The Bastard


“Hey, sis,” I said, walking in the door into her house. “How are you?” I pondered, putting my bags down.”I’m good, sis, now give me a hug,” she added, before hugging me.”Damn, Alexis, you two are in your forties now, and you still call each other ‘sis’?” Louie asked, coming towards us.”Yes,” she answered, turning to him. “It’s not our fault you’re an only child and can’t understand why we call each other that, but we do, so deal with it.””Alexis, I didn’t say I had a problem; it was just an observation. You’re my wife, and can get away with murder as far as I’m concerned.””Okay, Louie, don’t make any more observations like that then, got it?””Yes, Alexis,” he answered, coming to me. “Hi, Melinda,” he greeted me, hugging me. “How are you doing?””I’m fine,” I responded, hugging him back. “I’m sorry for her, dear brother-in-law.””Shut up, Melinda,” she giggled.Then we went to the living room and chatted for a while.”It’s been too long, sis; make sure you start coming over here more than once a year.””Okay, Alexis.””Oh, that’s my phone,” she said, before going to it in the other room.”She is weird, Melinda, but you already knew that. I do love her, though.””I know it’s been a year now since the wedding. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back over here; work just sucks right now.””It’s okay, but she’s right; I wouldn’t mind seeing you more often. I never had a sibling, and I’m sure you could shed some light on your weird sister too.””I could, but then you’d be tempted to ask her about it, and I’d be busted. So, I’m sworn to secrecy. Although, I will tell you that she did get into her first car accident because she was checking out some guy working out shirtless in his front yard. She rear-ended his car, and needed to go to our parents to ask them for the money to fix it. So, she never got to go on a date with him, but had a crush on him.””No, kidding?””Nope, but that’s some dirt, right? That’s no golden goose, but it’s something.”He nodded as she came back into the living room. “I’m sorry, but I need to meet my boss at the office for like an hour at the most. Do you mind just hanging out and not giving him any more dirt, Alexis?””Sure, sis,” I answered, peeking at her. “I’ve wanted to check out your office; maybe I could drop by tomorrow.””Okay, sis, just call me before you head over; we’ve been busy lately.””I got you, but damn it, Louie,” I whined, glancing at him. “I thought for sure you’d be able to remove the…””He took the stick out of my ass, Melinda. That line never gets old.””Fuck you, and f you say so, sis,” I giggled.Then she left, and Louie and I talked. The next day, I did visit my sister in the office.I drove into the parking lot and got out. “Shit, I did forget to call first, but what the hell could she be doing that keeps her so busy?” I wondered, walking to the door.I had no idea, but I walked through the hallway and made my way to the elevator.I came up to her floor and found my way towards her office. “Well, this is a nice building, so at least she has something nice to come to when her boss calls her in for some such shit,” I said, glancing around the place. After another minute, I saw her door. I went to it and brought my hand towards the door.”Oh, yes, Alexis, take it hard,” I heard a man moan just before I knocked.”What the hell?” I muttered before I brought my hand away. “That didn’t sound like Louie, Alexis.”I just stood there for a moment and put my hands up too. I didn’t know what to make of the situation, but I couldn’t help but confirm my brain thought. I calmly grabbed the doorknob and turned it as slowly as possible.I pushed the door open slightly, but it was just enough to see in there. ‘Oh, you stupid bitch, Alexis,’ I thought, opening my mouth widely. ‘You’re cheating on Louie and letting him fuck you from behind. You didn’t even lock the door, you floozy,’ I thought, before closing the door.”Yes, Evan, just like that, be a good boss and shove your dick in there deep,” Alexis moaned.”What the fuck, sis?” I asked, walking away swiftly. “You’re cheating on your husband with your boss. No fucking wonder you wanted me to call first, you skank. I can’t believe this,” I moaned, getting into the elevator. “Fuck, what am I supposed to do now? She’s having sex with her boss, and I’ve committed to staying with her for a few more days. She’s gonna know something is up when I can’t even look at