The Beach

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His Fantasy:

We are on a black sand beach on some island. It is pretty hot, but there is a cool breeze coming off the ocean. We are alone on the island, dropped there for three days by helicopter. There is a small hut at the edge of the jungle looking over the beach where we are staying. We brought our own food with us and are supplementing with coconuts and some kind of small banana that grows on the island. There is a fresh water stream running near the hut. You can hear and feel the surf hitting the beach from the hut.

We have been lying out on the beach all morning and I am watching microscopic beads of sweat build up on the fine hairs in the small of Your back. I’m thinking about licking them off as I realize how hard my cock has become and the way the breeze feels on it. We aren’t wearing any clothes so it’s a little different.

I notice the sunscreen tube lying next to you and figure this is a great Way to get my hands on you. You still haven’t noticed how horny I have become. I put a very large amount of the white cream in my hand and rub my two hands together to distribute it. I straddle your legs trying not to poke you with my cock. I place my hands on your shoulders and draw down slowly, spreading my hands to cover as much surface area as possible. It’s slippery smooth as my hands reach your mid-back. As I feel your hip bones slide by my hands my cock hardens even more. I’m looking at your ass, my cock hovering inches above it, and the white cream tracks down your back as my hands slide over your cheeks and my thumbs pass between them. My cock spasms again and a drop of semen lands at the cleft at the top of your ass.

That gets your attention. Your hand comes back and grabs my cock as if to verify what you already knew. I want you so bad! You pull the head of my cock down to the pendik escort small puddle of semen collecting in between your cheeks. It is very slippery and you are rubbing it up and down between your cheeks. I lie down over you so the head of my cock dives down between your legs. As it slips between your lips I feel the moist heat I love so much. I’m not entering you, just sliding between your lips with the tip of my cock bumping into your clit on each stroke. I hear you moan as I accelerate and then you cum for the first time.

You raise your hips slightly which changes the angle just enough for my cock to enter you fully on the next stroke. It feels wonderfully hot and slippery. In that moment I almost cum. I pause to regain my composure and we are off to some serious fucking. You cum 3 more times while on your stomach, then you push back onto all fours and I sit back on my heels. You sit up straight, turn around facing me and begin to bounce up and down riding me.

I watch you ride up and down on me against the background of the green trees, blue sky and black sand. I feel the sunscreen running down your back, over your hips and ass, and dripping on my cock as it slides in and out of you. I’m going wild slamming into you, meeting you each time you come down on me by thrusting up as deep inside you as I can get.

I can feel the next orgasm building inside you. I feel your muscles tighten around my cock. I hear the intensity build in your sounds. I feel the pressure building in my balls as I get ready to explode inside you. As you squeal, I pump my cum deep inside you. I have your taut nipples between my fingers and I am squeezing them mercilessly as we cum together.

As I open my eyes, I see your face and that wonderful smile that tells me everything I need to know. I am truly blessed maltepe escort by that smile in that moment.

We walk up the creek-bed to the waterfall 1/4 mile upstream and shower in the mist. Swim in the pool and cuddle together in the water.

Dinner is a simple meal of rice, mushrooms, bread, and banana pudding or something like pudding made from the local fare with a nice bottle of Chardonnay and fresh water from the stream. The sun sets as we are finishing dinner by candlelight. We fall asleep together talking about the sound of the ocean.

Her Fantasy:

I wake up to the sound of birds singing and the waves hitting the beach. The hut is cool with a slight breeze blowing through the open doorway. We are covered with only a light cotton sheet.

You are sound asleep, curled up on your side beside me. I pull back the sheet so that I can look at your body while you sleep. I curl up around your back, smelling the scent at the base of your neck and feeling my nipples grow hard as they rub against your back. You stir and then fall back asleep. I reach over your side and find your penis with my hand, tickling the tip with my fingertips. You stir again, but still don’t wake up. I press my groin against your ass and move slowly from side to side, grinding into you with my pelvis and teasing your back with my hard nipples. I am already wet thinking about what is to come. You finally awaken and turn toward me with a sleepy smile on your face.

I bend down and take your penis in my mouth, feeling it instantly expand. You moan slightly as I rhythmically play with the tip with my tongue and teeth. Your hips begin to move involuntarily as I pull all of you into my mouth over and over. When you are completely hard, I straddle you and rub my wet groin against your penis slowly, very slowly. kartal escort You groan and grab my hips, pulling me onto you, pushing deeper and deeper. I pull up and rock on the tip of your penis, starting out slowly and gradually accelerating until we are both panting with excitement. I lean down and kiss you, taking your tongue prisoner in my mouth. You begin teasing my nipples with your fingers, pinching and caressing them until I am moaning and wild.

The strokes become deep and fast, both of us on the edge of explosion.

You run your fingertips lightly over my ass. Your touch sends me over the edge. As I cum, I feel you shudder and you explode with two last long thrusts.

I collapse on your chest shuddering, breathing in your scent as I slowly come back down. I feel you quiver and shudder deep inside and find I can’t stop smiling. I caress your shoulders and watch your face. Your breathing slowly returns to normal and you reach for me as you open your eyes.

I feed you bananas and strawberries and then pull you up off our bed.

We go to the waterfall and wash the sweat and cum off of each other. As I wash your ass, your cock becomes hard again. You pull me into chest deep water and enter me.

The friction of the water and your penis on my clit makes me cum almost immediately. I wrap my legs around you and shudder as you accelerate the pace and depth of each stroke with your cock. You carry me over to the waterfall and the sound and feel of the water hitting my body envelops me as I cum again. I don’t have time to recover before you pull away and turn me around so that I am on all fours on the large flat rock in the mist behind the waterfall. You enter me from behind and tickle my clit with your fingers. I explode in orgasm. As I am writhing and moaning totally out of control, you push deep within me and cum with a massive shudder.

After washing off once more, we lie down in a sunny spot next to the stream cuddling and talking about what we dreamed about last night, and what our dreams are for the rest of the day.

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