The Artful Lodger

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We’d been asked if we would like to support a local sports club by offering to billet an athlete for the coming season. Providing them with a home in return for some expenses.

Our kids had long left home and we had the room, so it seemed like a good idea. Though I confess, I had an ulterior motive beyond the money and supporting the club, that my wife didn’t have.

My wife and I are in our early 50’s and we were in that phase where sex had become mundane…a bit of a chore. To be honest, it had never been great anyway.

I guess you would describe my wife as somewhere between a MILF and a GILF, she wasn’t a gran, but possibly a little on the older side to be considered a MILF.

She is still hot. She still looks after herself and has always cared about her appearance. She would pass for 10 years younger. Decent figure, trimmed pussy, sizeable tits that were still pretty perky – great cleavage – and a cute face with very kissable lips. She isn’t tall, but her legs have a great shape and toned look, and her ass is a peach. She still draws admiring glances from most guys. Not that she cares about that. She doesn’t.

After the kids had moved out, I had tried to rekindle the magic (that never was) by trying to coax her in to new things, new experiences. I was becoming a horny bastard, with cuckold or sharing and hot wife fantasies strong in my thoughts and desires, and I tried to introduce such ideas in to our sex life, or daily life when ever I could.

You know, I would ask her if she had ever thought about fucking other guys, or what her fantasies were, or what turned her on…whether she would like to try role play, or introduce some toys, or watch some porn together. I confessed my own fantasies of watching her fuck another guy, to see and listen to her respond to his big (often black) cock. Hot wifing was particularly attractive and I tried to sell the benefits of the life style to her as often as I could during sex.

I would point out guys ogling her when we were out, or make crude remarks about them being hung, or come up with some innuendo when the situation presented itself.

But, nothing ever came of it. She didn’t admit or confess to anything, she didn’t want role play, or toys, or to watch porn. Nothing. She humoured me when I did bring it up, without ever really engaging, and I was left to babble away as I fucked her, pretending I was some strange bull giving her a pounding, pleading with her to share how she felt, to at least admit to being turned on by my musings.

When we were approached about taking in a lodger she wasn’t keen at first, probably very wary of my intentions, but she had to admit the money would come in handy, and the rooms were just sitting there empty. Plus, in the end I think she was a little less concerned when she realised the lodger would be no older than our adult son and therefore unlikely to be the object of her husbands scheming, or of any sexual interest to the lad. She also liked the idea of having someone to fuss over again. She hates having nothing to do.

She agreed, and left me to discuss the finer details with the club, including who we would get, and if there was some kind of selection process, or interview.

After going through the candidates, I interviewed 3 of them, as it had to be right for them as well as us. I knew who I wanted before the interviews, but went through the process anyway.

To make sure Shirley was happy with my choice, I then asked the preferred candidate to meet her at our home over dinner to seal the deal.

Tyrone, was a black 25 year old athlete signed at the club for the new season, and I liked his swagger and confidence when I interviewed him. The guy was a player.

I don’t know if Shirley was surprised, or even a little suspicious of my selection, but if she did she never showed it. She welcomed him in and sat him down at the table and fed him, chatted to him about where he was from, and his sport. All mundane get-to-know you stuff.

For my part, I watched Tyrone intently as he spoke to Shirley, paying her food, her home and herself compliments and thanking her for the opportunity. He was all manners on the outside, but those eyes of his scanned her form appreciatively, especially her tits, which as usual had a fair amount of cleavage on view.

Toward the end of the night, they were like old friends. Swapping harmless flirting about how the girls must love him and about how she might need to create house rules about bringing ladies back home, and in return he was teasing her that I probably had to fight guys off too, to keep hold of her. Music to my ears.

There was no doubt Tyrone was going to move in. And 2 days later he did.

He’d been there for a couple of weeks when he came home with a lady friend, a young girl. I had not dared introduce Tyrone yet in to my fantasies during sex with Shirley…firstly because we had only had sex twice since he moved in, and secondly because it was too soon. But I planned to.

After a brief introduction they disappeared illegal bahis to his room, and despite some background music, it was pretty obvious to both of us what they got up to. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, and it went on for a good while.

We both sat in the living room for a couple of hours, pretending to ignore it and failing. In the end I had to say something.

