The Best Friends Ever


It was a lovely, warm, sunny day in August, and my friends from college – Kerri, Catie, and Randi – had all come to visit me. My husband had to be at work until late that evening, so it was a fun girly afternoon of sitting around the living room talking and reminiscing. All of a sudden my cell phone rang, and I ran off to the bedroom to answer it. It was Raven.

Raven and her husband were friends of my husband that I had not met until the year before when I attended their wedding. However, since that time, I had gotten to know her. See, Raven is bisexual, and her husband had given her permission to have a girlfriend. My husband, fiancé at that time, knew that I liked women, and would like to try sexual things with a woman, but didn’t know anyone to try stuff with, so he had asked Raven to come meet me and see if anything could happen.

Well, things did happen, and Raven and I hit it off really well that day…ending in much pleasure for the both of us…but that is another story. Since that day we had only gotten together two other times – once in a big group setting so nothing happened, and one other steamy time.

Raven was lovely. Average height, long dark hair, big beautiful breasts, and the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. Just looking in her eyes made me want her. I was always so glad when she took off her glasses.

My husband had long previously given me standing permission to do sexual things with Raven, and, jokingly, any of my college friends. See, none of my college friends had shown any interest at all in being with another woman. In fact, it seemed that most of them had rather looked down upon such activities. I had no idea that this permission would ever be needed.

That was, until this day. As I said, when I picked up the phone, Raven was on the other end.

“Hi, what’s up?” I asked her.

“Oh, not much, just driving to your city.” See, Raven and her husband lived in the same state as us, but about two and a half hours south.

“What? Why?” I enquired.

“Well, the husband had a meeting of some sort to attend up there, an all day sort of thing, and I begged him to take me along so that I could hang out with you,” she answered me.

I was shocked, and groaned inwardly at the rotten timing. I had longed for another opportunity to be with her, but this just didn’t seem like it would be the right time. “My friends are here today, just hanging out, so you can come on over if you want, as long as you promise to be good.”

My friends had no idea that I had ever done anything sexual with a woman. In fact, they had no idea that I was even interested in that sort of thing. I really didn’t want them to find out, either, as I wasn’t really ready for that conversation with them.

“Ok, I’ll be good, I promise,” she said, with a wink in her voice. “I won’t enjoy being good, I would much rather be bad, but I promise.”

I went downstairs and told my friends that a friend of mine was coming, and waited for the knock on the door. It came about fifteen minutes later, and I introduced Raven to all of my friends.

The entire group seemed to get along well, and the conversation started flowing freely. I was sitting beside Raven, and I couldn’t help but occasionally glance at her lips, wishing I could kiss her, even just once today. From the way she kept looking at me, I was pretty sure that she was thinking the same thing.

I said something funny at one point, and as Raven laughed her hand landed on my upper thigh, and didn’t move away quite immediately. I couldn’t gauge my friends’ reactions, but I knew that I wanted to feel more of her touch.

I was getting hornier by the minute, and knew that at some point soon I was probably going to say or do something stupid. I knew I just had to kiss Raven, so I told her I had to show her one of my husband’s new posters up in the bedroom.

She followed me up the stairs, into the bedroom, where we immediately began to kiss. Our hands roamed their way around each other’s bodies as we kissed passionately and furiously. I didn’t want to stop, but I knew that soon we would have to go back downstairs.

Just then, I heard a gasp outside the bedroom door. Raven and I broke our embrace as I turned to see who it was. Standing outside the doorway, with a very shocked look on her face, was Kerri. She was blushing furiously, and her mouth was hanging wide open.

“I…I was just going to the um, uh, the bathroom, um, I am sorry,” she stuttered as she hurriedly went off to the bathroom. Raven and I kissed one last time and made our way back downstairs, hoping Kerri would not say anything to the rest of the group.

Maybe I should tell you a bit about my friends. Randi had been my roommate during our college days. She was short, even shorter than me, and had medium blonde hair and brown eyes. She was thin, with small perky breasts and a nice round bottom.

Kerri was a year younger than the rest of us. She was tall and thin, with long brown hair and a captivating smile. Her breasts were also small, haramidere escort but still nice, and her figure was quite proportional and lovely to look at.

