The Awakening of Amy Palmer

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Chapter 1.

Wow, I can’t believe I am writing this. Actually it is hard to believe any of this, but it is what it is. My boyfriend, Billy, has the biggest fucking cock. I mean, FUCKING HUGE. Did I just write that? Well I guess I did, and so there it is. But perhaps I should start at the beginning.

A year ago school had started up for the fall, and here I was: Amy Palmer, 18 and a freshman. Sorry “first year student” at one of the most prestigious universities in Virginia. Ok, they don’t even call it a ‘campus’, it is “the Grounds.” Sorry, I have never done anything like this, back to my story.

Well the school year had just started and I was settling into classes and dorm life (yes they call them dorms here like normal people). I had a couple of girl friends from high school that I knew and we all did the usual beginning of the school year stuff.

Well one weekend at the beginning of October my BFFs decided that we should go to one of the home rugby matches, the guys were supposedly HOT, and it would be something different. AND, the parties were supposedly really wild. So we went. Little did I know then, how much my life would change that Saturday. Actually I really would not know for a while how much it had changed for a few months. But I am getting ahead of myself.

So we went to the game, and we really did not understand a thing that was going on, but the guys were hot. Well, some of them and they all seemed pretty tough.

So, the game ended and everybody headed off grounds (see now I’m doing it too) for the party. We had dressed pretty slutty, as we figured wild party, why not be wild ourselves. And maybe we would get ‘lucky.’ OK, so I am no virgin. I have done my bit of stuff in high school. I have sucked a few cocks, pretty good at it too (if I may say so), and I have done a bunch of fucking. I even let a few guys put it, well you know there. THERE. Yes, my ass. There I said it. God does it make me cum. Guys love to fuck my tits too. MY huge tits. I developed early, and I guess I never stopped developing. My mom has started to get tired of buying me new bras. 34G, at last measure. My mom and I are kind of the same build though her breasts are a bit smaller, but we have kind of big hips too. She says they are good for having kids. So I kind of have an hour glass figure., as my waist is fairly thin.

You notice how you call your own tits – tits, but your mom has ‘breasts.’ You don’t think of them as ‘tits’ when it is your mom. Hell, you can’t even really picture your parents having sex. Well, I guess I can kind of picture it now, but I am getting ahead of myself again.

So 34-24-34, shoulder length red hair, 122 pounds, and freckles (that’s the Irish in me). I know you had to know.

Sorry. Back to what I was saying. So we dressed pretty slutty. Short shorts, a white peasant blouse with an electric blue half cup bra. I wanted the guys to see my nipples. Yes they are big, like my tits. And four inch heels. Not really great for walking on a grass field, but super hot. So the party was pretty cranking; Lots of beer and other stuff, the rugby guys singing REALLY dirty songs, and the rugby ‘chicks’ trying to pick up the players. As we were new to all this, we just hung around the outer edges and watched. It was pretty wild. We chatted up some of the guys, but we just were kind of in awe of just how wild everything was. Songs about virgins, body parts, sex, more body parts, a woodpecker, some song about and engineer and his wife and some giant fucking machine, it went on and on, and of course more beer. People were getting fairly well trashed.

Then, someone starting chanting “Zulu, Zulu, Zulu….” A number of the players then gathered together and starting singing, well sort of, “Get on down you Zulu warrior” or something like that, and began taking off their jerseys as they kind of danced around in a tribal way. One big guy was wearing a kilt, a real color and pattern atrocity with the orange and blue of the jersey. But soon they were all naked, and dancing around. AND oh my god, the guy who had been wearing the kilt, his thing was massive. It hung down between his legs at least six inches. Fuck, soft it was huge.

Some drunk girl, really super pretty, I mean model hot with her blonde hair in pig tail tied up with orange and blue ribbons and a temporary tattoo of a blue V with crossed sabers underneath ran up to him and knelt in front of him and put her face right next to his bouncing cock. One of her girlfriends started taking pics with her iPhone. And right there in front of EVERYBODY, and without even asking the guy, opened her mouth sucked the head right into her mouth.

He stopped dancing as she began working his hardening tool, and smiled up at him. She pulled one of the ribbons from her hair and tied it around the base of his now fully hard and MASSIVE, fucking massive cock, all the while with her lips locked around the head.

