The Blue Life Ch. 02: Blowing Blue’s Mind

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My mother had been begging me to fuck her ass for weeks, maybe months now. But I had put it off. First, I was an anal virgin. I had no experience with anal sex (pitching or catching. Oh, I had seen some scenes in porn movies, and read a few passages in erotic novels, and some Sex Manuals I enjoyed boning up on while masturbating as a teen. So, I was uneasy to show my lack of experience, my own naivete, in front of my submissive. I felt like that might make me seem less masterful and dominant.

You see, a few weeks before my twenty-first birthday, I had I taken my mother as my sexual submissive. I didn’t have any real experience with bondage and discipline or Dominance and submission. But I had discovered that was a major fantasy for my mother, and through anonymously corresponding with her online, that became a deep fantasy for me too. And because I feared my mother might seek out someone else to dominate her online, and because I came to want that Dom to be me, over a period of many weeks, I slowly seduced, challenged, and began training my mother to be my sexual submissive, first online, then by phone, and finally face-to-face. When she finally “met” me, she was both shocked that her Dom was her son, but also relieved that she had not become the sexual submissive of some random stranger.

Actually, some time during our correspondence, I think Mom actually started to suspect that she was flirting and corresponding with her son, and in many real ways, she probably began training me to be her Dominant! My mother is very bright, insightful, and has a devious side.

Mom is 43 and gorgeous. She used to dress too conservatively, too matronly. But since becoming my sub, she’s toned up her body, and has been acquiring a new wardrobe. She got a very sexy, retro, Bettie Page style hairstyle for her auburn hair. She’s a stunner. She’s tall and lean, with long legs capped by a perfect, bubble-butt, recently shaped and lifted by months of Pilates and aerobics workouts.

So, I had told my sub, my mother, that I was saving fucking her ass for something special, some very special occasion. But I didn’t know what that was. I didn’t realize that the special occasion would be the night we revealed our Dom/sub relationship and torrid sexual affair to my father. I didn’t realize that I would also end up being my father’s Sexual Dominant.

But, it was on this night, Dad had also revealed that he had been having a very one-sided, abusive, sexual affair with my Uncle Nick for decades. And from what I understand, Nick has my Dad convinced that sex is dirty, and not in a good way. Nick has been stealing his pleasure from my father for decades, giving nothing in return. And he has managed to leave my Dad a broken, hollow, and sexually insecure man. If I think about it too much, it makes me want to cry or possibly want to kill my Uncle. I can’t say that I have come down to actively plotting his murder. That is an admission that might later be used against me. But differing scenarios that end with my Uncle crushed, humiliated and/or painfully dead sometimes flit through my head. Dark imaginings.

Anyway, so I had told my sub (my mother) that I was saving her ass for something very special. And we began anal training with a series of consecutively larger butt plugs. And I would sometimes use toys like anal-beads or dildos on my sub’s ass. I would also eat her ass. I was training her to feel pleasure from having her back door filled and pleased. She had learned to cum, and cum hard having her ass played with and filled. And she claimed that an anal orgasm had a very different, and very intense quality to it. She began to love ass-play. And she started asking me more and more about when she might be ready (really, when I might be ready) to fuck her ass.

So, Blue (and that’s how I refer to my mother, Marjorie, when she is acting as my submissive) was very eager for me to fuck her ass. She was more ready than I was. Neither of us realized, that at least for her first time ass-fucking, the something special we had both been waiting for would be my father!

That night, we revealed our affair and our relationship, my mother had given my father oral sex for the first time in his life! He had cum in her mouth. It was a pleasure that he never felt worthy to receive, so he never felt worthy to ask for it. My father was sexually repressed beyond the point of being depressed. And he is beyond submissive and sometimes just too passive.

But, my mother and I have taken the responsibility of being Dad’s sexual dominants, and teaching him, and coaching him, that as our submissive, there is no pleasure he should not be eager to receive or give with gratitude and humility for his Master or Mommy/Mistress. Because he is worthy and very much loved.

But that first night, I also wanted to make it clear to my father who is the Master of the House now. And I needed to reward Blue for bravely revealing our relationship, and for bravely shaving her perfect, pink, pussy bare for the first time, as a symbol illegal bahis of her submission and service.

So, I thought I should fuck my mother in front of my father. I sat on the edge of a stool. I kissed my mother, and had her turn around and mount me, taking me from behind, sitting back on the length of my cock, easing my stiffness into the tight, velvety grip of her perfect cunt. We had discovered that the stools from our small bar are a perfect height for this position. This also gave my father an unobstructed view of his son’s cock plunging, invading, and claiming his wife’s slick pussy as my own. I had to see how my father would react to the very concrete fact that I had been fucking his wife for months, because I had no plans to ever give up that privilege. I needed Dad to see that Mom loved fucking me, came hard fucking me, and begged for more.

