The Arrangement Chapters 01, 02 & 03

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I let the emotion dictate what the arrangement is

Jeff Buckley


“You owe me, one…”

July 03, 2023 Brighton County, Ohio U.S.A 4:41 P.M. (EDT)

Owen Grady is so fucking angry that he feels like, he”ll internally combust at any second…

He”s also tightly gripping the steering wheel of his police cruiser, like he wants to choke someone.  His tanned and very handsome face is flushed an angry red and his body is also giving off, an unnatural amount of body heat. 

It”s early July and this region of the country is at the moment going through an scorching and unbearable heat wave.   Owen”s body feels like a furnace, while he”s drenched in sweat and his uniform is sticking to his well defined and muscular body like a fucking leather glove.  Even with the A/C on full blast, beads of sweat are dripping from his forehead and down his sour looking face. 

As he speeds down the road, a trickle of cold sweat cascades down his broad and massive back, permeating his itchy, scratchy and very stiff polyester uniform. 

At the moment, his mind is racing a million thoughts a minute.

Once again, he shakes his head and slowly tries to digest, what he”s just been told.

This can”t be true… It just can”t! But, unfortunately, it is. He then wonders,… How in the holy fuck?  Is he going to handle this extremely delicate and very fucked up, situation?

“And you”re grounded, indefinitely!  Do you hear me!  That means no t.v., no computer and no cell phone!  I want your laptop, tablet, cell phone and any other fucking electrical devices on my desk, as soon as we get home.  You got it?”

Cowering, sobbing and trembling next to him is his step-son, Gray.

“I didn”t hear a fucking reply, Grayson.”
The terrified boy looks at his angry step-father, as he wipes away tears from his blood-shot, red eyes.

“Yes, sir.”

Owen can”t even look at the boy. 

He”s so fucking angry that his blood is boiling from within and he”s seeing red.

He”s never had to raise his voice or yell at Gray.

There”s been, no need.

Well, that is until now…

Grayson Callum Preston is the perfect son. Well, correction…

Had been, the perfect son. Past…fucking…tense.

Up to today, Gray had never given his parents any major problems or concerns.  After all, the boy is a responsible, well-mannered, polite and happy kid.  He”s the type of kid that is always a joy to have around, stays out of trouble and shines at school. 

The boy is currently enrolled at Foxcroft Academy.  A prestigious, distinguished and over-priced private school, where he”s currently an honour roll student and where all of his teachers speak very highly of him. 

Pretty much, most of his teachers call Gray a gifted student.  A boy that loves learning, absorbs knowledge like a sponge and is a pleasure to teach. 

Grayson has such an appetite for learning and knowledge, that he”s even won countless of awards. 

By the end of the school year, Gray had the highest grade point average and achieved a much coveted spot, at the the Dean”s table for Awards Night.


God, fuck!

Sure, the boy is not his biological son…

But, Owen has raised Gray since he was 2 years old.  And as far as he”s concerned, he might not have fathered the boy.  But, Gray is his son, period.

Now, the busy people of Brighton County, love to “talk”(gossip) and as “Christian”and law abiding citizens, some still love to talk shit about others.

For years, some people in the community have pointed out, that it”s strange how Owen and Grayson look alike?

And I mean, really look alike!
Then again, if you really think about it?  Well, they might have a point…

I mean, what are the odds, for a step-father who has no blood relation with his step-son, have such close physical resemblance?

That”s fucking weird? Pretty strange, if you ask anyone.

So, it”s a valid point to make…

About Owen Grady and Grayson Preston to be practically, mirror images of each other.


You could even say, that Gray is Owen”s doppelg�nger.

Owen and Gray, both have the same thick and shiny auburn/brown hair(Gray”s a shade lighter than Owen”s) and identical honey/hazel brown eyes.  The same healthy and rosy red cheeks, stunning set of plump red lips and gorgeous auburn lashes.  Their handsome faces, even have a perfect facial symmetry, right down to a classical nose and cute set of dimples.  

But, a resemblance in appearance is all they have. 

For in character, personality and behaviour, Owen and Gray are completely polar opposite of each other. 

Where Gray is a sweet, nurturing, caring and a shy boy.  Owen is the complete opposite and tends to be inconsiderate, tactless, rude and loud.  He”s also the type that revels in being the center of attention and everything must be about him. 

And, yeah…he always gets his fucking way!


Gray is the type of boy, who would rather spend hours reading, studying, listening to music or be surfing the internet.  He didn”t care for sports(either to watch or play), or for the rough and tumble side of boyhood. 

Now, the boy wasn”t effeminate or girly.  It”s just that he”s just more of an intellectual, bookworm, nerdish type.  But, on more than one occasion, Owen has pointed out to his wife that Gray is a bit soft and needs to toughen up.

Before this clusterfuck happened, Owen had been pondering a plan…

His idea was that during summer vacation, he wanted Gray to join him on his morning runs. 

Owen got a four hours of exercise, everyday.  Be rain, snow, hail or heat, he was out there jogging and doing calisthenics, before his morning shift even started.  Running got his blood and circulation going, and it made him feel highly motivated and invigorated for the long, hectic and stressful day ahead. 

However, the challenge would be to get Gray up and running at 5:00 A.M.  Owen knew that the boy, being a typical teenager would bitch, moan and complain about being forced to do this.  But in the end, it would be for his own good.  As the exercise would help in getting rid of Gray”s baby fat and put some muscle onto his lean and lithe body.

Owen by definition is a jock.  The man has always been the athletic, energetic and very active type.  Even as a kid, Owen had so much boundless energy that his parents enrolled him in practically, every sport imaginable.  Everything from football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, swimming and even martial arts.  So, Owen is a natural, when it comes to sports and these come easily to him.  So, much so…that he has several shelves in his private home office, full of medals, trophies and plaques to prove it. 

In highschool, Owen pursued his favourite sport with a passion and it paid off.  In his freshman year, he tried out for football and blew everyone out of the water.  On the field, Owen was described by his coaches as graceful, lighting fast and a force do deal with.  During football tryouts, he committed himself fully and gave blood, sweat and tears to the sport and once the tryouts were over, he”d proven himself worthy and was given the much coveted position of quarterback. 

Not since 1925, had a freshman became captain of the football team at Fairmount High.  Once Owen made captain, he became extremely popular and much sought by all.  The young man, had became the embodiment of the All-American jock.  One who had been gifted with extreme good looks, an impressive muscular body, a dazzling smile and a likeable and outgoing personality. 

What was not to like? 

Owen, became a young God…
A handsome, strong and muscular quarterback, who was irresistible, admired and adored by all. 
Young Owen Grady became a standout star in the field and in the sport of football, as well.  In his freshman and sophomore year, he won the Athlete of the Year award and for four consecutive years, Owen took Fairmount High to state and became a four-time, All-State honoree. 
People drove for miles and even neighbouring counties to watch the star quarterback 09 and the famous Fairmount Cougars. 

As his football coach, told Owen on his senior year…”You have the world by the balls and are destined to great things in the NFL.” 
Coach Johnson even had several football scouts interested in Owen to play for their fancy and prestigious ivy league schools.  Scouts from Yale, Harvard, Notre Dame, Columbia, Duke and Harvard desperately wanted Owen.  They were also willing to do anything to land him. 
They offered free tuition, obscene amounts of money, cars, homes, exotic vacation trips, designer clothes, even…girls.

But, as always… Fate had other plans for Owen Christopher Grady.
After graduation, Owen had other plans for his life… 

The young man wanted to give something back to his community and country.  And much like his father, grandfather and great-great-grandfather before him, Owen wanted nothing more than to join the Marines and make his parents proud. 

The NFL would have to wait.

So, Owen joined the Marines and headed west to San Diego for training. 

After 12 months of hard, back breaking and soul crushing training, Owen was finally deployed to the Middle East.  But, after 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, he”d enough of war, destruction and death and eventually came home. 

Owen was honourably discharged with full military honours and managed to find a job in his home town of Brighton County, as the town”s Sheriff. 

But, Owen didn”t come home completely unscathed…

There were monsters hiding in his closet…

Scary, dark and soul sucking monsters.

You see, Owen suffers from PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

Although, lately he”s found a doctor(his 3rd) that has finally and successfully found the right combination of pills or “cocktail” to suppress the illness.  So, as long as Owen takes his daily medication, he”s fine and can go about in his everyday life.  It also helps that he sees a shrink, once a week and talks about his many “issues”.  Deep down, he knows that he should see his shrink, more often.  But, Owen is stubborn as a mule and seeing some “quack” once a week is more than enough for him.

But, enough about the past. 

Let”s, get on with the story…

Today had been a quiet day at work.

Owen was finishing up some paperwork at the station.  But, half-an-hour before his shift was over, he got a call.

A phone call that would change his life, forever.

The call came from Sheriff Dave Rhodes in Dover County.

Rhodes had called Owen”s cell phone and wanted him to drive over to McArthur park, as soon as possible.

Owen”s first thought was… Why is Dave calling him? Second…  Why the fuck, does Dave want him to drive over to McArthur park?
Dave and Owen had a falling out, years ago and their “relationship” is icy at best. 

Also, Brighton and Dover County are rival towns…

The towns are separated by the beautiful Seneca river and a vast, pristine and untouched mountainous wilderness. 

Even as a kid, Owen knew about the bitter rivalry between the two counties.  The hostility between the two, had something to do with a quarrel dating back to the fall of 1775. 

It involved a bitter family feud, a lynch mob, guns blazing and the unruly citizens of Dover County blowing up the bridge that connected the two towns, as well as torching Brighton”s City Hall and the Mayor”s mansion.  All of this happened, in the spree of one cold, dark and very fucked up night…

Sorry, Once again, I digress…

Sheriff Dave Rhodes has known Owen since childhood.  They had both been born and grown up in Brighton County.  They even attended the same elementary and highschool, and it was there that both young men tried out for football.  Due to their prowess, passion and love for the game, Owen went on to become the star quarterback and Dave became his reliable and fast running back. 