Then other people started taking pics with their phones as she bobbed her head on his ‘head.’ She really went to town on his cock. AND, in front of everyone. What a slut. He just looked stunned. Happy, illegal bahis but stunned. What she could not take in her mouth, which was most of it, she pumped with her hands. It had to be 10 inches. She could barely get her hands around the thing. But she kept pumping and sucking, and licking. Swirling her tongue around the shaft, licking under his glands, trying to take him deep, coughing, and drooling over his impressive meat. And her lipstick never smeared. People started shouting, “Suck it, suck it, suck it……” And she did. Harder and harder she sucked and pumped, and then his expression began to change, and she looked up at him, her eyes in lust.

And then it happened, suddenly his face was that of relief and her eyes went wild and the cum began to force its way from the corners of her mouth as her cheeks filled and puffed up. Her lips locked on his head. Suddenly with a cough, she pulled off spewing his cum out of her mouth as he shot a fierce load right on to her oh so pretty and perfect face, and then another shot into her hair. He was weak in the knees as the last shot blasted forth on the front of her blouse. She coughed up more of his seed, and then began to pull if off her face with her fingers and slowly and seductively began to lick her fingers clean. Total slut. So much fucking cum!

She jumped up and paraded around showing anyone who was interested the cum on her tongue, but by now, most people were more interested in getting back to the party. The massive dude quickly picked up his kilt and buckled it back up, and began looking for his jersey. Little Miss Blow Job headed of the bathroom.

I asked a guy standing by us, “Who was that?”

“That is Mary, she is kind of known for that, she has been trying to sleep with Campbell for a couple of years now. Total ho, but she gives great head, even to that monster of a thing. BUT, she does give great head,” he said with a grin. “Doesn’t happen very often, really never happens at our parties.”

“Oh,” was all I could say, really quite embarrassed for some reason. Then the guy went off to get a drink for himself, and asked if I wanted one.

“Sure thanks,” I replied.

Then someone started yelling, “QUEEN, we need a queen!” This seemed to cause some great excitement and I moved more towards the keg, where my new friend was getting me a beer. Then some guy grabbed me by the arm, and gently dragged me towards a bunch of other girls that were being grouped together in the middle of the party. Once there, we were lined up and another player raised a beer over each of our heads, each with a successive louder cheer from the crowd. Now these girls were all hot, long legs, average to big tits, very pretty, blondes and brunettes, some Asian girl with black hair, and there was me. I have always been happy with how I looked, but with these other girls, all from the covers of Vogue and Elle and the like, I found myself really ‘less.’ But when the beer was raised over my head, I got the loudest cheer, and then the next thing I knew, everyone was shouting “Queen” and I felt myself being flung up on the shoulders Mr. Kilt. Mr. Cock. Mr. Massive Cock. All the players gathered around me and began to sing. And it was horrible.

The song was sort of “Aleuetta,” but the verses were all about what a horrible body I had; scraggly hair, furloughed brow, bushy eyebrows, crooked nose, bloodshot eyes, BLOW JOB lips, DROOPY TITS, and it went on. I could not escape. I was pretty. I had none of those features. I saw Little Miss Perfect now wearing Mr. HUGE COCK Campbell’s jersey and a smile on her face, and laughing at the silly fat cow rugby queen. I just started crying. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Everyone was laughing, and Mr. Massive finally let me down.

One of the players came up holding a beer cup and held it over my head again, all the while I crying like a baby, my girlfriends nowhere to be found, and the room erupted in a huge cheer. AND then he poured the beer down the front of my blouse. It was cold; very. I was crying. I was a mess. My nipples hardened at the onslaught of cold. I looked down and I could see that everyone could see my large dark areolas and now quite stiff nipples. I ran from the room, crying even more now, to here Little Miss Perfect saying, “But Billy, I sucked your cock in front of everybody and you still won’t sleep with me?”

I was a mess. I never wanted to hear or do anything related to rugby again. I caught a bus back to school and walked the rest of the way to my dorm. I cried for hours, took a shower, and cried some more. How could they be so mean? I was so embarrassed. But, with a bit of time it passed, and I settled back into my regular routine of school life. My BFF’s, they had hooked up with two guys at the party before my incident and got well ploughed and had the most fantastic sex of their lives. FUCK THEM. They ditched me for cock. FUCK THEM. Well we made up, and they even tried to convince me to go to another rugby party, the guy who had gone to get me a beer, had been asking about me. I was not having any it. FUCK him and FUCK all rugby players.

