The Big Game

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Her college team was playing a big game tonight and like plenty of other students she couldn’t afford to make the trip. Her sorority had been invited to several parties to watch the game but she had turned them all down. It was a late game and she had an early class the next day. Vickie still planned on watching the game, but at home.

Unfortunately, she already knew how the evening would go and was in no hurry to get home. Her mom would drink until she passed out, then Vickie and her dad would watch the game on their big screen television in the basement. Her mom was the reason she could never invite her friends over, Vickie never knew how her mom would be from one day to the next and it wasn’t something the family advertised.

Having already delayed getting home as much as she could, Vickie reluctantly went in the house. She discovered that mom was already well on her way to getting drunk. “Hi mom, I’m home.”

“Where have you been?”

“I just got done with class.”

“You came right home?”

“Yes mom.” A couple of nights a week she would stay at her sorority, but she had to prearrange those with her dad so he could head off her mom. She would stay at her sorority Mihi Pro Solvo on the weekends. That was when she could escape her mom for a little while and have some fun. During the week she usually came home so she could take care of her dad and try to share some time with him.

“Good, I don’t want you fooling around and getting pregnant.”

Vickie could feel her face burning; she hated her mom being this way. She and her dad had urged her mom to get help; obviously it wasn’t going to happen. Her mom had been this way for years and Vickie was actually surprised that her dad hadn’t left a long time ago. At 21 she felt that she deserved better than this, but kept trying to hang on the positive things.

“Go change. I don’t feel good, so you’ll have to fix supper tonight.”

“Okay mom.” Vickie headed to her room to change her clothes. She had learned a long time ago not to argue when her mom was in that condition. Besides, fixing supper was not something new for her.

Dan pulled into the drive and turned off the car. He was pretty sure what he would find and just sat there trying to get the courage to go in. Helen had never really been a drinker until their son had gotten killed in a car wreck, now drinking was all that she did. That had been over three years ago and his wife had never gotten over it. Alcohol was the only way she could deal with the pain.

Taking a deep breath, he got out of the car and walked to his front door. Opening it, he saw that he was in store for another evening of her passing out. “I’m home dear.”

“Great, fool around with anyone yet?”

Dan knew better than to get into it with her again. Besides, she wouldn’t remember it the next day anyway. He sniffed the air, “Something smells good.”

“Don’t blame me if it sucks.”

Dan hurried to the kitchen knowing he would find his daughter there. Vickie was the only reason he still came home at the end of the day. Nah, he was only fooling himself; he still came home for his wife too. He remembered how Helen had been; a sweet and caring person and he missed that woman very much.

Vickie turned around long enough to see who was coming in, “Hi dad.”

“It’s a good thing that you like to cook.”

She nodded that she understood, “It’ll be ready soon.”

Dan headed for the bedroom to change. He was relieved that Helen hadn’t gone there. They had stopped having sex a long time ago. Occasionally she would remember and would try to come onto him. Then they would get into an argument when he refused. He could barely stomach her smell, getting turned on was out of the question. Most nights she would pass out in the house somewhere. When she did it in their bedroom, he would sleep in another room.

After he changed, he headed back to the kitchen. His daughter was the one thing in his life that still gave his spirit a lift. “When’s the game?”

She didn’t look around, but kept her attention on the stove. “It starts at 9 o’clock something about the west coast people seeing it.” She turned her head and gave her dad a pleading stare, “It’s almost done, you want to get mom?”

He knew Vickie avoided Helen as much as he did. “Sure, I’ll get her.”

She breathed a sigh of relief, “Thanks dad.” Vickie always fixed enough food for all three of them even though most nights her mom didn’t eat anything. Vickie had mixed emotions about it too. She worried about her mom not eating and always felt guilty at the relief she experienced when her mother didn’t show up at the table. She wanted to be with her dad and supper was one of the few chances where father and daughter could have some normal time.

When her dad showed up with her mom, Vickie gave a quick glance to find out which type of supper they would be having. The first one was where her mom actually ate. The second one was where her mom didn’t come at all. She realized that it was going to be the third type illegal bahis of family supper, and the most common one that they had. She and her dad would eat and her mom would sit and keep drinking. She started placing the food on the table, “Dad, you want to get the drinks?”

