The Bathroom Surprise


I could not believe what had happened. In our 17 years of marriage this was a first. Let me explain. First a little background and then our adventure. My wife and I have been married for 17 years and in that entire time we have never had sex with anyone else. Through the years we have talked about swinging and having other sex partners but that had just been talk. Now my wife is 47 years old and though she does not have a perfect body, she still gets plenty of looks and propositions from other guys. At 5’4″, 165 lbs and 38DD’s I thinks she is beautiful and exudes sexuality. She has the personality of someone that lights up the room whenever she enters. She is fun and exciting and I adore her with all my heart. I on the other hand at 49 years old am more reserved. I like to socialize and enjoy a party but have never been the center of attention that my wife always seems to be.

A few weeks ago we got a call from some friends from saying that they wanted to get together with us. Due to previous plans we were not able to get together that night but made arrangements to get together for brunch the next day. Since it was a three day weekend we knew that we could take our time and enjoy the visit. We had flirted and teased each other but had done nothing more that the girls showed off their boobs. I had wanted it to go further but kids showed up unexpectedly and everything came to a screeching halt. This time the kids were out of town and I knew we weren’t going to be disturbed. I was hoping that something more was going to happen.

When our friends arrived at our house the next morning we were pleasantly surprised that Jen had lost some weight and trimmed down. While she wasn’t bad looking before she looked fantastic now. The possibility that something would happen was now more of a desire than before. I also knew that my wife wanted to verify that Richard had an 8″ dick that Jen had talked about so many times before. She had told me several times that she sure would like to feel that cock filling her up inside. I had secretly hoped to see that happen too. And with Jen’s new look I was hoping I would get the opportunity to see her au natural. I could barely restrain my cock throughout brunch. I had to cover myself when we got ready to leave the restaurant to head back to the house. On the way home Jen received a call from her daughter about a problem that had to be dealt with right away so they were not able to stay and we lost the opportunity for anything to happen.

Several days later my wife got a call from Richard saying that Jen had to go back to California to deal with an issue with her mother’s health but that she thought that she had dropped some earrings in the car during their ankara escort visit. My wife said that she had found them and Richard said asked if he could come get them as he was going out to California and wanted to take them with him. She told him to stop by the next afternoon as she had a class in the morning and would be off in the afternoon.

When she got out of class she tried calling Richard to tell him that she was on the way home and got his voice mail. She told him that she would be working in the back yard so come on around to the back and if he didn’t see her to come on inside as she had laundry to do too. When he didn’t call back she finished up her work in the yard and got the laundry and decided to go ahead and get cleaned up.

Richard arrived and since my wife wasn’t out back went on inside as instructed in my wife’s voice mail. When she heard the door open and close, she thought it was me coming home and yelled out that she was in the bathroom and to take off my clothes and join her. Richard knowing her teasing nature thought that she was inviting him to take things to the next level so he stripped down and walked into the bathroom completely naked. She told him that she was in the tub getting herself ready for some fun and asked if he wanted to join her. With that she pulled back the shower curtain and saw Richard standing there with his manhood standing at full attention. Being a little surprised, the first words out of her mouth were that he had a huge cock. Richard smiled and said “You like it?” My wife nodded yes and said that this was a nice surprise for her. She told him that she had forgotten about telling him to come on in and that she thought it was me coming home from work. He asked if he needed to go and she told him that she and I had talked about her playing with him and enjoying his huge cock. She also told him that she guessed he must like what he saw as his dick was a full mast. He shook his head affirmative and she invited him to join her in the tub. As he stepped in she reached up, grabbed his engorged member and gave it a quick couple of strokes. As he sat down into the tub he reached over and tweaked her nipples bringing them to full peak.