As I said some illegal bahis siteleri time passed. Met a cute guy. We went out a few times. He was a perfect gentleman. Really cute. We fucked a few times. Did I say he was a perfect gentleman? and god what a tongue he had. If I had let him he would have eaten me all night, but it got too intense. I could not take that much stimulation.

He would work my clit with that tongue and then nibble and bite. He would lick and suck at my lips, and then again with that tongue of his, he would dig it as deep as he could into my sopping pussy. He would then go back to working my clit with his tongue and teeth. He could be delicate and he could be forceful, and when I would start cumming, he would keep it up with more intensity. As I said he could do it for hours. His face would be covered with my cream and juice. When I would finally make him stop, he would kiss me deeply. I would taste my own desire on him, and loved it.

He had a nice cock that fit well, you know what I mean. OK, it fit well in both my pussy and my ass. There I said it. The first time I showed him my ass though, he was hesitant about fucking me there.

“Isn’t that kind of dirty? Are you sure?”

“Yes! I am sure!”

And he did.

He was nice to suck too. His cock was average in length, and I could swirl my tongue around his head and make him throb. I could take him deep, and with him fully in my mouth I could lick at the base of his yummy cock. I would bob my head up and down, suck, lick, and then repeat. He loved to finish on my tits. Just when he was about to cum, he swell up and groan, and then pull out and pump himself quickly until his spunk surged and sprayed onto my tits. He would aim for my nipples, loving to coat them in his seed.

And that was Mark. He was an engineering student, and we would go to food service together, and the odd concert or football game. You know the basic freshman, sorry 1st year, stuff.

So, then it was November, and life was going pretty good. My BFF’s were still dating there guys on the rugby team, though when they went out with them, I tried to make sure I was doing something else with Mark.

I guess it was the first week in November and I had my usual forty-five minutes before my second morning class, and I decided to go get a cup of coffee down in the Cave. I had just paid and was standing with coffee and bun in hand looking for a place to sit when I get tapped on the shoulder and hear; “Hey aren’t you…..”

I turned around quickly surprised and crash into this guy, spilling my coffee to the floor.

“FUCK! Now look what you have done.” And there he was, Mr. Massive. Mr. Huge Cock himself. All the memories of that Saturday came flooding back and I just started crying.

“Hey, look I’m so sorry. Let me get you another cup. I really am quite sorry, I just wanted to say hello.”

“Don’t you think you have done enough already,” I cried.

People were beginning to stare at the blubbering girl holding a coffee soaked bun and staring at the mess on the floor.

“Look, sit right there,” he said pointing to a table in away from everybody, “and I’ll get you another cup of coffee and another bun and I can fully apologize for everything. Everything.”

Still crying I went over to the seat he had pointed to and sat down. I am not sure why, I guess it was the state I was in, and he sounded so nice about it.

A few minutes later he returned carrying two cups of coffee and a bun and sat down in the open chair.

“Look about that night. They didn’t mean anything by it, and they thought you knew. It really isn’t supposed to happen that way. The crowd always picks one of the best looking girls, BECAUSE she doesn’t look anything like what we are singing about. It is kind of stupid and outdated, but everyone usually has a lot of fun. And the beer thing, well that was just Mikey getting a bit out of hand. I know it probably doesn’t help, but I thought you WERE the best looking girl there.”

“Thank you,” I sniffled. “It does help a bit.” I really wanted to hate him, but I couldn’t.

He was being so nice, and he was truly sincere. He was pretty cute too; all clean shaven and dressed nicely without that ridiculous kilt. He was 5’11’ with short brown hair and broad shoulders, maybe 190 pounds. Thick, but not fat. Cute.

“Let me really make it up to you. Let me take you out to dinner and not this food service crap. A real place, with table cloths and the works……come on.”

“I really can’t. That is sweet, and I know you are sorry, but I have a boyfriend. And I do feel much better now.”

“OK, well look, I’m Billy Campbell and I just live a few blocks from “the Corner” and here is my phone number if you change your mind. No strings attached, just a one off deal and we part friends.”

He then proceeded to write his phone number on the back of my notebook and then got up and left. Looking over his should as he started to walk away, “I really am quite sorry for everything and you were the best looking girl there.”

