The Appointment

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I have this problem. I can achieve a HARD, but can’t maintain it! So I set up an appointment with my doctor who happens to be a very attractive female!

I was nervous! But, felt like she could help with my problem! I got to the doctor’s office, and naturally had to wait! I asked for the latest appointment I could get. They close at 5pm. My appointment was set for 4:30.

I was getting restless. People coming out of the office, in a hurry to get out of there. Finally I was called back. It was 5:15 by this time. I was directed to a room. The DOCTOR will be with you in a moment, they said as they closed the door.

I sat there another 15 minutes. The door finally opened, then closed back slightly. I could hear the conversation. I was the last person today. The person that directed me to this room received a phone call that her child was sick. She wanted to know if the DOCTOR would “LOCK_UP”. She said she would!

With that she came in and closed the door. How are you today!? She said with a smile. What seams to be the problem? Must be personal didn’t want to discuss it on the phone with my secretary!

My face turned RED. I’m having trouble DOC. What kind of trouble she asked? It’s kinda embarrassing. She came over to me and patted my hand. It’s ok, I’m a doctor. I’ve heard it all.

WELL doc. She stopped me. Listen you been coming here for quite some time, lets drop the doc. and call me GAIL.

She was trying to ease the situation. But with that low cut blouse on, I was feeling a rising in my trousers. I had always been attracted to her, but never said anything to her, other than a flirting pendik escort remark or two.

I said, I’m having trouble with my my PENIS. She never blinked an eye. What kind of trouble she asked? It’s about my ERECTION. She looked up from her writing. You can’t achieve an erection? Is that your problem she asked?

NO! NO! I can get an erection, I just can’t keep it for very long!

She put her tablet down, walked over to me and said “drop your pants” I have to examine you to see if I see anything visually wrong with your PENIS!

She said don’t be embarrassed, I am a doctor you know! I eased my pants off, hung them on the chair, then got back on the examining table. She smiled and said “You have to remove your underwear also. I started to get up! She stopped me! Just lie back, I’ll take them off she said, “I can see that your nervous! “

With that I lay back, raised my ass off the table, and she removed my underwear. By this time I was standing tall. She said ” It looks good to me ” She was rubbing her hand up and down my COCK. I said ” what are you doing?” She said just checking for injuries or strains.

After a couple of minutes of this, I felt her breath on my COCK. I jumped, She said relax, I’m just getting a closer look at your MANHOOD! I must say it looks VERY HEALTHY to ME! Then it happened. She kissed my COCK! I flinched! She said ” just lay back, I have to do this to see if it goes down” I said “OH OK”

I’m watching for reaction to STIMULATION. She licked it. Then I heard her move away from me. I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but she was moving around a lot! The next maltepe escort thing I know, she is climbing up on the table with me. She is naked as the day is long!

She said I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! With that she guided my LOVE MUSCLE into her already HOT, WET, WANTING PUSSY! She moaned as it entered into her STEAMY HOLE! She felt so good and tight!

I said BUT, BUT… she stopped me! That will come later she smiled as she rode my COCK like a BRONCO! She just smiled down at me and said ” I’ll stop if you don’t want me to do this! ” NO! NO! I’m sure this is some form of medical procedure, I like it so far! Is it ok if I grab your breasts, I mean they are hanging in my face! Sure! that’s part of the procedure also!

I cupped her swollen nipples in my hand. She moaned as I squeezed them between my fingers. She had some mighty fine, firm, full breasts. LICK them she said! SUCK them. Not wanting to interfere with the procedure I did as I was told! She started moaning more now and started FUCKING my dick harder and faster. I knew she was getting close to ORGASM, so I bit her nipples. This sent her over the edge! She CAME. I could feel her PUSSY contracting on my dick, as she slowly eased off of my still hard dick! \

I don’t see anything wrong with your DICK. You are still hard! How would you like to EAT ME!? VERY SLOWLY I said! She pulled me off the table. Then she got up on the table. She scooted up to the end of the table, placed her feet in the stirrups, lay back and said “EAT ME “

The sweet sweet smell of her LOVE NECTAR, Was great! I began to trace my tongue kartal escort UP and DOWN her very WET, SLIT. She tasted so good. She managed to tell me between groans, that she hadn’t had any for several months! I started FUCKING her with my tongue, deep as I could get it! She was loving it! She somehow managed to get her feet out of the stirrups, and locked around my head, driving my face deep into her PUSSY!

My hands were playing with her nipples. My tongue was driving her crazy! She started bucking, Then she came again. Each time I flicked her CLIT, she would jump for joy! With a rapid fire of my tongue, flicking her CLIT, She came again!

Then I eased closer and pushed my COCK into her WET PUSSY! It was so WARM and SLICK! After about two minutes of this she said FUCK ME IN THE ASS!

I withdrew from her HOT, WET, PULSATING PUSSY and PUSHED into her ASS. She was tight. I went slow until I was all the way inside her ASS. I stayed still, I could feel her ASS muscles adjusting to my COCK! Then I pulled it out to the HEAD. Then pushed it back in her ASS. She was loving every inch and minute of it!

Soon she was begging me to FUCK her FASTER and HARDER. I drove into her ASS with reckless abandon, All the while playing with her CLIT. I put more pressure on her clit, she said she was about to CUM again, I wasn’t far from mine either. We were both at the edge, and we both CAME at the same time!

As I pulled my FLACCID member from her BEAUTIFUL ASS, I watched as my CUM pooled out of her ASS!

She raised up from the table. Grabbed my COCK and greedily sucked it into her mouth! Smiling she said “I’m cleaning it up for you ” She cleaned me up good!

What do you think doct… I mean ELIZABETH!? Smiling she said ” You better make several more appointments before I have a medical opinion on that! “

I think I may have to do just that!

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