During highschool their friendship had been solid and an amicable one.  However, after graduation Dave and Owen had a major fallout and stopped speaking to one another.  That fall, Dave ended up heading off to Notre Dame, while Owen went on to join the Marines.  And as the years flew by, they lost touch with each other, only to reconnect later in life. 

Nowadays, they see each other at the annual baseball tournament that each county takes turns holding, every other year.  This is also the only time, when both police stations put away their differences and manage to play “nice” with each other and raise money for their individual charities. 

However, this afternoon Dave didn”t want to speak to Owen on the phone.  He needed to see him, personally…

The only thing Dave told Owen was that, he had Gray with him and that he needed to get to the park, ASAP.

At first, Owen”s heart sunk.

Had the boy been in an accident?
Was Gray hurt? Or God, forbid, was the boy?…

But, right away Dave told Owen that the boy was perfectly fine and unharmed.  However, at the moment Gray was sitting in a police cruiser and under his strict supervision.


What am I missing here? Why is Gray in Dover county? 

More importantly… How the fuck did Gray get to Dover county? 

The boy dosen”t even have a driver”s license? 

But, that was soon explained, as Dave mentioned that Gray had ridden his bicycle to McArthur Park.

His bike? 

Are you fucking kidding me?   That”s a 20 km fucking bike ride! 

It would have taken Gray, almost an hour and a half, just to get there.

Once Owen got there(in record time with sirens blaring and lights flashing), he immediately saw Gray inside the police cruiser. 

The boy looked scared shitless, while sobbing.  Gray was slouched on the backseat of the car, trying to avoid being seen, as he wiped his nose and eyes. 

Owen quickly got out of his cruiser and rushed over to Dave.

Dave took a step forward, forced a smile and extended his right hand.


Owen simply nodded, shook Dave”s hand, looked over Dave”s shoulder and glared at Gray.

“What the hell is going on, Dave?  What the fuck is this about?”

Dave sighed deeply, as he scratched his head.

“All right, look.  There”s no easy way to tell you this.  So, I thought it best, if I told you, myself.”

Owen took a step forward, as he headed towards Gray.  But, Dave blocked his path and stopped him.

“You”re going to have to listen to me, first.  Gray is fine and hasn”t been touched.  However, he was rounded up, along with other men in a sting operation.”

Owen looked at Dave, like he had a third fucking eye in the middle of his fucking sweaty forehead.

Dave looked uncomfortable, as he scratched the back of his neck and wiped away the sweat from his forehead.

“You heard, right.  Gray was found committing lewd and lascivious acts in a public washroom.”

The look on Owen”s face must have been priceless. The poor bastard made a face, like he”d been kicked hard in the balls! Owen”s face was a combination of pure disbelief, confusion, shock and hair-raising horror!

Owen”s mouth was hanging wide open, as he kept looking over Dave”s shoulder.

“What the fuck, did you just say?”

Owen felt a surge of anger engulf his body completely.  He balled his fists, puffed up his chest and took a step forward. 

But, once again Dave firmly stood his ground and held him back.  Owen was beyond furious and wanted to grab Gray, drag him out of the police cruiser and kick his ass.

“I want to talk to my son, Dave.  Get out of my fucking way!”

Owen was practically foaming at the mouth and glaring at Dave. 

Gray was now aware that his step-father had arrived and once again, started crying.

“First, you”ll need to calm down, Owen.”

Owen flared his chest and managed to push Dave, back a bit.  At this point everyone was looking at them, the other deputies, nosy bystandard, the men arrested and Gray.

Dave sighed, as he maintained his composure and firmly stood his ground.

“You don”t want to cause a scene, Owen.  I strongly suggest that you calm the fuck down, take a deep breath and try to relax.”
Owen angrily glared at Dave. 

Owen needed to suppress his rage and Dave was right, though.  Things were bad enough as it is and no one needed to see, Sheriff Owen Christopher Grady going ape shit crazy. 

Dave then went into full detail and explained the sting operation to Owen.

“For months, we”ve been getting complaints from the locals about men having sex in the woods and in the park”s men”s bathroom.  So, my deputies and I went under cover and did surveillance of this area for a month.  On many times, we were jumped, groped and even sexually assaulted, as we entered the bathroom.  And I”m not even going to tell you, the fucked up things that go on in the woods after dark. 

Some of the men that come here looking for sex are quite bold, brazen and downright aggressive.  Look, I don”t know what”s going on with Gray and what I think is irrelevant.  Maybe, the boy is curious about sex.  Maybe, it”s something else.  But, what I do know is that the two you need to have a talk.  Man to man, father to son.  So, I”m going to look away this one time and not press any charges.  But, I want to make it clear that I do not want to see Grayson here, again.”

Owen nodded, as he pursed his red and luscious pouty lips.  Both men, then started walking slowly towards the cruiser, where at the moment Gray was trying to make himself shrink(poorly and to no avail).

Dave opened the car”s door, cleared his throat and peeked in.

“All right, Gray.  Your father is here.  You”re, free to go.”

Gray looked at Sheriff Dave and then at his step-father.  He wasn”t sure if, it was safe for him to leave the vehicle.  Specially, since his step-father was looking at him, like he wanted to strangle him.

“It”s all right, Gray.  I”ve spoken to your father and the two of you need to have a talk.  C”on, it”s all right.”

Gray nodded and slowly exited the vehicle.

Owen turned to Dave and shook his hand.

“Thanks for calling me, Dave.  I won”t forget this.”

Dave smiled and shook Owen”s hand.

“No worries, man.  This stays between us.”

Dave then turned to face a solemn and pale looking Gray.

“And as for you, young man.  I want you to stay out of trouble and I don”t want to see you, here again.  Do you hear me?”

Gray lowered his head and nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

Owen angrily looked at Gray, as he pursed his lips.

“I”ll pick up his bike, sometime next week.”

Dave nodded. 

Owen didn”t even look at Gray, as he started walking towards his car. 

Gray slowly and almost painfully dragged himself behind his step-father, while leaving a good distance between them.

“Oh!  Owen?”

Owen was about to get into his cruiser, when he turned around.

Dave was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, as he put his shades on and tipped the brim of his hat.

“You owe me, one.”

Owen raised his eyebrows, looked at Dave and then at Gray.  He sighed and silently got into his cruiser.  He then put on his seatbelt, started the car and waited for Gray to buckle up, before speeding away.

The silence in the car was deafening, awkward and very uncomfortable…

And after five minutes of driving in silence, Owen finally blew up.

And I do mean,… Blow-the-fuck-up!

“Jesus fucking Christ, Grayson!  What the fuck, were you thinking?”

Gray lowered his head and started crying.

“I”m sorry, dad.”

At that very moment, Owen”s cell phone which was attached to a clip on the dashboard went off.  He leaned in and read the text.

“Fuck sakes!  It”s your mother and she”s stuck at work, again.  She”s been texting you all fucking afternoon and wondering, where you”re at.”

As Gray looked at his stepfather, a look of pure fear showed on his pale face.

“No, we”re not going to say anything to her!  She”s dealing with enough shit, as it is.  And she certainly, dosen”t need any more to add to the fucking pile.”

Gray sobbed and nodded, as he wiped away the tears.

“Well, don”t just sit there, like a fucking bump on a log!  Answer, the phone!  She”s worried and wants to hear from you.”

Gray jumped in his seat, as his step-father yelled at him.  He wasn”t used to getting yelled at and he”d never been swore at by his step-father, like ever! 

He then quickly took out his cell, fumbling and hands trembling.  As he looked at his cell phone, his step-father was right. 

He”d missed three calls and four texts from his mom.


His mom was at the point, where she was freaking out and wondering where he was?

Gray looked at his step-father.

“Ummm,…  She wants to know, where I am.  What do…?”

Owen didn”t even look at his step-son and kept driving.

“Tell her that you went to the station to help out and that you left your phone on my desk all day.  Let her know, that you”re with me and that we”re on our way home.”

Gray texted her mother with trembling hands.  Once done, he avoided eye contact and looked out the window, as he cried some more.

Caroline Barbara Grady has just recently gone back to work, after taking a year”s maternity leave.  She had given birth to two healthy and beautiful fraternal twin boys, Dylan Owen and Wyatt Christopher Grady.  But, even after a year, she was still suffering from postpartum depression.  And although, she didn”t have to go back to work(Owen”s salary, scraped enough for the family).  Caroline liked being an independent and modern woman and felt the need to go back to work.  Plus, she also wanted to continue to climb the corporate ladder. 

Even before she got pregnant, Caroline had been one of the top lawyers in her firm.  Over the last year, she”d brought many high end clients, won all her cases and in turn, brought lots of money and prestige to the firm.  So, due to escort izmit her ambition, hard work, long hours and high success rate in court, she had been made a senior partner. 

However, at home things are a bit…


For one, Caroline and Owen haven”t had sex in a year.

Yup.  You read that, right. A whole fucking year!

Not even a clammy handjob, for poor Owen.
And Owen has been patient. Actually, the poor bastard has the patience of a fucking Saint!

But, Owen is a man… And a man has needs. And after a year…

Well, his patience is beginning to wear thin and his eyes have started to wonder.

Caroline however, feels ugly and unattractive(her words) after the birth of their twins.  She also dosen”t want Owen seeing her naked or even touching her(anyfuckingwhere). Which is extremely weird, since she”s lost all the baby weight and looks amazing. 

After one month of delivering the twins, she hired a nanny and joined a gym.  She ended up getting the best female trainer and is now, all toned up and way slimmer than before she got pregnant.  But, she”s become very self-conscious and especially moody, when it comes to her body.  Moody, because she”s gone up two cup sizes(which, Owen being a breast man, fucking loves!).  She, not so much. 

