The Bet

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Things in my life have been crazy as of late, but crazy in a good way. My boyfriend proposed to me at San Diego Comic-Con and is now my fiancé. We bought a house and moved from our apartment. We both recently received promotions at work, and we’ve both been crazy busy with work because of it. We both have weekends off now and we spend as much time together as we can. Our sex life is amazing as always. Pete still joins us on occasion, but with all of our schedules, it’s not as often as we’d all like.

My fiancé and his brother are huge MMA fans and love to watch the fights. There was a big pay-per-view coming up and they had made plans to get together at our place to watch it. They had both invited a few friends from work, and it was looking to be a good time. During the week I’d cleaned the house, did the grocery runs to make sure we had all the supplies we’d need for the get-together. I basically did all the things a good wife would do when her husband is hosting a get-together.

When the day arrived, people started showing up early to watch the early prelims before the main card. My fiancé started grilling burgers while I made sure everyone had drinks or whatever else they needed. I was wearing a long-sleeved, low cut top that showed off lots of cleavage and tight yoga pants. My fiancé pointed out that I was getting a lot of attention. I told him it was because I was the only girl here. He laughed and said it was my sexy ass and big tits. Either way, I was enjoying the attention.

As it got closer to the main card, more people showed up and many started drinking. We’d all settled down to watch the fights and were having a good time. I got to meet a few of my fiancé’s colleagues that I hadn’t met before. He introduced me to Andrew. Andrew is handsome, with a well-kept beard that looked great on him. He was tall, with an athletic build, a veteran like my fiancé and he is one of the few white guys my fiancé works with.

As the night went on, I was enjoying serving the guys and watching them as they tried to sneak looks down my top. I did my best to give everyone a nice view. I was leaning down more than necessary while serving drinks, bending over often to pick up empty glasses, and things like that. My fiancé took pleasure in watching me tease his friends and took every opportunity he could to openly swat or squeeze my ass.

My fiancé and the guys were making bets on the fights, only small amounts just friendly wagering, twenty dollars here and there. As the main event got closer, the boys were all discussing their picks and predictions. Andrew said the challenger was too much and was going to walk away with the belt. My fiancé countered that the current champ was a beast and would probably win by KO but if not, he would definitely get the decision win. The discussion became heated and the bet was made. $200 to the winner.

The main event started and right away the champion was getting beaten. The fight had looked pretty one-sided. My fiancé and Andrew argued back and forth. My fiancé was sure his fighter would come back and win.

“Let’s up the stakes, then,” Andrew exclaimed as his fighter landed a hard shot to the champion, “$500 to the winner!”

“$500?” my fiancé replied, “Done!”

Finally in the third round, things started to turn around for the champ, but it wasn’t enough and by the fifth round, it was clear who had won. As the fighters stood in the center of the octagon waiting on the final decision, both my fiancé and Andrew sat forward in their seats watching the screen intently. The whole room was silent. Everyone was holding their breath in anticipation.

“…And NEW champion!” The Announcer finally said.

My fiancé slumped his head and there were cheers and groans from the crowd. The guys all made comments either way about the finish, as Joe Rogan interviewed the fighters. After the interviews, the guys all started to say their goodbyes and make their way out until all that was left was me, my fiancé, his brother, and Andrew.

We hung out a bit longer and had a few more drinks before my fiancé’s brother said he had to go and called it a night. The three of us sat in our living room, the TV on, but none of us watching it. I sat between my fiancé and Andrew on the sofa.

“Well, I better send you the cash, huh?” My fiancé said to Andrew.

“I would appreciate it very much,” Andrew replied, “But hold on, I have a proposal for you.”

My fiancé looked at him confused.

“Now don’t take this the wrong way,” Andrew continued while eyeing me up and down, “But your girl is very sexy, I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off her all night.” I felt flush and my body started to get hot as he said it.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” my fiancé nodded as the corners of his mouth twitched into a sly smile, “So?”

“So, hear me out,” Andrew said nervously, “If I’m out of line, just say no, I’ll take my cash and be on my way.” I started to fidget in my seat as Andrew hesitated, as if searching illegal bahis for the right words.

“I want her to let me see her sexy body, maybe give me a lapdance and a handjob,” He finally said after a deep breath, “That’s all and well call it even.”

