The Australian Ch. 05: The Shower

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We lay there for a while, naked and breathless. The culmination of so many conversations and fantasies, it didn’t feel real to be sharing this moment. I’m not sure how long it was, but eventually we rolled over to face each other and when our eyes met we started to smile and then laugh.

“Well…” she said after a few seconds.

“Well…” I smiled back.

Any lingering uncertainty had disappeared and the conversation flowed freely with giggles and contented sighs being the only interruptions. We kissed occasionally for the sake of it, of feeling her lips on mine. Feeling her shiver and sigh as my hands traced lines on her skin.

Eventually she rolled over and moved to get up. “I’m going to have a quick shower,” she began as she started off towards the bathroom. Suddenly she felt my hand tight around her wrist, spinning her back towards the bed where I was now sitting up. My other hand landed firmly and squarely on her gorgeous, round behind as I placed her straight onto my lap. “And you thought you’d be going alone?” I growled into her ear, before kissing her firmly and biting her lip as a short gasp escaped her mouth.

She quickly got and took my hand, leading me towards the shower. ‘Good girl,’ I thought. I noticed a smirk on her pretty little lips. I wasn’t sure if this was her intention all along but she was definitely pleased with the result.

She turned around to face me as the warm water started flowing over our bodies, but I kept walking. Taking both her hands and holding them tight behind her back I pushed her up against the shower wall as we kissed passionately. She moaned as she felt me grow and brush against her.

I released her wrists but kept her firmly against the wall with the weight of my body as my hands began to explore her body, one moving up and one moving down. My left stroked up her side, nails lightly digging into her soft, tanned skin. It cupped her breasts before sliding along her collar and up towards her throat. My right drifted across her stomach, drawing shapes on the soft skin on her stomach. Occasionally she would shiver and tense and I would briefly feel the firm muscle underneath as I slowly and purposefully continued down.

My right hard started to tighten around her throat as my left began to brush gently over her clit. I looked deep into her big, brown eyes and smiled as my grip increased and two fingers gently slid inside her. Those eyes filled with equal parts pleasure and desperation as I began to stroke deeper and squeeze tighter. She tried to stay quiet but couldn’t prevent breathless moans escaping her mouth or the shivers and convulsions that started to sweep through her body.

I noticed her start to struggle slightly. She could feel me growing harder and harder and I could tell she was desperate to feel more. I smiled as I held her there for a little longer. illegal bahis The muscles is my forearm tensed as I increased the pressure and heard her grow even more breathless. I looked into her eyes and stroked deeper inside her with curved fingers, brushing her g-spot a little more each time. Her knees started to grow weak and it seemed my hand around her throat was all that was keeping her up. I decided to let her go. For now.

I leaned in close and bit her neck before freeing her. She paused for a second while her thoughts caught up with her senses before she reached out to grab me, her fingers tight along my length. She began slowly at first but increased her pace as she began to drop and squat in front of me. I felt her breath first, hot like the water that was flowing over our bodies. She pulled back my foreskin entirely to reveal the head and softly planted a kiss on it with her gorgeous soft, lips. Her tongue began to lightly circle the tip, applying just enough pressure to leave me always wanting more. She started to move forward gradually. Inch by inch she took me deeper into her mouth, carefully and slowly making her way towards my stomach. She began to circle more intensely with her tongue as she neared the end. I heard and felt her gag slightly before taking the final inch.

Only them did she look up. Her brunette hair wet and slicked back, her skin slightly flushed from the heat of the shower, her big brown eyes staring up at me, searching for approval but also mischievous and confident, knowing the effect she was having on me. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I reached down with my right hand to stroke her cheek whilst my left gripped a fistful of hair and held her there. I looked deep into her eyes and said firmly, “good girl.”

I could almost feel the smile and tingle that coursed through her body. A more determined, hungry look came over her as she began to devour me. She grasped me again and started to stroke and pump my shaft as she sucked harder and swirled her tongue around the length. I threw my head back and moaned loudly, completely consumed by pleasure. Hearing me only spurred her on more, and it was all I could do to hold on as my noises made her moan, with the muffled sound only making it sweeter.

After a few minutes I could barely take anymore. I tightened my grip in her hair and started to pull her up. My muscles were completely tensed and I felt her nails dig in tight as she rose up towards me. My hands still in her hair I pulled her tight into me for a hard kiss. My other hand quickly reached around and smacked her round ass firmly, with the water from the shower causing the slap to echo around the bathroom and leave a perfect, red handprint.

She smirked as lust filled her eyes and a devilish side overtook her angelic features. She knew what she’d done to me and she illegal bahis siteleri was pleased with herself. I moved my hand from her ass and up and down her gorgeous frame. She looked, and clearly felt, so unbelievably gorgeous. The girl from the bar was beautiful, elegant and quietly mischievous. The woman standing before me now was sexy, ravenous and so hot the water seemed to turn to steam the minute it touched her glowing skin. I smiled again and wondered how I’d got so lucky.

