The Best Kind of Magic

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Samantha cut into yet another pumpkin as Bette Midler started singing “I’ve Put A Spell On You”.

At 28 she was probably too old for either Halloween or children’s movies but that didn’t stop her joyfully shaking her shoulders as the witches from “Hocus Pocus” sang full pelt. She shimmied around her kitchen as she deftly carved the Jack O’ Lantern, scooping out the seeds to be used later and created yet another crooked grin.

So far she had made four and she planned on another three, seven was her lucky number, all destined to cast a ghostly glow from her store front. Seven glowing lanterns, each one unique, each one burning brightly to guide visitors towards her shop. Seven visitors to be precise, each one as unique as the pumpkins on her counter.

Sam grinned as she stepped back to survey her handiwork, three Jack O’ Lanterns adorned each window sill and the seventh held pride of place next to her cash register. She’d stuck decals of bats and cats on the glass and hung white glass baubles from the ceiling as a precursor of the full moon predicted for that night.

Hain’s Bakery might not be the largest store in town but in the 7 years since she’d opened, she had made sure that Halloween was treated with the reverence it deserved. It had become a tradition that she stayed open until midnight and so far had had a steady stream of people through her doors, cooing and awing over the cases filled with treats.

More than one customer had asked how on earth she managed to bake so many different delights and as always she just shrugged and said she didn’t need much sleep. They always smiled and thanked her before leaving, arms loaded with boxes of cakes and cookies.

It wasn’t a lie, Sam didn’t sleep much. She preferred the quiet and tranquility of night time and felt more at peace in the midnight hour than at any other time of day. If the locals wanted to believe this was the result of too much caffeine Sam wasn’t about to tell them otherwise.

Samantha was a witch, a black cat owning, broomstick possessing spell casting witch. Okay, so the black cat was just a tattoo on her hip and the broomstick was used purely for sweeping but the spell casting was a daily occurrence. People always wondered how she could keep her bakery fully stocked alone but it wasn’t something she could freely explain.

Her kitchen was as normal as the next but her methods…. She baked with eggs, flour and sugar and not eye of newt and decorated everything by hand. But a few spells meant she could mix up gallons of cake batter in seconds and her ovens were enchanted to never, ever let anything burn.

At seven years old, her parents had divorced and she and her sister moved with her mother to a small town in Connecticut to live with her Grandmother and Aunt. The similarities to the movie “Practical Magic” may have been lost on her then, not so much now.

At 14, Sam’s life tilted on its axis when she saw Callum Hall on her first day in 8th Grade and fell head over heels in love. His dark hair fell over his forehead in a way that made her tummy feel funny and her head as dizzy as when she had too much sugar.

A month later she told her family, convinced she had the symptoms of true love. Her Mother had looked stricken and her Aunt whisked her younger sister from the room.

“It is time Martha, the girl needs to know who she really is.”

So at 14 Samantha learned she was a witch. Her tummy flutters were indeed a symptom of her infatuation with the beautiful Callum, but it was also a sign that she was becoming a woman and therefore the Seventh Generation of witches in her lineage.

As her Mother sobbed over the kitchen table, her Grandmother told her about the power and privilege of Witchcraft, how Sam would have to learn not only the spells and incantations passed down through each generation but also the history of witches in general.

She learnt that there was still prejudice and scepticism, that to stay safe she must never reveal her true identity outside of the family. She memorised recipes and enchantments until she woke herself up in the night reciting them. She watched fascinated as her Aunt Glory made items levitate and change their appearance with nothing more than a glance. Her Grandmother had the ability to heal and was well respected in town for her “holistic” remedies.

After much begging, her Mother admitted that she could see the future but only for others, never herself. Sadly she told Sam that her gift was a curse and had driven her Father away.

“Never give your heart away Samantha, because no spell on earth will ever bring it back to you.”

At 21, Samantha decided to open a Bakery. Her magic was sporadic but she had learnt enough to make everything she created taste like perfection.

She enjoyed the methods of baking and wanted to be like her Grandmother, able to meld her job and her true self into one. Sam knew that she would never possess a gift like the other women in her family, her magic wasn’t strong güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri enough.