“Sounds like someone’s having fun…oh to be young and hung.” I giggled.

“Steve, that’s a bit crude. And an assumption.”

“It might be crude, but its no assumption is it…I mean for one, her reaction tells you he’s packing…and two, well you can’t have failed to notice he his hung because he always struts around the house in shorts, and well…you can’t bloody miss it swinging about like an elephants trunk can you…I am not blind and neither are you.”

She blushed. “Yes, well I suppose I can’t argue there can I. It does rather stand out.”

I so badly wanted to ask her the obvious and wheedle out of her if she thought about what it would look like / be like..but bottled it.

We decided to go to bed ourselves instead, where she immediately thrust her buttocks in to my cock as I spooned her, a sign that she wanted me to take her. I didn’t argue, and I don’t know how I did it, but I never said a word. Instinct telling me not too. She was clearly turned on with listening to Tyrone service his young lady, and just possibly the thought of what that cock could do to her.

The next morning, Tyrone came downstairs in just his shorts again to get some juice. The girl had not stayed the night, we heard her leave about midnight.

“Hi…” he said.

“Look this is awkward, but I hope you err, weren’t too disturbed last night. She was a little vocal.” And he laughed.

We both looked at each other hoping the other would answer first. In the end I did.

“Well, you’re young and we can’t expect you to live like a monk.” And then I do what all blokes do and came out with the old macho bullshit comment.

“And I have to say mate, pretty impressive going. Jesus you can tell you’re an athlete with stamina like that. Not to mention gifted.”

I cringed at myself.

Shirley was agape. Tyrone looked stunned.

“Erm…yeah, thanks. I think.” And he laughed.

Shirley tried to take the elephant out of the room (though not the one in Tyrones shorts).

“Whats he like…bloody men. Always comparing and thinking their gods gift. Never mind him love. Look we are going to have to get used to it…all of us. As he says we can’t expect you to be a monk, so if you are ok that we might hear things, then we’ll have to be ok with hearing them. Hard not too under the same roof, we can’t avoid each other and make schedules around each other. We’ll just have to get on with it.”

Then Tyrone said something. It wasn’t so much what he said, but it was how he said it and the fact he was staring straight in to Shirley’s eyes when he said it.

“I’m OK with that. I don’t mind YOU hearing whats going on at all.”

She broke off eye contact, but she clearly got the message. “That ok with you Steve?” She said rather hoarsely.

“Oh, yes…that’s fine with me too.” My heart was having palpitations. There was no way either of us misunderstood that line.

Another week passed by. He’d had no more visitors, but he had clearly become to feel relaxed around us at home.

He often strolled around in his shorts still, he was very rarely fully clothed when relaxing about the house, his muscular but languid frame sauntering from room to room, or lazing on the sofa watching TV. Both of us were drawn to that swinging slab of meat. We tried hard not to, but we both saw each of us fail that test on numerous occasions. I’m pretty sure Tyrone did too. And I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it.

A new lady friend was brought home shortly after, with the same result. This time however, no music was played in an attempt to drown anything out. We sat there listening to her tell Tyrone how fucking amazing his big black cock was, how good his cock felt inside her…to fuck her harder, to come inside her. We heard all sorts of noises, gasps, whining, keening, grunting, as well as explicit chat, and it went on and on.

After an hour I suggested we left them to it and went to the pub.

When we got back an hour and a half later there was silence. We didn’t know if she had left or not, but suspected as much, as he was appreciative that we needed to sleep!

As before however, Shirley positioned herself to be fucked as soon as we got in bed. I decided to broach the subject this time, tentatively.

“So does listening to them turn you on.” I asked as I slid my cock in and out of her soaking hole.

“What? Silence. No reply. Aw come on Shirley, that’s twice in a row you have wanted to be fucked after hearing Tyrone with those women, and you’re pussy is so fucking wet. I mean it can’t be a coincidence.”

“I’m human shoot me. Yes, alright damn it, yes it got me horny, is there anything wrong with illegal bahis siteleri that?

“No. Do you wonder what it would be like? Do you think about his cock fucking you like that.”

“To far. I’m not going to answer that. And you can drop any ideas you have on that score, so stop talking now and just fuck me ok.”