Caroline also hates breastfeeding the twins.  So, she gave that up and now, uses a breast pump and bottles to feed the boys.  Just recently, she went on a major shopping spree in New York, where she ended up buying an entire new going back to work wardrobe .  Many new Chanel, Valentino and Armani suits, now hang in her mind blowing and massive closet(her walk-in-closet, by the way takes a whole wing of their home). 

Expensive designer bags, such as Louis Vuitton, Herm�s, Prada and Chanel are neatly displayed on glass shelves.  Not, to forget the hundreds of brand name shoes, such as Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo that are also a must for her daily fashionable and expensive wardrobe.

But, going back to Owen…

Everytime, Owen gets close to his wife(even for a kiss).  Well, she tends to pull away and find some excuse to get away from him and avoid contact.  Owen is beginning to take this personally and it”s also leaving him puzzled and pissed off.  They might share the same bed.  But, sleeping is the only thing that is going on in the master bedroom.

To make things worse, Owen is suffering from blue balls syndrome and rubbing one out(or several) is not cutting it, anymore.  After all, there”s only, so much rejection a married man can take, before he starts looking elsewhere for sex.  He”s even vaguely toyed with the idea of going to one of those rub n” tug massage parlour.  But, he would have to go, two towns over to avoid being seen in, entering or leaving such a bawdy place.  He”d also have a lot to lose, if he did indeed visited a massage parlour.  Some men would understand the need, some would shrug it off and the rest wouldn”t care.  But, most citizens would definitely frown and certainly, not approve in seeing their town”s Sheriff, a man who”s placed on higher standards than everyone else, going into such an indecent, immoral and filthy place.

Owen”s first time with Caroline(yes, sex.) had been interesting, to say the least.  The poor girl reacted, pretty much the same way, all women who became intimate with Owen do.  Once the clothes are off, the typical reaction is of surprise, followed by shock, which for some might turn into fear and perhaps, even a little apprehension.  All of this of course, has to do with Owen”s huge, hefty and super thick dick. 

You see, in highschool Owen had been given a special nickname(much, to his annoyance). 

A nickname, that up to this day, still sticks…

On the field, 09 was God incarnate and in the locker room, Owen was a legend. 

And everyone knows that a legend deserves a fitting name…

And since everyone in school, pretty much knew that Owen was well-hung. 

Well, he was christened by his peers as…


At 8 inches soft, 12 inches hard and thick as a fucking beer can, Owen Grady was the admiration, curiosity and envy of many, many, many guys.  Add to the lucky pot that the son-of-a-bitch is also extremely good looking, charming, built like a shit brickhouse and a super friendly guy.  Well, he had the girls lined up, wetting their panties and spreading their legs whenever and wherever, he wanted. 

In highschool, Owen pretty much became a male whore and he reveled in it.  His famously long and thick fuckstick was well known around school and he ended up taking the innocence and sweet virginity of many, many, many girls.  Owen”s vagina smasher even managed to fuck the entire football and basketball cheerleading squad.  So, one could even say that at Fairmount High, Owen was the graduation.
Owen has always had a healthy and high libido(he”s like the fucking Energizer bunny, who keeps fucking and fucking and…)

Then there was that particularly hot and muggy 4th of July long weekend, when Owen Sr. caught his 12 year old pride and joy, pussy drilling their next door neighbour Brandi Johnson.  Poor stupid, sweet and slutty 16 year old Brandi was caught moaning and biting her lip, while a very young Owen fucked her doggy style in the downstairs family rec room.  

Owen Sr. couldn”t believe his eyes.  The poor man was left speechless and completely shocked.  Afterall, his boy had just turned 12 yrs old, a few weeks ago and his balls had barely just dropped. 

Yet, there he was fucking a girl, like a seasoned pro and by the moans and look of pure satisfaction on Brandi Johnson”s face, the boy was doing a bang-up job!

Lately, while Owen Sr. has been at home, either mowing the lawn, cleaning the yard or relaxing by the pool, he”s seen how the neighbourhood girls and even some of the bored housewives look at his boy.  Now, he might be happily married, himself.  But, he also recognizes that “look”.  That”s the look of sexual hunger, as he himself still gets those looks and even sexual propositions from both married and single women.

Now, as for Junior…

Well, the boy was the typical shy, awkward and bumbling 12 yr old.  But, in the body development department, well that was a whole different story…

The boy is in the stage of his life, where he”s developing quite nicely.  At the moment, Owen Junior had a lean body and was quite tall for his age.  His muscles were also beginning to appear and take shape.  And with all the sports that the boy was playing, it was no wonder.  All the baby fat was being burned away and turning into hard and prime muscle. 

So, while his son was losing his cherry and giving the neighbour”s girl, a good fuckgasm.  He also didn”t want his wife to walk in and have a massive heart attack.  His poor wife would die, if she caught her little boy, balls deep in tender teenage pussy.

Owen Sr. calmly stopped the sweaty, heavy coitus and politely, sent a bow-legged Brandi home.  Much to the dismay and major embarrassment of his son.  So, while the fireworks were going off in the night sky and the entire neighbourhood was in celebration, Owen Sr. had another urgent man to man, sex talk with his boy. 

Owen Sr. never once, yelled or lost his cool with his son.  Quite to the contrary, he always knew that his boy was going to be a handfull(in more ways, than one).  Dad, also didn”t want his son to have a negative and repressive view of sex. 

He told his son to “Enjoy, have fun having sex and revel in it.  But, for God-sakes always wear a rubber!” 

So, while Junior dropped his head in embarrassment and nodded silently.  He managed to mumble to his dad that Brandi had told him that she was on the pill and that he didn”t need to worry about birth control.  Owen Sr, sighed and shook his head from side to side.  After all, he had covered all of this, the first time that he”d had the sex talk with Junior.  But, of course his boy being a typical, hot blooded and horny young male, had let the head between his legs do all the thinking.  To be on the safe side, from that day forward, he kept his son well stocked up with boxes of TITAN condoms and lots and lots and lots of lube.

When Owen Sr. caught Junior pulling out(but, not before emptying his balls) inside Brandi, he smiled proudly to himself.  After all, he”d seen the fishing pole that his boy was working with.  The boy had indeed, inherited the famous Grady pussy splitter. 

So, as a modern, cool headed and responsible father, he introduced his son to his favourite type of protection,…TITAN condoms. 

TITAN condoms were designed specifically for the extremely, girthy and super-endowed man.  These condoms were also the only brand that Grady men could “comfortably fit” in.  After all, personal experience, as well as trial and error has taught Owen Sr. that XL and King sized condoms were by far, too small and way too tight to use on his own large, thick and hefty penis.

Anyways, back to our story…


“To new friendships and sweet beginnings…”

July 03, 2022 Brighton County, Ohio U.S.A 5:10 P.M. (EDT)

Owen looked at his step-son and sighed.

“Did anyone, touch you?”

Gray lowered his head and averted eye contact.


Owen shook his head and once again, asked the question that was burning in his mind.

“Grayson, I”m speaking to you.  Look at me!   Are you telling me the truth?  Did anyone, touch you?”

The boy shook his head, crossed his arms and slouched on the seat.

“No!  No one touched me, all right!  God!”

Owen glared at the boy. 

Gray was getting angry and defensive.  But, if he was going to get any answers from his step-son.  Then he had to behave more like a father and drop the cop/interrogation approach.

“I don”t get it, Gray.  You”re going to have to talk to me.  Because, right now I”m very confused and don”t know what to think or make of this.”

Gray managed a sob and looked out the window.

Owen kept looking at the boy, as he drove.

“Were you looking for sex?  Is that it?”


“Where you looking to have sex with those men?”

More, fucking silence…

“Gray, are you sexually active?”

Gray covered his eyes with his hands, shook his head and sighed deeply. 

Damm, this kid!

Just a month ago, the boy had turned 15 yrs old.  And as far as Owen knows, the boy is still a virgen…

Or is he?


“Listen, son.  I know this is not an easy thing to talk about.  But, I need to know, what”s going in with you.”

Gray shook his head, took his phone from his shirt pocket and started playing with it.

Owen”s blood pressure shot sky high and he yanked the fucking phone out of Gray”s hands.  He then lowered his window and threw the phone out.

“My phone!” Gray squealed in a high pitch scream.

Owen immediately regretted, what he”d done.


After all, that had been the latest version of the fucking iPhone and a very expensive gift that Gray got for his birthday.

Oh, well…

“Oh, fuck no!  You don”t get to fucking ignore me.  I get enough of that shit from your mother, and I”m not fucking playing!  I was very clear about, no more phone privileges for you.”

Gray shot his step-father a very angry glare.

A glare that Owen was sad to see.

“Talk to me, Grayson.  What were you doing in that bathroom?”

Gray ignored him and kept looking out the window in silence.

“Is that how you”re going to be?  Fine, then you leave me no choice and we”re going to have to involve your mother.”

Gray quickly turned his head around and once again, a look of pure panic showed in his face.

“No!  You, promised…”

Owen kept looking at the boy.

“Then, start talking Grayson.  What were you doing in that bathroom?”

Gray lowered his head and wiped tears from his eyes.

“I,..umm.  I was curious.”

Owen looked at the road ahead and sighed.  He didn”t want to ask the next question…

But, deep down, he had suspected this for quite a while. 

He was concerned with the answer.  But, he had to ask. 

He turned to face Gray and finally asked the question.

“Are you gay?”

Gray turned to face his step-father. 

He was looking at the man, who has showered him with affection, support and unconditional love, all these years.

He had to come clean. It was time… “Yes.”

And there it was… And then the tears came. Lots and lots… And lots of tears.

Owen felt bad and felt like he”d been punched in the guts.

Shit! Now, Owen felt pretty fucking awful.

Here was his step-son, having just turned 15 yrs old, reaching his sexual awakening and he gets busted in a fucking sting operation.

Life is not fucking fair!

“Breathe.  C”on, let it all out and breath.  I”m right here, son.”

After almost 5 minutes of crying and sobbing, Gray stopped.

Owen kept looking at the road ahead and his rage was pretty much gone.

They were 20 minutes away from home.

