The Babysitter P6

The Babysitter P6″So I want to go back to the gym and start getting back into shape” my wife Karen said to me cheerfully “It’s been nearly two months since the baby came, I think i’m ready” she added”Okay” I replied being a supportive husband.”Good, and I want you to come with me as well” Karen then said.”Really?” I asked, because I hadn’t done form of exercise since I gave up playing Sunday football, when we got married, and really didn’t feel like I need to now.”Yes, I think you could do with losing a few pounds, and don’t you want to be fit enough to play with your son when he’s older?” she then asked, yes, she had played the card every young dad dreams of, the day you got to teach your youngster sports, and I really had no reply to that, so I reluctantly agreed.”Great!” grinned my wife “So, we’ll go tomorrow, and i’ll see if I can find a babysitter!””Okay” I replied cheering up, because I now realised I was going to get rewarded for doing this, and that was now all the motivation I needed!The next evening, shortly after I got back from work, I began changing into some sports gear and as I did the doorbell sounded, and my wife went to answer it, and once I was ready I strolled downstairs to find Claire, the petite freckled redhead teen, standing in the hall with my wife.”Hi Mr Jones!” she smiled on seeing me.”Hi” I replied back with a smile.”Okay, well you two have fun, and don’t worry about anything!” Claire then said “I’ll take care of your little man, and i’ll be right here when you get back!” she then added looking at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye.So, My wife and I, headed out the door for an hour of hot sweaty exercise, but all I could really think about was the hot sweaty exercise I was going to get when I got back.The next hour was then torture, mainly because I was so out of shape, but also I was really struggling to concentrate, but it was soon over, and despite my wife feeling great about it, all I wanted to do was get home, and get my kit off!A few minutes later we arrived home, and stepping in the front door, my wife called out “Where back Claire!””We’re in here!” Claire called back from the living room.We? I suddenly thought, looking confused, I thought I we had only left Claire here to babysit?Then strolling over to the doorway, I stepped into the living room, and there sitting on my sofa was Claire in a tight blue t-shirt and tight black leggings, and next to her was a petite slim Indian girl similarly dressed.”Oh, hello!” I said as both girls sat up with their little bare feet up on the edge of the sofa cushions, legs slightly apart, and making the black leggings they both wore stretch extremely tightly across their crotch area, showing very clearly their little mounds.”Hi Mr Jones, I hope you don’t mind but my friend Abhi was bored at home and wanted to come and join me babysitting!” Claire said cheerfully.”No, sure that’s fine!” I replied not sure now if my after treat was going to happen now.Then my wife said “I’ll just pop upstairs and check on our little one!” before she headed up the stairs with a smile.”So Mr Jones, did you have a good work out?” asked Abhi stretching her little legs a little wider, and making the material stretch thinner between her legs.”Yeah, it was great” I replied staring at her.”So, do you need a shower now?” Claire asked opening her legs a little more and stretching the material further between her as well.”I probably do” I replied staring back at her.The girls then put their little feet back down on the carpet, and promptly stood up, before Claire then said “Then we should help you, after all I bet your very tired now?””I’m pretty tired, yes” I replied back.So then the girls strolled over to me, and taking each of my arms in theirs, they guided me up my stairs, strolled along the hallway to our family bathroom, before they helped me inside, and then Claire started up the shower, and very quickly it was pumping out nice hot steaming water, and then both girls began to strip my sweaty dirty sports clothes off me.Quickly my t-shirt came off, and then my trainers and socks, and then placing a hand on my shorts both girls pulled them down in one go, and my semi hard cock popped out for them to see.”Oh Mr Jones!” said Claire wrapping a small soft hand around my cock and giving it a little playful tug a few times “I see someone can’t wait for their shower!”Then she led me by the cock over to the shower before gesturing for me to get in, and as I climbed in under the hot flowing water, Claire and Abhi turned to each other, and I watched excitedly as they began to undress each other.Firstly they pulled at each others t-shirts until they both came off over güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri their heads revealing two pairs of small but beautiful round boobs, with one pair in white and freckled, and the other lightly brown with big brown nipples.Then they started to tug at each others tight stretch pants, until both pairs hit the floor, and both girls now stood completely naked in my bathroom, Claire still had her perfectly bald shaved white pussy mound with a hint of little pink lips poking out between, and Abhi had a very nicely trimmed brown pussy mound with little brown lips poking out between.My cock was growing harder by the second as I watched these two hot young girls getting undress, and then they stepped into the cubicle with me, and as the hot water began to soak their little soft petite bodies, they picked up the shower gel bottle, and began washing me all over.It was fantastic and wonderful, as two young teen girls washed every bit of me, rubbing every inch of my body with their little soft hands making sure I was completely clean, until they finally there was only my cock and balls left to do, and eagerly their little soapy hands began rubbing and massaging my now hard up right cock, and my hairy hanging balls.I groaned happily, as they fondled and grope me, and then I groaned more as Claire bent over, and her little mouth opened up and swallowed the top few inches of my hard cock.Her little wet warm mouth slipped over my big round cockhead, and began sucking eagerly on it, and as she did that, Abhi continued to massage my balls in her little hand, before she stood up on tip toes and started to kiss me.I quickly began kissing her back, and then one of my hands slipped around her body, and I happily began to fondle one of her small brown breasts, while my other hand slipped down onto Claire’s little round naked wet arse, and then I began gently fondling that too.For a few minutes we stayed just like that, until Abhi pulled away from me, and kneeling down in front of me, she leant into my crotch, and began running her tongue all over my balls and my lower hard shaft.I was in hot wet showery heaven, as these two hot teens sucked and licked my cock and balls, and then when I glanced down and saw Abhi sucking on my balls, and Claire still trying to swallow more of my cock it only got better.For another few minutes both girls continued sucking and licking my genitals, covering them in their saliva for it only then be washed off by the hot falling shower water, then Claire pulled off my cock and stood up right, before she then leant up to kiss me, and I quickly leant down to meet her kiss, and as we kissed under that hot water, Abhi took over sucking my cock.I couldn’t help but glance down at one point, to see this new hot teen sucking happily on my cock, trying to stuff as much of it as she could down her throat, while her hot naked wet friend rubbed her little body against my naked wet body, and I knew I just had to fuck these two before they made me cum too early.So, I quickly pulled my hard wet cock from Abhi’s hungry wet lips, and getting Claire to bend forward and place her hands on the steamed up wet glass of the shower, I got up behind her, placed my hard cock up against her soft bald pussy, and then with a gentle thrust, I slipped between her little soft pink lips, and into her wet pussy.Claire groaned happily as my hard big cock filled her little hole, and once I was a good few inches inside of her, I held onto her little white hips, and began thrusting back and forth, fucking her nice and steadily under the hot steamy shower.”Oh yes! oh yes!” she groaned enjoying her little pussy being repeatedly filled with a big hard older cock.”Yeah, take that cock Claire! Take that big hard cock!” urged Abhi watching her friend get fucked.Then as she was still knelling beside us, she moved under her friend, and kneeling up a little I watched her start to suck on her friends little jiggling titties.This hot little redhead, groaned happily again, as her friend eagerly sucked on her little hard pink nipples, while I continued to plunge my big hard cock into her from behind, and for what felt like many minutes we stayed just like that.It wasn’t long though before my cock was plunging harder and deeper into her small tight little wet pussy, and Claire was getting more vocal and more excited by the second.