The Bathhouse Glory Hole


The Bathhouse Glory HoleI was 22 and was backpacking across Europe and in Germany and still heavily closeted back home but could be free where no one knew me. I had always been curious about bath houses, so I found one in Berlin and checked in, stripped and put my towel on. I was aware I was getting glares from the many guys, but they were all older than me and I did my best not to return them as I walked around and saw the sites, but no one I was interested in. I was there maybe 3 hours and getting bored actually but thinking maybe the clientele would get better as the day went on. I had talked to a lot of the men, and they had shown BIG interest in me, but again I was waiting, and I made that clear. At one point I had joined others and was watching 3 guys have sex in a room through the window slats and my cock sprang to life to the apparent delight of the guys watching and next thing I knew my towel was off me and was being tossed around the men, while I tried to get it back being naked and with a boner. I felt a guy grab my cock from behind and briefly stroked me off, but I fought it. I was still sexually shy, and this is not what I wanted, but at same time really turned on by it all. I didn’t get my towel back as I saw it go out the back door, so I walked back across the whole place butt naked and getting the gleaming eyes from all the men. I walked back to the desk and first I thought I should just go home, but I talked to the guy at the desk who said, “everyone is talking about you”, and that made me feel good, so I decided to canlı bahis ask for a towel and stay longer. Besides I was still horny, aroused and turned on by being openly naked and the center of attention. The guy behind the desk had I done anything yet and I said no, and he advised me to try the glory holes because then I would not know who was sucking me off. I told him I would cause that sounded like a good plan and he told me the one to go to, but that I should shower first and be clean, because he said I would be getting relief. So, I did that and went back to the showers and washed everything and knew guys were watching me, but now I was ok with it. I dried myself and went to the room where the glory hole was, and I saw it and the hole and didn’t know what waited behind it-maybe it would be nothing. There was that chance I thought, where I’d stick it in and nothing happen, and I thought that would likely be because if anyone was on the other side there would already be a guy on this side getting his dick sucked. But nervously I took my towel off and shyly stuck my dick and balls through the hole. I always thought a glory hole was just enough room for your dick, but I had had a bad experience when I was 14 getting my dick stuck in a fence while watching my neighbors and being caught with my cock stuck. So, it made sense to have your balls exposed also. I stuck my man parts in and within seconds I felt my dick and balls being massaged. My cock immediately sprang to life, and I felt what felt like multiple hands upon the base of bahis siteleri my shaft and balls and then felt a mouth around my dick head. I wasn’t going anywhere now! I was now in the moment and enjoying it, and then heard a rapid zipping sound that I have heard before and felt pressure around my shaft and balls. I didn’t think much of it, but it got tighter suddenly and then I tried to pull out, but YEOW! I couldn’t! I tried, and it hurt like hell. I immediately knew what that noise was – an electrical wire tie and wrapped around me and the more I pulled out the tighter it got. I could hear voices and laughter from the other side. Not one guy, a BUNCH of guys. Then my cock started feeling lips wrapped around it, lips after lips and taken turns from I did not know how many all wanting their chance to suck off the young American dick. I was stuck and could not get away even if I wanted to and the decision was no longer mine to have, I was getting shared by all the guys in the bath house, all the ones I rejected, were now getting me after all. My balls were gurgling, and I knew they could tell I was close, because I heard them all making loud cheering and then my balls had enough and cum exploded from my dick. I felt exhausted and let out a moan of relief while I heard the sounds behind the wall. My dick and sexual urged satisfied, I thought they would let me go and I imagined then leaving and being both turned on and glad for the experience. But as it turned out, I was stuck there. I waited 15 minutes for someone to turn me loose. bahis şirketleri My balls were sagging and my dick no longer erect, but I was still tied. Then I felt hands on my sagging balls and then-another zipping sound and pressure around my balls. My balls were now tightly wire tied! I could feel them getting excited and trying to go back up, but they couldn’t, and the pressure was building and my dick start getting erect again. But nothing happened. Another half an hour or so with my standing and getting tired on my feet and my balls aching when I heard noises from the other side again and then once again, my dick getting sucked to the point I had to cum, but I couldn’t because my balls were so tight. I don’t know how many more sucked my dick, but I got to where it was painful, and then I was moaning hysterically I needed to cum, when I felt the tie loosen and it was off and as soon as I felt it, I exploded every drop of cum from my balls. I was seeing stars and felt lightheaded the nut was so powerful. I felt the other ties come off and I was free, I pulled out and lay down on my side of the wall sexually exhausted. Once I had regained myself, I put my towel on then realized there was no need, and instead just carried it out and I walked naked to the showers and every guy I passed gave me a smile, because I’m sure each and everyone had sucked me at one point. I showered and went to the locker room, got dressed and on my way out the guy behind the counter asked me I had tried the glory hole. And I could tell off the bat, it was he that had planned the whole thing and that’s why he had sent me to the showers to get cleaned up while he told everyone in there that I would be going in soon.I told him I had and that it was something I’d never forget.

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