The Beginning


I love to masturbate! Not just my hand stroking my penis, but getting deep in my asshole. I do stroke my very beautiful cock like most men. But I am crazy about backing that ass up to a hard dildo and letting it spear my asshole until I can’t take any more. I have stretch my anus out to a 16 ounce beer can size gap. I have advanced to fucking my ass three or four times during the week.

My love for anal sex started with my first wife, Amanda. She sold Avon products to earn extra money. One Friday night she had a group of very hot ladies over to our apartment for a Avon house party. She asked me to hang out with some buddies until she was done with the party. Being the nice guy that I am, I agreed and kiss her passionately and left for the evening with the guys.

About 10:00 or so the telephone at my partner’s apartment rang. He answered and told me the call was for me. I rose from watching a poker game and responded to the telephone call.

“Hello, this is Ray.” I said looking back at the guys playing poker.

“Honey, can you come home? We need help setting up a table.” My wife asked in a pleasant voice.

“Sure, Honey! Do I need to bring help?” I asked not knowing how large or small the task would be.

“No Dear, you can handle it alone, plus we girls can help.” Amanda said very sternly. “Hurry Honey we need your big muscle to get this party started.” Amanda finished the conversation and we ended the call. I said good night to the guys, who did not know I had several hot sexy ladies at my apartment.

About five minutes and I was walking through the door at our apartment. The living room was filled with 6 outstanding ladies of all color. Very sexy outfits and perfume to make a flower garden ashamed.

“Hello all you Voluptuous Dolls, I’m Ray, Amanda’s husband,” I said with a big smile as I looking at each one of the wonderful, hot looking, large breasted females.

Amanda rushed over to me and gave me a big hug and a long sexy kiss. Amanda was wearing a pink tank top, bra and cypress. “Girls, this is my man”. Amanda said in a playful but protective voice, as she turn toward the other girls while holding onto my waist with her left arm .

“Honey we need this table set up in the dining room.” Said Amanda, leading me by the arm towards the dining room. The girls had move the dining room table out of the way and next to a wall. Leaving enough room for two large pool tables to be stretched out with plenty of room to shot pool. In the middle of the floor was a black leather covered pad about the size of a work out bench. A bit longer and wider than any work out bench I had ever seen. I knelt down to see what all was needed to be done to put this table together. I found a plastic zip lock bag filled with nuts, washers and bolts. The instruction were also included in the bag. I opened the bag for further examination. I found two cheap wrenches were included in the package also.

I quickly surveyed the instructions and went to work as directed by the instructions. A beautiful blonde named Tracey knelt down beside me to help in the construction of the base. Tracey was about 5 foot 4 inches tall with large round breast. Her blouse was tight around her large breast. The top three buttons were undone. Her cleavage was plentiful and full. Her skin look as smooth as silk,

The other girls took notice of my attention towards Tracey and wanted a part of my viewing pleasure. Le Ann, a tall brunette with a wrap around dress on, was next to offer her help. She was not wearing stocking or panties as she stooped down casino şirketleri just on the other side of the pile of metal and leather covered pad directly in front on me. Le Ann legs were just far enough apart to give Tracey and I a glimpse of her clean shaved private parts.

“I love working with tools Ray”. Le Ann said as she help hold the last leg of the base as I inserted a bolt through the two base supports. “You are really nice to help us girls with our table.” Le Ann stated as she pulled her dress up to give Tracey an I a better view of her glory hole.

“Ray, can I fix you a drink when you finish?” Asked a hot red head named Heather. She was wearing a red cow neck blouse and bent over at the waist asking me the question. I looked up to see two beautiful tits, and nipples already starting to harden. I stared at her cleavage while I tighten the last nut and bolt to the base. Heather was not wearing a bra. Her tight black leather skirt was a sight for my eyes and began increasing the blood flow to my penis.

“That would be great.” I replied with a big happy smile as I continued to stare at the lovely freckled boobs. “What are we drinking?” I asked as I picked up the black leather pad and began attaching it to the base, returning my attention back to my task.