My fiancé sat there thinking over the proposition. He looked at me to see my reaction. I was clearly shocked, but not repulsed by the idea. I did my best to remain neutral and silent, but I made eye contact with my fiancé to let him know I was up for it. My fiancé watched me for a second and I tried to nod subtly. He caught my gesture and smiled.

“I’ll tell you what,” my fiancé said finally breaking the silence, “If she is cool with it I’m cool with it.”

Andrew looked to have gained some of his confidence back at my fiancé’s words and they both looked at me. I was flush, and trembling slightly. I tried to swallow, but my throat was dry. I looked back and forth between them and finally nodded and croaked okay.

“Before we do this I’m going to need another drink,” my fiancé said.

We all agreed and I served us all another round of drinks. It helped calm my nerves. I was excited, nervous and extremely turned on. I couldn’t wait for things to get started. As we finished our drinks and returned to the living room, Andrew asked if we could have some privacy. My fiancé hesitated but looked at me for a reaction again. I nodded and he agreed. I knew he wanted to watch, but a bet is a bet.

“You guys can use the guest room upstairs,” my fiancé said, “I’ll be down here if you need me.”

We both nodded and just before we left the room my fiancé grabbed me, pulled me close and kissed me hard. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as we kissed. He broke the kiss and I turned to Andrew and we left the room.

I took Andrew by the hand and walked him upstairs into the guest room and sat him on the bed. I called out to our smart speaker to play a sexy playlist and “Make it Last Forever” by Keith Sweat started to play. I was still for a moment but closed my eyes and slowly started to sway with the music. I let the rhythm dictate my movements and I moved to Andrew. I opened my eyes and watched him as his eyes traveled up and down my body. He licked his lips and sat back as my hips swayed back and forth. I let my hands wander along my body as I moved.

I was getting lost in the music, and my hands traveled more. I was groping my tits, squeezing them through my top. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I reached for the hem of my shirt and slowly lifted it over my chest exposing my bra covered tits. I opened my eyes to see Andrew’s reaction. I was wearing a plain black bra that held my tits nicely, and I could tell he was enjoying the view. I let my hands move over my tits and I shook them, leaning close to give Andrew a good look. He licked his lips and shifted in the bed a little. I could see he had a tent in his jeans and I’m sure the tight confines were making him uncomfortable. I decided to tease him a bit more before freeing his hard cock.

I turned around, still swaying my hips to the music. I bent over slowly to show off my ass in the tight spandex. I knew he could see my black lacy panties through the thin material. I stood back up and slowly bent forward again this time pulling my yoga pants down with me. I heard him gasp as my ass came into view.

The first song ended and “Smooth Operator” by Sadé came on. I turned to him and moved closer. I put my knees on the bed, straddling him and slowly started to grind into his crotch. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans and I could feel my pussy flooding at the thought of it. I was enjoying the feeling of grinding on him and a small moan escaped my lips.

I stood up and told him to take off his pants, but to leave his underwear on. He pulled down his jeans quickly and I could see his cock tenting in his black boxers. I reached down and squeezed his cock through his boxers and he moaned. I slowly started stroking him. He was extremely hard. His cock wasn’t as big as my fiancé, but it wasn’t small. It was maybe about 6 or 7 inches and some impressive girth. I licked my lips and squeezed his cock more as I stroked him. He groaned and bucked his hips forward a bit.

The song ended and “Red Light Special” by TLC started. I placed my hands on Andrew’s shoulders and swung my hips back and forth to the music. As I slid my hands from his shoulders down his chest, got down on my knees in front of him. My hands grazed his cock as they slid past and I rested my head in his lap letting my lips slide along his covered shaft. I gave it a gentle bite with my teeth before standing up again and looking down at him.

I told Andrew to stand up. He did and I turned around pressing my ass against him, grinding into him. I felt his cock slide between my ass cheeks through the thin fabric of our underwear and I pushed against him harder. He groaned and I reached back taking his hands and placing them on my illegal bahis siteleri hips before bending forward slightly. I was grinding my ass against him, feeling his cock slide up and down between my cheeks. I straightened up and put my hands over his, moving them forward and wrapping them around me.

“Touch me,” I said breathlessly, “You can feel my body all you want.”

He immediately moved his hands up under my shirt and towards my big tits. He started groping and squeezing my them through my bra, gently at first, but rougher as he got more comfortable. It was my turn to moan as he played with my tits, and I pushed harder against his cock. As I did he shifted and I felt the head of his cock press against my panty covered pussy.