Helen mumbled, “Nothing for me.”

Bringing two drinks to the table, Dan had figured that Helen wouldn’t want anything. All he and Vickie could do now was not talk unless they had to, and hope for the best. But tonight they were worried about nothing; Helen just sat and drank without saying a word.

A supper in silence left both father and daughter feeling robbed of some pleasant time together. After supper her dad got her mom out of the kitchen, Vickie cleaned up the dishes and figured that she had the better deal. With the dishes finished, she headed to her room to study until the game started, and to avoid her mom.

Vickie got ready for bed early so that she could make a quick getaway from her mom after the game was over. Her mom wouldn’t bother her if she thought Vickie was going to go to bed. Wearing panties and the oversized tee-shirt that she slept in, she waited until right before game time and headed for the basement.

The basement had a sofa, one recliner a few tables and a big screen television. She found her dad in the recliner and her mom was lying on the sofa. Vickie had expected to share the sofa with her mom while trying to stay as far away from her as possible, “Mom, can you move over so that I can sit down?”

“Go find someplace else.” Helen had said it with her head down into the sofa cushion and father and daughter barely heard what she had said.

Dan figured that his wife was sprawled out on the sofa. He also saw the ‘what am I going to do’ look on his daughter’s face. He started to say the word ‘honey’ but stopped – he definitely didn’t want his wife to come over. “Vickie, if you aren’t too old, you can sit on my lap.”

Vickie giggled and headed for her dad, “I’m not too old.” But, she was self-conscious because she wasn’t wearing a whole lot. Standing the shirt came down to the middle of her thigh. On the sofa there was a blanket that she could have covered up with. Her sitting on his lap would let her dad see way more than she was comfortable with. Her heart and brain were in conflict. She could go back and watch the game on the television in her bedroom and it wouldn’t matter how she was dressed but she really wanted to be with her dad.

Vickie climbed onto his lap and sat sideways on him, trying to keep her shirt pulled down as best as she could. At first she was embarrassed and kept pulling the shirt tail down. But, after the game started she was more concerned with what was happening with the game than what she was wearing. She was with the players at every steal and pass, and kept trying to make the shots for them. She was also very vocal about the officiating. “That was a bad call.”

Dan agreed, “That wasn’t a foul.” Vickie had moved around as the game progressed and had caused him to feel things he hadn’t felt in some time. It was especially uncomfortable because even though this was his daughter, she was also a nice looking woman. As he became more and more turned on, he couldn’t help but notice her smooth legs and what was barely concealed under what she was wearing.

Vickie turned her head towards him, “I want us to win but not that way, the ref’s just need to call a fair game.” She became worried when she saw his face –

Helen called from the sofa, “Shut up over there.”

-and whispered, “Are you all right?” He didn’t say anything but he did nod. She went right back to being involved in the game but kept nervously glancing at him between plays. He wasn’t all right, and she knew it. “Dad what’s wrong?”

Dan really didn’t know how to answer; this was his daughter for crying out loud. “Maybe you should go and watch the game in your room.”

Vickie sucked in her breath; it felt like she had been stabbed in the heart, “But dad I want to be with you.”

Great, Dan was now embarrassed and miserable. He was turned on by his own daughter and now, on top of it all, he had hurt her. “Honey I want to be with you too…but maybe you shouldn’t be sitting on me like this.”

Then she realized what the matter was. In her enthusiasm for the game Vickie had totally missed that her dad had gotten hard. Now that she had stopped helping the players make baskets and bouncing everywhere, she realized what was going on. Her face getting hot with embarrassment, she couldn’t look at him. How could she not feel what was happening to him?

Neither father nor daughter moved as they continued to watch the game. Both were feeling things they normally wouldn’t, at least not with each other. As her father, Dan knew he should be the one to say something, “Honey, it isn’t your fault. It’s just been a long time – I’m sorry.”