her.”A minute later, I ran out to my car and zoomed to her house. I went inside and just took a shower because I thought that might calm my nerves. Needless to say, that didn’t work as I had just seen Alexis and her boss Evan fucking her from behind.’You bastard, Evan, I never met you before, but my sister does have a wedding ring on her finger, and you were screwing her from behind. You might be a handsome man, but this is still wrong, you son of a bitch. You called her in yesterday, but was that work-related, or were you looking for a booty call? I was at her wedding; I was her fucking maid of honor, you prick.’I had no idea what I was gonna do, but I pulled on my hair and even shed a few tears. I stayed in there for over forty minutes, just trying to comprehend my predicament alone. I placed my palms on the front wall and let my head hang out there with the water hitting it too.”I can’t stay in here forever, and I’m sure one of them is gonna show up here needing the bathroom at some point, but shit,” I whined, hitting the wall. “I love you, sis, but what the hell? What’s bahis siteleri going through your head when you fucked your boss? How long has this been going on too? Fuck, so many questions, but of them, the biggest one being ‘Why?’, though. I feel like my heart is being choked right now. I just couldn’t be more fucked up. Shit, what if she’s pregnant? I have no idea how they’ve been fucking, so she could be for all I know.”I theorized so much; I thought my head would explode. I tried to process it all, but I just didn’t know what to do or think. After a while, I just took a deep breath and got out of the shower. I got a towel, dried off, and wrapped it around myself too. Then I took in the deepest breath I could and grabbed the doorknob.Before I could turn it, the door opened. “Oh, hey, sis,” Alexis greeted me.”Hey, sis,” I groaned, breaking eye contact as I moved out of the way.”Did you save me any hot water?” she pondered, going in there.I stayed turned away for a moment and bit down on my bottom lip.”I guess not,” she whined, turning on the water. “Fuck it; I’ll wait a little while before I take a shower,” she said before a pause. “What’s with you, sis? You’re just standing there?””Nothing, I’m gonna go change now,” I said, before calmly making my way to my room. “Shit, I couldn’t even look at her. How the hell am I gonna get through this visit? Hell, how am I supposed to just get through this now?” I asked, going in there. “I mean, she cheated, so I just never say anything about this? Should I take this to my grave?”I had no idea again, but I got dressed, and then I heard a knock on the door.I sighed. “Yes, sis?””Are you decent? May I come in now?””Are you fucking kidding me?” I whispered. “Sure.”Then she came in there with me. “I just wanted to know if you’d mind if I invited someone here for dinner?””Um, okay, who is it?””My boss, I told him you were visiting, and he definitely wants to meet you. I’ve shown him your picture, and he thinks you’re beautiful.”‘Well, I’m your sister,’ I thought, prior to glancing at her. “Okay, I guess,” I answered, clenching my fists. “Is there anything I should know first?””Like what? I have no idea how big he is if that’s what you’re thinking.””No, I wasn’t thinking that, sis,” I brought up, closing the gap. “Although, is there anything you’d like to put on the record before I meet him? Anything weird that could come out?””What the hell are you talking about, sis? He’s single, and I just think you might hit it off, but I wasn’t even planning on telling you that. You’re asking if there’s anything you should know, though?” she asked, crossing her arms. “You want to give me some more context?””Okay,” I added, closing the door. “His name is Evan, right?””How did you know that?” she asked, backing away. “I didn’t tell you that.””Well, maybe because you called out his name when he was screwing you from behind in your office, maybe that’s how, Alexis. What the fuck? You’re cheating on Louie; why the hell are you cheating on him?” I questioned, getting closer to her again. “Louie fucking loves you, but you’re letting your boss stick it to you in your office? Is that why you wanted me to call before I just showed up, sis?””Shit,” she fretted, rubbing her face with both hands. “You haven’t told him, have you?””No, I haven’t, Alexis, but tell me, how is this okay? You’re fucking your boss, and now he’s