Catie was a good friend I had met because of my major, and she lived next door to Randi and I. She was average height and average build, with larger breasts than Kerri or Randi, but still smaller than mine. She had light brown hair, and the biggest brown puppy-dog eyes you have ever seen.

So those are my friends. Raven and I returned to the group and resumed conversation, and shortly after, Kerri returned. She looked a bit flustered, but did not say anything to the rest of the group.

We began playing a game where one person asks a question about just about anything, and everyone goes in a circle and answers it, including the asker. We had gone a few rounds when Raven decided to ask the question I had long wondered about these friends.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, sexually?” she asked. I heard the audible gasp from my friends, and hoped that asking that was a wise decision.

Because I was sitting beside her, I had to answer first. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to disclose this sort of information to this group of friends, but I hoped that if I were honest, the rest of the group would be also, so I braced myself, and gave the honest response.

“Yeah, I wondered for quite some time. I always hated myself for these thoughts, because I didn’t think they were normal, and I very much liked men. I found out in time and self-reflection, though, that I also liked women sexually, and found myself very attracted to them. Eventually I told Paul this, and not only was he not mad, he helped me find someone to try out these desires with.”

I glanced over at Raven, and she smiled at me. All of my friends were now sitting silently, unsure of what exactly to say or how to react. Raven didn’t let the silence linger, however, and pointed at Catie, telling her it was her turn to answer.

Once she gained enough composure to speak, Catie blushed a bit and said, “Yeah, I guess maybe a few times I have wondered about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I very much love men, but women’s bodies are…well…nice to look at.”

Embarrassed at this admission, she buried her face in her hands. “Don’t be ashamed, hon, it is perfectly OK to admire the female body,” Raven assured her. She then turned to Randi, awaiting her response.

“I…I can’t believe you all are saying this. Of course I haven’t thought about it, it is wrong and I would never do it!” she answered. Randi was my most conservative friend, and this answer from her did not surprise me at all.

“That’s ok, Randi, we respect your opinion,” I assured her.

All eyes then turned to Kerri for her response. She also blushed very deeply as she prepared to answer. “Yeah, I must admit, I have quite often wondered about this. I sometimes wonder if I really like men at all, I mean, you know, sexually. I find women much more attractive. When I saw you two kissing upstairs, I felt really odd inside, like I wished I could be kissing one of you also.”

Kerri fiddled with her hair nervously, awaiting our responses to her admission. No one seemed to want to say anything, so I did the first thing that came into my head – I went over to Kerri, lifted up her chin, and kissed her firmly.

She was motionless at first, but then she began to return my kiss. My hands caressed the nape of her neck and she moved her hands to my back. The kiss was very full of passion, and lasted for longer than I had intended.

When we finally broke away from each other, Kerri looked at me with such emotion in her eyes and whispered, “Thank you.” I stroked her hair gently and went back to my seat.

Raven took it upon herself to teach these girls the art of loving women. “Kerri, Catie, either of you want to learn more about what it is like to be with a woman? Randi, you can join too, if you want to.”

Kerri and Catie heartily agreed, and Randi reluctantly decided to at least observe the goings on. Raven turned to me and began to kiss me lovingly. As she kissed me, her hands moved down and began to unbutton my shirt and remove it. I did the same for her, and soon we were sitting there, both in our bras, kissing as everyone watched.

She removed my bra and began to caress my breasts, massaging them firmly with her hands as her lips caressed mine. She broke the kiss and trailed her way to my breasts with her mouth, lingering a while on the back of my neck where I am quite sensitive.

She then took my sensitive nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it like a little baby. I leaned my head back a bit and began to moan, starting to forget about the anxious onlookers.

One of her hands moved to my other nipple and began to pinch and twist it, as she continued to suck on the first. Her free hand ran its way up and down my back. Suddenly, she bit down on my nipple as she ran her içerenköy escort fingernails down my back.

I gasped in pleasure as she continued her work on my body. Kerri and Catie looked on greedily, and I could tell that they were both anxious to get in on the action, having lost most of their inhibitions. Randi was still looking fairly shocked, though I thought I detected a hint of interest in her eyes.

