The Bet 05: What’s One More


“Just finished,” John replied, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

“Was it your pussy cat or did you seek out another conquest,” Drew mocked. The water shut off and both men turned to look down the hall. John looked to see if his prayers had been answered and Sarah put on a towel. Drew on the other hand, was hoping to catch sight of whoever it was.

Stepping out of the steam filled bathroom, Sarah’s bare backside was on display once again. John let out a held breath as her hair hid her from them. Drew smiled in appreciation as he slapped his cousin on the back. Sarah turned into her brother’s room and another weight was lifted from his chest.

“Damn, John. She does look fine as hell.” Ever since they were teens, the pair had always been attracted to the same curvy women. The fact that they both were ogling his sister made him shake his head. “Think I’ve got a shot after you?”

“If you stick around long enough.”

“I could really use it sooner rather than later, man. The meathead showed up before I could finish.” John felt for his cousin. Leaving a guy blue after promising a good time was a low blow. It didn’t matter what the reason is. Rubbing the back of his neck, he glanced back down the hall.

“Give me a couple minutes?” Drew was beaming as he patted his cousin’s shoulder.

“You’re a good man. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

He knew he had said he was the only one who could approve of who she slept with earlier, but this was different. John had spent the whole morning proving she was only his. In the blink of an eye, Drew showed up asking for a piece of the action. Too desperate to care who she was. Jealousy waged war with sympathy of what his cousin was asking. Even after everything he had put her through, Sarah was still his little sister. He still cared about her.

Stepping through the doorway, he gazed at his sister. She was face down on the bed. Her arms wrapped tightly around the pillow under her head. Given the steady rise and fall of her body she was asleep. His hand covered the grin on his face. He really had done a number on her. Looking over his shoulder to the hall, he considered his options.

Drew could have his turn while she slept. What if she woke and panicked? What if Drew realizes who she is and freaks out? Then again, Drew didn’t seem to care or ask questions. It would be as if it was his own fault. And Sarah… Well Sarah would enjoy every minute knowing her. After would be the only time she would truly panic.

Fixing her wet hair to hide her face, John kissed her bare shoulder. A pleasant, faint moan mixed with her exhale. John backed into the hall and nodded for his cousin. Drew stood beside his cousin and all but drooled at the woman. The curve of her ass meeting the smooth, slender waist. Drew winked at John before he vanished. Drew eased the door closed, but didn’t shut it completely as he set his things on the ground near the door.

The back of his hand glided over the firm ass cheek as he crossed to the foot of the bed. He debated with himself on where to start. It would be rude of him to just dive right in. His hand traveled down her ass to her thigh then wiggled between her legs. The beauty sighed as she shifted and her legs parted. Even from where he stood, he could see she was having the sweetest of dreams.

Her puffy lips were starting to shimmer and the smell drifting from her core made Drew’s mouth water. Deciding his better half could wait another few minutes, Drew crouched at the foot of the bed. Inching closer to the treasure before him, he gently pushed her legs further apart. His tongue trailed up her lips then back down. A soft moan and squirm encouraged him to do it again. After a few more strokes of his tongue, he had to taste her.

His thumbs parted her lips as he leaned in even farther. He probed her hot core and he groaned. She tasted even better than she looked. She squirmed again and mumbled something. The walls of her delectable cunt tightened the slightest bit and Drew pulled back.

Standing back up, he gently lifted her to her knees. A hand shooed him away weakly before falling back to the mattress. Lining up his cock with her slick hole, Drew pushed forward. Wanting her awake for the fucking, he gently rocked his hips back and forth. His hard dick sliding effortlessly into the beautiful woman. A long throaty moan escaped the woman.

“Damn it, Johnny. All I wanted was five minutes,” she cursed as she wiggled against him. This wasn’t the first time he and his cousin switched places on a partner. It was something each of them found entertaining. Usually, the woman was too lost in the moment and ended up with a cock in each end. The thoughts of watching the one below him being stuffed caused his hips to move faster. “Right there. Yes.”

The sleepy voice was familiar, but one girl sounded like another when they start begging. He took hold of her hips and brought her back to meet his thrust. She wiggled into a better position and her pussy tightened istanbul escort around him. He bit back the curse as he marveled at the warmth her cunt was wrapping him in.

