The Black Corset Ch. 02


It had been nearly a month since I had met Sharon at her boutique, and the memory of her hot tongue on my pussy made me wet and wanting to see her again. I had been reluctant to contact her because I had never been with a woman before and while I thoroughly enjoyed her giving me head I was not sure I would be able to do the same to her. I had never thought of another woman sexually, but I did very much want to see Sharon again, and I did have fantasies about being with her, our naked bodies entwined, her tongue in my mouth and her hands on my breasts. And I too wanted to touch her, to feel her large breasts and to kiss and suck her big nipples.

I was on my bed, completely naked after having taken my morning shower, and thinking of Sharon was making me very horny. I cupped my breast with one hand, squeezing its fullness and pulling on my hard nipple, while my other had stroked my wet pussy, imagining it was Sharon’s hands pleasuring me, her mouth making me moan and squirm. Bucking my hips against my hand, my fingers flying in and out of my pussy, I came very hard. Laying there, my breath slowing to normal, my clit seemed to throb and ache for the touch of another. Masturbating was indeed pleasurable, but sometimes it left me feeling empty and wanting more. That more, was the touch of another person, and right now, I wanted Sharon’s head to be between my thighs, her hot breath against my pussy, and the soft wetness of her tongue on my clit.

It was near closing time Friday as I walked into Sharon’s store. My knees felt weak, and I was afraid I would collapse, but desire pushed me foreword. I know I blushed when she looked up and smiled at me. She knew I had come back for more, and from her smile, I knew she would give me what I wanted. It seemed to take forever for her to close and lock up the store. The drive to her nearby home was thankfully short. Sharon said her husband had left to play golf in Atlanta with some golfing buddies and would not be back until Sunday night. Her 19 year-old son was in college and while he came home frequently on the weekends, she did not expect him this weekend as he was involved with some field work for one of his courses. He was majoring in marine biology and was driving down to Pensacola for the weekend. We would have her home and ourselves to each other for the evening.

Sharon poured each of us a glass of white wine and we sat together on her sofa. Sharon could tell I was nervous so we drank two glasses of wine chitchatting about our husbands and our kids. Sharon’s knee brushed against mine and the light contact made my heart skip a beat. I was as nervous as a cat, but the wine was starting to warm my belly and I relaxed a bit, but I was very anxious for Sharon to do something, to get things started, to give me what I came for!

Sharon filled our glass a third time, and then stood up in front of me. She kept talking small talk, gushing about her son, whom she thought was both brilliant and handsome, and while talking she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. When she casually pulled the blouse off her shoulders, she jutted her breasts out in front of her, and I could see her breasts were quite large and strainning at the confines of her bra. I was a double D but her breasts seemed even larger than that!

Next, she unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was not wearing a slip, and now stood before me in her bra, panties, black self-supporting stockings, and her heels. Watching me lust openly for her, Sharon slowly reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She pulled the straps off her shoulders and arms one at a time, while holding the bra to her breasts, then she slowly let her arms drop revealing her large pendulous breasts. While her breasts did sag from the weight, they still maintained a gorgeous full shape. Her nipples were quite large and my mouth was dry with anxiety as I imagined biting and sucking them.

Sharon slowly bent at the waist, pulling down her panties, then kicking them off she stood before me, legs slightly apart, allowing me to see her pussy for the very first time. Sharon was a natural red head, and her pubic hair was trimmed very neatly and short. She left just a small triangle above her pussy, leaving her lips completely bare.

Like in a trance, Sharon reached out for me and pulled me to my feet. Sharon put her arms around my waist and pulled me close. Our lips touched lightly at first, then more urgently as her tongue invaded my mouth and my tongue pressed back passionately. I felt Sharon’s hands all over my body touching, caressing, and undressing me. Soon I was as naked as she, our hard nipples pressing into each other’s breasts, our bellies together, and our pussies grinding against each other.