“Why, didn”t you tell us?”

Owen put his right hand on Gray”s trembling left leg.

“I,…I didn”t want to disappoint you.  I was afraid…”

Those words broke Owen”s heart.


How can such a sweet boy, ever disappointment his parents?

“Jesus Christ, Gray.  How long have you had this bottled up?  There”s nothing wrong with being gay and you could never disappoints us.  All your mother and I, ask of you is to go to school, do your best, stay out of trouble and be a responsible young man.  It”s not that long of a list, bud.”

Gray wiped away tears from his eyes, as he looked at his step-dad and nodded

“Grayson, I want you to listen to me.  Please, know that your mother and I love you, unconditionally.  You being gay is never going to change that, all right?”

Gray managed a faint smile and nodded, as he cried some more.

As they pulled up to the house, Owen noticed that their housekeeper”s car was still in the drive way. 

Mirasol is their Filipino housekeeper and she”s been with the family, even before Owen came into the picture.

However, Mirasol dosen”t like Owen(well, that”s putting it lightly).  Even after all these years, she dosen”t trust him and feels that her little girl, Caroline could have done much, much, much better.  So, their “relationship” is lukewarm, at best.

Owen pressed the remote garage door opener and parked his car.  He then lovingly and gently, patted his step-son”s right leg and smiled.

“All right, kiddo.  Buck up and wipe away the tears.  Head upstairs to your room and tell Marisol that you”re going to take a shower.  You know, how she feels about cleanliness and godliness.  That will put a smile on her face and she”ll leave you alone.  I will call you down, once she”s gone home.”

Gray nodded, managed a faint smile for his stepfather and gave Owen a quick hug.  He then bolted out of the car and ran upstairs to his room. 

Owen sat in the car and watched the boy disappear. 

Once he was alone, he leaned back on his seat and started crying.

FUCK! Fuck! Fuck my fucking, cursed life!

In one single afternoon, everything had been turned upside down.

Gray is gay…

How is his mother going to handle this?  She”s not even here, half the fucking time!

God, fuck!

The boy is going to go through a very difficult period in his life…

Someone has to be there for him and if his mother is not available. Then, I will be.

November 22, 2008 Fulod Base, Town of Makkor(Southwest of Kabul) AFGHANISTAN 5:00 P.M. (AFT)

Knock, knock… “Come in.”

Corporal Owen Christopher Grady, stood in the doorway of the office of Sergeant Major Andrew James Mitchell.

“Corporal Owen Christopher Grady, Sir!  You wanted to see, Sir!”

As Owen salutes, the Sergeant Major motions Owen to come into the room.

“At ease, Corporal.  Please, come in and close the door behind you.”

Owen had no idea, as to why he”d been called to see the top brass.  In his mind, he kept playing the things that he”d done during the day and week?  He also kept repeating silently in his mind…

What the fuck, did I do? What the fuck, did I do? Did I, fuck up?…

The Sergeant Major sat on his black leather chair and looked straight into Owen”s eyes.

“Owen, I don”t like to bullshit around.  I like to be as direct and crystal clear, as I can be.”

Owen took a deep swallow and nodded.

“I appreciate that, Sir.”

As Owen stood at ease, the Sergeant Major silently inspected Owen from head to toe.

Tall…check! Fit…check! Muscular…check! Good-looking?…I guess? Big bulge in those combat fatigues…check! An all-American boy, born and bred…check! Well, poor bastard has been chosen.  So, he”ll have to fucking do!

“Please, take a seat Corporal.”

Owen sat down and looked around the room.  Family photos, maps and awards nicely decorated the ample office.  He sat awaiting orders and didn”t know, what to do his his hands.  So, he let them rest on his lap.

The Sergeant Major stood up, walked over to Owen and sat on the edge of his desk.

“As you know Corporal, we”ve been trying to establish an amicable friendship and alliance with the locals in this fucking region.  But, we”ve had little progress and the fucking clock is ticking. Washington has lit a fire on my ass and wants progress, ASAP.  So, we have a lot of ball busting work ahead.”

Owen nodded.

“We”ve helped these people rebuild their town, we”ve brought medical supplies, food, clothing and most important, some sort of peace and normality to the land.  It hasn”t been easy and yet, here we are in a fucking stalemate.”

Owen, again nodded.

“There is a tribal leader in town by the name of Sayed Rashid Karim, who at the moment stands in our way of progress.”

The Sergeant Major stood up, crossed his heavily tattooed, muscular arms and looked straight at Owen.

“And it looks like during our surveillance rounds, you”ve come under his radar.”

Owen had his best poker face on.  But, had no fucking idea, where the Major was going with this?

“I don”t understand, Sir.  Did, I offend him or…?”

The Sergeant Major took a deep breath and sighed.

“No, son.  On the contrary.  It seems, like he”s taking a liking to you.”

Owen heard the words loud and clear… 

But, he didn”t understand what exactly they meant?

“I”m sorry,…  But, what?”

The Sergeant Major had a serious look on his face and carried on.

“It seems that this very important, affluent and powerful individual is sexually attracted to men.”

The look on Owen”s face must have been priceless.  As, he quickly blurted out.

“But, I”m not gay!”
The Sergeant Major nodded his head.

“That is irrelevant, son.  He”ll only help us, if you…”

Owen was so angry, that he stood up.

“What?  Whore, myself out?”
The Sergeant Major sighed and once again, sat on the edge of his desk.

“Calm the fuck down, Corporal.  I won”t order you to do this.  However, I do want you to at least, think about it.  Without the help of this faggot, we”re all fist fucked.  We”ll have little, if no fucking advancement in this God forsaken land.”

Owen shot the Sergeant Major an angry look.

“But, in the end, I”m the one getting screwed!  Literally!”

Owen felt his body temperature rise.

The Sergeant Major nodded silently in agreement.

“Well, Corporal.  Yes, I”m not going to lie.  You”d be taking one for the proverbial team.  But, if it makes you feel any better or if makes any fucking difference.  Only four people, including myself, will know of this arrangement.”

Owen was so angry, that he wanted to bolt out of the office.  But, he wasn”t a quitter or a fucking coward. 

Besides, storming out of this meeting might cut his military career short and he wasn”t about to do that.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

The Sergeant Major stood up.

“No, son.  To be completely honest with you, I don”t know what I would do.  He wants to suck your dick, not mine.  But, if you do this, the floodgates will open.  Not only will we have the full co-operation of the other tribal leaders in this region.  But, we”ve also been promised that all able men in the region will join us and fight the goddamn Taliban.”

Owen knows the evils of war. He”s seen it, firsthand… He”s seen death, misery, sadness and destruction. And he”s also lived it, for quite some time.

Owen looked at the Sergeant Major straight in his eyes.

“You trust him?”

Both men locked eyes.

“No, son.  Not as far, as I can fucking throw him.  But, I trust and believe in you.  And once, you impale him with that big rod of yours and fuck him senseless.  Well, then you”ll be able to pursuade him and make him do anything you want.  From what I”ve heard, he”s really taken to you and he can”t wait to(the Sergeant Major made an obscene gesture for sucking dick)…meet you.”

Owen didn”t find that funny. 

His face was an angry shade of red, as he balled his fists tightly.


Owen sat back on the chair, slouched and sighed loudly.

“Fine.  What exactly, do I have to do?…”

The Sergeant Major locked his steel blue eyes with Owen”s.

“Easy.  Make him, your bitch!”

November 22, 2008 Town of Makkor(Southwest of Kabul) Karim compound AFGHANISTAN 9:00 P.M. (AFT)

Two dozen men sat cross-legged inside a beautiful and well protected compound. 

The compound was beautifully,decorated with palm trees, ferns and citrus trees, such as orange and lemons.  Richly embroidered tapestries and ornate lamps hung from its tall, ivory walls.  These type of  luxuries are not definitely not common in this region of the country.  But, it certainly looks like Sayed Karim does well in his investments such as trading weapons, oil, food and medicine for the entire region. 

Under the full moon, the men”s turbans cast deep shadows over their heavily sunburned faces.  Tea and sweets were being passed around and everyone for the most part seemed jovial. 

This was a private shura(meeting) that was being held by Sayed Rashid Karim and the top leaders of the surrounding regions.

At exactly, 7:00 P.M. the Sergeant Major Andrew Allan Mitchel, appeared through the doorway.  He politely bowed his head and greeted the men in the courtyard. 

Sayed Karim stood in the center of the courtyard and approached to welcome his new and more important guests.

Sergeant Major Andrew Mitchel, bowed his head in a polite manner.

 “Assala o alaikum”(May peace be upon you).

An smiling, Sayed approached the Major and embraced him in a tight hug.

“Wa ʿalaikum salaam”(May peace be upon you too).

Sayed then kissed the right cheek of the Sergeant Major.

A second later, Corporal Owen Grady made his entrance wearing the sharp and recognizable Marine Corps, Blue Dress uniform. 

And damm, if he didn”t look, hot as fuck!

All eyes, turned to Owen. 

Some men watched him with disdain, others with curiosity and admiration.  But, most watched him with jealousy and envy. 

For Owen Grady was the new favourite. 

A first for an American, who also happens to be a handsome, tall and very muscular Marine.   izmit escort All the men present looked at each other in silence and knew the real reason, as to why Owen had been invited.

Owen gave off, a soft glow under the bright moonlight and the crisp uniform that he wore, looked like it had been sown directly onto his muscular body.  The many months that he”d spent under the hot desert sun, had also given Owen a tan that suited him, well. 

Owen felt that all eyes were on him.

Like a fucking lamb to the slaughter, he thought.
Owen entered the courtyard, bowed his head and greeted Sayed.

“Assala o alaikum”(May peace be upon you).

Sayed”s eyes lit up, as he heard Owen speak the words flawlessly and perfectly.

“Wa ʿalaikum salaam”(May peace be upon you, too).

Sayed bowed his head politely, then approached Owen and gave him a strong hug and a kiss on his right and left cheek. 

