The Bare Vacation Ch. 01

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We had just arrived at our private beach house in Fiji hours ago. The sun would be setting soon, so I decide to absorb some of the remaining sunlight. Without neighbors, I have no qualms about laying on the lounge chair in the nude, especially since my intentions are to entice you. Laying on my stomach, I make sure that my legs were positioned slightly apart so that I am brandishing a vertical smile. I feel your presence as you walk up beside me. I try to pretend as though I don’t notice, but my heart flutters and my juices begin to flow. We had not yet christened our retreat so the tension becomes a growing presence. You are understanding and allow me adequate time to rest before I am to perform. I am not surprised when my naked body beckons you. You lean in to allow your lips to gently brush the back of my neck. My whole body prickles with goose bumps, but I refused to stir.

My resistance amuses you. After relaxing for some time, you are up for the challenge. You draw circles with your tongue on my neck and then gently blow cool air. My body involuntarily shudders causing you to snicker softly, making a low rumbling sound in my ear adding to the onslaught of sensations. Your teeth sink into the flesh at the base of my neck and I can no longer stifle the moan that escapes my lips. I shiver as you use an index finger to trace lines up and down my back and buttocks. You allow a finger to stray towards the center, quickly wetting the tip with my flowing nectar.

The sensation startles me and my hips thrust forward, pressing firmly against the soft material of the lounge chair. I grip the corners of the cushion pulling it towards me in anticipation, but you draw away. I don’t dare turn in your direction, but the silence has me curious. My curiosity turns to excitement quickly pendik escort as I hear the sound of your belt being unfastened. My vaginal walls begin to pulsate as wetness escapes the folds of my pink tulip. You quickly pull your belt free from all the loops making a sharp swishing noise. My toes curl as I wait for it. I am not disappointed as the first blow cracks down firmly on my warm skin creating a distinct smack that echoes in my ears.

The pain reminds me that I am very alive and your hand gently caressing the injured area ensures me that it is all in good love. The games have just begun and I am hungry for more. I never thought that after years of marriage I could crave my husband as though I were a school girl, but here we are in Fiji. A week long retreat filled with sexy surprises.

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Today is your day. My role is to serve you without restraint due to the bet I had lost at dinner the previous night about whether or not our waitress was wearing panties. I had been surprised that she submitted them along with the bill when we were preparing to retire for the night. I am not comfortable submitting completely to your every whim without so much as a safe word, but I trust you and the very idea excites me. I quickly realize that I have underestimated your creativity as I experience the itinerary of domination that you begin to unleash upon me.

I continue to lie still, face down on the lounge chair as the heat from the belt strike continues to rise. I am tempted to reach around to explore the raised flesh but I dare not move, even after hearing you walk away. The sting is sweet and lingers. It leaves me longing. I am tempted to crawl after you and beg you for more, but I trust that you will return to me shortly. I know that you won’t let me off that easy.

It maltepe escort feels as though hours have passed as I lay in wait for my training to begin. I finally hear the familiar sound of your determined gate approaching. You walk around to the side that I am facing so that I see you drop a black duffle bag in the sand beside me. You kneel down and begin to pet my head. “I am going to make this kitty purr”, you whisper into my ear. The heat from your breath sends a stimulating wave through me. A mischievous grin spreads across your face as you unzip the bag to reveal my new attire. You produce a dainty black studded collar and gently fasten it around my neck, careful to lift my bronze locks out of the way. The restrictive sensation does not go unnoticed.

“When this collar is on you, you are on duty. Do you understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes sir.”

“You catch on fast. That’s one of the reasons I love you so much.”

“Stand up and face me.”

You bark the order at me knowing that it would leave a bitter taste in my mouth. A gleam in your eyes tells me that you know that you have struck a nerve. I start to wonder if giving you total authority is a mistake as you reach into the duffle bag and produce another contraption. It looks like a spider web, with all of the webbing joined at one point, a ring in the center. You hold the leather strapping up and order me to step into it. There is a clasp that hooks to my collar in the front. The webbing wraps firmly around my breasts causing them to lift protrude. The other strips cross my chest and wrap around my ribs and two lower strips lasso my groin area like a harness for mountain climbing. These come around and join in the back in a thong like fashion. The contraption is fairly humiliating as it accentuates the kartal escort exposed areas.

Your broad grin shows me that you are satisfied with the effect. You lean over and empty the remaining contents of the bag onto the lounge chair. A leash and a riding crop fall onto the cushion. You attach the leash to the collar on my neck and give it a firm tug. I stumble forward towards you, my breasts pressing firmly against you. The motion catches me off guard and I become annoyed by this new feeling of having a loss of control. The smirk that develops around the curve of your lips confirms my fears that you are enjoying this much more than you would ever dare admit.

You grab the riding crop and begin to trace the exterior of my body. I am satisfied with the sensation causing my nipples to harden and protrude upward as though I was a young girl again. You trace my inner thigh and move up slowly pausing when you reach my swollen clit. You tap it lightly with the riding crop causing me to visibly quiver. Once again your grin broadens as you acknowledge that you have complete control over me.

“We are going to have lots of fun aren’t we kitten?”

I nod my head and I am immediately corrected with a sharp searing pain across my lower thighs. I yelp out in surprise more than pain.

“That is not how we respond, is it?’

“No sir.”

“Let’s try this again. We are going to have lots of fun aren’t we kitten?”

“Yes sir.”

Tears well up in my eyes as I find myself admitting defeat. It is a hard pill to swallow, but at the same time I hunger for more. I can’t wait for what game we will play next. You wipe the trickle that escapes from under my eye with your thumb, knowing that you had not hurt me, but you had only begun to break me down. You reach your hand upwards at the base of my neck grabbing a large handful of hair and use it to guide my face to yours. You lightly tug at my lower lip with your teeth and I can feel the hardened bulge press against me through your pants. I know that it won’t be long before you take me.

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