The Beginning


The first time I ever sucked a cock was when I was eighteen. My grandparents had a cabin on a lake and the summer between the eleventh and twelfth grade my older sister and I went with our family to the cabin for a week. We each brought a friend. My friend’s name was Marvin. Marvin was small and not very built. After a whole day of water skiing and tubing we finally went back to the cabin and had dinner and later went to bed.

Typical teenagers, we were both pretty horny so we eventually took off our pajama bottoms. Then while stifling our giggles so the adults wouldn’t hear us, started jacking off under the covers. After a few minutes I asked Marvin, “Can we just take the sheet off?”

He said, “Ya … but only if we keep our underwear on.”

So I said, “OK.”

As soon as the sheet was off, Marvin climbed on top of me and started to playfully hump and touch me underneath my pajama top.

I had a very big cock for my age, over six inches and an inch thick.

Once we started playing, I took off my pajama top and so that all I had on was my underwear. Marvin then did the same.

The last time we’d fooled around we’d kissed and did a little tonguing. When I started to touch his cock, Marvin got so turned on by it that he took off his underwear so I could touch him easier. His cock was small compared to mine, about three inches long and a ½-an inch thick. I remember it being very warm and smooth.

After I’d touched his cock Marvin wanted to touch mine. When he touched it he didn’t think that it was really my cock, he thought that it was my hand. So I took off my underwear and he was in shock and awe by its size compared to his.

Marvin told me, “Just relax and lay down.” As his fingers gripped my cock, he added, “I’ll take care of things.” But when he tried to jack me off, I was too squeamish and ticklish and it felt so weird that I kept stopping him.

After about thirty minutes more of playing I told Marvin, “Now you just sit back and relax.” Then I got down on my knees between his legs and put his small hard cock against my chin and rubbed its cute little marble size head on my lips. Marvin looked up and said, “I don’t want to do this.”

But I ignored him because I was so horny. I put his cock in my mouth and it was the most amazing thing that I’d ever felt. It was so soft, yet so hard at the same time. The feeling was indescribable. It was so warm and small but when it was in my mouth it felt huge.

I even licked and sucked his small nut sack too and I was in heaven.

When I was sucking him I wanted Marvin to cum in my mouth but he didn’t want to go that far. I think things were happening too fast and he was scared.

I couldn’t believe it, during our suck session, I cummed without even touching my cock.

The only thing that Marvin ever did to me was jacked me off and sucked my cock through my underwear, which I could barely feel.

The next day while we were out playing in the woods, without asking I knelt down and pulled down Marvin’s Levis. He didn’t really offer much resistance. If he had I would have been easy to stop because to get them down I had to unbuckle his belt, unbutton the top button and then unzipped his Levis before I could pull them down. To top it off, his Levis were tight and he had to kinda wiggle his hips for me to get them down.

Flaccid, his tiny little cock was only about two inches. I took it between two fingers and watched it grew to about three inches. Marvin was more accommodating this time when I took him in my mouth. As I sucked I kept twirling my tongue around to get him to cum so I could taste his sweet juices.

While my tongue danced provocatively around the tiny head of his cock, I gently grabbed his nut sack. I started gently fondle each tiny little ball between my fingers. This fondling of his balls made him grab my hair and try to push his cock deeper in my mouth.

With a few more erratic jerks of his cock, Marvin started to buck and he shot load after load of his hot sticky cum down my throat. As more cum dripped out of his tip I licked it up and swallowed it all. I even ran my tongue down the length of his shaft a few times to make sure I collected everything. Who would have thought his tiny little balls could produce so much cum.

That next night we repeated the process only we got a little more into it. This time Marvin was more relaxed and got into things better. This time Marvin didn’t wait for my help. As soon as the lights were off, he yanked his pajama bottoms and his underwear off. When I moved forward he giggled as he watched my lips engulf his cock. When I started sucking him I could feel the head of his little cock lying on my tongue. After about another thirty seconds or so, I felt Marvin’s cock started to pulsate, and the now familiar salty, sensation of his hot cum spewed across my tongue and hit the back of my throat. I’m proud to say, I didn’t miss a beat, I just kept sucking as he moaned and shot four or five hot streams of cum into the back of my throat.

