The Baptist Ch. 10


Beth did not know what to do. After what she had seen in the ladies’ room at the church she felt she should tell someone. She was afraid to tell her husband, Mike. He was a fairly conservative person and she did not want him to create problems at the church.

Beth was also at a loss on the effect the scene of two very proper women of the church eating each other’s pussy had on her. Even as she replayed it in her mind she could feel her pussy muscles tighten and that familiar sexual rush. Seeing them like that really turned her on.

As she thought about the scene she leaned over a rubbed Mike as they were driving home. Mike loved the new Beth and Beth loved her too. Beth let her hand slip down into Mike’s lap and she soon found the outline of his hardening cock through his pants.

“Oh Beth you are so damn hot,” Mike said and reached over and gave her breasts a squeezed.

“Oooooh!” Beth squealed and laughed.

Mike let his hand move down into Beth’s lap. She opened her legs to allow him access and he began to rub her pussy through her panties.

“Damn, you are already wet,” he said unaware of the earlier incident that had so affected his wife’s libido.

“I am always wet for you. I am you slutty wife,” Beth said having learned that Mike loved her to talk dirty to him.

“I love your hard cock inside me,” she continued.

“Well you had better quit rubbing my dick or else I am going to shoot off in my pants,” Mike said.

Sally released her grip on his cock but Mikes fingers remained rubbing her panties.

“I love you massaging my cunt. I am just a whore to your fingers,” Sally said.

“You are one hot bitch,” Mike replied as they pulled up into the driveway.

They got out of the car and walked to the front door. Mike opened the door and as Beth walked through he grabbed her from behind. His hands found her breasts and he gripped them hard.

“Oh God, I love your titties, you little whore,” Mike said as he kneaded both Beth’s breasts.

“Squeeze them hard Mike,” Beth replied.

Mike had already unzipped his pants and his cock was poking out pressing against Beth’s tight ass as he continued to squeeze her titties.

Mike suddenly pushed Beth down over the back of the couch with her. This allowed her to be positioned with her ass in the air as she leaned over the couch. Mike pulled up her dress and quickly tore off her panties revealing her white ass cheeks and her very wet pussy.

Mike could not take it any longer. He thrust forward with one might push and embedded his cock deep with his wife’s cunt.

“Oh my God!” Beth screamed as she felt his cock ram into her.

“Fuck me Mike, Fuck me like a slut!” she cried and Mike fucked her hard.

Beth began to buckle against the sofa so that her clit was rubbing the fabric of the couch. It did not take long for Beth’s body to respond.

“Ohhhh!” she cried as an orgasm overtook her.

“Fuck me Mike, please fuck me hard!” she squealed as she felt his cock pushing deep inside her.

Mike could feel his cock-head expanding he was ready to plant his seed deep within his wife’s pussy.

“Take this you fucking bitch whore,” he cried and he thrust forward and his cock exploded sending spurt after spurt of cum into his wife’s body.

“Yes, how I love to feel your cum inside me,” Beth cried and they both fell on the couch spent.

Mike finally got up.

“I have an early day tomorrow. I had better get to bed.”

“Ok, I will be in there after while,” Beth said as Mike got up and walked toward the bedroom door.

Beth lay on the sofa a few more minutes and found her hand returning to the wet spot between her legs. She could not believe how much her libido had increased since her two sessions with Rev. Wallace. It was miraculous. But thinking of Rev. Wallace brought back Beth’s concern of whether she should tell him what she saw his wife doing with Sally in the ladies’ room. She had no idea of how he would react to such a thing. As Beth pondered what she should do the thought of Carol Wallace licking Sally’s pussy ignited the fire within her.

Beth got up off the sofa and walked into the kitchen with her hand still between her legs. As she stood by the sink she noticed that the palm of her hand was now wet with a mixture of her own pussy juice and Mike’s cum. Beth squatted and by squeezing her pussy allowing more to he mixed juices to drop into her hand. She lifted her hand and examined the liquid in her palm and was surprised by size of the puddle. Without further thought she licked up the puddle and savored the odd taste and aroma.

“I have become such a slut,” Beth said to herself as her hand returned to her pussy and she massaged herself into another orgasm standing at the kitchen sink.

When Beth finally went to bed Mike was already sound asleep. He could never imagine in his wildest dreams that his wife lying beside him was fantasying about licking his minister’s wife’s pussy.