She was so wet. Until she shifted, he was nearly popping free with each backstroke. He glanced down at the curtain hiding her face and failing to muffle her sweet moans. Her head bowed forward and the hair left her back and revealed her swinging tits. Leaning over her back, his hands grabbed onto the flesh and he guided her to rest against his chest.

“Johnny,” she moaned. He mindlessly fondled her breasts as he thrusted upward into her. “No more videos for you.”

Videos? Now she had as full attention. His dick throbbed as the words swirled in his head. How did his cousin get so lucky? This chick was tighter than most he had been with. She was hotter than them too, and all he’s seen was her ass. Reluctantly, he released one of her tits and brushed the hair away from one of her shoulders. He nipped at the soft skin then found the crook of her neck. Nipping a bit harder, he earned a yelp and squirm as she grinded against him.

“Christ, you’re gorgeous,” he groaned as he felt the buildup. He felt her shuddered and felt the sharp intake of breath.


“Close,” he grunted. The hand that revealed her shoulder dropped to her clit. He began to rub the button and listened as she moaned. “We’re going to cum together. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she begged between pants as she grinded harder against him. The chuckle rattled through his chest. She was a needy thing. His dick pulsed and everything pent up from the morning was fired deep with the woman’s spasming cunt. Even as she shouted her other lover’s name, Drew found it sexy.

Drew released her, and Sarah fell back to the bed. She was panting as she worked to recover quickly. If it wasn’t her brother then who was it? How had he gotten into the house? Footsteps approached the side of the bed. A sharp smack to her ass was all she got before the steps retreated. She watched the man bend over for his boxers, his back to her as he pulled on the shorts and left the room.

John peered over the couch as Drew strutted into the living room. His cousin looked relaxed. That means two things. He had no idea who he just did the deed with and he got his much-needed release. The moans from the down the hall gnawed at John’s nerves. He never had a problem before when he and his cousin shared, but this felt different.

“You good?”

“Damn good,” Drew beamed as he fell into the recliner. “I think she likes you, man. She kept calling out your name.”

“She had no idea?” John’s gaze jumped to his cousin.

“Not until it was too late.” Drew chuckled. There was a storm of heavy footfalls and John’s blood ran cold. “You’ve got to give me her number.”

“What the fuck,” Sarah’s voice cut through their discussion as she neared the living room. Drew sat up, a shit eating grin on his face. John scoffed at his cousin as he looked at the entrance to the living room. With words poised on the tip of her tongue, an angry Sarah stood naked in front of the pair. Her eyes widened as she looked at her cousin. John glanced at Drew to find him staring back at her, equally surprised. Drew pointed at Sarah as he looked at John.

“You let me fuck your sister?”

“You let him fuck me,” she shouted with more anger. John sighed and sat back on the couch his hand rubbing his eyes.

“I’m not blame here.”

“The hell you aren’t,” Sarah spat. “What makes you think it’s okay for random people to screw me?”

“I have to agree with her on this one,” Drew nodded. John could see his cousin taking in every inch of Sarah as she stood there with her hands on her bare hips. John got to his feet and stepped in front of his sister, blocking Drew’s wandering eyes.

“What did I say earlier,” he bit out in a low voice. This was his only exit strategy. “I say who, because why?”

“I’m not your property, Johnny.” Her arms were now tightly crossed over her chest in defiance.

“Hey, Drew,” John glanced over his shoulder. “Next to your chair, I need that.”

“No,” Sarah protested. John grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the couch. Drew raised a brow as he held up the pink vibrator. John nodded to the shorts as he took the vibrator and Drew reached down and felt around the pockets. Finding the matching remote, Drew smirked.

“Let’s go, Sarah,” John patted her legs asking nicely for her to part them.

“He’s our cousin, Johnny. This is crossing so many lines.”

“The lines stopped existing when we hooked up on Halloween. Now, spread your damn legs.” Her eyes darted to Drew, praying he would agree with her again. Instead, she found him lounged in the recliner and fiddling with the pink remote. Growing impatient, John sat on the couch and pulled her onto her lap. Her back was pressed against his chest and his hands pried her legs apart. Drew leaned forward and smiled at his cum drying on her legs.

Forcing cebeci escort the vibrator in place, John let her go. She stumbled to her feet and glared at the men in turn. She had so much she wanted to say, but she was too humiliated. Stomping from the room she went to her room. With a slam of the door she fell onto the bed.