For ankara escort the rest of the week, every night and every time we were alone I sucked Marvin’s cock. My sister and her friend didn’t want to be bothered by her little brother and his friend so it was easy to get away from them. I must have sucked him off everywhere imaginable, by the lake, in the woods, both the out buildings and of course in bed at night.

I always begged Marvin to try to suck my cock but he said, “It’s OK to let you suck mine, but sucking your cock would just be too gay for me. I guess me sucking his cock wasn’t too gay though, because I must have sucked it ten or twelve times before the week was up.

By the last day, I was really working Marvin’s cock, making it sloppy wet, get some nice spit on there so he’d be nice and lubed up. Instead of grabbing him right in my mouth, I was teasing the head to show him that I meant business first. I learned right quick not to tease him too much though or he’d start to get pissed off. He wouldn’t say anything but I could tell when he was getting mad though.

When I got down to business, I’d take his cock between my lips and worked the tip with my tongue. His cock was too short, to get it in far enough to matter, my nose and lips were pressed tight against his pubic hair. Then I’d suck it nice and sloppy until I got some pre-cum going on. I took my tongue and lick it a little and then as I pulled away, I’d look up at him so he could see it coming from his cock back into my mouth. Then I’d lick my lips and smile.

I figured out that eye contact and a lot of if while I was sucking his cock was important. Not necessarily during the day while we ran the risk of being caught, but no quick blowjobs at night when we went to bed. If I had the time, there was no excuse for me to not be giving Marvin a good hour-long blowjob. When I didn’t make him cum right away, Marvin thought I was awesome. I had to learn when I was taking it too far and slow down, some licking, especially slutty like and to stay off the tip. I would let Marvin watch me do this. I would lick it good, no lapping like a novice. I licked it like I wanted to suck it so bad but can’t wait. Then I would resume my normal sucking for a couple of minutes until he got tense and then I’d stop again.

It was time to work on Marvin’s balls. With two fingers I’d stroke his spit-lubed cock, while I licked and sucked his tight little balls. While I was licking I’d look up at him and smile so he’d know that I was enjoying it. While I was down there I’d lick his ‘taint’ that lovely area just past his balls too.

I made sure that I took a break every now so I could tell him how much I loved sucking his cute little cock.

This all went on with no complaints, even when Marvin was grabbing my hair or pushing my head down. I considered those as good signs that he was enjoying what I was doing.

When we were both ready for him to cum I made Marvin feel even better by beg for it. And let him cum wherever he wanted, be it down my throat or on my face. Wherever he cummed, I make sure I showed him I appreciated that cum by licking it all off and cleaning his cock off in appreciation for what he just gave you.

When the week was up and we returned to civilization Marvin and I remained friends. But I guess Marvin didn’t like getting his cock sucked as much as I liked sucking it, because he wouldn’t let me suck it any more.

In twelfth grade Marvin would always call me gay and a faggot even though he never mentioned the incident to anyone else.

I knew that Marvin would never forget it and neither would I.

Marvin was my only close friend and I didn’t really know how to approach a guy, so my high school days were kinda sparse, cock wise. I didn’t suck but two cocks that whole last years in high school and they were both out of towners during the summer. But after I graduated from high school and went off to college all that changed. The summer after my freshman year in college I had an internship where I worked around older people. Somehow one of them found out about my submissive side. I’m young and have a pretty innocent image with most people but I enjoy being degraded by guys with power. I enjoy doing things that are humiliating or submissive. However they found out, I ended up giving head to several people with authority and power.


It started out with me sucking Chuck Hendricks in the mailroom’s cock. I never was really sure how it happened, but he put me under the counter where no one could see me. Then I sucked his cock while he leaned on the counter like he was waiting for a customer.

Once I was down on my knees under the counter, I unzipped Chuck’s pants, opened his fly and pulled out his hard cock. I licked my lips and then licked the head of his throbbing cock. I slowly start to take him in my mouth. When I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth, Chuck suddenly grabbed a hold of my head and asked, “Do you wanted a big mouth full of cum?”