The next morning Beth prepared Mike breakfast since he had to leave early. She spent the remainder of the morning tidying up the house thinking pendik escort about her appointment with Rev. Wallace scheduled for that afternoon. She still did not know how she would address the issue of seeing his wife eating another woman’s pussy in the church’s bathroom.

She arrived early and sat in the lobby while she awaited Rev. Wallace. It was not long before his door open and he stepped out.

“Hi Beth, come on in,” Rev. Wallace said inviting Beth into his office.

“Hi Rev,” Beth walking into his office.

“How has your week been?”

“It has been great,” Beth replied.

“So you think that our counseling sessions are helping?”

“Oh yes Rev. Wallace and Mike is very happy with the result too.”

“Ok let’s begin another session. Please remove all your clothes.”

“Ok Rev. Wallace,” Beth said and without further ado began to unbutton her blouse.

Rev. Wallace watched this young lady as she removed her blouse. He smiled and noticed she removed her pants without embarrassment like she had the last time. She now stood in her bra and panties and smiled at him. She reached behind her and undid her bra letting it fall is a most seductive manner. Her perky breasts leaped forward and Rev. Wallace noticed that Beth pushing her chest out a little to amplify the effect. She then reached down and slowly removed her panties revealing her soft hairless pussy. Rev. Wallace noticed that she ran a finger along her slit as she stood up and presented her naked body to the minister.

“How has your sex life been? Have you been a good whore for Mike?” Rev. Wallace asked.

“Yes, Rev. I have done everything that he wanted and he seemed to enjoy it very much,” Beth replied.

“Okay it sounds as if you have done very well. Let’s try a few things to see how you are progressing. Go sit on that chair and spread your legs to give me a good view of your nasty cunt,” Rev. Wallace instructed.

Beth sat down in the most provocative manner she knew and spread her legs very wide opening her pussy-hole slightly for the Rev. to see.

“Very nice Beth,” Rev. Wallace said in approval.

“Now are there any questions that you might have or anything that is bothering you?”

“There is one thing that is bothering me but I don’t know whether I should mention it to you or not.”

“Everything is open to discussion in here Beth, you know that.”

“I know Rev. Wallace but this about someone else.”

“We don’t want to gossip in here but if it is something that is effecting you then you can talk about it.”

“What if it would also affect you?” Beth asked.

“I don’t understand,” Rev. Wallace replied with a questioning look.

“It is about someone that would affect you in your personal life,” Beth said lowering her head but still sitting with her legs spread in a most wicked manner.

“I think then it is definitely something you should tell me.”

“It is about your wife, Carol,” Beth whispered.

“What about my wife?”

“The other night at the family night dinner I saw your wife doing some things I would never have thought she would do.”

“What kind of things?”

“I went to the ladies room and your wife and Sally were doing things to each other.”

“What were they doing?”

“They were licking each other’s pussy,” Beth said waiting for Rev. Wallace’s reaction.

“They were what?” he said with a surprised look on his face.

“They were eating each other’s pussy on the floor of the bathroom. I saw them.”

“Are you sure it was Carol?”

“Yes Rev I am very sure. I watched them for a couple of minutes but they did not see me. They were too busy with each other.”

Rev. Wallace was silent for a few minutes sitting behind his desk just staring at Beth. He finally broke the silence and spoke.

“How did that make you feel Beth watching my wife and another woman have sex?” Rev. Wallace had composed himself. At first he was shocked that his wife would do such a thing but then he began to feel a familiar sensation as his cock began to harden in his pants.

“I was very shocked to see them lying on top of each other on the floor. At first I did not know what they were doing but I could see Sally’s head buried between Carol’s legs and they were both moaning. I heard Sally tell Carol she was doing a great job eating her pussy. I guess I am bad but I got turned on by watching them. That is why I quickly left. They didn’t see me,” Carol explained as the Rev. watched. She was still sitting in the chair with both legs spread wide.

“Did it make your pussy wet?” Rev. Wallace asked.

“Yes, very,” Beth answered.

“Have you ever been with another woman?”

“A few times a friend and I kissed like we were boyfriend and girlfriend when I was younger but we never did anything like they were doing.”

“Do you like the idea of eating another woman’s cunt?”