John looked at Drew. The evil glint in his cousin’s eyes made him shake his head. Drew held the remote up and pressed the button. A string of curses made it through the door and both men chuckled. Drew let it go for a few minutes then shut it off.

“So, your pussy cat is actually your sister. Who knew,” Drew lounged back in the recliner.

“You aren’t freaking out.”

“She was a great lay, man. Given how tired she was earlier, I’d guess it wasn’t just that one time?”

“She thought she could trick me into being her monkey.” Drew laughed as he hunched over. “I got her back and now she has to spend all of today doing what I want.”

“You choose to screw your sister all day?”

“It wasn’t the plan. I was just going to torture her with her own toys. Then I found some home videos on her phone.”

“Videos,” Drew grinned. “She mentioned something about you not being allowed to watch any more. Apparently, she was having some flashbacks or something. Got anymore?”

John turned on the T.V. and the menu from the flash drive reappeared. Drew’s eyebrows raised as his eyes widened. Glancing at his cousin, he received a confirming nod. Drew nodded as he looked back at the screen. John tossed him the remote and relaxed into the couch.

“Which ones have you watched?”

“Just that one,” John pointed to the top corner. Drew used the remote to navigate to other videos and they watched the highlights of a few before he clicked on one. Like John had done, Drew skipped over the few seconds of the phone being propped and clothes being removed.

“Jackpot,” Drew mused as he watched Sarah and another girl lock lips. John grinned as he watched Lily pulling Sarah closer than should be humanly possible to her slim figure.

“Where’s Todd,” Sarah breathed out the question as she pushed Lily backwards to her bed. Lily’s hand reached out for Sarah and kissed her way up her stomach.

“Practice,” Lily answered before taking her friend’s nipple into her mouth. Sarah’s hand cupped the back of the blonde’s head. A moan slipped out as her head tilted back. Sarah stepped back and Lily pouted.

“I need your tongue somewhere else first,” Sarah waggled her eyebrows. Trading places, Sarah shimmied up the bed and spread her legs. With no hesitation, Lily wiggled into place. Slurping and panting filled the room as Lily began her work. Sarah’s leg blocked the action, but her pleased moans confirmed Lily’s tongue was exploring parts of her friend none should explore. Sarah’s hand found the blonde again and pushed her closer. Her hips grinded against Lily’s face as her toes curled. Freeing their cocks, the men began to stroke their pieces of meat.

“Yes. Yes. Oh, Lily. Eat my fucking pussy. Oh god,” Sarah moaned as her body shuddered. Lily’s head moved up a little and the hand visible to the viewers was out of sight. “Right there. Yes. Another.”

Sarah’s moans grew in volume as she begged for one more. Both men knew what she was asking for. Three of Lily’s delicate fingers were currently driving their family member toward bliss. Another shuddered and Sarah’s body rocked against her friend’s face. Lily lifted her head and there a shine now visible on her nose, lips and chin. Her arm was still moving as she kept her friend in the cloud of lust she reached.

Lily crawled up the bed to lay on Sarah. Her knee carefully brushing over her friend’s sensitive cunt. Sarah pulled Lily into a sloppy, deep kiss. Drew had an idea of what was coming as the girl’s rolled and Sarah leaned above Lily. She pulled open the middle drawer of the night stand and retrieved the strap on Sarah had mentioned earlier.

John extended his hand to Drew and was handed the pink remote. He pressed the low setting and heard a faint moan from down the hall. Sarah slipped off the bed and pulled on the toy. Pulling Lily to the edge of the bed, Sarah teased the tip of the fake dick up and down the slit before her. Lily squirmed at the touch and pleaded with Sarah.

“What would your boyfriend think?”

“He’d be jealous,” Lily cooed as the head of the cock penetrated her.

“Does he ever wonder about you tasting like pussy?” She inched a little further and stopped.

“Yes,” Lily whimpered.

“Does he know it’s mine?” Another inch.

“No.” Another inch. Lily moaned and the door slowly opened. Sarah grinned at the guest. Lily was so focused on the teasing pressure between her legs, she hadn’t noticed Todd entering. He stripped down and began to stroke his own stiff rod.

“I think he does,” Sarah teased as she added a few more. Lily’s head shook back and forth as she moaned.

“He does now,” Todd’s deep voice ankara escort made Lily’s head snap in his direction.