I had to be sure Dad knew that I was Master of the House. I had fully claimed mother as my submissive, and would take my sexual pleasure from her wherever and whenever I chose.

My father surprised me. I had assumed that he was uptight, conservative, and would probably be angry or upset. My father is in many ways dysfunctionally repressed. But, he wasn’t angry or upset at all! Instead, he knelt in front of us, shocked. I guess he was in stunned disbelief. Because he found the sight of his naked, gorgeous, sexy wife pleasing his son to be quite thrilling. He was awestruck and fascinated.

“Mommy? Is he too big? Does it hurt?” He asked.

“No, Baby Boy. Your son’s cock feels perfect in my cunt. He’s stretching me. It feels wonderful.”

“Master? Is she too tight? What does it feel like sitting and fucking? Your cock is so big. Could I-” My father was filled with questions and I was too busy joyfully fucking my mother, his wife to want to answer them.

“Red,” I instructed my father, Andrew, using his sub name, “suck my balls, and lick up the length of my shaft, and along the length of my fuck-toy’s slit. Finish, by licking and sucking your Mommy’s clit.”

My father looked at me blankly and blinked.

“Your response is some form of, ‘Yes, Sir,’ or, ‘Yes, Master.’ And then you do it. No questions. You crawl and begin to please your Master and Mistress.”

My father’s eyes went wide, imagining the possibilities. But he smiled, nodded, and said, “Yes, Sir.” He began crawling toward us.

I’m not out to break my father. I’m not out to cuckold or just humiliate him. But I want to challenge Dad’s limits, and open him up for new pleasures.

My father actually didn’t have to be told twice. He took my balls in his mouth and began licking and sucking. His enthusiasm was infectious. He worked his way up, licking up my shaft to his wife’s clit, and my mother quickly began responding. Moaning. Writhing. Her husband had never eaten her pussy in their 22 years of marriage. But here, he crawled on his hands knees to his new Master and Mistress. And here, for the first time ever, was giving his wife cunnilingus, while his son’s cock was simultaneously filling and stretching her hungry cunt! My Dad had been thrown into the deep end of the sexual swimming pool. Sink or swim, Dad! And I have to admit, my Dad’s mouth and tongue on my cock and balls while I fucked Mom felt incredibly nasty, loving, and amazing!

I gave Blue permission to cum. And Blue started cumming and cumming. Her body shook. And her pussy clamped down on my shaft. I considered letting my passion rise so I would cum with her, but I decided to enjoy my sub’s orgasm fully. This was her moment.

Blue cried out, “Thank you, Master. Oh god! My clit! Andrew, Baby Boy, you’re eating Mommy so good! Gah! Cumming! Fuuuh! Don’t stop! Master, so deep! Cumming! No! No! Too much! Baby Boy! So sensitive! Don’t! Stop!”

My father looked up at me with and expression of, “Am I doing this right, should I stop?”

Over my mom’s shoulder, I smiled, nodded, and mouthed the word, “More.”

My father went back to mercilessly flicking his tonguing his wife’s clit. He used his fingers to spread her pussy lips to fully expose the button.

“Eiiyyeee!” My mother screamed out incoherently! “C-c-cumming! Oh fuck! Too much! Master! Baby Boy! Oh Jesus! I’m going to pass out!”

My right arm wrapped around my mother’s waist to steady her, and hug her tight. My left hand reached down and gently pushed Red’s head away from Blue’s pussy. I stroked his face and he kissed my fingers.

I saw how stiff, erect, and fully recharged my father’s cock had become by pleasing his Master and Mistress. “I’ve got an idea,” I stated. “Dad, help Mom ease off my cock. Don’t let her fall or pass out.”

My father stood at his wife’s side. He put his arms around her waist and she put her arm across his shoulders. And she slowly eased off of my throbbing six and a half inches.

Dad kissed Mom’s cheek and whispered, “Did I do bad or good, Mommy?” He honestly didn’t know.

“You did perfect, Baby Boy. That was a beautiful, special kiss you gave illegal bahis siteleri me, Sweetie. Thank you.” My father beamed.

I grabbed a small zebra-striped throw pillow from the couch. I lay down on my back on the shag carpet and put the pillow behind my head. “Blue, I want you to mount me, face to face. I know your pussy is sensitive. We’ll go slow. Red, you help her down and then line up my cock and guide your Mommy onto my cock.”