“I had never really thought about it until I saw them at the church. I was surprised how it affected me and now I don’t know. Am I bad for thinking this Rev. Wallace?” Beth asked afraid of the answer.

“No maltepe escort Beth I don’t think it is bad. You are going through changes at this time in your life and you are exploring your own sexuality. I think it is healthy for you to explore this area of your sexuality but only in the right settings.”

“You mean like this counseling.”

“Yes that is exactly what I mean. I will be honest with you. I did not know my wife like to do such things and the fact is in some ways she cheated on me. She is not in counseling and so being sexually with another person is not okay unless I as her husband am informed and I am agreeable to her actions. Do you understand this Beth?”

“Yes Rev.”

“You and your husband are agreeable for you to be in this counseling and we will do whatever we can to improve your health both mentally and physically. If you do something sexually with someone else that is not related to this counseling then I would be unable to condone it.”

“I understand Rev.” Beth said. Her legs were getting a little uncomfortable being spread apart but the memories of the two women eating each other resulted in Beth’s already moist pussy becoming wetter. A few drops of pussy juice leaked on the chair on which she sat. Rev. Wallace noticed this.

“My wife Carol will have to be punished for this unfaithfulness and I think you being part of this will not only help my wife but it will help you.”

“What do you mean?” Beth asked.

“I will have to confront my wife about this and I want you to be present. We will use this situation to help with your counseling.”

“If you think it will help I will do it but I don’t want Carol to be mad at me.”

“You just leave that up to me,” Rev. Wallace said with a strange smile on his face.

Rev. Wallace picked up the phone and dialed some numbers.

“Our session may be a little longer than normal today. Is that okay?” he asked as he waited for someone to answer his call.

“Yes that is fine. I have plenty of time. Anything you want Rev.”

“Hello, Carol, I have some instructions for you that I want you to do immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand. I was making supper but I can stop if it is important,” Carol thought maybe someone in the church needed her and she was always prepared for such emergencies.

“Okay I want to do what I say without question. Do you understand Carol?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Ok then listen carefully. I want you to take off your clothes, put on the squeeze and special pantyhose and come here dressed like that.” Their home was adjacent to the church and Rev. Wallace knew that his wife would be able to slip across with fenced backyard without being seen.

“You mean do that now and come to your office at the church.” Carol was very surprised by her husband’s demands.

“Yes that is what I mean and I said no questions,” Rev. Wallace said in a very commanding tone.

“Ok, it will take me a few minutes but I will be there,” Carol replied knowing not to question her husband when his voice had that tone.

Beth stood up and picked up her clothes.

“What are you doing young lady?” Rev. Wallace asked.

“I am going to get dressed since your wife will be here in a moment.”

“No you’re not. That would miss the point. You will remain naked. However, when Carol comes in I want you to stand over here in the corner where she will not immediately be able to see her. I don’t want you to make a sound. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Beth whispered wondering what the Rev. had in mind.

“No matter what you think about the way she is dress or how she acts, you are not to make a sound. Do you understand?”


Beth moved over the corner to the right side of the door so when the door opened she would be hidden. She stood there feeling very naked but it seemed that this anxiety was continuing to fuel her libido and her pussy remained wet. It took some effort to prevent her hand from moving between her legs.

In about 5 minutes there was a knock on the door.

“Come in Carol,” Rev. Wallace said.

Beth was not prepared for what she saw. She had to stifle a gasp in order to remain quiet as Carol Wallace walked up to her husband’s desk. Beth did not a great view but enough of a view to see that Carol was wearing a very obscene costume. From behind Beth could see that Carol’s entire ass was uncovered but her legs had hose on them. This created a most whorish look. Beth also noticed she was wearing some kind of strange bra that did not cover her breasts.

“Carol, I have just gotten some information about you that I found very interested,” Rev. Wallace said in a very stern voice.

“What do you mean?” Carol answered in a very timid tone with her head lowered.

“I understand that you and Sally were doing things in the ladies’ room at the Church.”

Carol knew that she had been caught and there was no lying to her husband.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“Tell what you were doing.”

“I was licking her pussy and she was licking my pussy.”

“And did you like it.”


“What kartal escort about the fact you are married?”

“I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course I will forgive you Carol. I always forgive you when you do dumb things. If you want to eat another woman’s pussy you should let me know. The thing that upsets me is the fact you did and then hid it from me and you did in the church. That could have jeopardized everything that I have worked for.”

