The Artist and the Client


The Artist and the ClientMy neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost family and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.As a younger eighteen year old guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same desires. Bernie was very conservative and straight in his appearance, not typical of a painter or artist back in the late 70’s, with all of the hippie and free spirited thinking challenging conventional wisdom.I saw him alone and was intrigued why he needed to talk to me, so I sauntered over and said “Bernie…….what’s up……you wanna to talk?” I was excited, hoping I would get to work with him. “G……..I was wondering if you might do some modeling for me…..for a painting…..I have a client who I think you would be perfect for……”I thought for a moment and immediately said, “Awesome……when?” “How about tomorrow……late morning….it’s Saturday so we’ll have all afternoon….I can tell you more about it when you get there….”I arrived about 11:00 the next morning and Bernie greeted me telling me his wife was out shopping, so we would have a lot of privacy all day. I wondered why he said that. yalova escort He began telling me he had this client who loved paintings of young men, he first called them boys, but then corrected himself by saying, “Well of course your not a little boy any longer, but your perfect!” I was a bit confused but I certainly felt great about the fact I would be perfect for this. Then he said, “We need to talk about what he wants in this painting.” I nodded. He went on, “My client is into men, yeah he’s Gay, or maybe Bi…….I’m not really sure actually…..but he asked if I could find a young guy who would pose for a very special painting. I said….”Okay”, still a bit confused.”He would like a classic pose…..reclining on a sofa or chaise like the one over there….” I looked over to the chaise I had sat on hundreds of times watching him paint. I nodded again. Then he went on, “You will need to be…………” He hesitated. “You’ll need to be nude…….naked…………………………is that a problem for you…..I mean are you willing?” I was shocked, surprised, I didn’t see that coming at all. I had been naked with other men before, but that was different. This was my conservative neighbor who actually didn’t seem sexual at all to me, and all of a sudden he wants me to pose nude for him. As I stood there in my state of contemplation and utter surprise, he said, “If your embarrassed or uncomfortable……would it make it easier if I was naked too?……” With that, he didn’t wait for a replay. yozgat escort He turned and disappeared behind a dressing screen he had in the corner of his studio. “You might feel more at ease if we all both naked G,” he said, as I watched his polo shirt being laid over the top of the screen and heard his belt buckle hit the wood floor. He walked out naked. He was a tall man, taller than me and slim. His cock was long and hung flaccid as he asked, “Need some help G?” I was still a bit taken back by all of this as he stepped forward, “Here raise……your arms,” as he pulled my tank top up and over my head. He looked at my hairless chest and said, “Oh yes……my client will love you,” reaching out he pinched my nipple. He smiled in a teasing manner. I was confused, was he joking or really trying to turn me on?Being sexual and feeling his pinch, feeling my nipple harden, and Bernie’s naked body so close my own; my confusion was gone as I felt my cock begin to swell in my well worn denim cutoffs. I never wore underwear with them, always loving the feeling of the soft, thin, worn denim as it caressed my cock. He looked at me and I sensed I was nervous, as he reached down and unbuttoned the button on my shorts, unzipping them and stepping back. I held them up with my arms pressed against them, but I knew I had to let him see me. The air was thick in the summer heat and quiet, so quiet I sensed I could hear us both breathing heavily in anticipation of my total exposure.I lifted my arms and zonguldak escort let my shorts drop to the floor. My cock, almost hairless around it’s base, hung in a semi hard state as I felt a slight swelling. “Oh my God……you’re a young Adonis……so smooth and Oh my……my client will love you.” I noticed a twitch in his cock as he stepped closer. He looked down at me and reached out, putting his arms over my shoulders pulling me closer. I felt his cock touch my belly, it seemed to harden as he got closer and the head oozed clear pre cum. “You will need to be hard for this sitting G……I can see that won’t be an issue.” We both looked down and my cock was standing straight up. Reaching down he grabbed my cock and stroked them together. I could feel his cock pulse as I’m sure he could feel mine. His cock was warm and sweaty, and as he brought his hand to my face, I could smell our musk, our scent. It made my head spin with desire and need. My cock was so hard and he was right there, naked and available. I wanted, I needed him to fondle me. I wanted release. It was one of those moments when your desire was taking control and all you wanted was to bathe in complete sexual gratification, to be touched and fondled, sucked. Oh how I wanted his lips around the head of my cock, swirling and licking. My desire was incredible, the throbbing in my cock, and the thought of sex with a mature man only making the need more urgent.”I need you hard all through the sitting…..can you do that?……..I can help you……if it get’s soft…….would you like that G?”, I trembled with anticipation in his words. With that he knelt down and kissed my cock softly, his tongue swirling around the head me as took me fully in his mouth. Standing again, he squeezed my butt. “Okay…..lets get you posed”

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