Vickie was mortified; even though it really wasn’t anyone’s fault it was still making both of them uncomfortable. She realized that her dad illegal bahis siteleri was right; it probably had been a long time for him. She was shocked; she had given her own dad an erection. A little voice in her head was telling her to simply get up and leave the room. Another part of her brain was telling her something else and she was reluctant to move off of him. Innocent accident or not, other feelings were slowly taking over. Even if it was through their clothes, now that she knew, her brain wouldn’t let her feel anything else. His erection rubbing against her and was making a charge run through her entire body.

Instead of getting up, Vickie simply lay back against him and pretended to watch the game as all sorts of feelings ran through her. Like plenty of other girls, she had fantasized about having sex with her father but she had never thought to actually do anything. Now that she knew that he was hard because of her, it was the only thing that she could concentrate on.

Sitting on him sideways with her legs across him, Vickie had spent the first few minutes of the game pulling down her shirt every now and then. After she had gotten into the game, it had taken a break in the action for her to notice it. She stretched her legs, this time letting her shirt ride up on purpose. Making sure her panties were showing, she innocently went back to watching the television.

Dan couldn’t keep his mind on the game anymore, and felt more and more uncomfortable with his daughter being on him. “Um honey, maybe you should get off of me.” He was puzzled that she wasn’t going ballistic or something because of what was happening. But, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to change anything. “Honey, I really need you to move.”

In her position the bulge in his pants was rubbing mostly against her butt, but that slight contact was radiating all though her. Vickie kept glancing over at the sofa but couldn’t hear her mom moving around. Her mind had gone wild with the idea and a warm feeling had started between her legs. She wondered if he would like to take it further and used her hands on the arms of the chair to steady herself, “I always want to do what my daddy tells me, so I guess I’ll move.”

Turning to face him, she spread her legs and placed them on the outside of his legs. Vickie maneuvered until the bulge in his jeans was pressing against the crotch of her panties. The warm feeling had made her wet and this position made her pussy come into contact with the bulge in his jeans with very little clothing separating them. She started playfully moving around on top of him realizing that if her mom sat up it would definitely not look innocent.

Dan sucked in his breath as he felt her grinding on top of him. “A…mm…ah…honey…” His daughter was sending a magical feeling through him and he found himself unable to make a complete sentence.

Vickie felt really strange. Before this she would have never done anything with her dad and now she wanted him in the worst way. Leaning against him, she gently placed her lips to his neck, and asked as innocently as she could, “Yes daddy?”

Dan had no real willpower to stop. Even if it was his daughter, she wanted him and he wanted her. His cock needed to be released from his jeans, he was hard and it was uncomfortable being confined. Sliding his hands under her, he undid his belt, and fumbled around unsnapping his jeans and opening the zipper. Finally pushing them open, he reached under his underwear and released his aching cock. Dan wrapped his arms around his daughter and kissed her soft lips. When he felt her reacting he slipped his tongue through her slightly parted lips.

Vickie let her tongue play, even as she felt his hard cock against her thighs. Slipping her hand down between her legs, she wrapped her fingers around it.

Vickie was so soft and yielding on top of him. Her fingers were slim and cool as she played with him. He ran his hands over her shirt front feeling the firm breasts beneath. Keeping his lips pressed to hers, he pulled her shirt up.

“Mm, yes daddy,” she softly moaned as he started to play with her nipples. She pressed his hard cock against her pussy now separated only by her panties.

Dan hadn’t had any sex except his hand for a long time. He hoped that his daughter really wanted this because he wasn’t sure he was able to stop. She was rubbing his cockhead against her panties and he could feel the heat from her pussy.

Vickie kept softly moaning as she kept playing. She had never done stuff like this before. She’d had sex but this playing around was taking the heat she was feeling to a whole new level.

Dan knew he had to change what they were doing, or he would cum. Finally he pushed her back. Her nipples were a dark red and standing out hard and proud. In this position he could reach both her breasts. He bent down and licked. When he heard her suck in her breath, he let her whole nipple into his mouth and gently sucked.

Vickie loved having her nipples sucked and steadied herself by wrapping canlı bahis siteleri her arms around his neck. Her dad kept switching between them and it felt wonderful. After a few minutes she felt her dad’s fingers under her panties and was nervous in anticipation. He gently played with her pubic hair and it tickled a little, then he moved his hand between her legs.