Her younger sister Hailey was able to reverse time, if only for a moment or two, a trait Sam had utilised frequently before she learnt to enchant her ovens. Sam also heeded her Mother’s warning and refused to give her heart away. Mostly because Callum already had it.

For the Grand Opening of Hain’s Bakery, they held a huge party and the five women pooled their magic to entice the whole town. It wasn’t necessary as the aroma of baked goods would have sufficed but Sam was grateful nonetheless. When the door chimes signalled yet another new arrival, Sam looked up and her melt stopped.

Callum Hall, finer and more attractive than ever. He was with his parents and as they perused the cases, Callum had made his way over to here to congratulate her.

“Way to go Sammie! Nice little set up you have here.”

Sam had blushed, only Callum called her Sammie. She’d mumbled her thanks and asked him if he’d like a tour and as he followed her into her kitchen area she could have sworn her skin was burning. They’d made polite chit chat about ovens and school and all the while Sam kept thinking how much she wanted to kiss him.

The noon sun burned brightly through the window and seemed to blind her. She stumbled and found herself in his arms. She stammered and apology but Cal had just grinned at her, his chocolate brown eyes flecked with caramel grew wider as he pulled her closer. For a second they just stood there, the next they were kissing each other with wild abandon.

Cal’s hands burned through her clothing as he pulled her hips flush to his own and Sam’s hands messed up his already wavy hair as she changed the angle of the kiss. Each flick of his tongue made her clit pulse and she ground herself desperately against his growing erection. Time seemed to stop and all Sam knew was his hands on her body and his taste on her lips. As quickly as it began, Cal pulled back, dazed and undeniably aroused.

With precision timing Hailey appeared and told Sam she was needed out front and Sam attempted to compose herself. Remembering her manners she offered Cal free reign over the contents of her display cases and he just grinned, a slow sexy crooked smile and dropped the merest whisper of a kiss on her lips,

“Thanks Sammie, but I’ve just tasted the sweetest treat imaginable.”

She almost swooned as he left, and as she followed to greet her new arrivals she watched as the love of her life walked out of the bakery, the bright summer sun dimming slightly as he went.

She never saw him again after that day. He’d left soon after to study abroad and according to the town grapevine had decided to settle in London. She still heard snippets from time to time but after a few years his parents moved away and people stopped talking about the Halls. Sam thought about him frequently, and begged her Mother to use her gift to see if they ever met up again but her Mother always refused.

“You may find out something you don’t want to hear Samantha. That man is only going to break your heart.”

In desperation Sam turned to her spell books, seeking anything that would bring him back to her. Turns out, witchcraft can only do so much. She found spells to make people fall in love, spells to sate arousal, hell she even found a spell to give a man a permanent erection although she thought that was more punishment than pleasure. But nothing in all of her reading showed her a way to call back her one true love.

Desolate Sam threw herself into work and soon Halloween was upon her. Heartbroken she baked an array of Halloween goodies and slid each tray into the display cases with the wish that the people who ate them had better luck in love than she did.

The following nine months saw the town’s population boom as engagements were announced and weddings planned. Sam seemed to be making wedding cakes on a weekly basis.

As summer rolled on, at least 15 babies were born, their conception dates all on or near to Halloween. Even the local paper commented on it, making a big feature story about the fact that the townsfolk had very clearly been “treating” each other very nicely last Halloween.

Six years later and the town was still growing. Like clockwork, just after Halloween people were hooking up all over the place and they recently had to open a new pre-school to accommodate all of the Halloween babies. Sam liked to jokingly think she was responsible, that her Halloween tradition of wishing love to her clientele was the reason for this baby boom but she knew she wasn’t strong enough.

It didn’t stop her though and as she filled the last case with pumpkin éclairs and mini caramel apple cupcakes she said her incantation again. If seven really was her lucky number, it would criminal to stop now. Every seven years something monumental seemed to happen, so this year was extra special. She gazed out of the windows at the people already güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri beginning to fill the town and lit each of the Jack O’ Lanterns in the window.

As she lit the final larger pumpkin on the counter, Sam closed her eyes and thought back on Cal’s kiss all those years ago, how no man since had even come close to making her feel so vital.

“Cal, wherever you are, I hope you have your heart’s truest desire.”