I heard a, “Yes, Master.”

My mother closed her eyes and bit her lip as she slid down the length of my shaft. She was angelically smiling. We shared a deep soulful kiss, as she once again deliciously impaled herself fully on my thick, hard cock.

She groaned, “Oh god! Your cock fills me up, so deep!”

My father stood naked, stroking his cock, blissfully watching.

I kissed my mother and said, “You have not begun to feel full yet, Blue.” I looked at my father and said, “Are you ready to fuck, Red?” I used his submissive name. He needed to get used to it.

“Yes. Yes, Sir.”

“Are you ready to fuck your wife with the lights on, Red?”

“I think so, Sir. Do I get a turn now?”

I looked up at him. “No. You don’t get a turn, Red. I haven’t cum in this slut yet and her cunt is squeezing my cock so tight. Mmm, just right.”

My mother paused in her humping. She bit her lip and uncertainly whispered, “Please, don’t tease your father, Master.”

I kissed my mother, playfully. “I said that I would blow your mind, Blue.”

My mother smiled and resumed fucking me, “You already have, too many times to count.”

“Worm? Is your cock hard?”

“Sir, yes, Sir!” Dad barked out the response like he was doing military training.

“Because I want to see how hard you can fuck this slut of ours. Are you ready?”

“Sir, yes, Sir!”

“Then get the tube of lube, Red. Lube up your cock. And then fuck this slut’s ass for me!”

My father eyes went wide. He was both scared and eager. “Sir! Yes! Sir!”

My mother gasped. “Master,” she whispered, “I thought you would be the first to…to…to take my ass, Sir.”

I kissed my sub. “I will have that pleasure soon, Blue. But I want to reward Red for making you cum so well and for giving me the honor of being his Dom.” I looked at my father, “Red? You are the one here experienced with anal sex.”

“I’ve only been fucked, Sir. I’ve never…never…well…”

I cut him off. “You know better than anyone how to ready your Mistress to make this as pleasurable as possible for her. That’s your responsibility, Red. I want you to show your Mommy how much you love her and want to please her by fucking her ass. Now!”

My father knelt between our legs. He spread the cheeks of my mother’s ass. Then he leaned forward and started licking her there. Tossing her salad. Giving her a full on rim job.

“Oh God! Master! He’s eating my ass! My husband’s probing my butt-hole with his tongue. Twenty years, I couldn’t get him to even think about going down on me. And now, he’s eating my ass? So good! Baby Boy! Don’t stop! You’re eating Mommy’s ass so good!”

“Does it feel good, Mommy?” They were using their D/s pet names for each other.

“Yes! Don’t stop, Baby Boy! Keep going. Eiyee! He-he popped his thumb in my ass! Master? Can you feel that? Your father has his thumb in your mother’s asshole, Bobby!”

I slowly drew my cock out, so just the tip of the head remained inside, and then I pressed it back into my mother’s quivering cunt. I wasn’t sure, but I imagined I could feel the ridge of my father’s thumb in her ass running along the length of my cock.

My father brought up his other hand. “Relax as much as you can, Marjorie. Good. That’s good, Mommy.”

“Master, he’s opening me. Jesus! He just spit into my gaping asshole. Fuck! Baby Boy, when did you get so fucking nasty!” My mother laughed.

My father generously worked lube around, onto and into his wife’s ass. “I just want you to be good and slick, Blue, nice and ready for my…for…well…” My father’s face began to turn beet red.

“Say it, Baby Boy! Tell me what you’re going to do to your Mommy’s ass,” Blue demanded.

“I’m going to FUCK your ass, Mommy!” My father knelt behind my mother and placed his cock-head at her sphincter. “Relax. Push out with your muscles, almost like you’re going to poop, Marjorie. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I don’t care if it hurts. I want to be split open by my two men! I want you in my ass! Fuck it! Fuck me! Baby Boy! FUUUUUHHHHCK!” And with that my father popped the head of his cock into my mother’s tight, lubed ass. A look of pained ecstasy washed over my mother’s face as my father pressed himself deeper inside.

“I’m inside you, Mommy!”

“Oh, God! That didn’t hurt at all, Baby Boy. You feel so good! You’re making me so full!” My mother cried out.

“Go balls deep, Worm!” I demanded. “I want you all the way inside.”

“Gah! Gah!” My mother gasped. “I’ve never been so filled! Both of my canlı bahis siteleri men are so deep. SO fucking deep! I love you both so much!”

“Now hold perfectly still, Red” I slid my cock back until just the head was inside my mother’s vaginal walls. Then I slowly eased myself all the way back inside. “Feel that, Red?” I asked my father.

