway to a better vantage point. Throwing a long t-shirt over her bound, clamped breasts, she inserts a bullet vibe in her pussy, pulls a pair of panties on (to hold it in place), throws on her ball canlı bahis siteleri gag, enters the hall and slowly makes her way up the stairs.(2A – Shea and Chris)‘harder, Harder, HARDer, FUCK ME God DAMNIT’ Shea is basically screaming at this point ‘I wanna cum so bad, all over your hard cock’. Chris, trying to keep up, is soaked in sweat and pussy juices, he’s is doing his best, pounding away, but Shea is RELENTLESS! ‘FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!! Oh GOD I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!!’ Shaking uncontrollably, the orgasm overtakes her as she collapses on the bed, lifeless, spent, unable to move for a good 5 minutes or so. Chris, somehow on his first orgasm of the night, jerks off and unceremoniously empties his load onto her ass and back, collapsing next to her on the bed.‘harder, Harder, HARDer, FUCK ME God DAMNIT’ could be heard echoing throughout the building. Andy, standing in the hall outside their door, furiously beating his cock, unaware that behind him, looking from the stairs, phone in hand, recording the whole thing, is a very horny Sally, also on her way to a final orgasm of the night. She tries to be as quiet as possible, as not to draw attention, but it matters not, Andy is so in his own world that a semi-truck in the building wouldn’t stop his jerking. He is going hard, and with Shea’s cry of ‘FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!! Oh GOD I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!!’ he lets out a stifled grunt and shoots an impressive load all over their door and floor. This is too much for Sally, as she cums hard around her bullet, soaking her panties, leaving her breathless and she tries to quietly sneak back down the stairs before being caught by Andy as he slips back into his apartment.Sally awakes the next morning with her breasts still tied and collar still on ‘wow’ she thinks to herself ‘that was some night’ Remembering she did some filming she grabs her phone to take a look. Re-watching the events, listening to Shea and Chris and in particular, Andy’s massive cum-shot, gets her into quite a state, but, she sees the time and remembers a package was supposed to be delivered, a new sex toy she ordered from Japan, so she throws on an oversized sweater and goes to check the mail. There she runs into Andy, still looking a bit shaken from last night. ‘so, quite a night, huh?’ she asked him, ‘what? Um, oh, what? He replies ‘you mean you didn’t hear Shea and Chris totally going AT it last night?’ ‘well, um, yeah, I guess, ok’ Andy thought he was doing quite well, considering this was the first time her ACTUALLY spoke to her ‘I guess they were kinda loud’ he finally replied. ‘and you didn’t listen to them, at all?’ she asked seductively ‘you didn’t sneak into the hallway, jerk off your hard cock, and cum ALL over their door and floor?’ she continued, in almost a whisper. ‘but how, I was alone, how??’ he stammered under his breath, ‘because I was there too, I’m a big old perv just like you, I went out, and up the stairs to record the sound of them fucking to jerk off to later, when I see you, beating away, cumming in unison as Shea, and me, all over the door’ Sally whispers, huskily into his ear, ‘ I was so turned on, came so hard, I don’t remember going to bed, I must have blacked out, woke up this morning with my collar still on and my tits tied up,…. they still are, in case you’re wondering’ Sally lets out a little giggle before stepping back. Andy’s cock, by this time, is so hard it’s about to burst, and he’s speechless, all he can manage to get out is ‘ok, say, you wanna get some breakfast, I’m starved’ ‘Sure’ she replies, looking down ‘but, we should probably take care of that first, yeah?’

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