Heather said, “I am going to make you a special drink for helping us girls with our table.” Heather stood up straight as the girls started to giggle. Amanda came over behind me and knelt down against my backside with her thighs on either side of me. She use both hands to raise my polo shirt and started to rub my nipples.

“My man has sensitive nipple to girls.” Amanda made the statement as she softly caressed my nipples in a up and down motion. She keep doing this until I was almost finish installing the large black leather pad to the base. As soon as I finished tightening the last bolt, Amanda was still behind me kneeling. She pressed her pussy against my ass and started to hump me. I finish the table in record time. Amanda and I were still kneeling on the floor. She kept humping my ass as I stretched my arms out on the completed table in front of me. I closed my eyes and held my head back, turning my neck to kiss here again more passionate than the first kiss when I entered the apartment.

The girls started to cheer and whistle as we put on a little show. Amanda now moved her hands down to the waist band of my jogging pants. Running her fingers inside the waist band and my briefs. With one tug she exposed my naked ass for all the girls to see. Louder the girls cheered Amanda on to get more freaky. Not to disappoint the girls I thruster forward on the table to allow my bare ass to be in plain view. Amanda quickly mounted me from behind an continued to hump me firmly for almost a full minute. I smiled as Amanda slapped my right cheek hard with her hand. Then the left cheek received the same hard slap. The girls were getting very hot by our actions and started swaying and hugging each other.

Heather can into view and handed my the drink she had promised. I push back on Amanda and started to stand up. Amanda quickly pulled up my briefs and jogging pants and then mounted the top of my lower back, as if she was getting a pony ride. I took my left hand and held her left thigh assisting her to stay put as I reach for the drink Heather had just made.

Now all the other girls were gathered around us as I took a few sips of the very high alcohol content delight. Le Ann started caressing my left arm and touching Amanda’s left thigh in doing so. Heather casino firmalari was on my right side softly rubbing my right thigh just beneath Amanda’s right thigh.

“You did a great job Ray and quick too.” Said April, a beautiful full figured black girl with very large breast, just barely covered by a tight light blue tank top. Her white shorts showed off her shapely short legs and nice round butt. I could see she was turned on from the hot action Amanda and I had done earlier, by the way her nipples were punching into the material of her bra and blue tank top. April was now standing directly in front of me. She firmly began stroked my stomach and muscular chest under my polo shirt.

“Let me down Honey.” Amanda requested in a sweet playful voice. I handed my glass of alcohol delight back to Heather while I landed Amanda back on her feet safely. “Honey go sit down and enjoy your drink.” Amanda added. “We girls are going to get down to business, I think you will enjoy watching.”

I retrieved my drink from Heather and went over to a chair the girls had been using while watching me assemble the table. I sipped my drink as I causally checked out the girls from a distance. The tone of Amanda’s voice changed. She sounded very aggressive.

Amanda grabbed April by her left big looped ear rings and tugged it slightly. “Now bitch, you want to fuck with my man.” Amanda scolded in a harsh tone as she grabbed April’s throat with her left hand. April eyes widen as she leaned towards Amanda holding onto Amanda’s arms so she could not harm her.

“No Amanda, I wasn’t going to do nothing to your man.” April pleaded as she looked frighten at Amanda. “I would never try to do anything to make you mad Amanda.” April cried out.

“Well bitch you better get real an get naked, because I am going to fuck your ass.” Amanda screamed at April.

Amanda released April. Within seconds April was shedding her clothing until she was completely naked in front of everyone there.

“Get my dick now Queen!” Demand Amanda, directing Queen, another black girl. Queen has smaller breast than any of the other girls, but she has an ass that is huge. Quickly she handed Amanda a brown dildo as big as a horse’s dick.

“Get on the table bitch face down ass in the air, and spread you fucking legs wide ass open slut!” Amanda demanded. April starter to shed a tear or two but did not hesitate to get into position in a hurry, April mounted the black leather table as directed, Her brown skin smooth and her pussy was shinning from her excitement. She was ready to get the large black dildo, even if she was not ready.