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she groaned still holding onto the glass panel for support.I continued thrusting away at her little bald wet pussy, and Abhi continued to suck on her little titties, and then as went almost balls deep on this perabet güvenilir mi little hot teen, she tensed up, her head tilted upwards and she began crying “Oh fuck! oh Fuck! .. OH FUCK!” she cried out and began shaking in front of me, as her first orgasm hit.I quickly held onto her to keep her from falling over, and kept my cock firmly deep inside of her, and could feel her little teen pussy squeezing my hard shaft as it contracted around it, And Claire groaned over and over until after a few seconds had passed, she finally calmed down and relaxed again.As she continued to lean up against the glass trying to catch her breath, I pulled my cock out of her wet little pussy, and quickly Abhi shuffled out from under her friend, and moved to start sucking on it again.Her little brown lips quickly clamped around my hard shaft, and I watched them glide back and forth my length, as she sucked on every inch of my hard cock for a minute or two.Then finally I pulled it free from her expert sucking, and grinning said “Your turn!””Okay!” she said standing up “But there is one thing!” she then added looking up at me.”What?” I asked”You can’t fuck my pussy, i’m still a virgin, and want to stay that way until I get married!” she replied”So, how do I fuck you?” I asked rather naively.She then turned around, bent right over until her hands were touching the floor, and looking back up at me said “You can fuck my arse!”I stared down at her now little round brown arse cheeks that were completely spread wide apart and showing off her little brown arse ring that was now gaping open, and slowly filling with hot shower water.”Fuck!” I exclaimed excitedly, It had been a long time since I had fucked a girl up the arse, my wife wasn’t into it, and of course until now none of these babysitting girls seem to want it either, but now, now I was going to go where all men dream of!So, I moved up behind this hot naked wet Indian girl, who was eagerly spreading her arse hole for me, and placing my big round cockhead at her rear door entrance, I glanced over at Claire who was now watching eagerly, and then slowly began feeding my hard cock into her friends little arse hole.At first there was a little resistance, and then with pop I slid into that backdoor hole, and Abhi began groaning loudly as my big hard cock began filling her little arse.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! Mr Jones your cock is filling my arse hole! And I can feel it stretching around your big fat cock!” she groaned.Once I was a few inches in, I gently began to grind back and forth letting her get use to my big hard cock stretching that tiny little arse hole, and eagerly Claire knelt beside her friend watching every second, while lustfully playing with her own pussy.Then I started to thrust a little bit, pushing a little more in and out of that tight little brown arse, and after a minute I was finally fucking Abhi’s back hole.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she groaned bent completely over, as the hot shower water flowed over her naked body, and my hard cock repeatedly filled her arsehole.For the next few minutes I fucked her arse steadily but happily, loving every second of being in this teen girls back door, while she groaned and moaned with every thrust.Then I pulled my cock completely out just to see the big hole it would leave behind, and eagerly Claire leant in as I did and quickly began licking her friends gaping arse ring.Abhi groaned some more on feeling her friends little wet tongue exploring her back passage, then after a minute this hot little redheaded teen, turned to my hard wet cock and quickly began sucking on it as well, before she then guided me back to her friends waiting back hole.Slipping back into Abhi’s little arse, I started to thrust a little harder and a little faster, giving that little arse the fucking it deserved, and we both groaned and loved every second, then after a bit I pulled out again and greedily Claire sucked on my big hard cock again, enjoying the taste of her friends arse juices all over it, before once more I slipped back into Abhi’s arse.I now plunged deeper and harder into that little brown backdoor hole, and Abhi groaned louder and louder clearly getting more and more excited.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she groaned still bent right over.My cock ripped back and forth in her little arse, and as I pushed deeper and my balls began to slap against her little furry pussy, she began to cry out “Oh fuck! oh fuck!