I of course I did but I wanted to act ankara escort bayan like I wasn’t gay, so tried to say no. But my mouth was full making it rather hard to talk.

Two different people came by to check their mail, while I was sucking his cock. I had to Chuckle as he tried to maintain a straight face while I ran my tongue over the head of his cock.

To say the least I secretly loved the taste of his cum and the feeling of power that I had over him. After that I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum every day during my internship.

Even though I sucked his cock almost every day that summer, after a couple of times, Chuck passed me on to our boss, Aaron Goldberg. When I finished sucking Chuck’s cock, he took me to Aaron’s office down the hall. As soon as we walked into Aaron’s office, Aaron said, “Is this him?”

“Yep,” answered Chuck.

“Is he as good as you say?”

“Better,” Chuck chuckled. “He can, as they say, suck a tennis ball through a water hose.”

“Lock the door on your way out.”

I stood there like a dummy and watched Chuck lock the door behind him as he left. Still, I’m sure looking like a dummy I turned back around towards Aaron. He was sitting at his desk with his legs spread out. “Well, are you going to stand there all day?” he asked. “Or are you going to suck my cock?”

Holding my breath, I knelt between Aaron’s legs. I was so embarrassed that I don’t even look at Aaron. I just lean over and put my head between his legs. He says something to me like, “That’s a good little cocksucker.”

After I unzipped them, he raised his hips as we both work to get his pants down. Before I took it in my mouth, I give his semi erect cock a lick from his hairy balls to the tip of the reddish/purple head. I’m not sure why but it seemed to be the thing to do at the time. I remember a real salty sweaty taste to it. Once I was at the tip I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the shaft. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as it grow in my mouth.

The whole time I was sucking him Aaron was verbally abusing the shit out of me. He was calling me every name in the book … faggot, bitch, cocksucker, queer and homo and I have to admit I was very turned on by it. With his hands on the back of my head adjusting my speed, Aaron told, “Oh shit. Here it is. I’m gonna cum.”

To be honest I didn’t have a clue what to do right then. I didn’t really want the word to get around that I was a cum slut so I didn’t want to swallow but I was so curious about how it would taste and feel. The first taste of pre-cum I pulled his cock out and let him cum all over the side of my face. A huge glob of cum hit me on the cheek, chin, lips and forehead, spattering my face with quite the cum shower. This was one of the most erotic experiences that I’ve ever had. Aaron must have shot cum for a full minute and then the shower ended. It was so warm and felt so good. I loved the small sampling of the pre-cum that got in my mouth.

I picked my head up and stood. As soon as I was on my feet I started wiping the cum off my face and licking it off my hand. I was a little pissed because after that I was passed right on up the ladder through a few more guys, including my department manager and on up to Mr. Graves, the plant manager. Actually I’m not sure one of the two would be considered up the ladder since he was the janitor or as they are now called, a maintenance engineer.

A package came for the custodial department. Chuck called to be sure someone was there. Then after I’d suck his cock he had me deliver the package to the basement.

The custodial office was way back in an obscure corner of the basement. It was so far off the beaten path, that most people worked there for years and never saw or even knew where the custodial office was. The whole area was as spooky as hell. There didn’t appear to be anyone around so I called out, “Hello. Is anyone here? I have a package.”

From somewhere it the room someone sang out, “Back here. I’ll be there in a second. Put the package on the desk in the corner.”

Looking around I saw a small office area in a corner behind some shelves. As I made my way across the dimly lite room and sat the package on the desk, I heard a door shut. When I turned there was a very large man standing between the exit door and me. The uniform shirt with Chris written over the left pocket and the big ring of keys on his belt was a dead give away that his name was Chris and that he was part of the invisible work force … a janitor… a maintenance engineer.

Sauntering across the room, Chris boldly sat down on the corner of the desk and said, “You don’t know me do you?”

“No,” I whisper nervously.

“No one ever knows the janitors. Were invisible to most people. But I know you. I’ve been watching you all week. Watching you suck cocks. And I must say that you’re quite good at it, too.”