“Oh yessss,” I hissed. He released my right breast and his hand slid down my belly and into my panties down between my thighs and started sliding his fingers up and down my slit. “Mmmm, that feels good,” I moaned as he teased my clit.

I allowed his hands to travel all over my body until the song ended. The next song was “Stroke You Up” by Changing Faces and I knew it was time. I pulled away and turned around pushing him gently back to the bed. I pulled his boxers down as I keeled in front of him and he sat down. His cock was standing straight up in my face and I licked my lips again tempted to just take it in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly started stroking him up and down.

“Oh fuuuuuck,” He groaned.

His shaft was hot and throbbing in my hand. I stroked slowly up and down in rhythm with the song. Andrew closed his eyes and moaned. I loved having that effect on him and I took my time slowly stroking his cock to the music. His cock was oozing precum, lubing his shaft nicely. I leaned over the head of his cock, licked my lips, and then drooled over the tip using my saliva to further lube his shaft. Andrew groaned at the added lubrication and I increased my tempo stroking his cock a bit faster. He began to pump his hips up to meet my hand as I added a slight rotation to my wrist to increase the pressure of my hand on his cock.

“Oh fuck, Mariah,” Andrew grunted, “That feels so good!”

“Mmmmm, I’m glad you like it,” I said in my sexiest voice, “Let me know when you’re getting close, okay?”

“Uh-huh,” he replied. I was stroking him faster and faster when the song ended and “Knockin’ da Boots” by H-Town started. I stroked him in time with the faster tempo of the song and Andrew was panting. His breath fast and short as my hand slid up and down his hard cock.

“Oh fuck Mariah I’m close,” he said urgently, “If you don’t stop, you’re gonna make me cum.”

I slowed down and stopped. Releasing his cock, I licked my lips and watched him as I let my fingertips trace slowly along his throbbing shaft down to his balls. I stroked and fondled his balls, letting my nails trace gently along the sensitive skin. Andrew shivered as I did this. I let my fingers wander to his taint, he moaned but tensed so I moved back to his balls. Continuing to pleasure him while letting him come back from the edge of release.

Once I felt he was calmed, I climbed back onto the bed, gently pushed him onto his back and straddled him. I lowered myself down and pressed my panty covered pussy against his shaft trapping it between our bodies. I began to slide back and forth, grinding against his cock. We both moaned together as my body moved to the rhythm of the song. I watched him as he bit his lip and watched my hips. His eyes fixed on the point where our bodies met and my body grinding in his.

“Oh yes that’s so good,” he gasped, “You are so fucking sexy.” Blushing at his words, I reached down between us and pulled my panties to the side. For the first time, his hot hard cock felt my wet naked cunt. I slid up and down his shaft pressing my clit against the underside of his shaft.

“Oooooh fuck yes,” I whimpered.

It felt so good to tease him like this while pleasuring myself. Andrew reached up under my shirt and was squeezing my tits. I reached back and unfastened my bra, letting it fall and giving him better access. Was I going too far? At this point, I didn’t care. I knew I wouldn’t let him fuck me. Not tonight anyway, that’s not what the bet was. But I was going to enjoy this as much as Andrew.

“Mariah,” Andrew said breaking me from my thoughts. I was so focused on the pleasure I was receiving from grinding on him I didn’t realize he was talking. I opened my eyes and looked down at him not slowing my hips. “I want you to turn around,” he said, “I want to watch your ass move against my dick.”

I grinned and lifted myself off of him and turned around. I wiggled my ass at him and he reached out and groped my cheeks then pulled my panties to the side before I lowered myself back onto his shaft. I moaned as we made contact again and I returned to grinding on him. I was moving my hips quickly back and forth. I hadn’t realized the music had stopped. I didn’t canlı bahis siteleri care. I was enjoying teasing and pleasing my future husband’s coworker.

As I moved against his shaft, I realized as I slid forward I could feel the head of his cock move up and part the lips of my wet cunt slightly. It would only take the slightest change in angle, the slightest thrust of his hips and he would be able to enter me. I was reaching a fine line and I was very close to crossing it. As I was thinking this, I felt him reach between our bodies and grasp his cock pressing it up putting more pressure on my clit with his shaft. I was panting now. I felt him adjust and occasionally stroke his shaft applying more pressure to my clit.