Raven’s mouth moved to my other nipple as her hand changed breasts. I was very aroused by this point, and wanted her badly. I grabbed her shoulders to push her away from me and took off her bra. Her large breasts fell free of their confines and I eagerly took them into my hands.

I began to massage them with my hands, occasionally tweaking her nipples, earning a moan from her. I bent towards her, needing her in my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipples, and she lay back on the floor so that I was on top of her, straddling her.

I had forgotten about our audience, and suddenly was reminded with a start as Catie came over and began gently kissing the back of my neck. I was shocked, but was not about to stop her as I continued my work on Raven’s lovely chest.

Raven, however, had other ideas, and wanted to include the other girls in our fun. She rolled me off of her, her nipple popping out of my mouth as I fell. She turned to Catie, and slowly pulled Catie’s shirt over her head and off her body. Catie offered no resistance, and immediately took it upon herself to remove her bra.

Raven took one of her breasts in her hand and I went for the other. We began, slowly and gently, to massage Catie’s breasts. She began to breathe heavily, and Raven and I smiled at each other. I took Catie’s now very pointy nipple in my fingers and began to gently tug at it, and Raven followed suit with the other.

Soon Catie was gasping and moaning in pleasure at her first female experience. I looked over at Kerri and saw lust in her eyes, so I told Raven to take over here, and went to her side. I lifted up and off her shirt for her, and reached behind her to unhook her bra as well. It fell to the ground, and I stared at her beautiful, firm little tits.

Before I had a chance to go for them, her hands were on mine. Apparently what she had seen so far had thrown all of her reservations out the door and she was driven on by pure lust. She began to gently knead my breasts. “Harder,” I told her, “I like it a little rough.”

She followed my instructions and was soon making me moan loudly. She rolled my nipples between her fingers like she had watched us doing, almost as if she had done this many times before. “God you are good at this,” I informed her.

She smiled as she bent her head down to take me in her mouth for the first time. Instead of going for gentle, she bit down hard on my nipple, making me stifle a scream of pain/pleasure. “Oh, was that too hard?” she asked me, concern in her eyes.

“God no!” I said, and pushed her head back down to my breast. I saw her smile as her mouth went back to work. She was nibbling and sucking on my nipples like there was no tomorrow.

“She must have a bit of a dominant side,” I thought, as she continued to make me gasp. “I like, I like a lot.”

I glanced over to see that Raven now had Catie working on her breasts as well, and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. I looked at Randi, unable to determine what she thought of all this. She still had made no move to join in, but had also not turned away the entire time.

I loved what Kerri was doing to me, but I wanted more. Reluctantly, I pushed her away from me. She looked at me quizzically, until I reached down and started to unbutton her pants. She sat back to give me better access as I started to remove her jeans.

I pulled her tight pants down her legs and off of her body, gasping at the sight of her amazing legs. They were long, thin, and toned, perfect as legs go. I ran my hands over them, but I still wanted more. I bent down and sniffed the air near her crotch, inhaling her lovely woman-scent.

She was obviously aroused, and I could smell it. I wanted to taste it. I reached my thumbs in the band of her cute little pink panties and pulled them off. Much to my surprise, she was shaved.

She blushed when she saw my surprise. I just smiled at her and proceeded to remove my jeans and panties. “See?” I said, “nothing to blush about,” I told her as I showed her my also shaved pussy.

She seemed to lose all hesitances at that statement and lay back, spreading her legs for me. “Kerri, you have no idea how badly I want you right now”, I told her. I reached my hand down to her crotch and discovered that she was very, very wet. I took my hands up to my mouth and licked her delicious juices off. “Looks like you want me too,” I commented with a wink.

I could not resist her any longer, and I dove at her pussy, taking time to once again inhale her delightful scent. I licked my tongue all the way from her asshole innovia escort to the top of her pussy, just barely touching her clit, and she moaned.

I started licking her moist folds with a fervor, sticking my tongue deep inside her, licking up her juices, sucking and nibbling on her lips, all of which elicited loud moaning and gasping from her.