As Sayed pulled away, he softly whispered into Owen”s ear.

“You look so handsome in your uniform, Corporal.  Freshly shaven and smelling wonderful, just for me!”

Owen blushed and silently acknowledged, Sayed.

Sayed took Owen”s right hand and led the way into the grand dining hall.  Everyone else, including the Sergeant Major quietly followed.  Sayed sat across from Owen and inspected him from head to toe.  He then snapped his fingers and numerous boys dressed in gold and metallic embroidered costumes, quickly entered the room.  They carried shiny silver trays, which held tall crystal glasses.  One by one the glasses were given to the guests, while the other boys walked around and poured champagne. 

Sayed, stood and raised his glass into the air.  Everyone else, followed suit and did the same.

“Welcome, dear friends.  Tonight is a very special night and I ask all of you to welcome Sergeant Major Andrew Allan Mitchel and Corporal Owen Christopher Grady.  May we reach a peaceful and fair agreement this evening.  One that will benefit, every party involved. 
To new friendships and sweet beginnings…”

The Sergeant Major and Owen looked at each other, vowed their heads and raised their glasses.

The other men in the room, looked at each other and seemed reluctant to join Sayed in the celebratory festivities.  

But, Sayed simply gave the men a “look” and one by one the tribal leaders raised their glasses.

As the night progressed, delicious food was brought out on silver trays.  The scent in the air was intoxicating with rich and fragrant herbs and spices that flowed gently in the night breeze. 

Lamb, chicken, goat and fish was brought out first, followed by many different types of rice dishes, as well as vegetables platters, exotic fruits and sweets.  Wine and champagne, also flowed freely during the cool night.

All night Sayed couldn”t take his eyes off the extremely handsome young American Marine.  Every once in a while, Sayed stole glances at Owen and  practically blushed like a schoolgirl, whenever Owen”s hazel honey eyes fell on him. 

Around midnight, the Sergeant Major took his leave.  He discreetly took Owen to the side, took another sip of champagne and gave him a soft pat on his back.

“You”ve got this, my boy.  Take the lead and don”t back down.  No matter what.”  Owen simply nodded and gulped down the last of his champagne. 

And with that, Owen was left alone in the compound. 

Owen stood by the door to the courtyard, as boys entered the room and started dancing for the the tribal leaders.  The very drunk men, started applauding loudly, cheering and becoming very rowdy.  Most of the men were so drunk, that fell asleep on the spot, others continued eating and drinking, even though they could hardly stand, upright.

Owen sighed, left the dining hall and walked into the courtyard. 

The courtyard was empty and despite the loud music coming from the grand dining hall, it seemed quite peaceful.  Owen sat on a marble bench and looked at the illuminated water fountain.  As he looked up at the night sky, Sayed silently watched him from behind a citrus trees. 

Palm trees swayed in the wind and the sweet smell of roses and jasmine filled the cool night air with the amazing aroma.

“My home has stood on this land for many, many generations and I hope to keep it this way.”

Owen didn”t need to turn around.  He knew that Sayed had been watching him for quite some time. 

Owen also knew, what Sayed meant. 

After all, Sayed needed the Americans from stopping ISIS-allied fighters from gaining a foothold in this part of Afghanistan.  If ISIS gained control of the land, then everything that Sayed loved and held dear, would be gone.  The riches and fine things in life that he”d been accustomed would be taken away and he being a homosexual, would be dragged to the town square, made an example and shot dead on the spot(if, he was that lucky).

Owen took another sip of champagne and hoped that the rainbow coloured pill, the Major had given him earlier had kicked in. 

Sayed faced Owen and the smile on his face, gave everything away.

“You are a beautiful man, Corporal Owen Grady.”

Owen chuckled, as he drank his champagne.

“I”ve been called many things.  But, beautiful is not one of them.”

Sayed blushed and put his glass down.

“I apologize for being forward, Owen.  I don”t mean to…”

Owen sat on a bench and kept looking at the water fountain.

“There”s no need to apologize, Sayed.  I understand, what you”re trying to say.”

Sayed looked nervous.  For one, he wasn”t used to playing this type of game.  All his life, whatever he wanted, he got.  But, with this young American, it was more of a cat and mouse game. 

But, who was the predator?  And who was the prey?

“I”m very glad, Owen.  I…I”m not used to…”

Owen slowly got up from the bench and even in the moonlight, Sayed”s light brown eyes betrayed him.  As his eyes were clearly focused on Owen”s enormous bulge, which at the moment was growing and snaking down Owen”s right leg. 

Owen managed a faint smile, as he slowly got up from the bench and walked towards Sayed.  Owen stood so close to Sayed, that he could smell the intoxicating scent of Owen”s faint, yet sexy and alluring cologne.

Owen then looked around the courtyard and then at Sayed.

“Which way to your bedroom?”

Sayed”s mouth, silently dropped open.  He immediately lost all train of thought and couldn”t even find his voice.  He simple pointed towards a massive wooden door at the other end of the courtyard.  Owen starting walking towards the massive door, while Sayed followed in a trance. 

Owen like a total gentleman, opened the massive door and let Sayed enter the room first.  As he was about to enter the room, he noticed heavily armed men standing guard in the wooden balconies watching from above the courtyard.  He snickered and followed Sayed into the master bedroom.

As Owen entered the room, he quickly inspected it and noticed a massive wooden poster bed with a canopy against the far wall.  Sayed, in the meantime stood silently and frozen in the middle of the room, eyes totally fixed on Owen. 

The room was richly decorated with expensive, handcrafted wood furniture, modern paintings and nude Greek male sculptures.  Crystal vases which held sweet smelling white roses, covered almost every surface of the room.

Owen”s eyes caught sight of an iPod player sitting on top of a circular wooden table. 

He walked over to it, picked it up and scrolled through the music collection. 

He smiled, when he saw a song that he recognized.

“Into the Black” by the Chromatics

Owen selected repeat for this song and pressed play.
The surround sound in the room cames alive.

My my, hey hey…

He put the iPod back on its cradle.

Rock & roll is here to stay.
Owen starts dancing by himself. 

His dance moves are clumsy, yet alluring and sexy.

It”s better to burn out, than to fade away.
Owen”s sensuous dancing, puts a huge smile on Sayed”s face and makes him feel more relaxed and at ease. 

After all, Owen looks like a big goofball dancing by himself. 

A goofball, yes. 

But, in a sweet, adorable and sexy way. 

Sayed, can”t believe his luck. 

It”s like a dream to have this young American God dancing in his bedroom. 

This is also the moment when Sayed, falls madly in love with Corporal Owen Christopher Grady.

My my, hey hey.

Owen extends his right hand and beckons, Sayed towards him.

Out of the blue and into the black
Sayed, blushes and like a moth to a flame walks slowly towards Owen.

As Sayed takes Owen”s right hand, he immediately feels a bolt of electricity run through his body.

They give you this, but you paid for that

Both men lock eyes on each other. 

Sayed looks deeply into Owen”s hazel honey eyes and smiles. 

Sayed is no fool.  He knows this is just a calculated game and that Owen is doing a job.

But, for Sayed…

Well, he was going to enjoy this moment. 

Even, if its for only one short evening…

And at the moment, he”s in heaven.

And once you”re gone, you can never come back When you”re out of the blue and into the black
Owen slowly starts grinding his warm body against Sayed. 

The king is gone, but he”s not forgotten This is the story of Johnny Rotten It”s better to burn out, than it is to rust The king is gone, but he”s not forgotten

Owen feels completely free. He feels completely uninhibited and like he”s floating on air. It”s like the lyrics of the song are speaking to him. Like the music is trying to reach the depth of his soul and being. It feels fucking awesome!

Hey hey, my my Rock and roll can never die There”s more to the picture Than meets the eye

Hey hey, my my.

Owen lets go of Sayed”s hand and walks towards the front door. 

He looks out and at the heavily armed guards that are standing sentinel for the night.

“When in Rome…”

He winks at the men standing guard and closes the door.


“Men by nature are horny animals…”

July 03, 2022 Brighton County, Ohio U.S.A 5:35 P.M. (EDT)


“Mister Grady!  Hellooo, Mister Grady!  You feel all right?”


Owen is suddenly startled and wakes up.

“Whaa!  Where?”

Shit!  It happened again…  Another, fucking blackout.

Owen jumps in his seat, when he sees Mirasol pressing her face against the driver”s side window.

Jesus fucking Christ!

“Mister Grady, why you out here?  Why you sit in car in dark?”

God, fuck!

Mirasol, of all people!

Owen lowers the window of his cruiser.

“I”m fine, Mirasol.  I”m just tired and closed my eyes for a few minutes, that”s all.  I”m good.”

Owen opens the car door and gets out of the car.  He feels a bit woobly and light headed, as he steadies himself. 

Mirasol is standing with arms crossed, as she inspects him head to toe.  She purses her lip in disapproval and shakes her head.

“You drunk, Mister Grady?  You acting very strange.”
Owen rolls his eyes and slams the car door hard, making a very concerned Mirasol jump high in the air.

“I”m not drunk!  I”ve just had a very long day, all right.”

Owen angrily walks past her.  But, not before he hears her mutter softly and under her breath…

“Lasinggero!  Susmaryosep.”


Drunk, she called him! 

If she only fucking knew…

That”s Mirasol”s favourite word to describe Owen. 

Well, there”s many others.  But, that”s her one to go to.

As well, as her favourite saying, Susmaryosep. 

A common Filipino saying and a contraction of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, Owen had one slip with alcohol and he got completely hammered. 

Drinking was one way for Owen to scape the many skeletons that he had hiding in his closet. 

Sadly, for Owen and anyone around him,…

When he drinks, he tends to be an angry drunk.
Owen ended up leaving a path of destruction in the neighbourhood.  It took 6 officers, a whole can of pepper spray and a fucking tazer to finally calm his hairy ass down. 

To this day, some people in the community, still murmur about it. 

Most people tend to be understanding and forgiving.  Others, well… Not, so much.