It seemed I had my answer anyway. Of course she did.

Shirley didn’t sleep well during the night and got up early the next morning to fuss about in the kitchen. I wondered if it was because she could not stop thinking about what she had heard, and about Tyrone’s cock doing that to her. Something I duly used as inspiration to knock one out as I lay alone in bed.

I heard the shower being run in Tyrone’s en suite, and then rolled over to go back to sleep.

After showering Tyrone came downstairs with just a towel wrapped around him to grab his usual glass of juice. His upper torso still slightly damp, and glistening.

Shirley was stood at the island preparing breakfast with her back to Tyrone when he walked in. She was wearing only the satin shorts and vest top combo she always wore for bed, not expecting Tyrone to be up so early.

She jumped when he walked in and felt immediately self conscious, stood there with so much exposed flesh on show in her skimpy bed clothes.

“Oh…hi…erm, this is awkward. I didn’t expect you to get up so early.”

“Hey. No worries. It’s not like you’re naked or anything. Anyway, you see me in just shorts every day, so same difference…though I have to say, you look good in them.”

“Stop. Will you listen to him Mr. Charmer.”

“I noticed you went out last night. Was that down to me again…you know the noisy sex.”

She was feeling really vulnerable at that moment, but also extremely turned on with remembering those noises, and the young girls comments about Tyrone’s cock. A cock that she was acutely aware was only shielded from view by the width of the towels cloth. A towel that was prominently tented by that very same cock.

“Well..yes, we thought we would give you some privacy.”

“Does it bother you?”

“In what way, I mean it is a little awkward, especially when you hear everything…the erm comments especially, but we are all adults so we can live with it.”

“Thats’s not what I meant exactly.”

He took a step towards her, and she pretended not to notice.

He stepped in to her, behind her, pressing himself in to her.

“What..what are you doing?”

“Just getting a glass for my juice.” He reached around her to a cupboard on the wall to the right, opened it and pulled out a glass. All the time the outline of his cock was nuzzled against her buttocks.

He felt her shiver.

“Tyrone…” It was all she could manage to say, before he reached around her again, this time for the drawer in front of her. He pulled back on the handle to open it, forcing her to step back in to him as the drawer slid open. Pressing her ass firmer in to that tented towel, and his swelling rod.

He pulled out a spoon, set it on the counter, then stepped forward, pressing the drawer closed with her body. The imprint of his cock now wedged between the cleft of her buttocks.

“Oh god…Tyrone…please d…” She never finished the sentence.

“Shhh…” He murmured cutting her off, his hands reaching around her, and sliding up, under her skimpy, satin vest top and cupping her already swollen mounds. Fingers found her erect nipples and teased them til they ached.

She was frozen. Rooted to the spot. Pinned by his body to the island.

“What I meant before was, does it affect you hearing me fuck those women? When they say things about me, about my big black cock does it make you wet? Have you fantasised about fucking me? Have you dreamt about what my big cock would feel like inside you? When Steve fucks you, do you think of me? I heard you last night…I heard him ask you the same question and you avoid the answer.”

Her breathing was shallow, panting almost. Her head was whirling with what was happening. Her head was telling her she shouldn’t do this. She should make him stop. But her lust and her base carnal instinct wanted him. Needed him. And she knew there was no way on earth she would utter the word ‘stop’ now.

He freed a hand from her breast, and released the towel about his waist, dropping it to the floor. He stood naked behind her, sliding his thick, black member up and down the crack of her ass, dry humping her, teasing her. She could stand it no more.

“Tyrone…I…I…oh god…yes I can’t stop thinking about your cock inside’s driving me insane. But you can’t…not here…not now…what if Steve hears us.”

He didn’t respond at first. With his free hand he yanked her shorts down, and they slowly slid to her feet. Her arse cheeks and slot were now exposed and prone to his rock hard prick. He continued to slide it between her ass cheeks, but now it was flesh on flesh. He could feel her tremble at its touch, at his girth, and at the anticipation canlı bahis siteleri of being entered by it.

“If I was a betting man, I think Steve would want to watch, so let him hear. I think he has fantasised about this as much as you have. Am I wrong?”