After I had gotten her quite worked up, I sat up and placed one finger at her very wet entrance. “You want this?” I asked. “You want my finger deep inside of you?”

“Oh yes, yes, please!” she pleaded, and I shoved my finger inside her soft, moist pussy. I could tell from her expression that she was quite into this, as I continued to finger-fuck her.

I proceeded to add a second finger, and her eyes widened as she gasped loudly. I smiled at her as I continued my work on her tight pussy. I bent back down and began to tease her clit with my tongue as my fingers moved in and out of her.

It wasn’t long before I felt her body quivering and tensing underneath me, and I knew an orgasm was approaching. I continued what I was doing as she let out a squeal and her body shook with its release. I did not stop, but rather licked faster on her clit as she continued to come, several times in a row.

When I finally stopped to let her relax, I looked over at Catie and Raven. Raven had taken off the rest of Catie’s clothes as well, and was hungrily lapping up her juices. I did not have to watch long before Catie’s body was also wracked with orgasm.

I wasn’t able to watch long, though, as Kerri had calmed down from her pleasure and was ready to return the favor. She practically shoved me backwards onto the floor, and I smiled and spread my legs for her. Apparently she had really enjoyed what I did to her, and wanted to try it out for herself.

She moved her head down to the level of my cunt, and stuck out her tongue to taste me. She began to lap at me, slowly at first, but as she gained confidence she began to pick up the pace, moving her tongue inside of me and all around my soaking wet folds.

She remembered where my tongue had given her so much pleasure, and moved her tongue up to my clit. I shuddered the second her tongue touched me there. She teased my clit endlessly with her tongue, occasionally taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

Soon I could not hold out any longer, and let the powerful orgasm overcome my body. Kerri wasn’t really sure what to do, so she sat back and watched as my body convulsed, and eventually melted into a little pile in the floor.

“God, Kerri, that was wonderful, are you sure this is your first time?” I asked her.

She blushed, and nodded, and leaned in to kiss me passionately. I could taste my juices on her lips as we kissed, our tongues dancing in the heat of the moment.

I then turned to watch as Catie was going down on Raven. I could tell by the look on Raven’s face that Catie was bringing her near her own orgasm. I reached over and began to tug on her nipple as Catie continued her work. In no time, Raven was over the edge, as several simultaneous orgasms ripped through her body.

All four of us were spent, and we collapsed into a naked pile of bodies, forgetting momentarily that Randi was still watching. A few minutes later, Randi spoke up.

“Um, guys? I um, think that maybe, um, I want to try what y’all were doing?” she said hesitantly. I could tell she was terrified to even say this. I went over to her, and leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

At first she sat there like a rock, but soon she began to return my kiss. Our tongues began to intertwine as the passion rose. She was beginning to loosen up, and so I slowly pulled her shirt up over her head, and she did not resist. I helped her to unhook and release her bra, and she was topless.

I took a moment to admire the beauty that was her chest. Her tits were small, but round and firm, and her nipples stood proudly at attention. I called Catie and Kerri over, and had them begin fondling her breasts as I unhooked her pants and slowly removed them from her body.

She was wearing plain white conservative panties, which didn’t surprise me, as she always wore the same kind back in college. I quickly removed those also. Randi was already moaning at the pleasures she was receiving at the hands of Catie and Kerri, who were teasing her nipples endlessly.

I knelt down and looked at her little blonde bush of hair around her pussy. She certainly did not shave, but neither was the hair unruly. I still decided I would put the idea of shaving into her head eventually.

I took my first lick at my former roommate’s pussy, and was in heaven. I love the taste of woman, I simply cannot get enough, and she was no exception. I licked her from back to front and back again. She was quite aroused by now, despite her hesitancy.

Raven had moved up to kiss Randi on the lips, and soon all 4 of us were at work on her lovely little body. Her legs were twitching as I began to fuck her with my tongue. She was moaning louder than any of the rest of us had been. I knew she was experiencing quite the ecstasy.

I soon went to work on her little hard clit. I could tell from the way her body was reacting that she wasn’t going to last very long. I was soon rewarded by a flood of liquids as her tiny frame shook violently with an orgasm.

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