Owen snickers and shakes his head.  He wants to laugh, he really does.  But, that would just make Mirasol upset and more suspicious. 

Any other time and he”d gladly be pulling her strings and act like the drunk, that she thinks he is.  But, today he dosen”t have time to play mind games and wants Mirasol out of the house, as soon as fucking possible!

Mirasol might be a pain in the ass.  But, she”s also an amazing woman who deeply loves and cares for the family(yes, even Owen).  Her job description might be head housekeeper.  But, in reality, she”s by far much more than that.  She”s part of the family and has played the role of grandmother, nanny, cook, chauffeur and nurse to Grayson over the years. She loves and adores the boy, fiercely and would do anything for him.  She sees Gray, as her own grandson and although she”s in her late sixties, she still does a lot around the house.

But, in the last five years, Mirasol has been suffering from severe arthritis and swelling of the joints.  So, Caroline has taken away, many responsibilities from her(much to Mirasol”s dismay).  Caroline loves and cares for Mirasol and the feeling is more than mutual.  After all, Caroline was pretty much raised by Mirasol, who acted as a surrogate mother, nurse and nanny.  Caroline”s parents had always been far too busy for their children.  So, while they were off, gallivanting, shopping and travelling around the world.  It was Mirasol that looked after Caroline and her younger siblings.

In the last year Caroline hired a nanny to look after the twins, as well as a second housekeeper.  The other housekeeper”s responsibility is to clean, do the laundry, buy groceries and run errands.  Mirasol is charge, as she runs the house and the new staff answer to her.

However, at the moment Mirasol senses that something is not right.  So, she turns the tables around and gives Owen the third degree.

“Why, Grayson crying?  Something happen?  His mother has been calling him all day, me too and no answer.”

Owen sighed and needed Mirasol out of his hair.

“Gray is fine.  He was actually with me, the whole day.  I had him cleaning one the file rooms at the police station.  You know, how he gets when he comes in contact with dust.”

Mirasol quietly observed Owen.

“Grayson is allergic to dust and you had him…”

Owen knew that Mirasol wasn”t going to drop this. 

Once, she senses that something is amiss.  Well, there”s no stopping the interrogation.  She is determined to get to the bottom of things and extract the truth. 

She”s like a shark that catches the scent of blood in the water.

“The boy is out of school and needs something to do.  Once he takes a shower and takes his allergy pill, he”ll be fine.”

Mirasol was still eyeing Owen and trying to read him.  After all, she has a sixth sense when it comes to bullshit.

Owen might be in law enforcement.  But, Mirasol has many years under her belt, as well as five sons.  So, she knows when something is up.

So, in act of sheer desperation, Owen started stripping right in front of her. 

Mirasol”s face immediately turned red and she got all flustered.

Owen now faced Mirasol shirtless and on purpose, flexed his sweaty and hairy muscular chest. 

“I”m starving, Mamma!  What”s for dinner?  Where”s the grub?”

Mirasol wanted to continue with the grilling.  But, then Owen started unbuckling his black leather belt. 

She quickly, averted eye contact, as she fumbled through her Louis Vuitton purse and started looking for her car keys.

“Ummm, I made fried chicken, potato and macaroni salad and gravy.  Food in fridge.”

Owen”s eyes, lit up.

As he stood in the kitchen shirtless, he started dancing.  He then opened the fridge and took out the containers of food.

“See, this is the only reason, why we keep you!  Honestly woman, if you didn”t know how to cook.  I would” have shipped you, back to the Philippines inside a wooden crate.  Your fried chicken is to die for!”
Mirasol shook her head and pursed her lips tightly.

This type of joking has been going on, ever since Owen married Caroline.  It infuriates Caroline and she gets pissed off, when Owen says rude things like this.

Owen tends to be as subtle as a horse.  But, he”s kidding and Mirasol knows it. 

Besides, Mirasol gives as good as she takes.

“Don”t choke on the bones and remember to chew, you hairy orangutan!”
Owen by now, had a mouthfull of potato salad and wanted to laugh.  But, he instead grabbed the gravy and started to drink it, like it was water.

Mirasol”s eyes were bulging out, as she made a face of pure horror and was beyond speechless.  When Owen”s belt came off and he unzipped his pants, Mirasol rushed to the front door.

“The nanny left early.  Mother is sick.  So, you watch babies…Susmaryosep!”

Owen gave the loudest and most disgusting burp, ever!


Owen had his back to Mirasol, as he closed the fridge door.

“Wait, what?”

Mirasol was almost out the door, as she turned around and smiled.

“You look after the boys.  They”re sleep, upstairs.  Goodluck!”
And with that Mirasol closed and locked the door behind her.

“Fuck me!”

At that moment, Gray was coming down the stairs.  His shiny auburn hair was wet and neatly combed and he was dressed in his favourite blue plaid, flannel L.L.Bean pajamas.

“Is Mirasol gone?”

Owen was wiping the gravy from his hairy chest with paper towels.

“Yeah, she”s gone…”

From the top of the stairs, Gray looked at his nearly naked step-father, standing at the bottom of the stairs and immediately felt that feeling, again.

“Why, is there gravy on…?”

Owen chuckled and shook his head.

“Nevermind, that.  Listen, Mirasol made dinner and it”s in the tupperware containers in the fridge.  Warm up the fried chicken and set up the food, while I take a shower.”

Gray nodded, as he came down the stairs. 

As Owen was heading up, he stopped and turned around.

“Oh, yeah.  The nanny had to leave.  Something about her mother being sick or something.  I wasn”t paying attention.  So, you”re in charge of your brothers, check on them, feed them and put them to bed.”

And with that Owen walked up the stairs and up to the master bedroom.  Gray stood at the bottom of the stairs and nodded.


Up in the master bedroom, Owen stripped off his sweaty, dirty clothes and threw them in the hamper.  He then headed into his private bathroom. 

As he walked in, the lights turned on he looked at himself in the mirror.

“I look like shit!”

 As he looked at his tired face, he sighed.

And what is it, with these fucking blackouts?

Owen had been hoping that the blackouts were temporary and that they would go away on their own.  However, the blackouts were getting worse, becoming more frequent and lasting longer.

He needed help.

This was now, a matter of high concern…
When these blackouts tend to occur, Owen dosen”t remember anything he does before or during the blackout.

For example, just two weeks ago, he was responding to a domestic dispute. 

He remembers taking the call, getting into his cruiser and driving to the location.  But, that”s it. 

Nothing else! Not a fucking thing else!

The next thing he knows, he wakes up confused and disoriented in the parking lot of a Dunkin” Donuts(and he fucking hates Dunkin” Donuts!) 

He dosen”t remember driving there or even parking the car.  He just wakes up and there he is?

It”s fucking weird!

Once he stripped, he walked into the shower and turned the knob to hot.  He then got under the shower head and as the water flowed freely, he closed his eyes.


“Ahhh, yeah!  Right there, that”s the fucking spot!”

Owen has always enjoyed taking hot, scalding and boiling showers. 

The hotter and steamier, the better.

With his eyes closed, he let his head rest against the tile.  The timer in the shower kicked in and adjustable jets of hot water, massaged his entire body.  Strong and powerful jets were aimed at his chest, arms, back, legs and ass.

“Ahhh, fuck yeah!”

This was his oasis and peaceful retreat. A bathroom created and made for a man.

When Caroline decided to add rooms to the house(just, last year) Owen agreed.

But, with one condition.

If she was going to build a room for her new massive wardrobe(shoes, purses, accessories, etc).  Then he wanted his own bathroom and he wanted to design it, decorate it and paint it, his own fucking way.

Caroline begrudgingly agreed(but, this was just an act).  Even before Caroline married Owen, she”d always wanted a bathroom of her own. 

After all, while growing up she had to share a bathroom with her three sisters.  While her brother, being the only boy and the youngest of the siblings, got a bathroom of his own.

On this occasion, she allowed Owen to get his own way and have his victory and in turn, she got hers.  

Owen”s bathroom, reflected the owner as it was masculine, modern and practical.

The bathroom was constructed with a combination of wood, metal, stone and Italian marble.  Every material picked, blended perfectly and gave the bathroom, a rustic and industrial look. 

As for the colour, soft and neutral shades of light grey, black and blue were used. 

The inside of the walk in shower was fully illuminated with LED dimmable lights and made a combination of Italian marble and quarry stone.  A thick and large clear glass partition, separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom.  

Owen”s final touch was a 70 inch stainless steel, chrome-plated, top shower head that sprayed water like a mother fucker! 

The strong jet of water would hit you like a fucking tsunami and push you back, if your feet weren”t firmly planted.  This family(or at least, Owen) wasn”t concerned with wasting water.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Gray had the fried chicken on medium in the oven and the gravy on low on the stove.  He took out the containers of potato and macaroni salad and placed them on the granite counter top. 

He then took out the cutlery, set them on the table and took out the plates and napkins.  Once the dining room was set up, he went to check on his brothers.

As he walked into the twins nursery, he smiled. 

Dylan and Wyatt were awake and making gurgling, happy baby sounds.

“Helloo, boys.  How are my little brothers doing?”

At that moment, all the unhappiness and bleakness that Gray had been feeling, disappeared. 

Dylan and Wyatt, instantly recognized their brother and were all smiles, as they stretched their chubby little arms.  This brought a huge smile to Gray”s face.

The first thing that you noticed about the twins were their eyes, as they were a beautiful shade of blue/gray.  However, if you spend time with newborns, you”d know that this is quite natural in some babies.  As melanocytes respond to light, and the time that izmit kendi evi olan escort a baby spends in the womb is spent in darkness. 
So, the baby”s eye colour will eventually kick in and change over time. 

Gray kissed Dylan”s head and then Wyatt”s.  As Gray looked at his half-brothers, he felt that the twins eyes, would most likely have the same eye colour as their father,  hazel/honey brown.  He then gently stroked the boys” soft and shiny auburn hair.