I looked back at him and he was transfixed on my wet pussy grinding on his shaft. His face was a mask of pleasure and I felt my body cover in goosebumps knowing I was bringing him such pleasure.

“Are you officially teased yet?” I panted as I raised my hips moving away from his cock.

“Ughn, yessss,” he hissed, “It feels so good.”

As he said it, he must have moved his cock forward aiming at my cunt instead of laying back against his belly because as I lowered down I felt the head of his cock part my lips. I bit back a moan and wiggled against his cock. He wasn’t quite at the right angle to enter me but he was close. As I wiggled my ass to tease him more I didn’t realize he was still gripping his shaft, aiming for his prize. I lifted up slightly then lowered and that’s when I felt it. His hot hard shaft sank into my tight wet cunt.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuck,” he groaned.

“Ugnh, oh yes,” I moaned at the same time.

I pumped up and down slowly feeling him slide in and out of me a few times, then just as suddenly as he’d entered me I raised my hips and got off of him. It took all my strength to do it, to not give in and just let him fuck me. He groaned in disappointment. I turned to face him.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I can’t do that. I don’t have permission to go that far, that’s not what the bet was for.”

“It’s okay,” Andrew replied, “I’m sorry for going too far.” I licked my lips and took off my top. His eyes went wide again. Then I reached down for his shaft now coated in my juices and began stroking him.

“It’s okay,” I whispered, “I forgive you.” I stroked him faster and faster, my hand flying up and down his shaft while I watched him, my big tits jiggling with the motion.

“I want you to cum for me, Andrew,” I panted, “I want to make you cum.”

“Oh fuck, Mariah,” he grunted, “Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum.”

I stroked him faster. “Do it,” I moaned, “Cum for me please.” I felt his shaft throbbing and pulsing in my hand as I stroked him aiming the head of his cock at my big tits.

“Ungh, fuck!” he moaned as he came. I felt his hot cum splash across my big tits and I kept pumping his shaft. I slowed, but continued stroking him until every drop was on my tits.

“Holy shit, that was amazing!” Andrew panted collapsing back onto the bed, “Thank you,”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” I said.

Once he caught his breath, he put his pants back and we left the guest room. He went to say goodbye to my fiancé while I went to clean his cum off my tits. Once I was in the bathroom with the door closed and locked behind me, I couldn’t help myself and scooped a bit of his cum off my tits and tasted it. Once I’d cleaned myself up, I went and met my fiancé in our bedroom. He was waiting for me and wanted all the details. So I told him everything, reenacting it as I did.

“Then, baby, while I was grinding on his cock, I lifted my hips and asked him if he was officially teased yet,” I said as I raised my hips and reached between our bodies, “I lowered myself down and I didn’t realize he’d moved. I positioned his cock aimed at my dripping cunt and l lowered myself down sliding his cock as deep into me as I could.”

“Ughn, ughn, oh, he slipped his cock inside me, baby,” I gasped as my fiancé’s hard cock slid into me, “Ooooh, I’m sorry, baby ughn. but I. oooh, fuck,” I moved up and down my fiancé’s big hard cock as I spoke, “I didn’t get up right away.”

“I, ooooh, slid his cock in, oooh and ughn out, baby,” I whimpered and moaned as I said it, “just for a second though, baby.” My fiancé didn’t speak he just grabbed my hips and started humping up into me deep and hard, grunting as our bodies slapped against each other.

“Oh fuck, baby!” I moaned, “Oh, baby, I was so naughty! I was so slutty!”

“Uh-huh,” My fiancé grunted his face twisted in pleasure and effort, “So slutty.”

I was about to cum I couldn’t hold back any longer, “Ugnh fuck! I am such a horny slut baby!” I grunted, “I’m your slut, Papi! Don’t you love it when I act so slutty?”

“Oh fuck, yes!” he grunted, slamming his cock as deep inside of me as he could, “I love it! You’re my slut and I love when you give into to your slutty side!”

“Oh fuck, Papi, you’re gonna make me cum!” I panted, “Can your horny slut cum for you? Please?”

“Not yet, slut,” he grunted and slowed then stopped his thrusting, “Answer something first and then I will let you cum”

“Ooooh Papi, please,” I whined, “Ask your slut anything.”

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