the best fuck of my life


the best fuck of my lifeI had gone through a dry spell where I hadn’t been fucked in quite some time. I finally had enough and turned to an adult dating website. I was green around the edges when it came to adult personals and flirted with the idea for a few weeks before I began a serious search. Still not knowing what I was getting into, my first encounter was a safe choice. A nice guy with a reasonably sized cock. We chatted online for a couple of weeks and had phone sex once before we decided on a motel meeting. We had dinner first and then proceeded to the hotel room he had for the night. He must have had a dryer spell then I had, he had the room prepped with his and hers massage oil and a brand new large box of regular sized condoms. I should have known then that I wasn’t going to be satisfied and I wasn’t. His cock was half the size of the pictures that I had seen, hardly a mouthful and he could only stay hard long enough to cum once before he fell asleep for the evening. My first internet cock was so disappointing; it’s a surprise that I came back for more. I’m glad I did because the next cock I encountered was the best fuck I have ever had. Within a couple of weeks, I was back looking for the fuck I should have had the first time. I found him and studied his profile and pictures for a few days until he caught me online and very directly said “you’ve looked enough times, you know you want it”. I did, I wanted his big white cock to pound me until I couldn’t take it anymore. Within an hour we had expressed our kinkiest desires and were both naked on cam masturbating and planning our first meeting. As I watched him stroke his almost 9 thick inches, my pussy dripped and my mouth salivated. I had to have his dick in me. More my fantasy than his, we made an agreement that the first time we fucked, it would be in a dimly lit hotel room and there would be no words exchanged, only his thick rock hard cock plunging directly into my wet dripping cunt. No dinner, no doubts, no overthinking or massage oils…just pure unadulterated fucking. The next week we saw each other online again and before I could imagine the reasons not to meet a naked stranger alone in a hotel room, I had booked a room and began packing an overnight bag. The necessities, lingerie, fuck me heels, boots, my two favorite dildos, anal beads, a bottle of silicone lube for a good ass fucking, and a blindfold. I got there first, giving myself time to collect my thoughts and prepare. I checked into the front room leaving a room key in the name he had given me. I wondered if the desk clerk had any idea what we were really going to meet for. Up to the third floor, down the hallway, I slid the key through the lock and stepped into the room. It was warm and my first thought was to turn the air as low as possible and the fan on high. I had requested two beds purposely. One for fucking and one for resting…my juicy pussy was quite the sloppy mess with an average sized cock, but knowing that his thick 9 was going to be pumping me, I had promised that his deep fucking would make me gush. I chose the bed closest to the air conditioner for our fucking – just the sight of it made my cunt contract. I showered off and ran a razor over my legs, my cunt, and my ass. I wanted to be smooth in all the places his mouth would be. After toweling off, I walked around the room and stood in front of the fan for a few moments. I was flushed even standing with the air blowing on my cool skin. He would arrive in 20 minutes. I unzipped my bag and pulled out the outfit that had been burning a hole in my dresser drawer. Sitting down, I shimmied it on, adjusting as it went up past my knees, over my thighs, stretched over my hips and over my breasts, until it attached over my shoulders. It felt amazing against my skin…full body fishnet body stocking with cutouts for each of my tits and a hole that exposed my cunt and ass. Pulling it on, I caught my breath…I felt like a slut and I knew I was shortly going to be fucked like one. The finishing touch, my knee high zip up black heeled boots, were zipped up – I flipped my hair over tousling it and walked to the mirror. My body looked türbanlı escort incredible – my natural tits were slightly larger than usual and looked amazing hanging out of the stocking – my ass was round and plump under the fishnets and I could feel the puddle forming in between my thighs – I was ready for his stranger cock to fuck me all night long. I pulled out my toys and made my way to the bed, checking the phone, he had sent me a message that he had made his one stop and was on his way. He would be there in a matter of minutes. I was starting to breath heavier and I could feel myself getting more flushed. I tuned out all of the lights, leaving only the bathroom light on and the door cracked slightly barely lighting the rom. I set my toys down on the night stand and on the bed and spread myself out on top of the comforter. It felt cool against my skin and the body stocking pressed into my skin. Lying on my back, I dug my heels into the bed, and spread my knees wide, instantly a trail of pussy juice started to roll down toward my asshole. I could feel the air blowing on my clit and held back from rubbing it – instead I propped my head up so that I could see the doorway, and closed my eyes waiting to hear the door crack. My heart was beating as the phone lit up. “I just pulled in, I’ll be right there.” My breath caught in my throat….I closed my eyes again and reached down to feel my wetness. I was drenched and ready for a deep fucking. I brought my fingers up and tasted my cunt juice…I wanted to know what he would be tasting. It was salty and a little bit sweet. One more dip into my pussy juice, I rubbed a fingerful on each of my nipples. They instantly stood up as the cold air hit them. Wet cunt, hard nipples, eager mouth, spread legs…I was craving his cock more than I had ever craved anything. The door clicked, quietly opened and shut, and heard him set down a bag. His one stop to buy a box of magnums and a bottle of lube, I heard him unzip his pants and drop them to the ground. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, but his had not. “Are you here?” he said. “Right here waiting” I replied. I could make out his silhouette in the doorway – very tall and slightly muscular; I heard the familiar rip of the condom wrapper and could see the motion of his muscular arm jerking his big cock before rolling it on. I laid there temptingly playing with my tits and rocking my hips up, focusing on not panting uncontrollably. He mentioned the darkness and slowly made his way over stopping right in front of the end of the bed, staring directly at my open legs, my wet cunt, and my body spread out on the bed for him. He put his hand on my knees and pushed them slightly wider. I could see his cock hanging in between my legs and salivated…it was bigger in person than in any of the pictures I had studied. “Mmmmmmmmm” he let out and before I could respond, he had bent down and buried his head in my cunt. “No baby, don’t eat me, I want your dick now” I responded. He was up as soon as he went down. “I had to taste you. Don’t worry; you’re getting every inch of me. You’re wet and you’re ready for me. Good girl.” His knees were instantly on the bed straddling my hips, his big hands again pressing my knees open, and his big mushroom cock head was at the opening of my cunt. “Ready?” “Yes, I’ve been waiting for your cock for weeks, fuck me”I can still feel it when I close my eyes – his cock head opening me for the first time, instantly my body was electrified, his grip on my legs, I felt his body weight pressing further into me as every inch slid deeper. He was very gentle the first time he penetrated me, taking it slowly asking if I was ok. I barely moaned “yes” through my ecstasy, he was thick and my tight cunt was gripping around him…he could feel it too, moaning about my tightness he kept lowering himself and stopped just as I felt the head reach my cervix. By now, he had placed both of his hands just to the side of my shoulders, his knees digging into the mattress; I had replaced his hands holding my legs open with mine. He pressed harder into me and stayed there motionless, balls deep in my oozing türbanlı escort bayan wet cunt; I wrapped my legs around his ass and squeezed down on his cock. He exhaled sharply and moaned. “You’re so tight” “my cunt was made for your big cock; I can feel it stretching me”. “I’ll give you a minute before I start fucking you. Can you take me all night?” “You know I can. I’ve been waiting for your cock forever” We sealed our agreement with a wet deep tongue kiss and I noticed the taste of my cunt on his lips as I deep throated his tongue while he began to thrust my juicy wet slit. He propped himself up on his hands and began to fuck me, pulling his cock out nearly all the way, we could both hear the suction from my tight hole as he plunged back in, faster than the first entry, I could feel him testing me, assuring that he could thrust his hard prick into me without me crying in pain for him to stop. I winched once or twice when he hit my cervix, but I was spread as wide as my legs would let me and by now, he was up on his knees, my ankles on his shoulders rhythmically ramming his cock in me, his balls slapping my ass, “take it! Take it! That’s a girl, take my big dick” His moans had turned to grunts and the puddle was starting to form underneath my ass. The deeper he thrust, the juicier I got. The room smelled like his sweat and my pussy and we had just begun for the night. Needing to take a break, he wanted his dick sucked and only then with him lying next to me did I realize what a big man he was and it turned me on even more. He ran his hand over my stomach and down my thigh “I like this” he said as he felt the fishnets against my sweaty skin. Sucking my tit into his mouth, he pushed my legs apart and fingered me with two of his big fingers. Feeling his way around my freshly stretched cunt, he sucked my nipple like he was trying to draw milk out of it. I closed my eyes and took it all in. detaching himself from my tit, he told me to suck his cock and I didn’t have to be told twice. Only, as I started to make my way down, he grabbed my ass and pulled it over his face. “No, I want this” pulling my cunt to his lips. I straddled him wider and sunk in. Turning my attention to his cock, I felt my pussy juice all over his inner thighs and balls and then peeled away the condom. It jumped free from the rubber and I rubbed it over my lips and could feel the precum that had been leaking out while he fucked me so deeply. He was devouring my pussy, lips sucking my clit, wet tongue plunging in and out of my hole and his finger tracing my ass. I was determined to suck his cock as deeply as I could. Knowing it wouldn’t be a true deep throat with his full 9, I salivated and spit all over his shaft and head, cupped his balls with one hand, and wrapped the base of his cock with my other hand and started to work him in and out of my mouth, sucking him and running my tongue over his head and cockhole. He began to moan and thrust slightly, fucking my face. It was the biggest