I arrived home and saw Richard’s truck. I knew he was supposed to come over and I knew as late as it was that the wife was probably getting cleaned up. I was hoping that we would be able to fulfill one of her fantasies. As I walked in the bedroom I saw Richards clothes lying on the floor outside of the bathroom door. I quietly opened the bathroom door and peeked in. Richard was leaned over and kissing my wife, I could see that her hands were down between his legs and figured that she was playing with his dick. He had a ankara escort bayan hand on her breast and was gently fondling her. Needless to say I was stunned. I couldn’t move. My eyes were transfixed on the two of them making out. I felt my dick get hard and strain against my pants wanting to be released. Never taking my eyes off of the action I quickly removed my pants and began to stroke my growing member. I watched my wife lean over and take Richard into her mouth. I watched as she licked around the bulbous portion of his mushroom shaped head and heard him give a slight gasp as she enveloped him with her mouth. Since they were sitting in a tub full of water she suggested that he sit up on the side of the tub so that she can suck him better. As he stood up I watched her place her closed lips on the end of his cock and press her mouth onto his protruding manhood. I watched as her tongue reached out and licked the underside. As he sat down on the side of the tub I watched as her head began to bob up and down.

This was a dream come true for me to see my wife give another man a blow job. I could feel the precum pouring out of the small hole at the end of my straining cock. I wondered how far she would take this if she didn’t think I was there. I also wondered if she would stop if she knew I was. I decided for now just to watch and wait to see what would happen. After several minutes of her giving one of the best blow jobs I have ever seen she stood up and said that they should move to the floor as she wanted to feel that 8 inches buried deep inside of her. I watched them climb out of the tub and saw that she had trimmed up her pussy. It was beautiful and I wanted to see it filled with his purple headed cock.

Richard placed his hand in between her legs and slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy. I could see the creaminess dripping onto his hand as he finger fucked my wife. I could tell that she liked what he was doing as she lifted one leg and set her foot on the side of the tub to give him easy access. She leaned back and steadied herself against the wall as Richard brought her closer and closer to that moment of explosive satisfaction. She took one hand and began to play with her tits and tweak her nipples. Watching my wife get pleasured and pleasure herself this way almost pushed me over the edge and I had to stop jacking off to keep from blowing my load. I watched my wife grind against his hand closing her eyes and getting lost in the moment. Richard reached out with his tongue and began to lick her sweet nectar from his hand and from her drenched swollen lips. As he brushed over her clit she shook violently and pulled his face into her crotch. She ground her pussy into his face as he escort ankara wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer. His tongue lashed out and found her clit. She twitched once again and he licked her some more. She was begging him to eat her and he was certainly doing a good job of it. He legs started giving away so he helped her lay down on the floor and continued to pleasure her with his tongue. She told him to swing around so that she could have some of his delicious dick.

Watching my wife in a 69 with another man was amazing. It had been a while since I had seen her so uninhibited. She licked and slurped on his dick as he treated her with his tongue. I didn’t see how he could last so long but he still hadn’t cum. I suspected that my wife had at least twice. The most she had ever done before was three climaxes. Suddenly I saw her tense up and take him completely into her mouth and then her body began to shake uncontrollably. Richard had made her cum and was lapping up every drop. As he finished she pushed him away and said that she needed dick. His dick. She needed his dick to fill her up. He turned around and I watched as he slid his massive tool into my wife’s swollen pussy. I watched as her lips slid around his shaft as he pushed deeper and deeper into her wanting hole. She moaned with pleasure and told him to fuck her.

He began to slowly pump in and out of her wet love tunnel. She lifted her legs up and held her ankles to give him better access and told him to pound her pussy. He began to slam harder and harder going deeper and deeper with each thrust. I could see the pleasure on my wife face as this man that we had talked about so many times was actually fucking my wife. She moaned in delight with each stroke. He squeezed her tits and played with her nipples as he forcefully thrashed her pussy. After several minutes of this ferocious pounding she screamed in delight as her body began to pulse in orgasmic bliss. I could see the muscles tighten and with one final stroke I watched as Richard fill my wife with his seed. After he emptied himself into her womb he collapsed on top of her.

My wife looked over at me and smiled. I realized that the door had come completely open and that she had seen me watching. She said that from my hardon it sure looked like I had enjoyed what I had witnessed. I told her that I had and that my dick was hurting from not cumming yet. She told me to come on over and that she would give me some help. She sat up as I walked over and took me into her mouth. As she began her expert talents I knew that I wouldn’t last long. As I could feel the pressure building I knew that I was about to explode. When I told her she took me in completely and held me tight allowing me to cum into her mouth. This was a treat for me as she usually doesn’t. As she swallowed the last drop she looked up at me and asked if I was better. I nodded and asked her the same. She smiled and said for now.

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