I çankaya escort do not remember Sharon leading me into her bedroom. It seemed our lips never left each other’s, but she pushed me back onto her bed and dropped onto her knees before me. ‘Oh yes!’ I thought as she pushed my knees apart. I groaned when I felt her hot breath on my pussy, and I pushed my hips up trying to get her face against me, I needed her tongue in me so badly! I shuttered and cried out as I felt her tongue lick out against my pussy, and I raised up upon my elbows so I could watch her tongue as it licked up my slit, but when she started working on my clitoris, I dropped back, closed my eyes and let the bliss wash over me. Sharon brought me to orgasm quickly, and then she allowed me to cool down a bit, but kept licking slowly at my lips and thighs avoiding the sensitive clit. Sharon then licked up my belly to my breasts and sucked both nipples before kissing up my neck to my lips. We shared a long sensual kiss, and then as we parted I looked dreamily into her eyes.

‘I’m not sure I know what to do?’ I whispered.

Sharon got onto the bed and pulled me into her arms. Kissing me softly she said, ‘Suck my nipples and touch my pussy.”

Sliding down a little I took one of her large breasts in my hand and began squeezing and kneading it. The plump nipple I licked and kissed then sucked it into my mouth. I heard Sharon moan and she arched her back, mashing her breast into my face. I let my hand drop, and found Sharon’s widely spread thighs. I cupped her pussy, my middle finger slid easily into her wetness. As I sucked her nipples, Sharon groaned loudly, and was gently bucking her hips against my hand, keeping the rhythm of my finger as it slid in and out, and rubbed against her clit.

‘Bite my nipple! Bite it hard!’ Sharon moaned.

I did as she asked and Sharon let out a cry as she came on my finger. Her hips bucked wildly and she pulled my head tightly against her breast. Sharon trembled several times before going completely limp. I was happy I had brought her to orgasm, but I know I wanted more and so would she.

I kissed down her belly, determined to give her the pleasure she had given me. As I licked her thighs I heard her groan, and then I thrust my tongue into her pussy. I was surprised by the wetness and the heat, but I was also surprised that I enjoyed the taste. I think knowing I was making her happy, was giving me a sense of power. I could do this, and I lapped eagerly at her cunt!

My tongue would tire, but it would recover quickly as I would rest it a second or two to swallow her juices or to kiss her clit. Then I would quickly begin to flick my tongue back and forth across her clit, making Sharon moan loudly and clutch my head tightly against her pussy. When she came she screamed loudly, and I tasted a salty change in her juices. It was not at all unpleasant, and I lapped it hungrily.

Sharon lay with her arm across her eyes panting heavily. I pushed up on my hands to get up beside her when movement out of the corner of my eyes made me glance quickly at the bedroom door. A man was standing there with a camera in his hands! I made a startled cry and he fled from the doorway. Sharon jumped up and grabbing a robe ran from the room. I heard her banging on a door and saying, ‘David, is that you? David, we need to talk!’ I heard a door open and then close. I quickly went into the living room and gathered my clothing. Sharon came out just as I finished dressing and was about to flee!

‘I’m so sorry. It was my son David. Apparently the weather was not so good on the coast, so he decided to come home for the weekend instead.’

‘Sharon, he was taking pictures!’

‘Yes I know,’ Sharon stammered. Then looking down at the carpet, ‘If he shows those to my husband….’

Sharon left no doubt that her husband would not be the understanding type. I too began to worry. What if he posted those on the Internet? While I felt like I would be the center of his focus, and I was concerned that I would be recognized and that would not be good! While my husband would probably like a full set for his personal use, I was afraid that if someone might recognize me and show them to our son or daughter! Not to mention relatives and friends!

I took a deep breath and began to undress.

‘What…what are you doing?’ Sharon asked.

I stripped completely naked and asked Sharon for her robe. I tied it loosely about my waist, and pulled the top open so my breasts were nearly completely exposed. Only my nipples were covered, and just barely at that.

‘I am going to get those pictures back,’ and went down the hallway to David’s room.

David’s jaw dropped as I walked escort çankaya into his room. He was setting at his computer and I could see a picture of his mother lying on the bed. She was cupping her breasts as I licked her pussy. David had a digital camera and was admiring his work.

‘What do you want?’ David asked.