“Todd,” she gasped and Sarah thrust into her friend. Another gasp from Lily as the base of the fake cock hit her clit. Her back arched and her mouth opened. Todd stepped forward and cut off whatever sound she was about to make. Grabbing the back of her head, Todd began to use her for his own pleasure. Sarah matched his pace and thrust forward when he pulled back. Muffled moans made their way around Todd’s cock making him groan. Drew took the remote from John and pressed the next level. His hand was moving faster as was John’s.

“This is what you call studying,” Todd groaned as he bucked his hips faster. “All this time, you’ve been eating pussy and having your cunt filled by someone else.”

“She’s a little slut,” Sarah added, picking up her own tempo. There was no rhythm now. They were in it to finish off the job. Sarah owed Lily an orgasm, and Todd was owed a proper apology. Lily’s body shook as she came hard around the plastic toy. Sarah freed herself and scrambled to her knees to lick Lily clean. Todd cursed as he watched his former fuck buddy’s head between his girlfriend’s legs. Another rough thrust forward and Lily began to swallow his load.

Once set free, Lily lay there in the middle of her bed spent. Her perky breasts rose and fell rapidly. Cum that hadn’t found its way down her throat coated her lips. Sarah stepped out of the strap on and brushed past Todd to put it away. His hand snaked between her legs and played with her pussy.

“Were you taken care of yet,” he grinned down at her.

“Your girlfriend’s amazing tongue took care of that,” she winked. Bending over her friend, Sarah licked the cum from her lips before kissing her. She turned back to Todd and gave him a kiss as well. Their tongues danced for a second. Sarah’s tits were the last thing before the image went black.

The menu returned and both men stared blankly at the screen. After a minute they shared a look and Drew pressed a button on the remote. A curse strangled by a moan filled the hall. John was the first to stand and lose his boxers. No use in keeping them on when his stiff dick was standing at full attention. Following his cousin’s lead, Drew left his boxers in the living room and the pair headed for Sarah’s room.

Pushing open the door, the pair watched as Sarah moaned and writhed in the middle of her bed. Her fists clenched the blanket as she clung to her sanity. John crossed his arms, admiring his handy work. Drew pressed the last button on the remote and listened to the curse as she came around the toy. He looked to John who held up a finger. After another minute he nodded and Drew turned off the vibrator.

Sarah wiggled on her bed as she came down from her high. John paced to the foot of her bed while Drew approached the side nearest her head. Gently, Drew guided his cock to her parted lips. Her eyes flashed up at him then down as the vibrator was removed to see her brother. Drew pressed forward and tilted his head to encourage her to behave.

John watched his sister willingly take their cousin’s hard cock into her mouth. He propped her feet on the bed and stepped between them. He teased her lower lips as she had done to Lily. Inch by inch. Sarah moaned around the cock as he pulled back then pushed back in. The two looked at each other as she moaned again when John pushed forward another inch.

“Now I understand why you said no more videos,” Drew teased as he eased back and forth. “They are just full of ideas. Aren’t they, John?”

“What I don’t understand,” he jerked forward causing Sarah to squirm, “Is how you could set Lily up like that. She’s your best friend.”

Sarah was suddenly aware of what they were getting at. Another memory used against her. She whimpered and tried to pull away. Drew’s hand trapped her in place. His thrusts steady and constant, almost lazy. It was as if there was no purpose other than to silence her.

“That was her friend? Damn,” Drew looked down to meet Sarah’s glare. “Is she as slutty as you? Must be, right?”

“Sarah said after she skipped out on me, Lily took care of her morning needs on the way home.” John’s leisurely movements were as useless as Drew’s. They were toying with her.

“We should have her come over. Show her what two real dicks can do for a woman.”

Sarah moaned as she involuntarily imagined Lily mixed into all of this. She mumbled around Drew in agreeance as she drifted into her own thoughts. Drew picked up his speed first. He was done toying around and now he was picturing the video as he tried to mimic Todd’s reckless motions. John laughed at his cousin’s impatience, but soon joined him.

Unlike Lily, who had been too stunned to react, Sarah swirled her tongue around her cousin. Using every means of her mouth to coax him to the finish line. John watched as his cousin enjoyed the blow job his sister was providing. Her hand was fondling his balls as she sucked on his cock.

Looking at his own cock, he smiled at the sight of his sister rubbing herself. Her nails grazed her cock occasionally as he thrust his cock deep into her. Muffled moans and grunts filled the room as the trio focused on their individual goals.

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