Know what Chris wanted, I didn’t wait to be told, I took a deep breath and got on my knees. Then I expertly unzipped Chris’s trousers and escort ankara freed his cock. “Oh god,” I gasped when I saw his big cock. It was well over 8-inches long and very thick with well-proportioned reddish/purple head that already glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick rope like veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue.

I looked up and gave him a quick, lusty grin. Chris grinned back down at me as he waited patiently for me to suck his cock.

Wrapping my fingers around the base of Chris’s cock, I leaned forward and kissed the tip, his pee slit… the source of his clear, slick juice. I took my tongue off his slit and milked Chris’s cock with my hand. I watched a bubble of pre-cum emerge from the opening in the head of his cock and turn into a string running over the base of my thumb. Licking up the slimy juice, I got another good taste of him. I closed my lips over Chris’s mushroom head and sucked, drawing more of his natural lubricant into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slid his shaft over my tongue and further into my mouth.

“Ooooh yeah,” Chris moaned, “suck it man, suck my cock.”

I sucked, bobbing my head up and down as his cock slid between my ovaled lips. The insides of my mouth flexed as the spongy hard head rubbed across the roof of my mouth and bumped against the back of my throat. I held such a tight pressure on his cock that I could feel the veins on the top, side and bottom of his shaft as the big vein along the underside most prominently moved in my mouth. Chris’s juice mixed with my saliva was dripping down my chin, rolling down my neck, wetting the front of my shirt.

Chuckling, Chris started moving his hips, moving his big cock in and out of my mouth. His curly pubic hair was soon tickling my nose and his sack of big cum filled nuts was bouncing on my chin. Raising my hand, I took his balls in one hand and gently massaged them. I let go of his cock with my other hand and reached around to grasp a cheek of his muscular butt.

“Ooooh, uugh, ooooh, yeah, gonna cum,” Chris moaned again.

“Muuumh,” I mumbled, my mouth full of his moving cock.

“You gonna swallow it?” he asked jokingly.

“Muuumph, unh,” I answered nodding my head as best I could up and down in assent.

I felt Chris’s cock flex, the big head flare even bigger, his shaft stiffen, the vein on the bottom pulse. A blast of hot cum shot against the back of my throat. I gulped it down. Another huge wad squirted into my mouth. I backed off just a bit so I could taste and feel his salty, creamy cum roiling onto my tongue.

Chris was humping and grunting as I took all his hot load of cum and swallowed it, as fast as I could.

“Unnnnh,” he grunted.

Backing off his cock, I drain the last string of his rope like cum into my mouth.

When I returned from delivering the package, Aaron sent me to Mr. Scott Powers, our department head’s office to run an errand for him. When I got to his office, his secretary sent me down to the parking lot to get Mr. Powers’s car and wait for him out front. As soon as he got in the car, he asked, “Do you know where the park is at on Lake Street?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered.

“Good, then drive us there.”

It was a silent twenty minute drive. When we got to the lake Mr. Powers directed me to the back of the park where we parked in a secluded wooded area where we would be unobserved. When I put the car in park and killed the engine, Mr. Powers turned kind of side ways on the seat and spread his legs. As he leaned back against the car door, he asked, “Are you going to suck my cock?”

I stammered out a, “yes,” as I slid off seat down to the floorboard, I reached for his belt buckle. I quickly unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. I figured it was probably between six and seven inches. I put my fingers around the shaft and used my tongue to flick the head a few times. When I heard a slight groan, I slid my tongue down the shaft.

Mr. Powers grasped my head lightly, guiding my mouth to his balls. I loved the scent of them, just a slight musky smell of perspiration mixed with the scent of soap. When I started suck and lick his balls, he moaned, “Damn, that feels good.”

His words of encouragement ignited a fire in me, as I sucked first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. It felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time. As I sucked, Mr. Powers started to move his hips, letting his cock trail across my face as I continued to tongue his balls.

With every movement, Mr. Powers praised me, telling me how good I was, how wonderful my mouth felt to him. Spurred on by his praise, I started kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

I was licking him eagerly when he said, “Be sure to get down under my balls.” Moving back down, my supple tongue found the spot right where his ass crack begins and began to mouth and tongue him there. Gosh I have to admit that the musky male taste and smell of him down there was heady and so erotic.

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