Her hand grabbing my shaft again ripped me out of my trance. As much as I loved the mischievous grin on her face, I also loved seeing it disappear, consumed by desire and trepidation. I grabbed her quickly and firmly by the waist, spinning her hand and pressing her up against the wall. I slide inside her from behind. She was dripping wet. Warm soft and divine. I eased in. I wanted to tease her with the length the same way she had teased me when she took me in her mouth. Inch by inch I slid deeper inside her, feeling her grow tighter and her muscles contract around me. She began to moan, begging for more.

I started to stroke inside her, the angle and curve of my cock just brushing her g-spot and making her shiver, but still I refused to give her everything. She moaned louder and began to shake. It was my turn to grin, knowing that I was back in control. After a few more strokes, until I could really feel the complete desire, desperation and submission in her voice, I decide to give her what she wanted. I took my right hand and reached around her body, cupping and stroking her gorgeous breasts, before moving it up to her throat. I grasped it firmly from the front and squeezed. I felt her moans turn into breathless gasps. I kept stroking firmly and calmly, but still refusing to give her everything that way, but then with my right hand around her throat I pulled her back onto me and deeper as I choked her. I felt her whole body quiver and shake as she felt my full length, curved upwards, hard and thick, inside her, brushing her g-spot with each thrust. I briefly felt her melt into me as her knees went weak. I leaned in close so she could feel my breath on her neck, bit her ear and growled, “Wasn’t that worth waiting for, baby?”

Her knees shook again and she dropped a little until she felt the sharp shock of my hand tight around her throat. I placed my left hand against the glass and pressed her up tight against it as I started to fuck her harder. I monetarily wished we had a camera on the other side of the glass to see her beautiful frame outlined against in the steam. It would have looked incredible. As I started to go faster and deeper I started to hear the slap against her skin, again made loud by the water on her, it reverberated around the bathroom, making each stroke inside her feel even harder and more impactful.

Her moans became canlı bahis siteleri higher and more breathless, whilst mine became lower, more guttural and animal-like. Her whole body was shaking and I was sure the only thing keeping her upright was the fact she was pressed between my body and the glass. I choked her a little harder still to make sure I kept her there. We were so close, I knew she wouldn’t want to stop now. She was my girl. She could take it.

I tensed my legs for one final push. I could feel them beginning to shake too, but I steeled myself and focused on her body. I felt her muscles tense, from her toned thighs through her curves and up to the top of her back. I watched her gorgeous, round ass bouncing as I pounded her harder and harder. I listened to her become more and more breathless, her moans descending into whimpers. In the slightly foggy glass I saw her eyes roll back as the pleasure started to consume her body.

I leaned in tight to bite her neck, hard enough to leave a mark. I moved my mouth up and she felt my teeth, sharp on her ear, as I growled, “I can feel how close you are, baby.” Her legs buckled slightly. I kept pounding. “Cum for me,” I said, my voice low and animal-like. “Cum for me, Rae.”

As soon as she heard her name the orgasm started to flow through her. Her whole body began to convulse as her moans became louder and louder, turning into screams that echoed around the bathroom. “Oohh my God,” she said cried breathlessly, each syllable drawn out, vibrating and dripping with pleasure, “Oh babyyyyy!”

Hearing her call me that pushed me over the edge. I tried to keep pounding to hold her orgasm for as long as possible as deep inside her, hot, thick streams of cum started to pump out of me. The sensation caused her to shake again as another desperate, animal cry escaped her mouth. I kept stroking, desperately trying to hold us both in our ecstasy for as long as possible as I kept filling her.

Eventually the sensation ebbed and we both collapsed against the shower, barely remaining standing. The hot water feeling blissful on our tingling skin. After a few seconds she turned to me. I stroked her face with my hand as I pulled her in for a passionate, but more gentle kiss. She looked calm and satisfied. The mischievous side had disappeared for and she looked perfectly angelic again. I looked deeply into those big, brown, innocent eyes.

She held my gaze as she reached down with her right hand and gently dipped her fingers inside her sensitive, throbbing, but oh so pretty pussy. She withdrew it covered in my cum, raised her hand back up to her mouth and, still looking straight into my eyes, slowly and deeply sucked it clean.

I watched on transfixed, almost in awe, until her cheeky smile jerked me out of my trance. I grabbed both her wrists and pressed her back up against the glass as a quick giggle escaped her lips. I stifled it with a deep kiss. Our skin, still sensitive from our orgasms, felt electric. With one hard, sharp bite I pulled away and looked at her in disbelief.

“You are such a good girl, Rae.”

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