The Birth of Venus

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Her name is Kat and my god is she hot. She’s the type of girl who wears skirts and heels and white tops so you can see her nipples through the fabric. She’s short and her tits are perfect, not like the big melons some women have, they’re the perfect handful, or at least they appear to be, I have yet to inspect my hypothesis. Her ass is thick and round, and sometimes when she bends down to get her backpack I get a glimpse that sends me into a daze. She’s like a goddess, and I know what you’re thinking, go fuck that girl. I think that too, I spend hours just imagining bending her over and ramming myself in that juicy pussy. Only one problem, I’m a professor, and she’s my student.

I teach art at the college, so sometimes she gets paint on her clothes and I imagine going to wipe it off and getting to touch her, or suggesting she just take the whole ensemble off. The class I have her in this semester is a combination of art history and recreation, where we spend half the class in lecture, and the other in painting pieces inspired by the theme we’re working on. She usually sits near the front so I have to pry myself away from staring at her tits as I talk.

We’re in the painting portion for today, making renaissance art. The students worked out what they wanted to do, and how they would incorporate the style, and were packing up for the day. I saw Kat still sitting, staring at her easel. I walked over and saw she’d done nothing. Surprised, I wondered what had her so stumped, she was normally top of my classes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, staring at her canvas beside her.

“I just can’t figure out what to paint.” She said. She stood, and her chest brushed against my arm. I was flustered, sure that was unintentional, but still. “I looked at all the art you assigned, but I just can’t seem to get a grasp.” She bent down to pick up her bag, bumping her ass back into me. “Sorry.” She smiled and moved away, swinging her bag over her shoulder. I nodded.

“Think of it less as making something of the period, and more something you make in your art, but in the style of the period.” I suggested. She considered this, looking back at her canvas. I looked at her breasts, catching my chance to oogle. “I was thinking one thing, but I’d need to work it out, can I send you a picture later to see if it works?” She asked.

“Sure, you have my email.” I smiled.

“Can I text it to you? It’s easier.” She smiled sheepishly. I nodded.

“Of course.” I scribbled it down and handed it to her. She pressed the slip of paper to her chest.

“Thank you so much.” She said a little dramatically. I smiled and nodded. Was it me or was she coming onto me? It must be me, wishful thinking. I cleaned up and went home, all but forgetting having given my number to Kat as it fell in with the canlı bahis rest of my memories of her tits and ass and fantasies. I was having dinner for one, a common in my apartment, when my phone buzzed. Unknown number, I shrugged and finished eating. When I finished washing my dishes, I took a look at my phone, checking the messages from this unknown number.

Hi Prof, it’s me Kat

I should’ve given u my number so ud know it’s me texting lol

The third message was an image, I clicked to load it only to see her. I mean see her, like all of her. Well, most of her. She had her long black hair covering her nipples, a hand over her pussy, but she was there. It was her posing as the painting The Birth of Venus. I felt myself get hard, and was at a loss for how to respond. That’s great seemed wrong, but asking why she was sending me naked pictures was definitely not right either. I stared at my phone, was I about to fap to my student sending me naked pics? That was crossing a line, probably several lines. But who would know? Once I’d gotten it out of my system I could be a professional, and give proper feedback.

When I was done I tried to focus on what to say. “Hi Kat, I think if you want to recreate the painting Birth of Venus you would have to change some elements other than the titular character to make it yours, but this is a good start.” I sent it before I could second guess it. My phone buzzed almost immediately.

“I wanted to make the two other women in the painting also me, but I need a man willing to pose naked with me for the couple on the left.” She said. Fuck. She was coming onto me. I had to be sure, this could end my career, but fuck. I looked back at the picture.

“We can talk about it in class.”

The next class came and Kat came up to me with a smile. “I hope you considered it.” She said.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for me-“

“I want it to be you, since you’re the most attractive man I know and it’s a painting about the goddess of beauty and sex.” She said. I faltered, so she was just coming out and saying it.

“I’m your professor, I could lose my job.” I said.

“We’re both adults, and there’s no requirement we have sex, but I’d really like you to be my muse.” She said. “I’ll start on the main part of the painting and leave that until you decide.” She patted my shoulder and went to her station. The rest of the students had already started, and all had headphones on. It was common for them to listen to music or podcasts, it’s art, it’s not like you can cheat. By the end of class time, most had the base done, but since Kat was a day behind, she only had the initial sketch done.

“I have office hours so you can stay and work if you want.” I said, looking at her work. She had the picture open on her phone and bahis siteleri I had to pretend I wasn’t looking.

“Have you decided? I’d really like to get the picture to finish the sketch.” She said, looking up at me.

“We don’t really have the materials here to shoot a picture like that-” I tried to resist.