coming over for dinner? He’s a bastard because he knows you’re married, so really, tell me what’s going through your mind. Are you bored with your hubby already? You’ve only been married a year?””No,” she answered, sitting down on the bed. “I’m just hoping to get a promotion, that’s all. Louie and I have discussed having a baby in the past few months, and I thought if I got a promotion, I could earn some more money, and we could be ready to make you an aunt.””Really, just some fucking extra money is worth defiling your marriage, sis? No fucking way, mom and dad did not raise us to think anything like that. We’ve only seen mom cry a handful of times, and one of them was at your wedding, so she’s more than happy to have you hitched to Louie, and you’re playing with fire here. Are you prepared to get burned? I mean, is this considered an affair? How long have you been carrying this on now?””Just a few months.””And you’ve still not gotten your promotion?””No, I haven’t, but I’m sure he’ll give it to me soon, but are you gonna tell Louie?””No, I’m not. Obviously, you’re the tart between us, but maybe you should tell him. You’re only a year into marriage, and maybe you’ll both save yourselves some years.””Melinda, we’re in our forties now, remember? Should I just start from scratch again? I’ve already been divorced once; I don’t want to do it again,” she cried.”I don’t know, but what made you think fucking Evan was okay? The only way it would be is if he offered you a lot of money and you told Louie about it. You’re right to sob because now I think you know you fucked up. It’s coming from my mouth, so you know it’s valid. I’m two years older than you too, so you feel judged, right? Good, because I am judging you, sis. This isn’t okay, not at all. I suggest you call Evan immediately and tell him not to come over here. I barely know how I’m gonna keep my lip zipped in front of Louie, but that bastard too? Call him now.””Do you hate me, sis?” she asked, standing up with me.”No, of course not, you’re still my little sister, and I’ll never stop loving you, canlı bahis siteleri but again, this is wrong.””Fine, I’ll stop, Melinda,” she stated, getting up with me. “I never wanted you to find out, but I thought you might be a little more understanding.””Why, I’ve never cheated on someone.””No, you’re just my big sister, and I thought you’d…” she whined, before pulling on her hair. “I don’t know, but it’s done. Just don’t tell Louie, please,” she pleaded, before leaving.I rubbed my face as well and just tried to comprehend that as well. I sat down, but a moment later, I heard a car start and headed off too.”Well, I scared her off, it seemed, maybe she’s going to confess for all I know, or break things off with that bastard.”I stayed in there for a little while longer and tried to keep myself as calm as possible. Nevertheless, it was an uphill battle, and I even had my own tears forming on my face. For all I knew, I could’ve put the pieces in place for her marriage to blow up, even though I wasn’t the one cheating.”Well, it’s coming up on dinner time now, so at least that bastard shouldn’t show up now,” I said before I heard a knock at the door. “Or maybe not,” I spoke, before getting off the bed.I went to the door and peeked through the peephole. “Once again, are you fucking kidding me?” I giggled, backing away. “What am I supposed to do now? She’s been gone for almost an hour now, and now this bastard is here? Maybe I could kick his ass, but of course, I’d have to give Louie an explanation, but I’m at a loss for words, and he’s still knocking too,” I said, before a small gap where he knocked yet again. “Oh, fuck it,” I groaned before I opened the door. “Hello, Evan, right?””Yes, and you must be the infamous Melinda; you look even prettier in person. May I come in?””Sure, but my sister and brother-in-law aren’t here, though.””That’s okay, I can wait for them, and we can chat, can’t we?” he pondered, coming in the house.”I suppose,” I answered, shutting the door. “I love talking to bastards,” I muttered.He went right to the living room, and I followed him. I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to keep my emotions hidden. I had no idea what Alexis’ plan was, but it seemed she didn’t call Evan for him not to show up, though.He sat down on one couch, and I sat down on the other. I didn’t make eye contact with him and felt extra awkward, but he