Business was nuts, Hailey was manning the till and Aaron was steadily boxing up goodies as quickly as she could fill the cases. She smiled at him and he pulled a fake grimace before rolling his eyes at the crammed bakery. It had taken a lot for Sam to hire him, but at 18 he was a hard worker and had easily accepted her commandment to never enter her kitchen as being a quirk.

Together they spent most of the day running around until the customers started to dwindle and she sent them both home at 5. Aaron practically sprinted from the building but Hailey dawdled, offering to clean up. Sam declined, telling her to go out and have fun and as they hugged Sam felt Hailey’s concern.

If anyone knew how much hurt Sam felt it was Hailey, not only could she pause time but she was an Empath of the highest order. Sam had never needed to tell Hailey about Cal, she just knew. Sam was glad her talents didn’t extend to mindreading because she wasn’t sure Hailey would approve of her plans for tonight, both girls had been taught that magic wasn’t to be used lightly.

Sam wasn’t worried, it probably wouldn’t work anyway and no-one would ever know. Hailey wished her a Happy All Hallows and Sam locked the door behind her, murmuring her newest spell as she did. A click of her fingers and the store’s lights dimmed, the glow from the Jack O’ Lanterns casting an orange aura in the room.

Dashing to the restroom Sam hastily changed out of her work clothes in a floor length black dress and untied her flame red hair from its tight braid. No need for make up as her eyes were already bright with anticipation and her cheeks rosy from the heat. Heading back to the shop she stood before Cal’s lantern, spoke aloud her spell and waited.

Within minutes the door sprang open and her friend Sarah came in, followed by her two hyper-but-fighting-it children. Sam settled the kids at a table with milk and sugar free cookies and handed Sarah a cup of hot spiced cider.

“I’m serious Sam. Never have more than one kid! One is bad enough, but two!”

“Fun day trick or treating?”

“Haha Sam. You have no idea! I spend 364 days of the year telling them not to accept candy from strangers and then on Halloween it all goes out the window! Little critters will awake for days now.”

“Don’t sugarcoat it on my account Sarah, why don’t you tell me what you really think!”

Sam went to grab a plate of cookies from the counter and Sarah took a deep swallow of her drink, “What I really think is that I need sex.” Sam turned abruptly and stared at her friend, surely she had heard her wrong.

“Bill and I just don’t have sex anymore and I miss it so much. He has this beautiful thick cock that just stretches me in all the best places and I don’t even get to see it anymore.”

Sam glanced towards the kids but they seemed oblivious to their mother’s words. Sam blinked, sure the cider was actually a truth serum of sorts but it was only meant to give the drinker the courage to voice their heart’s desire. She certainly hadn’t expected this level of honesty.

“Before the children Bill couldn’t get enough of me you know. We fucked on every surface in every room of our house. And my parent’s house. Even his parent’s house if you can imagine it. His folks only have sex once and that resulted in Bill! He had the most amazing stamina, just kept fucking me and fucking me and fucking me…”

Sam sat down as Sarah’s eyes took on a faraway glaze.

“What I really want is that part of my life back again. Sure having kids is work and he is super busy at the hospital but in bed, all we do is sleep. He kisses my cheek when he leaves every day and that’s it. I miss the days where he’d kiss me until I was dripping for him and he’d slam his big cock home. I always came immediately but he’d just keep on fucking me, changing the angles and finding my sweet spots like a guided missile. I used to call him my Bronco Billy because no matter how hard I came he never left me, just kept thrusting into me like he’d die if he didn’t.”

Sam tried to imagine Dr William Oates as a man of such passion and shivered, there was something about a man in a white lab coat. She smiled at her friend and went to her counter, opening a bakery box as she went.

Sarah was still lost in her memories and the kids still zoned out so no-one heard Sam’s whispers as she filled the box with tiny whiskey and orange filled profiteroles. Returning to the table she set the box down and clicked her fingers in front of Sarah’s face. Instantly Sarah’s eyes focused güvenilir bahis şirketleri and she gave Sam a sad smile,

“Truly Sam, don’t have more than one kid, or at least take them trick or treating separately. I’m half deaf from the squealing and my feet hurt. Thank heavens it’s done for another year!”

“Don’t knock it Sarah, it’s all great business for me.”