“It can just be us, I can add the toga and clothes separately.” She said with a smile. She stood and began unbuttoning her top.

“I didn’t say yes.” I protested, but was openly staring at her tits. She laughed.

“I figured if that was the only thing stopping you-“

“The fact that I could lose my job is stopping me.” I said. She frowned.

“I won’t tell, it’ll just be our little secret.” She said, resuming unbuttoning her top. She slipped it off, revealing her tits. I could see them at last. I stared at them and she smiled. “You can touch them. I want you to feel comfortable.”

“N-no.” I stammered. She began sliding out of her skirt and I saw, not only had she not been wearing a bra, but she also had no panties on. In a skirt that sort I wondered how she hadn’t flashed the whole school yet.

“Go ahead.” She said. I slowly reached up and caught one of her nipples between my fingers and rolled it. She smiled at me. “I meant go ahead take your clothes off, but I’m glad you’re feeling more comfortable.”

“Can I-” I asked.

“Anything you want, consider it a thank you for letting me paint you.” She nodded. I lowered my mouth slowly, as if scared she would balk at any second, to her nipple. I flicked my tongue out, licking the erect nub. I did this a few times before I felt more sure and started sucking on it. I rolled the other one between my fingers, massaging it. I had been right, the perfect size. When I had my fill of her tits, I looked up at her. “I’ve been trying to get your attention for so long.” She laughed. “Wearing thin shirts and no bra to all your classes, short skirts and no panties, flashing my ass at you.” She said. I was surprised, had all that been for my benefit? I assumed that’s just how she was. A tease, a flirt.

“I wanted you.” I confessed. She seemed pleased by this.

“Then take me.” She said. I began fumbling with my tie and unbuttoning my shirt, when I got them off I wanted to feel her tits against me. I’m a pretty toned guy, not rippling abs, but I’ve got some definition. She moves away, and I start frantically with my belt and pants, wondering if she was leaving. Had I missed my chance? Kicking them off, I move around the easels to see her laid out of my desk. Fuck. She was laid on her back, propped up by her elbows, looking at me. “Come on then.” She spread her legs and when I tell you I started to drool, believe me. I practically tripped over myself trying to get to her. I wanted to touch every part bahis şirketleri of her, My hands slid up her thighs to her feet before back down, I lowered my mouth to her pussy and inhaled the scent. I pushed my face in, she was wet and I wanted to taste all of her juices. I slurped on her pussy, pushing two fingers in. She moaned. The noise of her pussy slurping on my fingers, grasping them, getting them slick, along with my mouth lapping and sucking up what she gave, mixed with her moans.

“Cum for me.” I whispered. She obeyed, trembling on my desk as the orgasm took hold of her, I gulped down the nectar of the goddess before standing and looking down at her. Her face was contorted as the pleasure continued to shock through her.

“Can I put it in?” I asked.

“Put your cock in me.” She said panting, and wiggled her hips. “Shove that cock in my tight little pussy, I want-” She was cut off when I pushed in, hilt deep in the first thrust. I grabbed her by the hips and bounced her on my cock, watching her tits jiggle with each thrust. My hand went to her clit, rubbing it as I pummeled into her. I felt her legs clench against my torso and her hands reached up to pull her against me. I lifted her, bouncing her on my cock as she wrapped her legs around my waist, burying her face in my chest. She stifled her scream in my chest as she came again, pushing my hand away from her clit, but unable to stop me from fucking her. She clung to me, as I bounced her on my cock, riding through her second orgasm. I pulled out, letting her stand, and pushed her face down on the desk. Pushing her legs together, I spread her cheeks to press back into her from behind. I resumed fucking her, and she lay face down on my desk on her stomach, I pulled her arms behind her, using them as leverage to pound in and out of her.

“Cum inside me.” She said desperately. “Cum in my pussy.” See, when a girl tells you that there should be red flags. I don’t want to knock some girl up, but all sense drops out the window. Those words, that tone, I was blind. I saw the goddess of sex, a slutty student under me, subject to my whims. I let go of her arms, reaching around to grab her tits, pulling her up so her back was to my chest as I kept going. I fondled them roughly, which she seemed to enjoy, her head lolled back on my shoulder as desperate noises fell from her lips. Her hands moved to her pussy, pushing her closer and closer to her third climax. I felt her begin to crest the edge and the sensation of her pussy gripping and sucking my cock for her third orgasm sent me there, I put my hands on her shoulders, and pushed her gently to the ground. She dropped to her knees, and turned around so I could cum in her mouth.

“Cumming.” I grunted as I started shooting spurt after spurt into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it eagerly. When I was done I looked down to see her licking my cock clean of our mixed juices before she stood with a smile.

“So I’ll set up the camera, you figure out how we have to pose.” She said.

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