stayed silent for a moment. I had no idea how I’d keep myself cool, so I didn’t even speak.Although, after a few minutes, he decided to come to my couch. “So, tell me about yourself, Melinda.””Like my sister, I’m a dark brunette, but I’ve never been married. I work as a lawyer a couple of states away, and I’m just now finally visiting my sister after a year of marriage. I hate dark chocolate, but love white chocolate, and if I had only one regret, it’d probably be this one time I got involved with someone I shouldn’t have,” I listed, without making eye contact.”Oh, really?” he asked, getting closer to me. “Do you mind if I ask with who?””My boss, Evan,” I answered, crossing my arms and shooting him a dirty look. “I mean, there are so many people in the world, and you should fuck someone that isn’t in your life like that. Really, anyone you have to see, whether it’s once a week, or every day, or whatever, it’s still wrong, don’t you think?””Well, maybe not; I mean, I think you go about it on a case by case basis. Some people are immature and just can’t handle it. I know how, on medical shows, characters hook up, and they go through drama trying to hide it and also do the doctor stuff. So, there are different factors, I guess, is what my point is.””Oh, really? So, under the right people, it’s okay?””I guess; I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to piss you off for giving my opinion. What happened with you and your boss?””He hid the fact that… you know what, fuck this, bastard,” I attacked him, getting close to him. “I saw you screwing my sister today, Evan,” I said, before shoving him off the couch. “I don’t know where I was going with my fake story there, but I made it as long as I could without stating the obvious, you bastard. My sister is fucking married, and you decided to offer her a promise of a promotion for sex?””Did she tell you that?” he pondered, strolling towards me.”Stay the hell away from me, and yes, she did. Are you gonna deny it?””No, I did it, but it happens in business.””She’s fucking married, asshole, now you’re gonna cut the shit, got that?””And if I don’t?””I’ll beat the crap out of you; I can take you, we’re about the same size, and I’m ready to fight.””And when you leave, how are you going to get me then? Just hop on a plane and hunt me down?””If I need to, yes,” I made clear, advancing him down. “I’ll fly or drive five-hundred miles here to kick your ass. I’ll kick your fucking balls right up into your asshole if it gets the job done, Evan.””Oh, you’re a bossy bitch, Melinda.””Maybe I am; I’m her older sister, and I love her. I completely think she’s in the wrong here, but I’ll still protect her if I need to, you bastard. Sometimes it just takes the family for someone to see how stupid their actions are. I have half a mind to take the bar in this state, move here, and make damn sure you never get into her panties and don’t fuck up their marriage. I don’t know how you sleep at night, but consider this a fair warning from this bossy bitch, stay the fuck away from my sister. I’m tempted to get her to quit, but even canlı bahis she said she’d knock it off. If I do find out there’s been any funny business, you better bet your ass I’ll find out and locate you, got it?” I asked, before getting in his face.”I got it, Melinda,” he moaned, before kissing me.I immediately yanked my head back. “What the hell, bastard?””I like bossy ladies, Melinda,” he responded, getting up with me. “And you seem more than that. I bet you’re a damn fine lawyer, aren’t you?””Yes, and I handle sexual harassment cases too, so don’t pull that shit again,” I warned him, crossing my arms. “Why the hell are you eye-fucking me still? Look over there.””No,” he muttered, coming back to me. “I love bossy chicks, and we have the place to ourselves.””Fuck you, what do you think; you have a shot with me now? You fuck my sister and think you can get with me?””Maybe, but let’s face it, you’re flirting with the idea now, aren’t you?””No, bastard, I hate you, and now I want to beat you even more. So, just get the hell away from me,” I ordered him, before pushing him away.”Oh, reluctance is making you so much sexier too,” he praised me, stepping back to me again.Although, that time, I couldn’t be repulsed. I licked my lips and felt myself shaking a whole lot more. I couldn’t help, but picture his cock from what I saw earlier. I even had to lower my