Sarah laughed and stood up, “Time to get these little devils home and try to get them to bed I guess.”

Her sigh was heavy and Sam couldn’t stop herself from hugging her. As soon as she touched Sarah, Sam felt a blast of heat and a flash of light filled her vision. Clearing almost immediately Sam saw Sarah and Bill in their hallway, Sarah bent over the back of the couch as Bill fucked her like a man possessed. Shocked Sam released her and the vision dissipated like smoke.

Speechless she handed the box to Sarah who opened it in delight, popping one into her mouth and moaning in pleasure as the tiny choux pastry bun melted on her tongue.

Sam smiled like a doting parent at her obvious pleasure and turned to the children, helping them into their coats and casting a mild sleep spell as she went. Remembering her vision, she cast a stronger sleep spell and watched as Sarah herded them out the door,

“Thanks again Sam. For the cider and the cookies and these gorgeous little treats. You really are an awesome friend.”

Sam poked her tongue out and Sarah giggled, wrapping Sam up in a warm hug of thanks. As before, the heat spread immediately and Sam blinked as the light blasted her eyes, focusing in on Sarah and Bill laying naked in their hallway, obviously sated and grinning like idiots.

She saw Bill reach for one of the profiteroles and squeeze the filling onto one of Sarah’s breasts before leaning down to lick the sweet cream from her skin. She almost felt Sarah’s pleasure as Bill sucked a nipple between his lips and picked up another treat which he slowly painted down her stomach towards her pussy.

Sam blinked again, hoping to stop the image before she saw way too much but Sarah still hugged her so she watched as Bill gently pushed the pastry inside of her before removing it and popping it into his mouth. Sarah sat up to kiss him and took another treat from the box before squeezing the filling onto her palm. Sam gulped as Sarah coated his extremely big hard cock with her trademark whiskey and honey cream and bent to lick it off.

Just as Sarah’s lips parted to taste him she released her and Sam’s vision snapped back as Sarah walked through the door and out into the early evening air.

“Thanks again Sam, and Happy Halloween!”

“You too Sarah, and try to save some of those for Bill.”

“I’ll try Sam, he does enjoy your pastries and I’d bet he’ll love these orange cream ones.”

Sam laughed and waved her friend goodbye, she was fairly certain Bill would love them almost as much as he’d love the flavour of his wife’s cream. Giggling she recast the entry spell and stared at the retreating figures. Just what the holy Halloween hell had just happened?

One minute Sarah was talking about her lack of sex life, the next Sam had a vision of Dr Bronco Billy fucking her into oblivion! Not that she was complaining, it proved that the ancient spell she’d found actually worked, and despite herself Sam was more than a little turned on. Shaking her head she almost missed the tiny flicker as one of her Jack O’ Lanterns flickered out.

Shakily she sat down, this was suddenly getting real. The spell had been slightly sketchy, simply entitled “Heart’s Desire” and Sam had naturally assumed it was a love spell. Nowhere had it mentioned the visions, the flashes of white light or the intense heat she’d felt.

Her plan had been to bestow six spells on her friends to help them find true happiness and to save the final one for Cal. She’d planned it all out, close the bakery, enchant the store front and door so it only appeared open to the spell recipient and then coax out their dreams with her apple potion. Then, if it was within her repertoire, she would enchant her selected treat and when they ate it, their wish would come true. The lanterns were just tradition but she’d made seven almost as an inside joke.

When Sarah had left and the first one went out Sam suddenly felt scared. What if she was messing about with something bigger than she could handle? She suddenly thought of Bill and his monster cock and snorted with laughter, lucky Sarah, what Sam wouldn’t give for one night with a man equipped like that.

Thinking of sex invariably made her think of Cal which was ironic considering they’d never done more than kiss. Then she remembered how she’d felt in his arms, the heat from his hands branding her and the bright white light blinding her to everything but him.

Relieved, she decided that her experiences so far tonight were not actually bad juju and more likely hormones. Calmer, she checked the clock. Almost 6pm. She whispered her incantation and waited.

Fifteen minutes later and the door opened and David Harris, Librarian Extraordinaire practically fell inside. Bless him, David was your stereotypical book nerd, side part, wire rimmed glasses and a never ending supply of starched white shirts, ties and colour co-ordinated sweater vests.

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