He had a cute ass, and then I had canlı bahis siteleri the image of that slut Mary going to town on his massive cock.

I quickly called Mark and arranged for him to come to my dorm room after classes. I had a surprise for him. I had to have sex. I needed to have sex SOON. And so after classes, I rushed back to my dorm, I had a single thank god, and showered and dressed in my sexiest teddy and panty set. I put on a little makeup and perfume and my tallest heels and waited sitting for Mark to show up.

Not too long afterwards there was a knock my door. I opened the door, and there he was, my beautiful Mark. I half pulled him through the door and then pushed him up against it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to bury my tongue down his throat. He was taken aback somewhat, but responded passionately. I rubbed myself up against him and felt his hardening tool in his pants. We came for air briefly, and he was able to manage, “You look beautiful Amy…so beautiful…..what is the occasion?”

“No occasion, I just love you and have to show you how much.”

I sank to my knees and looked up at him wantonly. He could see the lust in my eyes. I looked down at his crotch and began to unbuckle his belt. Suddenly I was lifting up his kilt, slowly and seductively, and there before me was his massive length of manhood growing bigger and bigger. Long and thick, the head big and purple, so thick, and now so hard. And then I was trying to take it my mouth.

My jaws open as wide as I could as I engulfed my lips around his darkening head. I sucked it in, trying to swirl my tongue around and give him every ounce of pleasure in my soul. Then I was sucking down along the length of his shaft, feeling every inch after inch of his massive hunk of meat: so beautiful, so incredibly satisfying.

Again, I was sucking him as far into my mouth as could, feeling him twitch and thrust. Then his hands on the back of my head as I tried to take him further. God I could suck his beautiful cock forever, god I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel it as his seed blasted forth from his head, filling my mouth, and flowing down my throat.

“Amy, are you okay?” and then there I was with Mark’s cock in my hand as I pumped furiously on it.

Coming out of my dream state, I screamed; “Fuck me Mark, fuck me NOW.” I pulled him over to the bed and tried to rip off his clothes. I threw him down, and finished shredding his shirt off of him. Dazed, he tried to roll me over and get his head to my cunt, but I was not having any of that.

“I said FUCK ME you bastard. FUCK ME,” I screamed at him in desperation and got up on all fours.


Mark tried to pull my panties down so he could do as I demanded.


So now my panties trashed and mark had easy access to my waiting cunt. Yes there, my cunt. Are you happy? Again Mark hesitated. He was not used to this, and he could see that I was not wet. He spit on his hand and trying to be the perfect gentleman, if one can in such a circumstance, tried to wet his cock to cause me the least amount of discomfort. But I did not want a gentleman. I wanted him rough and forceful. I wanted. No I needed him to take me. I needed to feel every bit of his cock as it drove in to me. I had to feel him splitting me apart. I had to hurt. I had burn. I wanted him to grab me by the hair and drive his cock deep into my waiting cunt and rape me. I wanted the beast that had to lurk inside of him.

Finally he drove his cock into me. Pushing through my hairless lips (yes I shave, and I think every girl should, and their men). He tore into me, and then he stopped not sure of what to do next.


Luckily it was still early in the day and most the girls would not be on the hall, though I am sure some heard me screaming to be fucked. Not waiting for him to react, I began slamming back and forth on cock, my pussy getting wetter with each stroke. I gripped with every muscle I could gather in in sex, trying to feel every inch of his average cock. Yes, I said his average cock. I had to feel it. I had to make it feel like…..feel like I was being fucked by some beast. And Mark tried. Confused and shocked as he was, he tried to ravage my sex. He grabbed my hair finally and began to ride me for all he was worth. His balls slapped as my juices flowed, cocked his cock in my desire. Still it was not enough.


Mark pulled out of my cunny and tried to ease his cock into my tight brown hole, but I was not having any of that. I didn’t want it easy or tender. I wanted him to fuck me brutally. I slammed my ass back into him, impaling myself on his rampant dick slick with my pussy juice. In one pain wrenching moment his cock was buried in my ass. The shock and searing pain of the suddenness of the motion took my breath away for a minute. But I had to have more of it. I began to thrust back and forth on him as my tight passage stretched to his size. Soon we were in a rhythm, and his balls were happily slamming against my clit. His cock felt glorious impaling me, and I sped up the action.

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