‘Nice picture,’ I said as I walked up beside him. ‘Your mother is a beautiful woman.’ David did not say anything, he just swallowed hard, looking at the generous cleavage I was showing. I explained to David that I was a married woman, and I could not risk nude pictures of me floating around where the wrong eyes could see them. I then let my robe slide off, and stood before the young man, completely naked.

‘And I will do whatever you want to get them back.’

David swallowed hard. ‘Ugh, well. I don’t think you have to worry. Ugh…I don’t think anyone would recognize you!’

David slowly went through the slide show and he was right. All the pictures were focused on his mother. While there were shots of me, my face was mostly obscured or not in the picture, as David focused on his mother as she made love to me, or her responses as I made love to her.

‘Well, your Mom is very concerned that you are going to show these to your Dad.’

‘She doesn’t have to worry about that. I told her I wouldn’t show anyone.’

‘Then…why do you want them?’ David just looked down and didn’t answer. It dawned on me suddenly, that David may have a thing for his mother! David may be secretly lusting for his own mother! I picked up my robe and put it on.

‘Do you have another chip for your camera?’

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Well David, I am not sure I can trust you not to show anyone those pictures. And your mother is scared to death that you will maybe blackmail her by threatening to show them to your Dad. So…I propose that I take pictures for myself and pictures for your mother, to ensure no one shows his pictures to anyone, or else the other set of pictures could become public.’

David looked confused. ‘Give me your camera.’ We both walked out to find Sharon, who was sitting on the sofa. Sharon had put on a thin blue robe and was drinking Scotch on the rocks. She was visibly upset, and averted her eyes from her son.

I explained that David refused to give up the pictures but had assured me that he was not going to share them with anyone, and certainly not going to blackmail Sharon or me with them. Sharon seemed to visibly relax, as she drained her glass and sat it down. I explained that for Sharon or I to feel safe with David having such incriminating pictures that it was only fair that we too get pictures to insure that no one sees them but us. Sharon looked confused.

‘Now as I see it, if David did post pictures of us on the Internet, it would be a hollow threat to post pictures of him. After all, he is a good-looking young man and not attached, so why would he care? So…I think we need pictures he would care about. Pictures he would not want anyone to see.’ Now the both of them looked confused.

‘David, take off your clothes.’ David looked apprehensive. ‘Now David, don’t be shy. After all, you have seen us nude, now it’s our turn.’

David hesitantly began to undress. ‘Here,’ I said. Just so you won’t be so nervous.’ With that, I shrugged off my robe to stand before them completely naked. ‘Now you too, Sharon.’

Sharon needed persuading, but by the time, David was naked, Sharon had taken off her robe and stood as naked as the rest of us.

‘Now as I see, it, it is not good enough to just take pictures of David naked. We need something more than that. Sharon, go stand beside your son.’

Sharon’s eyes widened, but she did as she was told.

‘Now face each other, and Sharon, put your arms up and around David’s neck. David, put your hands on your mom’s hips. Now look into each other’s eyes…CLICK. Perfect, now Sharon, stand in front of David and face me. Put your arms up and reach behind his head.’

‘Now, what is the purpose of this?’ Sharon asked harshly.

‘I figure David would not be threatened by just pictures of himself nude. However, pictures of him and his mother? Sexy pictures of him and his mother? Now I can’t imagine him ever wanting that to get out.’ Sharon had to agree. It was the only way we could be sure he didn’t show anyone our pictures.

‘Now David, reach around and cup your mother’s breasts.’ David slowly reached up and cupped Sharon’s large breasts. Sharon closed her eyes from the humiliation. ‘Now David, drop one hand down and touch her pussy. Is your cock hard David?’ I asked coyly. David did not say anything, but Sharon spoke up.

‘Yes it is. It is poking me in çankaya escort bayan the ass!’

‘Great. Sharon, I want you to put your hands on the back of that chair and lean over. David go behind her and put your cock between the cheeks of her ass.’

‘Now wait just a minute!’ Sharon huffed.

‘Don’t worry, we are just going to simulate sex. I want David to put his cock sort of hot dog and bun kind of thing.’