dick I had ever sucked and I had to take breaks to rest my jaw. I jerked him and sucked on his balls, proud that I had taken every inch of him on the first thrust and knew that I wanted to feel him in my ass before the night was over. I had taken him back in my mouth and felt him starting to tense when he pulled away from my pussy and told me to stop, he didn’t want to cum yet, he wasn’t finished fucking me. I didn’t argue, pussy fucking has always been my preference and I was craving more of him deep in me. “Stand up” he told me and I did…he was sitting on the edge of the bed and pulled me over to him, taking each breast into his mouth and sucking my full nipple into his mouth while massaging my ass. After gently biting each one, he slapped my ass and told me to get on all fours. As I bent toward the bed, he got up and I realized how big his 6’5 frame was against my 5’5 (5’9 in my boots) frame was. I obeyed and positioned myself on all fours, ass up on the air, and got comfy. I knew he was going to take my pussy hard. Hearing the wrapper again, I knew he was keeping his word to fuck me safe and I appreciated it. escort türbanlı I also realied that he must have reached into the bag for the lube also. My asshole puckered at the thought. I didn’t know if I was ready, but I wasn’t going to tell him no if he wanted to stretch me open from behind. It was exciting to wait for him while lying on my back as he entered the room, but it was a new sensation to not know what was behind me and when he was going to penetrate me. I felt him close to me and spread my legs slightly wider. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass up higher, “bring that pussy here” I felt his hands each grab my asscheeks and he pulled them apart exposing my asshole. Before I could register it, he was licking my asshole and tongue fucking it. I was in heaven…I couldn’t remember the last time I had my ass eaten and it instantly sent a flash of electricity through my body. “Do you like this?” he said as he paused from licking me, “mmmhmmm” was all I could get out. “Good my dirty girl,” he said and then again positioned the head of his cock again at my opening. Before he plunged into me, I heard him spit onto his dick. Sweat, saliva, pussy juice, and soon to be his cum were going to be soaked into this bed. Without a warning and nowhere as gentle as he was the first time, he grabbed my hips and plunged his cock all the way down to his balls deep into my pussy, nearly lifting me off my knees and making me gasp and grab for the sheets. “I know you can take my big cock, so you’re going to have to tell me if you need me to stop. I’m going to fuck you like this until I cum and I want you to squirt all over me. Can you do that? Are you going to be a good girl and let me pound your pussy?” “Yes Daddy” I half moaned half whined over my shoulder as I clung on to the mattress, his balls clapping against my ass, and my tits swinging wildly. He was fucking me like an a****l, grabbing my hair and grunting again with every thrust. At some point, during what seemed like hours of doggy style fucking, his balls were getting caught up in the fuck hole in my body suit. He grabbed each side of it and ripped it open exposing more of my inner thighs and giving him full access to all of me. “Rip it all the way off, I want to feel your skin on mine” I begged him. “Not yet, I’m enjoying your slutty outfit, I just needed more of your cunt”. Nearly an hour and a half after he first plunged his stranger dick into me, he gripped me by my shoulders and growled into my ear that he was going to cum and he was going to cum all over my ass. I begged for his cum, I wanted to feel his hot ropes of semen blast all over me. Half a dozen more deep thrusts into my stretched aching dripping pussy, he told me to open it up. As I spread my legs wider and reached behind and pulled my ass cheeks open, he pulled out of me and ripped off the condom, groaning out the first of his 5 orgasms he would have that night. I felt his hot cum splashing all over my asshole, my round asscheeks, across my back, and drip down my cunt. He staggered towards me and pressed his throbbing cock against my cum covered ass and pussy and held onto my hips for stability. It was everything in me to not beg him to plunge his bare cock into me and fuck me some more. We had agreed on safe fucking and despite the a****l desire we both had for each other, we kept our word. I laid out flat and he collapsed on to my back, cupping my breasts underneath me as he gently rocked his still pulsating cock into me. We both lay there, breathless, drenched in sweat…my orgasm had not yet cum, but it would later in the night and it was explosive. Before we left the next morning, I had drained him of all of his cum and he had fucked pussy, ass, and mouth until I could not take anymore. My ass and pussy were sore for a week and everytime I could feel the sensation of pain, I got wet knowing why it hurt. The fucking bed was drenched and the floor was littered with used condoms and gold wrappers. We would become regular fuck buddies for a year, meeting in hotels rooms under dim light every time. Eventually I began to take him bareback in my ass and pussy. His raw cock was even more amazing without a condom and his big cock melted into me every time he fucked me. We both have come to realize that we were each other’s best fuck and I still think about him when I masturbate. I still think about fucking him and if I ever do, I will record it so I can watch his cock fill me up over and over again.

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