head down to his crotch.”It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Melinda, I’ve been with my fair share of cunts, but at least you have a good reason for it,” he added, taking my hands.”Don’t fucking call me a cunt, bastard,” I warned him, before kissing him. “If you do it again, I will kick your ass, got it?””Yes,” he answered before he took me to the couch we were sitting on.Evan sat down first, and then I sat on top of him. We pasted our lips together, and he certainly helped himself to feel my lower back too. So, he did prove that he could exercise caution with me, but he was pushing his luck before; I grabbed his arms hard and made sure the bastard got the point that he still sucked, in my opinion. He indeed saw the signs that I was turned on, and he took advantage of that too. I wasn’t even sure if we’d actually fuck, but I’d find out soon.”Fuck you, bastard,” I attacked him, yanking my lips away.”Is that you giving me permission to get those shorts off you, or are you being a bitch?””Both, asshole,” I replied, rising to my feet. “If you want to fuck me, then fuck me, you home-wrecking bastard.””Yes, wench,” he added, grabbing them and tugging them down too. “Oh, a pink thong, Melinda? Do I have your permission to feel you now?””Yes, fucker.”Then he brought his palms to my thighs and surely made them tremble a bit more. I still hated him, but of course, he knew that hate could be translated into sex. He massaged my legs and didn’t pull down my thong just yet.”Are you fucking kidding me? Now you just want to feel my thighs?”He plucked me right back down to him and helped himself to get my top off as well. As I was just in my bra and thong, he pushed me back somewhat again and stole my hands. He brought them to his suit and even undid the first button for me.I laughed and undid it for him, with him feeling my butt. Within a minute, I had him half-naked, and I felt his hairy chest. Needless to say, I vibrated quite a bit more and let my juice escape my thong and get on his pants.I was sure he felt it, but he didn’t say a word as we eyeballed each other. He caressed my butt cheeks and kept his mouth wide open too. So, I certainly gave him a good display for him to leer at as well. Although, neither of us complimented each other just yet.I moved my hands all over his chest for a couple of minutes, but then I let them wander down to his crotch. He surely didn’t stop me, and then he broke eye contact and viewed me undoing his pants.As I saw his boxers, I peeked at him. “You’re not gonna tell that I didn’t ask for permission?””No, but would you like me to, though?””No, bastard, you take things that don’t belong to you and fuck them; why shouldn’t I have the same right?” I pondered, digging into his boxers. “Oh, I feel something hard in here, Evan.””Oh, you remembered my name?””Yes, you sister fucker,” I branded him, pulling it out. “Oh, it’s harder than a brick.””Is that you complimenting yourself, Melinda?””Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch, and get my bra off.””Yes, tramp,” he branded me before he followed my order.I kept my hands on his rod until he needed to take my bra off me. Then I wrapped both of them around his schlong again as he checked out my rack. I had him slathering his lips too, and then he grabbed onto both of them.”You’re shaking now, Evan; dare I ask, do you like my boobs?””Oh, yes, they’re big, fluffy, and sexy too, so what’s not to like?””And your dick is long and stiff, and that’s one less adjective, so my jugs win, but I love your johnson anyway.””Good to know,” he added, before kissing me.We both rubbed each other slowly as we made out for a moment. I certainly felt the lust building up more and more by the second, and I didn’t even know how it happened. Well, I knew, but I didn’t know.’You’re the bastard that fucked my married sister, but yet, here we are now. Yes, enjoy those tits while you can.'”Fuck yes, these are perfect, Melinda. Are you gonna slap me if I say they’re better than Alexis’?””No, but I should, fucker,” I branded him again, before pushing my jugs to his face. “Now feel them on your hairy face too. I want you to tickle them with all that facial hair, you bastard.””Enough!” he shouted, bringing his head up. “I’m fucking sorry, it was a shitty move on my part, but if you can’t get over it, then get the fuck off me.”

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