The babysitter

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The babysitterThis happened a few years back. My wife had gone out of town to be with her sister and I was left at home watching my young son. Saturday night came fast and after a long week at work I needed to go out for some drinks with the guys. I called my wife to see if her friend could watch my son but I was out of luck so she gave me the number for the k** next door who was home from school on break. It was a fairly cold night and he showed up at my door in overly trendy and strange fashion from college. He was wearing this black turtleneck sweater, leather pants that zipped from the front to back and his fingers were painted black as well as black makeup. I wasn’t sure whether or not he had turned gay or punk but I had known the k** a long time he was always decent so I tucked in my son and went out for the night. I drank at the pub down güvenilir bahis the street until last call and cabbed my way home. When I got home the sitter was still up watching music videos on the television and eating popcorn. He welcomed me back in an overly excited way that made me a bit uncomfortable. I tossed my keys on the counter, went to the fridge for another beer and plopped myself down into my chair and watched tv with him. I told him he could head home if he wanted but he said it was too late and he didn’t want to wake up his folks so he’d just crash my couch. He asked me if I wanted the remote I told him it was fine I was drunk and i’d watch anything. So he kept watching his music videos. As the night went on and I kept continuing drinking beer I noticed he was starting to get fidgety. Everything he did seemed to draw türkçe bahis attention to his leather covered legs and ass. He did push ups putting his zippered ass practically right under my nose. He went over to the bookshelf and bent down to see the books on the bottom self. He wiggled his little bottom all over my living room. I can take a subtle hint and I just asked him. “What are you doing?” he tried to play it off like he didn’t know what I meant and I told him. “You’re attempting to seduce me, you know i’m married and straight.” He turned this around on me and started saying that I was attracted to him and that he was flattered. As he gradually turned up the sexuality of the conversation he also made his advances more noticeable, turning around and rubbing his ass. Zipping his back zipper up and down. Finally he got down his güvenilir bahis siteleri knees in between my legs and began undoing my belt which I quickly kept redoing saying “no, you have to leave now.” To which he simply outworked me with his hands and got my dick out. I am not sure if I wanted him to or not now, I feel like I tried my hardest to keep my penis in my pants but after the struggle and the flirting my dick was hard and it took him 2 seconds to wrap his lips around it and suck. I was in heaven. At this point something came over me. The horny, the booze. I took him into the bedroom and threw him on my bed. I stripped naked and as he climbed up to the top of my bed I pounced on him, unzipped the back of his pants and shoved my dick in as hard as I could. It was dry, tight and difficult and almost felt like a snap as I penetrated his anal wall to which he let out a yelp. I fucked him for what felt like an eternity then came deep in his ass. I fucked him for the rest of the night and sent him on his way in the morning. I never told my wife about what happened. It was strangely hot.

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