“Yes, Sir! I can feel your cock sliding along the length of mine, deep inside Mommy! That is so perfect!”

“Yes. Now we take turns. Now it’s your turn, Red. Pull back, and press in.” I pushed my cock into the hilt, and held my mother’s hips, so I stayed balls-deep. My father slid his cock almost all the way back out, until just the head of his cock was ringed by Blue’s sphincter. Then he slammed it back, deep in her ass, and held it there. We started to build a rhythm, first trading thrusts, then thrusting together.

Blue began to babble almost incoherently, speaking in tongues, cumming. “My ass, my pussy. My cunt! Last night, I couldn’t get my husband to fuck me with lights on. Tonight he is taking my ass! Double-fucking me with our son! Oh my ass is on fire! My asshole is cumming. Unnngh! My cunt is cumming too! Oh fuck! I never-I never-oh, fuck!”

I came. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I flooded my Mom’s cunt with my seed. “Thank you, Blue,” I gasped, “Thank you, Red! Cum now. I want you to cum too, Red, While my cock is still hard. Cum in your Mommy’s ass. You felt me cumming. Now it’s your turn. Cum!”

My father came, emptying his balls into my mother’s backside. I could feel his cock, quiver, pump, and pulse along the length of mine as he shot jet after jet of his jism, deep into his wife’s ass. Blue collapsed onto my chest, spent. She was kissing my neck. Red also collapsed on top of her. And the two of them together suddenly became uncomfortably heavy.

I laughed, coughed, and sputtered. “Alright, you two. Time to roll off, before you crush your Master.”

My mother laughed, “I’m sorry, Darling.”

My father looked worried, “Sorry, Sir.”

I stood in front of them. Blue and Red were on their knees looking up with tired expressions of devotion and anticipation. “Red,” I said to my father, “there is a ritual subs are expected to perform after sex, and that is clean-up.” My mother crawled forward and began reverently licking my cock and balls clean of our combined juices.

My father’s eyes half closed, almost dreamily. “Am I supposed to help?”

My mother was just finishing up her task. “Not this time, Red,” I said, “But probably next time. The point is, this is a task good subs look forward to performing.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Blue?” I looked at my mother.

She looked up at me, confused. “Yes, Master?”

“Don’t you have something to tell your sub?” I looked at my father.

A light dawned in my mother’s eyes. “Baby Boy, get on you back and clean your Mommy. I want you to suck every bit of spunk out of my pussy and ass! And you had better do a good job!”

My father passionately and enthusiastically kissed my mother. “Yes, Mommy!” Then he added the corny line, “Your wish is my command.” It would have sounded hackneyed, but he said it with such simple sincerity, it made my mother blush and smile. Dad got on his back and Mom straddled his face. And he began cleaning his Mistress.

I kissed Blue deeply. “OK, you two, I’m going to go study, and then hit the sack.”

Red paused and from underneath my mother he said, “Do you want to sleep with us, Sir? In our bed?”

I was touched by the offer. “No, Baby Boy. Maybe some other night. Tonight, your marriage bed will be exclusively yours. But…” I made some quick decisions, “you both will sleep naked tonight. No pajamas, no lingerie, no dressing gowns, no panties, no underwear. And you will keep a light on in your bedroom all night. I don’t care if that’s candles or a night light, but I want you to be able to see each other all night long.”

My father protested, “But, Sir, Mommy is too beautiful. She’s too sexy!”

I laughed, “And you see something wrong with that, Red?”

“With the light on, I won’t get any sleep. I’m afraid I will be too excited and will want to touch and maybe fuck her all night long.”

He whispered the word, “fuck,” like it was some terrible secret.

I shook my head, “Blue, do you have a problem with that?

My mother was grinning from ear to ear. “No, Sir. Not one bit.”

“Blue, tonight you have my permission to have as many orgasms as you desire from your sub. He is yours to command for your pleasure.”

Tears were in my mother’s eyes. I had given her a gift she had not expected. “Thank you, Master.”

“Red, you live for your Mistress’ pleasure. You will fuck her as often as you can get it up and as often as she desires. If you refuse her, you will be sternly reprimanded by me.”

“Thank you, Master. I understand, ” Red said. “But I’m just afraid that I will be a wreck for work tomorrow.”

I smiled. “That is entirely up to your Mommy, Baby Boy. You’ll either be a wreck for work, or she may have you call in sick to please her all day tomorrow as well. You are the submissive, and you live for our pleasure.”

“I understand, Sir. And it’s my pleasure too. So, thank you.”

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