… Oh fuck! OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Then she began bucking beneath me, and quickly I pulled my hard cock out, and both me and Claire watched her friend have her first orgasm, while her wide little arse hole rapidly tipobet clenched and unclenched in front of us.Then after a moment she began to calm and relax, and quickly Claire took hold of my hard wet cock again, and began sucking on it once more.Her little red soft lips slid back and forth my length once again, sucking on my length eagerly to taste her friends arse juices again, then after a moment she pulled her lips away, stood up, and lifted a little white leg slim leg up towards me to hold, and then doing a fairly impressive standing split under the shower, she guided my hard cock back towards her little bald pussy stretched pussy.I quickly slipped back into that hot redheads little wet cunt, and with one leg now resting on my shoulder, and my cock buried in her little open pussy, I began fucking her again.My hard cock slipped quickly back and forth between her little pink lips, filling her little hot pussy over and over, and making her groan happily, and as she stared right at me, smiling and urging me on, I picked up the pace, and started to fuck her faster and harder.”Yes! yes!” she groaned as I pounded her pussy with my hard cock “Yes! Fuck Me Mr Jones! Fuck me!”I leant in for a kiss as I fucked her just as she wanted, and eagerly she kissed me back, and as we continued to fuck, Abhi knelt up right, moved under us, and then began licking at my hanging swaying balls.I was once more in heaven, a hot redheaded teen on my cock, a hot Indian teen sucking my balls, and all the while we were still under the hot steamy shower loving every second.Then the bathroom door opened and my wife stepped in, and quietly moving over to the toilet, she placed the lid down, and then sat down on it, and as I continued to fuck this hot redheaded teen, and her friend continued to suck on my balls, my wife just calmly began taking off her sweaty work out clothes, until she completely naked.I stared over at her wandering what she was doing, and she just calmly stared back at me, watching me fuck these two hot teens she had invited into our house.Now I was really getting excited, pounding one hot teen pussy, while another sucked on my genitals, and all the while my hot blonde wife sat across from us, naked and just quietly watching us.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” groaned Claire after another minute “I’m going to cum! i’m going to cum! Mr Jones your making me cum!”I continued to pound away at that hot teen pussy under the hot wet water, while her friend continued to lick and suck my balls, and as Claire grew closer to her second orgasm, I began to feel my first coming.”Oh god! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” groaned Claire flexing her hips against my thrust eager to cum again.”Me too! Me Too!” I groaned still fucking her hard, despite the fact I could feel my balls begin to tighten to their climax.”Fuck! fuck! Fuck!” groaned Claire again.As the inevitable built, I glanced over at my wife and she was still calmly watching us, but was now gently massaging her own big hanging boobs as she did, and knowing my wife was about to watch me blow my load over two hot teens, probably for the first time she had seen, I felt my balls tighten more through the excitement, and knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” groaned Claire again as I pounded her little wet stretched pussy as hard and as fast as I could now.”fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she groaned before suddenly going very quiet, and then she groaned loudly before crying out “OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” and then she began cumming, and her little body shook wildly on one leg, as I felt her little pussy trying to clamp around my hard pounding cock.That was too much for me, and with a groan, I just managed to pull my cock free from her little convulsing pussy, before my cock exploded and I began shooting big streams of white good all over it.”OH FUCK!” I groaned loudly as I unloaded my sticky cum all over that gaping wide pink wet little pussy, and as I did, Abhi quickly moved her head and opened her mouth to catch any wayward blobs.For several hot amazing seconds I sprayed that little teens unprotected pussy with my man load, until I finally stopped cumming, and lowering my cock down, Abhi quickly and greedily began sucking on my spent cock.As I stood catching my breath, and so did Claire, Abhi moved between us, cleaning both of us up, and swallowing every bit of cum she could find.Then I lowered Claire’s to the floor, and let her stand by herself, before I turned off the water, and proceeded to get out of the shower.”Well” said my naked wife standing up “I hope you left me some hot water!””Yeah, sorry about that!” I replied grinning.My wife then leant in and kissed me passionately for a moment, and then after wards said “Why don’t you go find the girls some towels!” before she stepped pass them and into the shower.”Err.. towels are this way” I said to the hot wet teens, and happily they followed me out of the bathroom and to the cupboard to get them.

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