Dan knew that she wanted him to continue and it was such a turn on. He was enjoying himself and he liked her little moans as he caressed her pussy.

“Mm,” She gave the sofa a nervous glance as he gently slid one finger inside of her. “Ah,” she closed her eyes to the pleasure. He was leaving his finger in and using his thumb to rub her clit. She held the sides of his face, rose up, and put one of her nipples to his mouth.

Hearing Helen make a noise they both froze, waiting to see if they needed to stop. As their passion had grown, both father and daughter had forgotten that another person was in the basement with them. Finally, Vickie relaxed because it was a false alarm. Her lips found her dad’s again, reaching between her legs she started stroking his cock.

Dan let her play for a few minutes. He couldn’t wait any longer; he just had to be inside of her, “Honey, I need you.”

Vickie didn’t know how long she’d had these feelings for her dad, but she did know that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. Her answer was to hop off of the chair and take her shirt and panties off. Then she climbed back on him. Placing her legs on the outside of his, she used her hand to guide his hard cock to her pussy. When she had the head just barely inside of her, she let her weight down. “Ah” his hard cock slid inside of her. “Ah,” a little at a time, “Ah.”

Dan sighed, “Mm.” He never thought he’d be doing this with his daughter.

Vickie left him in deep just enjoying the feeling of it. Then she started rocking forward-and-backward making his cock slide in and out.

Dan closed his eyes to the pleasure. Her pussy was hugging his hard cock and her body felt so right.

Vickie liked to be more vocal with her lovemaking but knew she couldn’t. It was risky enough just doing anything with her mom in the basement with them. But, somehow the risk of getting caught was adding some spice to what they were doing. The pleasure from between her legs flowed through her.

The basement was filled with the sounds of the basketball game and the soft sounds of their sex. Vickie alternated the movement of her hips, so that his cock hit different places inside of her. Grinding into him made her clit smoosh between them.

It felt as if his cock was surrounded by pure softness. Her leg muscles were tanned and toned. Her movements were fluid and graceful as she rode him. He could see her breasts bouncing to the rhythm and he couldn’t resist playing with them.

With her arms around his shoulders for balance, she raised herself off of him a little so that his mouth could reach her breasts better. She saw his mouth move toward her nipple. “Ooh,” his sucking her nipples was making her light headed. She loved the delicious feeling it was producing in her and tried to continue to fuck him as best she could in that position.

After a little while, Vickie felt him push her away, his hands sliding between them. Then she felt his hands under her butt. Her eyes went wide as he lifted her up in the air.

Using his elbows on the armrests of the recliner, Dan held her up with his hands. Lowering and raising her up and down on his hard cock. This position let his cock explore every inch of her pussy.

He easily slid in and out of her. “Ooo,” Vickie didn’t have to move, just enjoy her dad doing whatever he pleased. “Ah – Mm,” his hard cock was filling her and when he took it almost all of the way out, she just wanted him to hurry and put it back in.

Dan hoped that she was enjoying herself as much as he was. Her young body was begging him to experience her in every way possible.

Vickie felt him using more force to push her down. The heat he was creating inside of her was threatening to make her explode and she wanted him to keep it up. Her dad holding her in the air was making him rub against new places inside of her. She preferred being on top during sex so she could control how fast, how deep and the angle the guy went in. But this being held in the air and feeling totally helpless had its own pleasurable appeal.

Dan could feel her hot body trying to coax cum from him. Not having anything except for his hand and now this was almost more than he could handle.

Hotter and hotter, her body responded to the waves of pleasure flowing through it. She was close to getting off. Her breathing was labored; trying to keep the sounds down was getting harder and harder.

Dan pushed her down as hard as he could and held her down. He whispered in her ear, “I’m Cumming.”

Feeling his cock throbbing deep inside of her, she pictured his cum shooting in her and exploded in an intense orgasm. Father and daughter were lost in the climax of their love making and desperately trying not to make too much noise. Each was experiencing the joy of giving as well as receiving pleasure. Vickie felt her toes curls to the intense pleasure pulsing through her.

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