Sharon reluctantly bent over and David placed his cock between the cheeks of his mother’s ass.

‘Umm, David, that looks hot!’ I said as I clicked away. ‘How does it feel?’

David groaned and meekly said, ‘Great’.

‘Okay, David rock back and forth, I want to take some pics of your cock as it slides up and down the crack of your mother’s ass.

David clutched at his mother’s ass, and worked his cock up and down. Sharon had her face down, and I had to have her look my way to get a picture of her expression as her son worked his cock between the cheeks of her ass. Her face was flushed and I was betting her pussy was very wet. I know mine would be with that big hard cock so close to it!

‘Now David I want you to sit down, spread your legs, and Sharon, I want you to kneel between his legs, and place his cock between your tits.’ Sharon and David complied, less reluctantly I might add!

I took several pictures of Sharon tit fucking her son, and then I asked Sharon to ‘Kiss’, his cock. Sharon was refusing when David said, ‘Please’.

Sharon’s jaw dropped open, stunned by his word. David gripped the base of his cock and guided it towards his mother’s mouth.

Sharon said, ‘No!’. But David was rubbing his cock across his mother’s lips.

‘Please mom…please’, David pleaded. ‘I’m about to bust!’

Sharon looked into the lust filled eyes of her son, ‘But David…ummph!’ David thrust his cock into his mother’s mouth. Holding her by the head, he worked his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth.

‘Oh god,’ he cried. ‘Oh Momma, that feels so good!’ Sharon did not look to be reluctantly sucking her son’s cock, but was sucking him wantonly. ‘Yes!’ David screamed.

‘Sharon,’ I yelled. ‘I want him to cum on your tits!’

“Oh god,’ David screamed again, and Sharon pulled his cock from her mouth, spraying cum on her face and tits.

David collapsed back on the sofa, and Sharon smiled as I took the last picture of her cum covered face. I sat down the camera and knelt beside her. I began to lick the cum off of her face and tits. I vaguely remember hearing the camera clicking as David took more pictures of me and Sharon.

Sharon lay back on the sofa, and I knelt between her thighs and began licking her soaking wet pussy. Her head rolled from side to side in ecstasy. It did not take long before I tasted the familiar salty taste of her cum. Sharon shook for several seconds afterward and appeared to pass out from the exhaustion. I looked at David, and smiled, as he took a picture of my face wet with his mother’s cum. David had a huge erection and it looked absolutely delicious.

‘Put down that camera and come here.’ When he was within reach, I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth. Sharon rose up onto her elbows and watched as I sucked her son’s cock.

Pulling his cock slowly from my mouth I said, ‘I have an idea for one more picture. Getting up from between Sharon’s legs, I said, ‘David, I want you kneeling here, between your Momma’s legs. I grabbed the camera as David took position. Now take your left hand and place it on your Momma’s right breast. With your right hand grab your cock and aim it at your Mother’s pussy.’

‘Now wait just a minute, now wait!’ Sharon said, but made no move to push her son away. David guided his cock to his mother’s pussy and placed the swollen purple head against her lips. ‘David, David! Stop right there! This has gone too far, and I will not allow…’

David pushed his cock into his mother’s wet pussy.

‘Oh David! Oh David!’ Sharon’s protests trailed off as her son began fucking her. Putting down the camera, I watched and rubbed my pussy until I could stand it no more. I walked over to the incestuous couple and straddled Sharon’s face. Sharon did not hesitate and began tonguing my pussy. I was so aroused I came very quickly, but I stayed where I was until Sharon made me come again. Later I would have the pleasure of licking Sharon’s pussy, which was full of her son,’s cum, while David was fucking me from behind and filling my pussy with his cum too.

I managed to spend the entire weekend with Sharon and her son. We never got dressed until it was time for David to head back to school and I to my home. It was an incredible weekend for all of us, and when Sharon kissed her son good-bye, I felt like David would be spending more weekend’s at home than he had before.

As Sharon and I kissed good-bye, Sharon said, ‘Maybe next time you can bring your son over. I’m sure he would enjoy himself.’ Sharon smiled wickedly, and I thought to myself, she was probably right.

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