There was a note on the baby”s change table that the nanny had left. 

Gray walked over to it and saw that it was instructions for the twins hours of feeding.  He then picked the boys and checked their diapers.

Clean… Phew!

“I”ll be back, for your feeding.  O.k.”

Gray blew the boys a kiss and walked out of the nursery, leaving the door slightly ajar. 

Dinner would soon be ready soon and his step-father was still upstairs with no signs of coming down. 

So, he quickly dashed into his bedroom and started collecting all the electronics that his step-father would soon be confiscating.  He discreetly and quietly closed his bedroom door, turned on his laptop and erased the browsing history.  After all, he certainly didn”t want his step-father or mother to check the websites that he”d been visiting lately(his mother would have a fit and call an Exorcist!)

Gray grabbed the rest of the electronics and quickly took it down to his step-father”s home office.  As he walked into the home office, he saw how clean, immaculate and organized, he kept the room.  On one side of the wall, his step-father had all sorts of trophies, plaques and medals neatly displayed from his sports days in highschool.  On the opposite side of the wall, there were plaques, medals and tons of photos displayed in glass shadow boxes from his days in the military.  There was a particular photo that was Gray”s favourite. 

The photo was taken when a young Owen Grady had graduated from the Marines.  In the photo, his step-father, looked so happy, proud, regal and very handsome in his marine uniform.  Gray then walked up to a bookshelf, were his step-father kept military books, hunting manuals and old highschool yearbooks.  He knew exactly which yearbook to grab…

Gray”s favourite was Owen”s senior year. 

Gray knew the yearbook by heart, since he”d always steal a glance whenever, he was in his step-father”s office(which was not often.)

Since Owen”s office was off-limits and kept locked at all times. 

Owen kept his large hunting gun collection, as well as his work gun and bullets, locked in the top drawer of his Oak desk. 

Gray flipped open the yearbook and saw the many, many, many messages from students, teachers and school staff.  Many, of these messages were well wishes, as well as phone numbers from girls and guys.  Every time Gray saw the phone numbers, he wondered if any of the numbers were still active? 
As for the messages?  Well, they ranged from humorous, to tawdry and a few that were quite vulgar and obscene in nature.  The “vulgar” messages were point blank, as to what they wanted from the handsome star quarterback.

Gray then turned to a page that had a black and white photo of his step-father.  The photo was the entire size of the page and someone had taken this, as Owen walked off the field, after a football game.  Owen had taken off his football jersey off and was showing off, his amazing, supper ripped and muscular body.  On his left hand, he carried his helmet and with his right hand, he waved at the crowd in the bleachers.  The photo clearly showed a gorgeous hairy chest, well-defined abs and an amazing six-pack that was covered in damp and wet hair.

At that moment, Gray”s entire body shuddered and tingled.  He immediately felt hot and aroused.  He closed the yearbook, turned his head toward the door and put the yearbook, back in its place. 

Then almost in a trance, he walked quietly up the stairs, as he got to the top, he looked at his parents bedroom and stopped. 

Then in a very stealth and ninja manner, he quietly and very carefully walked into the master bedroom.  He could clearly hear the water running and knew that his step-father was still in the shower.  This was one of the few things that Owen and Gray had in common, taking forever and wasting water while showering.  As Gray entered the bedroom, his eyes were immediately drawn to his parent”s massive and extremely expensive, California King sized bed.  The bed had been made in the morning by Mirasol and looked very cozy and inviting. 

He smiled, as he remembered being a carefree little kid and jumping on the bed to wake his parents up, on Saturdays morning. 

Those were the days… 

He then tiptoed to the left side of the bed, which is where his step-father slept and took his step-father”s pillow and caressed it.  But, as he heard the water in the shower, he knew that his step-father would not be much longer. 

Gray had to work fast, and that”s when he saw it.

His holy grail… Owen”s cloth hamper. The place where his step-father, left his dirty clothes.

In the shower, Owen had his eyes closed…

In his mind, he was picturing the pretty and very voluptuous, red-headed barista from Java Brew. 

Every morning when he goes to pick up his morning coffee, Emma openly flirts with him.  So, much so that they”re on first name basis. 

Even though, Emma knows very well, that Owen is married with a visible wedding band on his finger.

Lately, the flirting has intensified and become more heated. 

Every morning, Owen looks forward to going to work, going to Java Brew and picking up his rocket fuel.  Plus, it”s also a bonus that he gets to flirt and look at the very pretty and voluptuous, young Emma.

Owen stood under the cascading water… But, he wasn”t alone. There was another silhouette in the shower. Emma appeared from out of the steam and slowly walked towards Owen. She then put her arms around his thick neck and sweetly kissed his nose.

They stared at each for the longest time, as Emma finally smiled. Owen softly caressed her swan like neck and kissed her.  The hot water, softly cascaded between them, as Owen possessively held Emma tightly by her small waist.

Owen ran his fist up and down the hard shaft and slowly stroked his penis… 

He stiffled a moan, as he threw his head back. 

The poor guy was rock hard and in much need of sexual release.

“Oohhh, yeeahhh…”

Gray had been quietly spying on his step-father. 

But, from his position outside the bathroom door and with all the steam, he couldn”t get a perfect view.

But, it kinda looked like his step-father…? Was he…? Was he masturbating? Oh, my fucking God!  Yes, he was!

Gray could make out a muscular body, amidst the steam and obvious jerking motions.  He then slowly and quietly, opened the bathroom door to get a closer look. 

But, as soon as he did that, the inevitable happened…

The baby monitor went off.


The twins could be heard loud and clear, through the baby monitor that Owen had in the installed in bathroom.  There was another baby monitor, next to his wife”s bedside table and it only amplified the screech of the twins.

The boys” wailing, sounded like an emergency siren, as they screamed at the top of their lungs, wanting to be fed.  Owen turned off the shower and grabbed a towel.

His brothers couldn”t have picked a worse time.

Gray tried to flee the room…

But, in the panic and while doing his best, not to get caught, he tripped on Owen”s clothes hamper and his step-father”s dirty clothes went flying everywhere!


Inside of the bathroom, Owen called out.


Gray was picking up the dirty clothes in lighting speed, as clothes lay scattered everywhere.

He couldn”t get caught in his parents bedroom!  Not after the shit show of what”s happened today. 
How would that look? Shady, that”s how!

Once again, Owen bellowed from inside the bathroom.


Gray was almost done…

A damm sock,..

A fucking undershirt…

The twins were crying louder than ever!

You, know…for being only a few months old, those boys sure had some lungs!


Inside of the bathroom, Gray could hear his step-father drying off and swearing.

“Where the fuck is that boy?  GRAYSON!”
Gray grabbed one of Owen”s white undershirts and ran out of the bedroom.  He really wanted one of his step-father”s boxer briefs. 

But, at the moment the undershirt had to do. 

For, now at least…

Gray managed to quickly dash into his bedroom and shove his step-father”s undershirt under his mattress.  In lighting speed, he then took off and ran into the nursery.  He had just picked up one of the twins, when Owen appeared at the entrance to the nursery.

There stood his muscular step-father, imposing and alluring.  His broad, hairy and wet upper body, fully exposed. 

Owen had ran into the nursery, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. 

Gray”s eyes widen, as he stared at his almost, naked step-father.  His eyes were immediately focused on the big bulge that was hidden behind the fluffy white towel.

Owen walked into the nursery and looked at the twins and then at a sweaty looking Gray.

“I was calling out for you.  Is everything, all right?”
Gray”s face lit up like a Christmas tree, as he blushed and smiled.

“I was in the kitchen, warming up the food when you called, sorry.  I ran up here, as fast as I could and made sure, they”re o.k.  They”re just hungry.”

Owen looked around the nursery and nodded.

Everything seemed fine.

“All right, then.  If everything is fine here, then I”ll get dressed.  I”ll be down in a few.”  And with that Owen walked out of the nursery, holding onto his wet towel.

Gray nodded, as the put one of the twins, back down on the crib.

Phew!  That had been close. Way, too close!

He looked at both of the twins and tickled Wyatt on his tummy.

“You guys almost gave me a heart attack.  I”m going to warm up your bottles, o.k.  Be patient.”

Gray rushed downstairs, took the boy”s milk bottles from the fridge, put a pot of warm water on the stove and heated up the bottles.

Five minutes later, Owen came down wearing grey sweatpants and an orange muscle shirt that read, “Property of the Brighton County Sheriff Dept.” 

The muscle shirt”s colours had long ago faded and the shirt even had holes and tears in some places.  His mother had tried many times to get rid of the shirt, to no avail.

But, damm!  If the muscle shirt, didn”t look good on his step-father.

The small and shrunk orange muscle shirt, accentuated Owen”s ripped, tight and tall muscular frame. 

As Owen stood in the kitchen, he gave off a healthy glow from his scalding hot shower.  He looked and felt, refreshed, alive and re-invigorated.

Gray had been testing the milk on the palm of his hands.  But, he couldn”t stop staring at this step-father.  His eyes were practically devouring Owen from head to toe.  

After all, unless you were blind, you couldn”t miss Owen”s, big, soft and thick dick and balls, bulging obscenely in those old sweatpants. 

His mother hated it, when Owen wore these sweatpants. 

Every morning when Owen would go out for his morning jog, Caroline had to make the usual comment…

She would make a face, shake her head and say that Owen looked “obscene” and that his “junk” was visible for all to see.

Owen would always smile and reply. 

“I”m a man and proud of it, baby!  If you have a problem looking at me, then don”t.”

Owen walked over to the fridge, opened the door and took a cold beer. 

“You o.k. there, bud?”
Owen was looking curiously at Gray.

Gray had been staring at his step-father, while testing the milk.  He”d been so entranced, that the milk was running off the palm of his hand and onto the kitchen filoor.

“Umm, yeah.  Sorry, I just thinking…”

Owen raised an eyebrow, opened the can of beer and took a sip.