Amanda screamed again towards Queen, “Get me some lube Queen so I can fuck this slut.” Queen opened a plastic jar, stuck her fingers in and pulled out a wad of clear lube. Queen moved over to Amanda holding the brown monster and rubbed the lube on the head and half of the 18 inch shaft. Then she turned and slapped April’s exposed slit and asshole with the remaining lube. April screech from the slap by Queen.

Amanda came in from behind April and said, “This is what you get for fucking with my man.” With one smooth stab Amanda forced the huge brown dildo in April’s waiting pussy. April head came up off the table as she screamed, “Oh shit.”

“Hold that bitch down so I can fuck this slut like I want to.” Amanda demanded. Le Ann stepped forward with a 5 foot round wooden pole with two black straps hanging from either end. Le Ann undid her wrap around dress and push it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. There Le Ann stood güvenilir casino naked and very beautiful. Le Ann force April’s head back down on the black leather table and mounted her pussy against the right side of April’s head.

Le Ann then lifted April’s left arm sliding the wooden pole between her back and bicep. Tied the strap around her wrist. Pushing the pole under April’s right arm the same way, Heather rushed in and secure both straps around April’s wrist and hooking the two straps together. Insuring April could not use her arm to protect herself or get away from Amanda punishment.

I raised my glass to take several sips of my drink before the action got started. I noticed I was beginning to feel warm all over and light headed, Turning my attention back to my wife with the brown dildo in hand. She inserted the massive tool back into April lubed vagina. Six inches of the monster disappeared by the first three long strokes Le Ann still sitting on April’s head, lean towards her ass and spread both cheeks. Giving everyone in the room full view of a large gapping anus. The other women start removing clothing and touching each other harmlessly as they all watch my wife fucking this big ass girl.

Amanda quicken her strokes. April moaned with pleasure and started humping back on the large dildo being thrusted into her fiery pussy. Le Ann lifted her naked body off April but held on to her cheeks, keeping her ass open for what to come next. Deeper and deeper the dildo went into April. Her body was bucking wildly as she wanted it all inside her womb.

About 25 minutes or so passed as my drink did as well. Amanda pulled the dildo out of April’s pussy and past it around to all the girls to lick her juices off the monster toy. When it can back to Amanda, Queen applied more lube to the head. Now all the attention was focused on April’s asshole. Amanda eased the head in very slowly, as if the dildo was melting. I could hear April, “Oh yes, fill my ass with all that pleasure, Fuck me good and hard.” She said raising her ass high and arching her back to receive the 6 inches that was already in her backside hole.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you slut like I want to?” Screamed my wife to April.

To my surprise April screamed back to Amanda, “Come on hoe and fuck me!”

With that being said, Amanda slammed the dildo into April. April began to rock back on every stoke, meeting Amanda’s force with force. The shaft was glowing with Aprils ass cum as she welcomed every inch of the huge toy.

I could not stand up as I was consumed by the drink Heather had made me. My body was nub. I could see the ladies but I could not do anything I tried to do. Le Ann came over to me, She grabbed my head in both of her hands and leaned me forward to her naked slit. Le Ann rubbed her pussy into my face. My nose was pressed against her clit. Her scent was sweet and her body hot.

“Girl, Ray is ready.” Le Ann called out to the other girls. At that time I lost it. I don’t remember what happen after that.

The next morning, I woke up, face down on the black leather table. Completely naked, my ass was sore and filled with lube. The same lube my wife used on April. No one was in the room by me. My head was aching from the alcohol I had consumed that night. I sat up on the edge of the table. I could see 4 different dildos just a few feet away from where I had laid. The dildos were all different sizes and lengths, A strap-on harness laid in the pile with them. Dried semen was on my stomach and around my mouth. I continued to sit there when my wife entered the room.

“Honey, you were great last night!” Amanda smiling and sat next to me on the table. She put her arm around me and kissed me on the forehead.

That night changed my life forever. Amanda and I parted and I love to fuck my ass.

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