The Big Bang


I am returning to New York City following a business trip to Cairo. I was sent there to troubleshoot a computer problem a hotel was having with their new reservations system. Fortunately for me, I was able to resolve their issue in a day. This is the third time this month that I have had to travel overseas to handle a client’s problem, and frankly, I’m tired. I know, overseas travel for work seems glamorous at first, but after you do it a few times, the novelty wears off quickly. I think my boss can tell I’m getting tired of the travel, that’s why the company sprung for a return flight on a private jet. Right now, I’m feeling like one lucky son of a bitch.

Currently, our small jet is flying somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea at thirty-five thousand feet. There are only three people in the passenger cabin for this flight. Myself, a female passenger and a flight attendant. The flight attendant is seated at the very front of the cabin. The female passenger, whom I find quite attractive, is seated in the first row of seats and I am seated in the second row of seats. We have never met before.

The female passenger is wearing a stylish üsküdar escort white blouse and a form fitting blue skirt which stops just above the knee. Her choice of clothing accents her athletic form perfectly. She also possesses piercing eyes, which are the most beautiful shade of grey. Her make up and long, black, hair are done to perfection. She is a vision of beauty.

Midway through the flight she leaves her seat and heads to the back of the plane where refreshments and the lavatory are located. I am reading a magazine as she passes, but I glance up at her and our eyes meet; in that moment, it is as if we have known each other forever. She gestures with her hand for me to follow her and I do. We arrive at the double sliding doors which lead to the lavatory, and I open them. We both quickly enter and I close and lock the door behind us.

Once inside we both face each other and stare at one another in brief disbelief at what we both know is about to happen. Slowly, I lean in and kiss her lips, She in turn does the same. Second by second, our kisses become faster şerfali escort and more passionate. Before long, both of our tongues search each other’s mouths with reckless abandon.

As the fire between us grows, I start to use my hands to unbutton and then remove her blouse. She then assists me by removing her bra. Stunned by the heavenly sight in front of me, I firmly grab one of her breasts and greedily suck on it. Her nipples become erect and I repeat the sucking process on each of her breasts several times. I then reach under her skirt to remove her panties, but to my surprise I discover she is wearing none. Pleasantly surprised, I immediately kneel before her and thrust my head between her legs to lick her already wet snatch. She tastes delicious. She moans quietly and moves very little at first, but after a few minutes, her hips begin to buck wildly and her moans increase in volume. Finally, she orgasms powerfully and pushes my head aside so that I will not continue to stimulate her already over stimulated clitoris. I readily agree to her demands and stand up.

I then remove my pants and underwear and she can finally see how rock hard I am. I lean in towards her, give her a quick passionate kiss and then lift her onto the small sink in the lavatory. I then gently place my aching, hard penis inside of her and begin thrusting slowly. I let out an involuntary grunt as I marvel at the warm, tightness of her womanhood. I wish we could stay like this forever. However, we both know this feeling cannot last forever, we are both on the verge of an uncontrollable release. We both instinctively increase the speed of our thrusting and become breathless in the process. Suddenly, we both reach the height of excitement at the same time and I have just enough presence of mind to pull out and uncontrollably shoot several pools of hot jism onto her stomach while her body quivers from the strong orgasm she experiences. We are both exhausted. We both smile at one another and give each other one last kiss.

“By the way, my name is Chris.” I awkwardly utter.

She says in reply, “My name is Olga.”

We both let out a huge laugh at the total insanity of introducing ourselves, after having satisfied our carnal desires. We truly put the cart before the horse.

After we clean up and get dressed, we sit next to one another and talk for the remainder of the flight. Neither of us know where our journey together in life will end, but we certainly started it with a great, big, BANG!

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