Gray turned off the stove, took out the boy”s bottles and put them on the counter.  He then grabbed some paper towel, bent over and wiped the floor.

Owen took a big gulp of his beer, as he looked at the rear end of his step-son.  He shook his head and chuckled.

Same bubble butt, as his mother.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Gray got up and threw the wet paper towel on the trash.

“Ummm, never mind.  I left all my stuff on your desk, as you requested.”

Owen nodded his head and tipped his beer can in appreciation.

“Thank you, Grayson.  Much appreciated, son.”

Owen walked out of the kitchen and headed towards his office.  As he walked away, Gray couldn”t stop staring at his step-father”s massive bulge, which was obscenely sticking out. 

It honestly looked, like his step-father had stuffed a long and thick zucchini, as well as two tennis balls down his sweatpants.


“I”ll be in my office, for a few minutes.  So, go ahead and have your dinner.  Don”t, wait for me.”

Gray nodded.

“It”s o.k.  Everything is on low.  I gotta give the twins their bottles, anyways.  So, I”ll make our plates after.”

Owen took another big gulp of his beer and smiled.

“Sounds good, bud.”

Upstairs in the nursery, Gray was sitting in a rocking chair, a twin in each arm and feeding them their bottles.

“Here you go.  Yes, yes…I know, you”re both starving!  Geez, guys.  It”s like you haven”t been fed in days.”

He gently rocked the twins, as he fed them.

In his office, Owen could hear Gray clearly on the baby monitor.  

Owen finished the beer and threw it in the garbage can.  He then noticed Gray”s laptop on top of a mountain of paperwork.

He stared at the laptop for a few seconds and tapped his long fingers on the desk. 

He unlocked the top drawer of his desk, took out a shot glass and a bottle of Jack Daniel”s.  He opened the bottle and poured himself a drink.

As he drank the shot, he decided to open the laptop.  He turned it on and checked the browsing history. 

Wiped clean…

Owen smiled.

Smart boy!

Owen starting digging through the computer, and saw that Gray had erased any traces of sites that he”d been recently looking.

Sigh! Amateur move, kiddo!

Owen”s desktop computer was hooked up to the station”s computer mainframe.  All he had to do, was to connect Gray”s laptop to his and then run a spy software.

Grayson”s computer would then sing like a canary and give up all of it”s secrets. 

He was about to run the software, when he heard singing…

“When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you…”

It was Gray and he was singing a lullaby to the twins.

Owen poured himself another shot and sat back.

He stared at the baby monitor and listened to the rest of the lullaby. 

Fuck, he felt tired!

He rubbed his eyes and kept tapping his fingers on his desk.  He then unplugged the cable from Gray”s laptop to his home computer.

Just this one time, he was going to give Grayson a pass.
He wasn”t going to be intrusive or nosy.

He was going to give the boy his privacy. 



Owen then closed the laptop, put the shot glass and whisky bottle back in the desk drawer and locked it.  He walked out of his office, closed the door behind him and entered the 4 digit code into the keypad outside of his home office.

When Gray came down from the nursery, Owen was sitting at he head of the table, serving a plate for himself and Grayson.

Gray smiled at his step-father and sat on the chair to Owen”s right.

“The boy”s are fed.  I burped them, changed their diapers and put them in their crib.  They should be falling asleep, soon.”

Owen nodded, as he passed a plate to Gray.

“Thank you, son.  I appreciate your help.”

Gray nodded and smiled, as he took the dinner plate from Owen”s hand. 

Everything smelled wonderful and looked delicious. 

Mirasol had really outdone herself.  Gray made a mental note to thank her tomorrow morning. 

He then took small spoonful of mashed potatoes and macaroni salad, as Owen opened another beer and sat back on his chair.

“I checked the browsing history in your laptop.  You wiped it, clean.”

Gray nervously looked up at his step-father and instead of pouring gravy over his mashed potatoes, he poured it on the dining room table.


Gray looked scared.

Owen looked at Gray and raised his right hand in the air.

“Relax, Grayson.  It”s fine, I”m not angry.”

Owen took a sip of his beer.

“I could have checked the browsing history, you know.  I have the powers and means to do that.  But, I decided not to.”

Gray simply looked down at his plate.

“You”re a teenage boy, now.  Your hormones are going haywire, you”re curious and horny.  I get it.  Trust me, I”ve been there.”

Owen took a big spoonful of macaroni salad, plopped it on his plate and licked his fingers clean.

“But, I do want to make something, crystal clear.  Look, at me.”

Gray raised his head and looked at his step-father.

“Under no circumstances, are you to visit any chat room sites.  I don”t care how g-rated, kid friendly or innocent they are.  Is that clear?”

Gray silently nodded.

Owen made a face and stared at Grayson.

Gray, immediately got the point.

“Yes, sir!  No chat rooms.”

Owen continued eating.

“I know what you”re going through.  You”re intrigued about sex.  Specially, gay sex.  I guess…”

Gray took small bites of his food.  But, he was nervous and he”d lost all appetite.

Oh… My… GOD!

Gray rolled his eyes and wanted to disappear!
He couldn”t believe that he was having this conversation with his step-father, again.  They had the sex talk three years ago and once had been more than enough!

Owen was on his third piece of fried chicken and Gray hadn”t even touched his.  His step-father was eating, like it was his last day on Earth. 

Gray wanted to hurl. 

His step-father, could be such a troglodyte!

“I”m not against you, watching porn Grayson.  Hell, I do it.  And there”s nothing wrong with pumping the python…” 

Owen made a jerking motion with his right hand(the universal sign for jacking off).

At that moment, Gray lost the ability to taste food. 

Gray was now getting upset and he put his fork down and angrily looked at his step-father.

“Please, stop!”

Owen had a mouth full of chicken…

“Whaa?  We”re sharing here.  I just want you to know…”

Gray sighed deeply and slammed his fist on the table.

He”s never done that before.

“Would you, please listen!  Stop trying to pretend like you know, what I”m going through.  Because, you don”t!  You have no idea.”

Owen stopped eating and realized that the conversation just got serious.
It worked!  Pushing Grayson”s buttons, fucking worked!

“Then talk to me, son.  I”m here for you and I want to know what”s going on in your life.”

Gray lowered his gaze and his face felt like it was burning.

“Gray, I want to help you out.  But, you need to set aside this anger and talk to me.”

Gray looked at his step-father.

“I don”t know.  I just…”

Owen set aside his plate and leaned closer to the table.

“Gray, whatever you decide to tell me.  It stays with me.  I promise you that.  This conversation, unless you want me to share it, with your mother will stay between us.”

Gray raised his head, as a tear trickled down his cheek.

Owen sighed.

“You know, son.  Earlier, I wasn”t angry because you rode your bike through the woods to Dover County.  Although, I should have been.  I mean, those bike trails are dangerous terrain, even for seasoned hikers and hunters.  Aside from wild animals, you could have gotten lost or encountered any types of danger.  Then what?  How could we find you?  But, the main reason, I got angry was because in that public bathroom, you put yourself in a position of extreme danger.  There are men out there, who wouldn”t even think twice about hurting, a sweet boy like you.  I was scared…I was scared for you.”

Gray felt ashamed now.

His step-father was right.

Owen took another sip of beer.

“How did you find out about the park, anyways?  I promise and cross my heart, that I will not judge.”

Gray sighed deeply.

“Well, ummm…I was seating by the bleachers at school and overheard some seniors talking.  They were laughing and making jokes about the things that go on in the park at night.  So, I went there to check out things for myself.”

Owen bit his tongue, hard! He took a deep breath, pinched his nose and exhaled. He could do this… Deep breath.

Deep fucking breath…

“Listen, Gray.  Men by nature are horny animals.  There”s no way to fucking sugar coat this and I won”t.  Besides, you”re old enough and I”m sure, you”ve seen your share of stuff on the internet.  Some men are always thinking about sex, looking for sex, ogling at the opposite sex or in your case, the same sex.  For some men, sex comes easily.  If we”re willing to put the time, chase and effort, you”ll find it.  Straight men, gay men, bisexual men.  All men, period…are fucking horndogs.  Don”t let anyone tell you, otherwise.”

Gray chuckled, which made Owen smile.

“I guess, what I”m trying to say…  It”s o.k., if you”re curious about sex, whether gay or straight.  It”s fine.  You”re a teenager, now.  Sex will be constantly on your mind.  Just, please use your best judgement.  Think with the head that”s on your shoulders and not the one between your legs.”

Gray smiled and rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, son.  You”re a good looking boy.  You will have plenty of time and many girls…”

Owen stopped himself, took a deep breath and continued. 

Gray knew what his step-father was going to say.

“What I”m trying to say, is that you”ll have plenty of time in your life to get your dick wet.  So, don”t rush things.  Enjoy these years!”

Gray closed his eyes and groaned.

“C”on, we”re sharing here.  But, aren”t things a little bit different now?  I mean, things have changed since I was in school, correct?  I know for a fact, that there”s a gay club in your school.  You can meet other boys there.  I”m not saying that you should have sex with them.  But, you could meet someone, perhaps go out on a date and well, take it from there.  Now, I”m not telling you to go and have sex.  But, if you do, then be careful and always use protection.”

Gray pursed his lips and silently nodded.

“I know your mother would have my balls, if she knew that I”m telling you this.  But, it”s just us, men tonight.  There”s no judging and no pussyfooting.”

Gray raised his head and smiled.

“Thanks, dad.  I appreciate it.”

Owen got up from the table, walked over to the fridge and took out another beer.

“So, are there any boys in your class that you like?”

Owen opened the can of beer and took a big gulp. 

He was going to need alcohol for this!

Gray sighed.

“Well, umm…”

Owen sat his ass back down and smiled.

“Oh, hello!  So, that”s a yes!  Who”s the lucky guy?”
Gray shook his head.

“Well, dad.  I”m actually not interested in boys.  I prefer men.”
If a pin had fallen to the ground, you”ve definitely would have heard it.

Poor Owen almost chocked on his beer.

To be continued!

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