She slowly shook her head to indicate he was probably right, and that was all he needed to proceed.

He reached below her, between her legs, and found her cunt, dripping and eager. His fingers penetrated her, spreading her, plundering inside her, preparing her. She gasped, and knew there was no going back now.

He tapped her legs apart with his feet on the inside of her ankles, then drew her hips backward so she was bent forward, presenting her pussy to him for the taking. Her soft, puffy pink lips visibly damp and expectant.

He slid her top off over her head first, so she too was naked, her engorged breasts resting on the cold marble worktop.

He reached for his 12″ of thick, prime beef and guided it to her labia, wiping it up and down a few times to coat the tip in her pre-cum before nudging forward and parting her curtains, stretching her wide like never before, and starting the journey inside her.

She squealed aloud, as his girth and length took over full occupancy of her womanhood. It felt amazing. She understood now why those other women reacted the way they had and said what they said.

“Oh god Tyrone…please fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I had heard the squeal and had snuck down the stairs and positioned myself at the door, with a side on view of Tyrone’s massive black snake, grinding in and out of my wife’s snatch. I heard what she said to Tyrone, and almost came without any intervention from my own hands.

Once he was satisfied that she had gotten used to his size, he began to pick up the pace, and thrust harder inside her, forcing Shirley to wail, and groan like a banshee. She knew I would hear. She didn’t care. She knew I would enjoy watching her, and she instantly wondered if I was. She turned her head to the left, and saw me standing to one side of the kitchen door, cock in hand smirking.

“Enjoy…fuck him good.” I said.

Tyrone, turned to see me as I spoke. “Carry on son…carry on.” Tyrone smiled broadly and turned his attention back to Shirley’s now gushing hole.

“I’m cum..oh my god, I cumming…already.” I could see her orgasm from the door such was its force, her legs quivered, her arse and abdomen spasmed and then twitched.

She panted heavily from the exertion of her ejaculation, as the waves surged then subsided.

Time for a change Tyrone thought. He withdrew, spun her around and lifted her on to the spacious island, and pushed her on her back.

His head lowered between her thighs, and began to lick and sooth her battered pussy. Finding her clit and teasing it between teeth and lips. He spied a small foot stool, used by Shirley to reach the top cupboards, and slid it across with his foot. Using it raised him to the perfect height to slide his erect monster back inside that aching cunt, and begin to fuck her missionary style with her legs splayed wide.

I shot my load as Tyrone took Shirley for the second time, spilling my seed on to the wooden flooring, then decided to get in on the act. I walked to the other side of the island, dragging a stool with me and perched on it. I pulled Shirley’s head down so she hung backwards over the edge of the island and in to my crotch, then I stood on the foot rest part of the stool for greater elevation and introduced my resurrecting cock, cum stained cock to her lips. When I was fully hard, I had the perfect angle to fuck her throat, spit roasting her.

Tyrone, grabbed Shirley by the upper thighs and used them as anchors to pull himself deeper inside her, forcing her to take as much of him as she could.

She found it very difficult to vocalise with my cock in her mouth; but it was clear it would not be very long before she came again. She was in a place no man had ever taken her, Tyrone’s cock reaching parts of her cunt my cock had never explored.

I reached for her tits, as they jiggled wildly from the rhythmic pounding from Tyrone’s muscular, athletic thighs and kneaded them like mounds of swelling dough. I could not believe this was happening. It was all I had hoped for, and more.

I could not last long, the thrill of what I was seeing and experiencing making me too excitable, unlike Tyrone, who was fucking robotic.

I didn’t warn Shirley, but just came in her mouth, withdrawing after the first expulsion of batter to spray what followed on her face. She spat out my first deposit and glared at me, before being distracted by her own orgasm. Still Tyrone showed no signs of coming, though his cock was covered in white pussy cream from Shirley’s battered snatch, giving the impression he had.

As before once her legs had stopped spasming and twitching, Tyrone decided it was time for another position. He withdrew, and pulled her toward him, and off the island – standing naked in front of him, his pulsating, black mamba brushing against her abdomen.

“You want to wash that off?” Tyrone said, gesticulating at her cum speckled face, and she nodded, moved passed him and splashed her face with water from the kitchen sink.

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