“I’m sorry. It was stupid.”

“Ok now that we have that out of the way I am going to be able to use this for some good.”

“Do you want to know how I found out about this?”


“Beth told me. Come here Beth.”

Beth walked about from the corner and Carol saw her for the first time. Carol gasped seeing that Beth was totally naked. Beth gasped as she saw the frontal view of Carol’s costume that left her breasts and pussy totally revealed.

“Beth has been working on sexuality issues and she has agreed that including you in a session could be helpful. I think all of us will benefit from this. What do you think of Carol’s outfit Beth?”

“It is really strange,” Beth said going over Carol’s body with her eyes.

Carol was also sizing up Beth’s body and she shuttered a bit as she watched Beth’s eyes look down at her pussy.

“Carol you need to be punished so Beth will help me with that right now. Come here Beth.”

Rev. Wallace opened a drawer and pulled out some clips.

“Do you know what these are Beth?”


“These are nipple clamps. They can be quite pleasurable but they also can hurt like hell. Take these and step up to Carol.”

Beth walked up and stood in front of Carol avoiding her eyes.

“Beth take one of Carol’s tiny tits and suck on the nipple until it hardens.”

Beth had never tasted another woman’s breast but followed her minister’s instruction and began to suckle Carol’s breast.

“Mmm,” a soft moan escaped Carol’s lips as Beth moist tongue flicked her nipple.

“Ok Beth pinch her nipple and then apply the clamp.”

Beth pinched the hard nipple and put the clamp on tighten the bolt. She felt Carol flinched as the clamp tightened.

“A little bit more,” Rev. Wallace instructed. He wanted it to hurt.

“Oh,” Carol moaned feeling the hard pinch of the clamp but also feeling a certain itch beginning to become strong between her legs.

“Do the same with the other clamp.”

Beth followed the same procedure. As she tightened them on her other nipple Carol moaned in both pain and pleasure. When she finished Beth stool back and both Carol’s small nipples were clamped with a chain running between the clamps. Beth thought Carol a very strange sight but an extremely erotic sight.

“Beth, step back. Carol, look at Beth’s beautiful body. Isn’t it wonderful?” Rev. Wallace said.

Carol looked over the younger woman body and could not believe the effect it was having on her. Her nipples were stinging in a most stimulating manner. Carol could not take her eyes off the pink folds of Beth’s pussy.

“You like her pussy don’t you Carol?” Rev. Wallace commented noticing where his wife’s eyes were focused.

Beth blushed but found she was enjoying everyone finding her so beautiful and sexy. She could see Carol staring at her pussy.

“Beth, pull that chair over here,” Rev. Wallace said pointing to spot in front of Carol.

Beth grabbed the chair and positioned.

“Now Carol, get on your knees.”

Carol complied and knelt down, now her eyes at pussy level.

“Beth, sit in the chair and spread those lovely legs to give my wife an unobstructed view of your womanhood.”

Beth sat down and spread her legs. She was sitting so that Beth was kneeling directly in front of her putting Carol’s eyes directly before Beth’s spread pussy.

Carol felt sexual desire crawling over every pore in her body. She so wanted to scratch the intolerable itch between her legs and she was to suck all the juices out of Beth’s pussy. But she knew she could not do this unless her husband, the minister, gave her his permission.

“You like that don’t you Carol.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me you liked to eat pussy?”

“I did not know it till the other night,” Carol said licking her lips.

“Do you want to eat Beth’s pussy?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

Beth was listening to their conversation and becoming more and more excited. She had never really thought much of being with another woman but at this moment she wanted Carol to lick her pussy only like another woman could.

“Please eat me Carol. Please let her eat me Rev. Wallace,” Beth whimpered.

“You want me to give my wife permission to eat your young cunt,” he replied.

“Yes, please, please let her.”

“Okay Carol, eat her pussy.”

Carol leaned forward and when her lips touched Beth’s pussy folds electricity shot through out of Carol tongue throughout Beth’s body.

“Mmmmm, it feels so damn good!” Beth screamed reaching an orgasm almost instantly. It flowed upward and felt as if her head would explode. A flow of pussy juice flowed into Carol’s open mouth and she lapped up all of it sucking for more. It seemed as if the orgasm lasted for an eternity and Beth collapsed out of the chair on the floor as it subsided.

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