The Bathroom

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I invited you over for dinner and thought we could just watch some movies. I had just got home from work and to my surprise you were waiting on me, said you were in the area and just figured you would stay in the area then to go back home. I was very happy with that but didn’t have anything ready and was still dressed up from work. So we got inside and you couldn’t stop telling me how good I looked. But I said I had to get out of these clothes. You said I looked amazing in my little school girl outfit, I should just rest a bit longer and we would chat some more.

Trying to decide what we were going to eat. You said I shouldn’t cook since I’ve been working all day and that we would just order in. I’m canlı bahis not going to complain that’s one of the best ideas I had heard all day.

When I got up to get the phone book, you grabbed me saying something about I can’t hold it anymore and you kissed me hard. I pushed you over to the chair. Sitting on your lap with my legs wrapped around the chair, I could feel your hard cock throbbing through your pants. My skirt flowing with the passion, I said we needed to slow down a bit that we had all night. Knowing I wanted it now, but I wanted to hold out just a bit longer. You sounded ok with that, so I said I would go change. I went to the kitchen to get some drinks. When I came back you had gone to bahis siteleri the bathroom. So I decided to grab my clothes and change. When I got back to my closet and grabbed some clothes, had I changed my mind. The tension had grown and I wanted you.

I knocked on the bathroom door; you said I’ll be out in a minute. You flushed the toilet and I heard the water on the sink come on, I turned the knob and to my surprise the door was unlocked. Before it opened, I slammed the door open and came at you. I needed you, and it didn’t matter what you thought at this point. I jumped at you, as you grabbed me and sat me on the counter kissing me. You lifted up my skirt and tore my panties off. As I unzipped your bahis şirketleri pants and brought your bulging cock out. I stroked it a few times looking at you just now noticing the water was still on and the bathroom mirror behind me started to get foggy. I ran my hand under the water; it was hot and burning, as I stroked your cock with my wet hand. You ran your hands under the water and began exploring my whole body with them.

Once you hand got to my little mound it was hot, wet I slid my fingers down and circled my clit while you fucked me. I watched you. You couldn’t get enough of me, pounding inside me. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I cummed. The warmth came all at once. You said you were ready, so I slipped my hand down and pulled you out of me. I stroked you hard and fast I got down to my knees still stroking you and you cummed all over my face. It was amazing.

Now it was time for us to take a shower.

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