The Backyard Fuck

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Hannah has been very lucky. Her parents purchased a house for her in a secluded neighborhood. At 20 she has had many boyfriends, and even a few lovers, but none that made her stop fantasizing about having an older man as a lover. Everything changed one evening, while she was in her back yard. Her only day off, and she decided to work in her backyard fixing up her garden.

At 46, Frank did not think of himself as old. He enjoyed an active life style, and he loved sex even though he did not get a lot of it. He liked the younger lady’s, but in his line of work he did not run across too many young girls. Everything changed last Spring when she moved in next door. The few time’s late evening he would see her coming or going. But on Sunday’s he would watch her as she work around her yard, mostly the front. He loved looking at her. Her long shine brown hair. Her overly large breasts, and her trim hot body. Watching her always turned him on. He would have to jack off before he could go to bed usually.

As he walk by the glass door he noticed that she was in her backyard working in her garden. She was wearing a man’s white undershirt which was very thin, and some short shorts. He watched as her tit’s bounce, and sway as she walk. Thoughts swirled in his head. He felt his cock stirring, reaching down canlı bahis he slowly rubbed his hand up and down the length drawing a moan from him.

She set the box of flowers down and stood up. She felt she was being watched. Smiling she knew it must be the man who lives next door to her. She saw him a few times, and she is fantasized about him many, many nights. She went back to work, wanting to be done before the rain came. And by the look of the sky it would be soon.

He pulled his sweats off, and pulled out his cock threw his boxers. Slowly stroking his cock. As he watched her one of her tit’s pop out the side of her shirt. He saw that her nipples were large, and very dark. Suddenly a clap of thunder and the rain started pouring. He watched as she stood, lifted her face toward the sky and her arms reached for the sky.

“Oh God.” he gasps.

Her white shirt soaked went from thin to invisible. He could see both dark circles as the rain pasted the shirt against her body. His hand started moving quicker on his cock. He could not take it any longer, he got up and went outside.

She stood there enjoying the cool rain running down her hot body. Suddenly she felt warm arms wrapping around her.

“Don’t be scare it’s just me, your neighbor Mike. Your so beautiful. So wonderfully hot. bahis siteleri You got me so hard right now I want you so much.” he whispered, as his hands moved around and cup her tit’s.

Kneading her breasts softly, and rubbing his hard cock against her covered ass. Reaching down she undid her shorts letting them fall to the ground. That is when she felt his hard length rubbing over her ass. Turning in his arms, she lifted her arms and put them around his neck, and kissed him hard.

“Oh god, feels so good. God, do not stop please. It’s been so long.” she moan.

Lifting her up in his arms, she warped her legs around his back. He carried her over to the picnic table. With one arm he cleared the table and laid her down on it. He pulled her panties off, and buried his mouth between her thighs.

“OH GOD YES.” she scream, pushing into his mouth.

Then she felt his tongue slip inside along side of his finger. He felt her clamp down on his finger, and knew she was close to cumming. He moved his finger away quickly, and climbed onto the table. Kneeling between her spread thighs. She looked up at him, and for the first time she notice just how big his cock was. He was very long, thick, and very hard. He must have read her mind, because he told her not to worry it would fit perfectly.

Reaching bahis şirketleri down he took a hold of her shirt and ripped it up the middle. He smiles as he looked down at her bare titties. Grabbing his cock he moved it over her soaking wet pussy. Hearing her moans got to him. He put his cock against her pussy and thrust hard and quick. The head entered her tight pussy making her cry out.

Thunder, lighting, and a heavy pouring rain all around them as he drew back only to plunge in deeper. Holding her hips, he continues to pull back and thrust in until he had his cock buried fully inside her.

“Oh God yes fuck me, fuck me hard baby.” she yelled.

Holding her tightly as she screamed for him to fuck her harder. He pounded her pussy hard. He knew he was seconds away from exploding, he slam her hard and cried out.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH, FUCK BABY, I’m cumming.” he cried out.

“Oh god me too.” she screamed.

They laid there with the rain falling on them. Slowly they became aware of where they were and sat up. She looked over to him and smiled at him, touching his chest, and slowly sliding her hand down. She could not believe how thick his cock was even soft it was impressive.

“Mmmm, keep that up honey, and we will be enjoying this again.” he told her, thrusting his cock into her hand.

She straddled his thighs and lean over and place a kiss on the tip of his cock.

“Mmm, I would not mind that at all, in fact I would love to have this again, and again.” she told him.

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