The Best Gift Ever


The Best Gift EverMy birthday was yesterday (10/28). It was a good day! Lunch with the family and then dinner and a movie with my wife. Dinner was okay … food was decent, but over priced. Johnny English Strikes Again was very funny. But the best part of the day came later that night.When we got home from the movie, my wife went into our bathroom to take a bath. I logged into xHamster to see what was going on and to look at a few photos. After 20 minutes or so, I logged off and entered the bedroom. What I found was the best present of the day.My wife had finished her bath and was laying on our king sized bed completely naked. She is a wonder to behold and I just stopped and gazed. The smile on her face was partial because her fingers were furiously fingering her wet pussy and partial because she knew I wanted her. Her left hand was rubbing and twisting her left nipple. Both tits seemed to be aroused because they were hard and pointy. Her right hand was between her legs. Her thumb and middle finger were pulling her snatch open while her pointer finger was rubbing up and down her clit and entering her pussy. I was mesmerized. “Why don’t you join me, my birthday stud,” she said in a deep, passionate whisper. I didn’t need to be told twice. I pulled off my clothes, only stopping to pull my rock hard cock out of my underwear – it was so hard that it got all hung up. I jumped between illegal bahis her legs as she moaned, “Eat me!”I love my wife’s pussy. She doesn’t shave it, only trims certain areas, but leaves most of the bush on top. I think it makes her look mature and sexy. But tonight, she had just shaved off the hair around her opening and I found it smooth and delicious. I LOVE EATING PUSSY. It is my favorite thing to do and I think I’m pretty good at it. At least no one who has experienced it has ever said to stop.My tongue started at the top of her clit and I slowly worked it into her pussy. She was wet and I loved the taste and smell of her sex. Her fingers opened herself up for me and I devoured what I found. I worked my tongue up and then down, wiggling it and flicking it over all parts, but focusing on her ever expanding clit. In a few short minutes I was able to suck most of that clit into my mouth and it was then that my wife began to moan even louder. “Don’t stop,” was all she said. By this time, her hand had moved away and I noticed both were now twisting her nipples. So I took the cue and inserted two fingers from my left hand. That put her over the top. As she organised, I sucked her click and fingered her pussy; only stopping once she the moaning and thrashing had ceased.“Oh my God,” she said, “You are amazing. I love you so much.” Then her grin turned devilish and illegal bahis siteleri she continued, “Now it’s my turn to give some pleasure.” Her left leg hooked my body and she twisted me over onto my back. I let her take control and rolled over easily. Laying on my back, she was able to see what all the sucking had done to my cock. “This is huge!” I only smiled as she took hold of it with her left hand and gently took my shaft into her mouth. My wife doesn’t always suck my dick, but when she does, it is perfect. She knows me so well and is aware of the places she can suck that drive me crazy. Tonight, she was on top form.She began by placing the entire cock into her mouth. Her deep throat wasn’t expected and I took a deep breath as the sensation hit me. As she pulled off, her tongue flick up and down the front of my dick. It never came out of her mouth as she nibbled on my head and then went down deep again. This time she almost choked, but pulled off and sucked the head like a lollipop. I didn’t think I could get any harder, my cock was throbbing with delight.For the next few minutes, I experienced the best head of my life. When her mouth was covering my dick, her tongue was pleasuring my shift. As she pulled off, her hand took over, masturbating my massive meat. She was an absolute professional and it didn’t take too long for my balls to start to feel the canlı bahis siteleri urge to cum.I pulled her up to me, looked into her eyes and said, “Let’s make love.” She smiled and kissed me deeply. Her body slide up against mine and her wet pussy found my throbbing member. She sunk down and the tightness was incredible. We got into a rhythm, moving up and down. Her massive tits hung in front of my hungry eyes. I grabbed hold of one, sucking it into my mouth and then moved to the other one. Her breathing began to increase again.But I wasn’t done. It was my birthday, I wanted control. So I pushed her right and we swapped positions. “I want you from behind,” I said and she quickly turned to show me her ass. And it was a lovely ass. I bent down and placed my tongue in her wet, hot snatch one more time before straightening up and entering her again. My thrusts were moving faster now and I could feel her fingers again my dick as she rubbing away at her pussy. It was amazing and I knew that the end was in sight. My balls began to build with pressure as I pumped harder. “Don’t you stop,” she moaned and I keep fucking her with all my might. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I exploded. It felt like a gallon of spunk was released as I continued to push and pull against her tight snatch. I kept it up as long as I could before collapsing. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but love. “Did you have another?” I asked. “This isn’t about me, it’s your birthday; but yes, two in one night! Wow!!” She rolled over next to me and we spent the next few minutes holding each other and making out. “Thank you for the best gift ever.”

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